I Like Warm Butts and I Cannot Lie: Honeybea Bumwarmer Review

I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer Review

I remember my first winter in Montreal as a university exchange student. I had stupidly purchased my winter coat in advance, without input from anyone who had actually lived through a Canadian winter. You might say: Aren’t you Canadian? Hadn’t you already been through twenty Canadian winters by that point? Yes, and no. Yes, I’m Canadian, but winters in the lower mainland of British Columbia do not count as Canadian winters. I chose a very short, almost bomber-style jacket. Sure, it was an insulated coat great for temperatures well below zero, but basically 75% of my body is below my waist and was left fully exposed to the elements by my puffy (expensive) purple coat. I might actually have been able to rock my chosen jacket in Montreal if I’d had a Honeybea Bumwarmer™. Alas, they were only invented in 2007, and I only discovered this most-Canadian and most-logical fashion invention a couple of months ago!

I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer ReviewThe Original Honeybea Bumwarmer™ is made at the Honey Designhive in Toronto’s art and design district. (A place that also suffers from “Canadian Winter Syndrome.”) It’s a skirt meant to be worn on top of skinny jeans, yoga pants or leggings for both reasons of fashion (the layered look) and function (for bum warming). The skirts are made by “artfully recycling castaway, premium knit sweaters.” Each one is unique! I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer ReviewAdorable, right? The pockets are funky and useful for storing handkerchiefs. The season of “MOM! I need a tissue!” has begun, after all. I like to imagine that the sweater’s previous owner also stowed some Kleenex in there. I also love the buttons. The skirt doesn’t open, of course; the button closure has been stitched down. If you’re not down with buttons and pockets on your skirts, they have designs to suit ANY taste! Solid colours, Fair Isle, stripes, even appliqued flowers—there’s a look for every cold bum at the Honeybea Etsy Shop! (And yes, she makes one for little girls, too!)

I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer ReviewMy Bumwarmer™ has solved many of my cold-weather apparel dilemmas. Firstly, while I adore leggings, I prefer to wear them with a shirt that covers most of my bum. I’m really tall and have an abnormally long torso, so many of my shirts aren’t long enough. Adding a skirt completely solves this problem. Secondly, my butt is always cold, even when I’m indoors! If I’m working at my computer in the winter, you’ll likely find me sitting in my chair inside a sleeping bag or wrapped in a thick fleece blanket. Thirdly, I’m trying to up my style game just a teensy bit. My Bumwarmer™ looks so freaking cool and keeps my derriere oh-so-warm!

I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer ReviewBeyond that trifecta of awesomeness, Honeybea Bumwarmers™ are the pinnacle of ethical, eco-friendly fashion. Artfully upcycling amazing, abandoned sweaters? So smart, so simple, so perfect. Although Montreal winters are a thing of the past for me, Calgary winters are my new normal, and they are also very Canadian.

I Like Warm Butts! Honeybea Bumwarmer Review

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31 responses to “I Like Warm Butts and I Cannot Lie: Honeybea Bumwarmer Review”

  1. Sarah l

    Those are very cute, I might have to get one for my daughter.

  2. So this is what you were wearing the other day! I LOVED it and assumed it was a full sweater. A bum warmer is a million times better!!!

  3. Amanda L

    Such a fabulous idea! And too cute! Definitely need this while waiting for the bus!

  4. Elishia

    This is really cute (and flattering ), and I am head over heels in love with thier leg warmers!

  5. Sarah Wright

    This is awesome! I could actually wear leggings without being self conscious!

  6. Chelsey Gike

    This is such a cute idea! I love it!

  7. marthalynn

    This is such a brilliant idea! I struggle to find layers to wear in the cold weather. It feels way too uncomfortable for me to wear a lot of layers around the arms and shoulders. But this solves that problem perfectly!

  8. Amanda Austin

    I like the layered look and it’s practical, too. Would be a great accessory for both kids and women.

  9. kathy downey

    I am really impressed with this Bum warmer,thanks for the great review !

  10. Amber Ludwig

    Oooh what a genius product!! As a small tushed woman my butt is always freezing lol!!!

  11. Marilyn Nawara

    This is a terrific idea — my butt always gets cold and this would be a terrific solution. Love these!!

  12. Dotty J Boucher

    I love this idea, I think they are going to be a super hit, I know I want to keep my bum warm LOL . I love the colors they come in also.

  13. Amie Melnychuk

    Ha! As a transplanted Manitoban living in Southwest Ontario (Kitchener/Waterloo area), I laugh at how Toronto is considered to suffer from a Canadian winter!

    Lake Ontario does have a considerable effect on Toronto in making their winters milder. I remember visiting Toronto in high school and being shocked that the schools were having a snow day when only 2 inches of snow fell.

    Where I am by KW, the winters are milder than back home on the prairies, but I find I get cold and stay cold here in the winters. It’s been 11 years, and I still can’t get used to the damp!

    But all that aside, these bum warmers are adorable! I think I’m going to price out knitting a matching set for me and the toddler, and maybe buy them instead!

  14. These are so cute! What a lovely idea 🙂

  15. Jenny Major

    This is a great accessory to have in the winter!

  16. Melissa O

    I wish they had more of the style you’re wearing in the review blog on the Etsy shop! I love cable knit and the neutral colours.

  17. Elaine W

    I love the bumwarmers…they can definitely update the fall/winter wardrobe in an instant. I agree with Melissa that the shop should have the styles and color that you modelled for them!

  18. Jen Houle

    What a brilliant product! I love that they upcycle old sweaters. Totally genius. These are a great solution to keeping bums warm on winter days. I wonder if they would fit under snow pants.

  19. louise g

    This is such a cute idea. Although it reminds me of the early 2000 fad of black pants and skirt everyone was wearing around here. it was not for warmth that’s for sure. But it was cute! This is more practical and I love wool and knitted things!

  20. I entered Kittens for today but I just realized that it’s TUESDAY not Monday (thanksgiving and all).

    Besos Sarah.

  21. Laura

    How cute! Never seen these before! 🙂

  22. Marie Cole

    I’m not in Canada but I do live in New England and it can get pretty cold here so that butt warmer would be very cool to have and it’s super cute.

  23. janie vezina

    the skirts are adorable. love the upcycling factor alot.

  24. Kate

    I’m suffering from postpartum bum loss, so this will be perfect for keeping my buns warm in these cold Alberta winters (especially when babywearing).

  25. Jo Fraser

    Wow these are amazing. I love warm butts too lol. I would love to own one of these especially for sitting in cold bleaches watching my sons play football!!

  26. Kayla Geisler

    Super cute idea! Coats are never long enough. I love this idea! Love your matching momma and babe bum warmers too!

  27. Emily Casselman

    These are adorable! I might just have to see if they can find a non wool sweater to do this with!

  28. Brie

    What a smart and simple idea, I often get a cold bum in the winter too!

  29. jodi Armstrong

    I love these for winter and much more stylish than the down ones I’ve seen.

  30. Brandi

    I have to admit when I first saw this review/giveaway in October I didn’t read or enter it thinking the product was a silly idea. However, after some recent fall walks and chilly waits at the school bus stop, I realize I was the silly one! This is a great idea! And I also didn’t realize these were up-cycled. I love up-cycled products! My bum is always cold in my legwarmers and not all of my shirts cover my bum completely. This will be on my Christmas list now! Please forgive my initial hasty judgement.

  31. Sharon

    Love this … where can I purchase one

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