CuddlyWrap Review

CuddlyWrap review
received-at-no-costThe CuddlyWrap is a stretchy, organic cotton wrap made and distributed by the lovely folks at Canada’s AMP Diapers. Stretchy wrap-style carriers are an amazing option for squishy newborn babies, and I much prefer them to a buckle carrier with infant insert.

Compared to a year ago, I am a much more experienced babywearer, and I have had practice using both a woven wrap and a wrap designed for the water. Even if the CuddlyWrap is your first time wrapping, I don’t think the CuddlyWrap is too complicated for a novice. The fabric is very forgiving and easy to work with. Once you understand the principal of a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, you’ll be able to get baby up and snuggled in no time.


If you just stumbled over the term “Pocket Wrap Cross Carry,” don’t worry. I used to get stressed out by this stuff too. Think of it as turning yourself into a warrior princess (Xena, Daenerys or Rey … you choose). (Here’s a great tutorial vid by Wrap You in Love.)


Start with your magical wrap centered across your ample bosom. Take its tails back under your arms and up across your back and over your powerful shoulders to form an X. (Perfect for storing your spear, sword or light saber.)



Now the tails are over your shoulders, and you need to cross them again, to make another X that crosses between your breasts, underneath the belt of power you’ve already created.


Now tie the ends around your waist, either at the back like a glorious bustle, or at the front like a delightful sash. I personally tie loosely to allow for easy adjustment once baby is seated.

Take your baby and sit him in the X you’ve created on your front, putting his leg into the rail that is closest to your body first. (Optional: allow child to hit you repeatedly on the face while doing so.)


Spread the fabric of each rail from hip to shoulder.


The waist belt will be under baby’s legs at this point, so pull it up and out from under, then stretch it all the way up his back. Tuck the bottom of the belt between you and baby. Ensure your waist belt is double knotted.


The CuddlyWrap is aptly named: this kind of carry is most definitely cuddlier than that of a buckle carrier. Another advantage over  a buckle carrier is that once you’ve got your CuddlyWrap tied up, you don’t need to untie it to take baby out. This makes it pure perfection for winter babywearing. You see, once baby’s in, you can put your sweater or coat on top and head out to the car. Once you’re at the car, you don’t have to take off your top layer in order to get baby out and into the car seat! You just pop her out! And once you’ve arrived at your destination, no tails are dragging while you struggle to tie up your wrap: just pop baby back in! (And don’t forget, you’re a warrior woman.)


While a stretchy wrap like this is not as supportive as a woven wrap and cannot be used for back carries, I find it surprisingly comfortable for Little Miss Cub at 22 lbs. For short errands, I don’t mind wearing her in the CuddlyWrap, and around the house when I’m trying to get her down for bedtime or a nap, it’s perfect. I would definitely recommend a CuddlyWrap for the period of time from birth until baby can sit comfortably and safely in a buckle carrier without an infant insert (somewhere between 4–6 months usually), and from then on as a cuddly option at home or a “poppable” option for short errands.

Advantages of the CuddlyWrap

  • Made in Canada and inexpensive ($79.95).
  • 100% organic cotton with no synthetic fibres means more support than similar options on the market.
  • Perfect for skin-to-skin contact in the early days, for both moms and dads.
  • Soft and snuggly for both newborns and clingy toddlers.
  • A perfectly poppable carry! No need to untie or retie to take baby in and out, and no need to remove your own coat or sweater.
  • The ends of the wrap are tapered making it easy to tie off without too much bulk.
  • One size fits all: while you achieve the same carry with a Huggaloops or Baby K’Tan, those are sized options and not easily shared between caregivers.

Disadvantages of the CuddlyWrap

  • You have to learn to tie it (it’s not hard, I promise!).
  • If you are putting it on while you’re outside, you will likely drag the tails on the ground (this is easily solved by putting it on before leaving the house, even if you don’t need to put baby in right away).
  • Only appropriate for front carries, and not supportive for long periods with babies over 20 lbs.

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32 responses to “CuddlyWrap Review”

  1. Shantiqua Allen

    This seems like a good way to get a bonding time with your child i have almost a mont and half left until my second son comes and would lovento win this

  2. Leslie Crosbie

    My first grandchild is 10mhs and my second will be born January 2017, so this would come in handy!

  3. Annie

    Btw, love that you group the entries of some giveaways by type (Facebook entries, Instagram entries….)

    And thank you for all the reviews.

  4. Wendy Dickey

    I love wrapping when baby is tiny. It seems like the most comfy carrier for newborns.

  5. Deborah W.

    I love this wrap. It looks so easy to use. It’s also very pretty. There’s nothing like the closeness of your baby to make you both feel more comfortable.

  6. Amanda S

    What a wonderful blog! Definitely going to subscribe and follow along 🙂

  7. kayla sheehan

    This would be perfect for baby boy due in a few weeks. I love how easy it is to use and how comfy it looks.

  8. Kristen G

    This looks like a comfortable wrap for both mama and baby!❤️

  9. Marie

    As always, a great review and love the humour too ! Lol. Looks comfy and easy to use.

  10. Tanaira johnson

    These type of stretchy carriers are my favorite.. They are the best for newborns, especially when they’re fussy. Plus its nice to have my hands free for cleaning.

  11. Melissa O

    Babywearing for the win!! Looks super comfy. I’ve never heard of pocket carry before. Nice to have another carry in my back pocket to teach new babywearers. 🙂

  12. Amber Ludwig

    I love this wrap!! I love that its easy and keeps mama and baby super snuggly!!

  13. I always love your step by step photos of how to use these wraps. So helpful! This would be a great wrap for my baby due this winter. I love that you can wear it under a coat without untying it, unlike buckle carriers.

  14. Ashley M

    I wasn’t expecting to laugh from a wrap review! I thought it was safe reading material for nap time with my breastsleeper! Haha I like the optional bit of the child hitting your face.

  15. Angel

    Love this! We have a ergo, but no wtap style carrier. Nice to see it holds up well beyond newborn stage, which was my biggest concern with them. Makes me more curious now.

  16. I’m surprised you can still wear her in a stretchy wrap at over 20lbs. I always thought it wouldn’t be supportive enough!

  17. Marie Cole

    I had a mob with my youngest and although I liked how snug he was in it I found it to be very bulky and hot. I’ve noticed that the cuddly wrap seems much more lightweight and breathable. I think I might invest in one with my next child.

  18. Knittinchick

    This looks wonderful to welcome baby at the end of November… and the multiple pics make it easy for me to survive learning how to wrap baby up.

  19. stephanie

    This looks like a great wrap! I have a feeling I might become quite the wrap addict… 😉

  20. Jen Houle

    I really appreciate that you included the instructions for tying the Cuddly Wrap! I have totally saved this page for later.

  21. Jackie

    Love the cuddly wrap tutorial. Looks so easy to use and very comfortable. Would love to win one but will likely purchase anyways. Looks great for early days before babe is ready for the Tula

  22. Shailja

    I love that it looks really soft, cuddly and Snug and baby will surely feel comfy in it. I would love to get one..

  23. Linda

    I love that this is made in Canada from organic cotton.

  24. Laura

    What an awesome wrap! I like that it’s soft and made of organic cotton!

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  26. Theresa Hover

    I think it’s great that you can pop baby in and out of this carry; those are the ones I would use the most!

  27. Elizabeth C.

    My little guy is now six weeks old. I have a ssc that I’ve started to use but I feel like a stretchy wrap like this would be much more convenient for days when I’d like to wear him around the house!

  28. Rachel Price

    I love wraps for newborns! I used to think they were just for crunchy moms or attachment parenting but they make baby so calm and happy. They sleep well and I can get things done or enjoy a meal!

  29. Jennifer Barr

    I can’t wait for my little one to get here in a few weeks so I can cuddle him close in a wrap like this!

  30. Jill Myrick

    I love this Cuddly Wrap and how closely it fits to your body. To me not only would my baby feel more secure but so would I.


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  32. Lynne

    I really appreciate your honesty in listing things that might be a disadvantage. Sometimes when I read reviews I feel like no one ever has anything to say that isn’t 110% about a product. You weren’t mean about it – you just listed realistic things that might make this product not be the best choice for every single individual!

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