Coton Vanille Evolutive Pants Review

Coton Vanille Evolutive Pants Review


I remember the first time I heard the term “jeggings.” My reaction to these leggings-jeans hybrid can be summed up in one word: NOPE. I was already adamantly anti-leggings. “Leggings aren’t pants!” was my battle cry. Considering I am currently writing this clad in leggings that are most definitely acting as pants, you might wonder when the shift happened. I can tell you exactly when. When I got pregnant. I was down with leggings once I needed pants with some … “support.” I didn’t want to zip up or button a fly.  And I also got sick of having to bend down to tuck and fold my pants into my boots. So leggings became my best friend. As for jeggings, I continued to be anti-jeggings during my first pregnancy. I had one pair of pregnancy jeans, and they were the style with the delightfully soft, stretchy belly panel and a fake button. I was sad when I finally had to stop wearing them a few months postpartum. Once I finally tried on a pair of jeggings, I swear the heavens above opened in the Calvin Klein Outlet Store change room, and I saw the light. The look of jeans with the comfort of leggings? YES.

Little Miss Cub, who shall make none of the fashion mistakes of her mother up until she’s old enough to dress herself (so … maybe one more year?) owns many pairs of jeggings. But I’ve found something even better that straight-up jeggings. I’ve found Coton Vanille Evolutive Pants in “Tout en Jeans.”


Now I am definitely familiar with this style of one-size-fits-baby-to-toddler trouser. Sometimes you’ll see them called maxaloones, bum pants or grow-with-me pants. In French, they are called pantalons évolutifs. Makers and users of these pants whose first language is French have taken to calling them “Evolutive Pants” in English. Being the language aficionado that I am, I went down to the basement to my trusty Canadian Oxford Dictionary, and “evolutive” is, as I suspected, not actually a word in English. However, the moniker is apropos because these pants evolve like Pokémon as your child grows from a Pichu to a Pikachu to a Raichu!


Coton Vanille’s maxaloones are designed to fit your child from about six months old all the way to at least three. Of course, depending on your baby, they might fit sooner or later than six months and last until well-past or not quite until age three. What’s certain is that you won’t fall in love with these pants only to discover they’ve become clamdiggers after an overnight growth spurt. Little Miss Cub is a bit small for her age, measuring around 30 inches tall and weighing about 20 lbs. She has lots of room to grow in her Coton Vanille pants, but not so much room that they’re baggy or fall down. These pants are cost effective: get three year’s use out of them and that’s just $11 a year!


Unlike an ordinary pair of children’s pants, Coton Vanille’s design features a bum circle. You can choose designs with a contrasting bum circle, cuffs and waistband, but I was going for the authentic jeans look. What’s so wonderful about that extra fabric at the bum? First of all, there’s a lot of room for cloth diapers. Secondly, your child is more comfortable in the baby carrier because the extra fabric means the pant legs don’t get pulled and bunched up. Plus, the long cuffs keep ankles warm!


The tall, stretchy waistband and long cuffs on Vanille’s pants make for a customizable fit without relying on annoying elastics and buttons. The waistband can be folded down depending not only on your child’s height, but also on the weather. I like to leave the waistband completely unfolded—kind of like a cummerbund—to keep her tummy warm when it’s chilly. Otherwise, I fold it down so it sits comfortably above her hips. No stiff fabric digging into her tummy chub when she’s in the car seat! The stretchy cuffs of the Coton Vanille pants can also be folded up or down as needed.


Coton Vanille was founded in 2014 by Myriam Lavoie, who lives in Rimouski, Quebec. They also make adorable toques, hairbands and infinity scarves for your stylin’ dudes and dudettes. Their products are lovingly designed and manufactured in Canada, and they offer free shipping with no minimum purchase in Canada and the US!

Coton Vanille’s maxaloones are ethically made and affordably priced. But besides that, they’re ridiculously practical, adorable and fashionable.

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48 responses to “Coton Vanille Evolutive Pants Review”

  1. Emily T

    Thanks for the review! My little is 8 months old so she would get a lot of use out of these!

  2. Amber Ludwig

    I love the design!! So smart!! I love the longer top and bottoms for so much flexibility!! Plus kiddos are always up and down and all around regardless of clothing or temperature. This is a great way to keep them covered and keep out drafts!!

  3. kathy downey

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed review,they certainly look like they are made for comfort.

  4. Rachel Buchanan

    These look so cute! Definitely need some for my little man as he looks adorable in jeans and needs some room for his fluff butt!!

  5. Kristen G

    I love that this is a Canadian invention! And they are ethically made here in Canada!! My daughter is 8 months old and wears cloth diapers, so they would be perfect for her!! Lots of room for fluffy bum and to grow into! ?

  6. Louise G

    I love this style. Its probably what i would buy too

  7. Rosanne Robinson

    I love the unique products on the Cotton Vanilla web site. Toddlers grow out of their clothes so quickly, their scalable pants are the perfect solution!

  8. Tannis W

    We love maxaloon style pants. They look so comfy. I’d love to try this brand.

  9. Molly

    Thanks for this review. I’d love a pair like this for our LO. She can never wear jeans because they don’t fit over her fluffy bum and they are always so stiff anyways. These look really comfortable.

  10. Wendy

    These are adorable! I love the flexibility! Little ones outgrow clothes so quickly. How amazing to have a couple of pieces that will fit for years!! And, lots of room for cloth diapers!! Awesome!!!

  11. Elaine W

    Thanks for introducing another interesting product for babies! I love how you can introduce us amazing Canada-made products. I love how versatile they are for 6 months to 3 years old. Can’t wait to get my hands on them to try!

  12. Amanda Austin

    I love products that are both designed and made in Canada. The price is not really high enough when you consider this and also that your child can wear them until age 3. And they’re perfect for cloth diapering, which is a bonus for us.

  13. Ashley

    I love that you can work a Pokémon reference into a review! These pants are seriously awesome. Our baby has never worn pants before, but now that it’s getting colder I’m finding that leggings and pajama bottoms aren’t fitting over her cloth diapers!

  14. These are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Miss G

    I’m so tempted to buy a pair for my 5 month old! As a cloth diapering mom I’m always on the hunt for pants that fit his bum without looking like hammer pants. I only wonder if they’ll last as long as intended once he becomes more mobile, kids are so hard on clothes! They do look really well constructed.

  16. rebeccabasset

    I love the Idea of these, I don’t remember anything like this being around when my Kid’s were born. Definitely a good investment!


  17. Keara B.

    These pants are adorable! I just recently learned about pants like these that last for several years… they would be perfect for my chunky toddler. Hardly any of her pants fit over her diapers, so I’d love to try pants like these.

  18. polly

    I like the Bucks/Pink

  19. Jen Houle

    I’ve purchased this type of pants before, and sadly the size I bought won’t fit for months! I would love to try another pair and will happily check this brand out. Love the jean look!!

  20. Cara

    These are really cute. I’ve often wondered what makes a pant a ‘maxaloon’ so thanks for explaining. Also, pointing out that it’s like spending $11/yr on pants makes you realize it’s not that expensive when you think about how long you’ll have them.

  21. Linda

    I really like the bottom leg cuff so that little ones can keep using this for a long time.

  22. Jill Rivera

    EVOLUTIVE PANT : ROSES (CORAL) the colors in the pants is the product. I love the longer legs because I am always pulling legs down to keep them warm in the cold.

  23. Elishia

    I love grow with me pants! They are so cozy on fluffy cloth diaper bums, and a perfect length for babywearing! Thanks for the review, I had never heard of this brand!

  24. Kate

    These would be so good for my little 11 month old chunker! I’m having to put her in size 2 pants to accommodate not only her fluffy butt, but also her chunky thighs. Then I spend the day folding and refolding up the pant legs considerably (short leg syndrome) so she isn’t tripping all over the place.

  25. Tara Kosing

    These look perfect for my toddler. Her cloth diapers make all her pants way too tight.

  26. stephanie

    I love that these are Canadian. There aren’t too many products that are made in Canada it seems (or not enough, at least!) and I love these! I’d definitely buy a pair or two.

  27. I love the rich colour of these >

    They’d hide any dirt too 😉

    Thanks for giving.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  28. Laura

    These are great! I love the EVOLUTIVE PANT : BUCKS (BLACK). SO cute!

  29. Julie

    These are so nice! I have never heard of this brand but they at so cute and look comfy too!

  30. Jennifer Appleton

    I’ve been wanting to try Maxaloones! I love how long they last 🙂

  31. Annie

    You review many products from Quebec even after moving to Calgary. It’s so cool. And I always appreciate your language lesson.

  32. Catherine C

    Great review! Love these jeggings !! They look really comfy!

  33. Kelli

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My kiddo grows so quick and is in cloth diapers so they’re perfect 🙂

  34. janie vezina

    i love the verstile sizing, kids grow so fast.

  35. These pants look amazing! I love that you can fold the tummy panel down and it gives more coverage. I prefer dressing my 7 month old in a top and bottom, rather than a onesie, as I find the onesies can pull on the cloth diaper and get a leak. Buuuut, with a top and pants, ithe top is always riding up when she’s on the floor or being carried. With these pants, her skin would still be covered! We would get a lot of use out of these 🙂

  36. Theresa Hover

    My best friend raves about these pants; I wish we had some of our own!

  37. Elizabeth C.

    I have followed Coton Vanille for a while but have yet to buy any of their pants for my little guy in cloth! Thanks for the great review; I will definitely be purchasing as soon as the minis will fit him!

  38. Marie Cole

    These are so cute! I’ve heard of the grow with me kind of pants but I’ve not yet tried any, though I really want to get some for my little guy.

  39. Rachel

    These are so cute and I love that they make baby carriers even more comfy!

  40. Mandy

    Thanks for the review! The material on these look much sturdier than most maxaloone style I’ve seen. I like that you can choose a less childish look/print/color as well. I’ve shied away from many similar for that very reason. These are the first I’ve wanted to buy!

  41. jodi Armstrong

    Love that they got from 6mo to 36mo and over.cloth diapers. So perfect. And super cute.

  42. Gloria

    I love the look of these jegging style ones and that the bum isn’t so obvious as in other pants. The material looks nice and cozy too!

  43. rebecca day

    I really like the bottom leg cuff awesome idea

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  45. Jennifer S Rogers

    Thanks for your great reviews! I’m so excited that they offer free shipping to the U.S. – I just ordered two pairs for my chunky monkey 7 month old son!! 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      You’re so welcome! I received mine in a super cute little black box! Oh and with the exchange rate, a nice bargain for you too!

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  47. […] on Quebec’s Dans l’oeil du dragon (the French-language version of Dragon’s Den). Since I reviewed their maxaloones last year, they have added a bunch of new apparel and accessories to their line, including […]

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