17 Halloween Babywearing Costume Ideas!

My readers never let me down! I asked for your Halloween babywearing costumes, and you delivered! First off, you ladies are SO creative! Every costume is adorable, and most of these ideas are simple and affordable to replicate. Many of these costumes use dog costumes or oversized t-shirts to cover the baby carrier. You might not find the exact costume you want here, but you’ll definitely find an idea or two to inspire you. If you knock it out of the park this October 31, make sure to send me your picture for next year!

16 Halloween Babywearing Costumes

1 – A gardener and her flower pot, submitted by Alyssa S.Babywearing Halloween Costume: Gardener and Flower Pot

2- A Cabbage Patch Kid, submitted by Amber F.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Cabbage Patch Kid

3- Starbucks Latté, submitted by Chrissy S. (she should’ve spelled her name wrong on the cup!)Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Starbucks Latte

… and Starbucks Frap, submitted by Doreen W.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Starbucks Frap

4 – Bumblebee Duo, submitted by Lisa R. (dog costumes make perfect baby carrier covers)Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Bumblebee

5- Koala Mom and Cub, submitted by Susan M.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Koalas

6- Bag of Popcorn, submitted by the Chilanska familyHalloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Popcorn

7-  Spider, submitted (also) by the Chilanska familyHalloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Spider

8- Pea in a Pod, submitted by Tiffany T.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Pea in a Pod

9- Little Red Riding Hood and her Wolf, submitted by Amanda S.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Little Red Riding Hood

10- A flower and a butterfly (plus an extra butterfly and a snail), submitted by Stephanie F.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Butterfly

11- A rocket ship and astronaut, submitted by Elizabeth M.elizabeth-mcclay

12- Pilots in an airplane, submitted by Kaitlyn W.K.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Pilot and airplane

13- Baby Bumblebee, submitted by Brittany F.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Baby bee

14- Tardis and Dr. Who, submitted by Mary H.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: TARDIS and Dr. Who

15- Toothless and Hiccup, submitted by Erin S.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Toothless and Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon

16- Mario and his mushroom, submitted by Sarah C.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Super Mario

17- Wilbur and Charlotte’s Web, submitted by Julia G.Halloween Babywearing Costume Idea: Wilbur and Charlotte's Web

Which one is your favourite? What are you and your baby dressing up as this year?


9 responses to “17 Halloween Babywearing Costume Ideas!”

  1. Marie Cole

    These are so much fun! This year my husband and I are going as team rocket so we’re going to put a pokeball slipcover over the carrier and have the baby dressed as meowth.

  2. Oh my goodness? I love the Charlotte’s Web one, I might have to use that!

  3. Amber Ludwig

    Ahh!! Love them!! Charlottes Web is adorable and Toothless and Hiccup is so fun!!

  4. Hahaha, those were ADORABLE! I don’t know which was my favorite, but I sure did like the mama Koala in her own cozy onesie! (Way to be comfy and warm when trick or treating!)

  5. Jen Houle

    Honestly I wasn’t going to take my LO out this year. But this post has given me many great ideas! I’m leaning toward a spider in a web

  6. Amanda Smith

    Love seeing all the fun costumes! And seeing mine up there as well!

  7. The gardener and flower pot is my fave! Super creative!

  8. Peggy Williams

    so cute.. just wish there was a few more back carry ones :/

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