Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

When you first start dipping your toes into the wonderful world of cloth diapering, you may feel a bit disoriented. Heck, when you first start researching baby gear things can get really weird, really fast. As soon as baby arrives, bowel movements become a frequent topic of conversation, and age is counted in days or months. Moms who cloth diaper and who participate in the unexpectedly active and decidedly wonderful online cloth-diapering community are a subset of parents with behaviours even more peculiar to the uninitiated than those of your average mama bear.

10 Funny Things Cloth-Diapering Moms Do

1- Speak in code. If you lurk in a cloth diaper group on Facebook, you may question your grasp of the English language. There’s a lot of shorthand going on, and you may feel like the only one who doesn’t understand the code! Also, stripping. A lot of moms are stripping.

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

2- Create an ISO inventory. Just like Pokémon, when it comes to cloth diapers, some mamas just gotta catch ’em all! “ISO” means “in search of,” and some go to great lengths and great expense to complete their collection. I know many operate with spreadsheets, while others prefer a visual to track their stash.

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Susan (Funky Fluff), Heather (Glow Bug), Hilary (AppleCheeks) and Britney (Blueberry) for sharing their charts!

3- Plan a “line up” of diapers to match the day’s outfit. It may just be on special occasions, or it may be every day, but cloth diapering mamas love to get all matchy matchy. Finding a shirt that matches a diaper colour or print in your stash is super exciting! Celebrating the 4th of July with multiple outfits and coordinating diapers? Amazing! Preparing for a road trip with 00 AppleCheeks and matching Mini Zips? Ashe for the win!

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Ashe (AppleCheeks and Mini Zips), (4th of July), Janice (football) and Cari (gingham dress).

See all the submissions and add yours here.

4- Make or receive cloth diaper “jerky.” Oh yes, in the parlance of moms used to sending and receiving cloth diapers packed into vacuum-sealed bags, behold the coveted-and-less-expensive-to-ship cloth diaper jerky!

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Annie, Tania and Sophie for their jerky shots and Marley’s man for sharing his enthusiasm for fluff mail!

See all the submissions and add yours here.

5- Fangirl over cloth diaper celebrities. Brand owners and industry insiders are kind of a big deal if you’re bigtime into cloth diapering. I was pretty psyched to meet Amy from AppleCheeks at a recent event in Calgary, not to mention the Baby Guy NYC!

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Casey for sharing her picture with Mr. Spray Pal (after he signed her Men of the Baby Industry Calendar) and Tabitha for her picture with Smart Bottoms owner, Christy.

See all the submissions and add yours here.

6- Take stash shots. It takes commitment to get a good stash shot, otherwise known as a picture of all the diapers you own. You’ve got to time your laundry just right, decide which diaper’s not going to make the shot since it’s in use, decide if you’re going to arrange by brand or colour …

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Bailey, Carli, Chantal, Nina, Erika and The Monarch Mommy for sharing their stash shots!

See all the submissions and add yours here.

7- Discuss bum placement. What, you may ask, is bum placement? Well it would be the way in which a print appears on the bum of a diaper. It is, of course, of the utmost importance. What makes for a perfect “bum” is of course somewhat subjective, but certainly there’s a lot of weight placed upon whether or not the print is the right way up on the bum and centred. If a print features multiple graphics, having them all appear in perfect harmony on the bum makes for a more desirable diaper!

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to (left to right) Stefanie at TheMonarchMommy.com, Alyssa, Kait, Nancy, Amy, Kait (again) and Sarah!

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8- Attend release parties. A release party is an online happening in which a brand will reveal a new colour or print to eagerly awaiting fans. There are giveaways, lots of excitement, and you don’t have to get out of your pajamas to participate! I love planning release parties for Funky Fluff, and I even wrote a post about why I think release parties matter.

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

 9- Get excited about HTF prints or colours. HTF? That stands for “hard to find.” And what, you may ask, is a HTF diaper? Well, it’s a diaper print or colour that has been retired (fancy word for discontinued) and is now impossible to find at a retailer. It’s kind of like the Beanie Babies craze of the ’90s … but with diapers. Sometimes, you’ll see coveted HTF prints being sold for hundreds, yes, hundreds of dollars. USED! My personal preference for such prints is to treasure them, use them and then find them a new home. (Although it is tempting to try to make a tidy profit!)

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Bailey for sharing her SmartBottoms Emeron, Lakin for her BumGenius Jules, Sarah for her AppleCheeks Sailor Blue and Kait for her Best Bottom Spooky.

See all the submissions and add yours here.

 10- Sport swag promoting their favourite brand. Our kids can’t be the only ones having all the fun in cute cloth diapers! Nope, we mamas need some swag for ourselves! From bumper stickers to coffee cups, t-shirts to key chains, there are lots of awesome ways to wear or display our love of cloth diapers loud and proud!

10 Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do

Thanks to Smart Bottoms fan Tabitha, AppleCheeks aficionado Megan, and Bambino Mio fan Kristin, for sharing their goodies!


So, how many of these funny things do you do, cloth-diapering mama?

12 responses to “Funny Things Cloth Diaper Moms Do”

  1. The babies are so adorable! Moms can be creative with anything right? Thanks for this humorous post, Linsay. Wish you have a stunning Fall with your family.

  2. Marie Cole

    These are all so true! I can’t tell you how many times my husband has looked at me like I’m crazy for taking pictures of my stash. I love to match my son’s diapers for the day to his outfits as well!

  3. Lynne

    Speaking in code, for sure! I am working hard to learn all the language – my grandchild will be here soon, and I need to be ready!

  4. Krisha Collins

    I’m one of those weird ones I’ve been using cloth for almost 7 years and haven’t done almost any one these. LOL

  5. hey! I was featured in the crazy coded messages! and yes, to all the other things … sigh.
    it’s a life style, and I’m okay with that! 😉 wonderful write-up Lindsay! I love it! <3

    1. Lindsay

      How ever did you guess it was YOU?! lol

  6. Amanda Smith

    I have to say I’m guilty of a few. Lol

  7. A Dreamer

    What about sniffing clean fluff? ??

  8. The only thing I would add is smelling the diapers after getting out of the dryer to make sure they are really clean. LOL! Or am I the only cloth diapering mom who does this? I absolutely love this post. I was sitting here laughing the whole time and checking off my list. Yes, that’s me. Yep, I do that too. Cloth diapering moms are definitely a unique breed. Thanks for sharing.

  9. […] all the silly things cloth diaper collecting parents do, Stash Shots are usually the most ridiculous. And Saturdays are known as Stash Shot Saturday in […]

  10. Orla

    I was a cloth diaper mom back in the 80s, no internet, and some people asked why I used those old-fashioned cloth diapers. Now my (cloth-diaper baby) daughter is expecting, and BOY! have cloth diapers changed. I cannot find my old 18 x 40 inch diapers. I only know that is the measurement because I still have a few that I treasure for washing my glasses (spectacles, not drinking glasses.) As interesting as the sizes are, even more interesting are the new fabrics: hemp, bamboo(viscose), and fleece. Also the very old, wool soakers that MY grandmothers probably used in the 1920s.

    I look forward to seeing what sort of stuff my daughter chooses, and to making diaper covers, waterproof PUL-backed pads, bibs, knitted soakers, and baby clothes.

    Thanks for an informative website. I am so pleased to see many people using cloth diapers. In the 1980s, people wondered why I used them, since I was married to a man with a good job. “You can afford to use disposables.” Some mothers seemed threatened that somehow using cloth diapers gave me more brownie points.

    They were appeased when a dear friend of mine told them my daughter was allergic to paper diapers. Since they seemed to worry about things like that, I never told them that we had already bought 4 dozen cotton diapers and several pair of plastic pants before she was born. They used super-absorbent paper in the hospital and it gave my daughter a rash, so it was true. My pal and I laughed about it, though, that people could be threatened that a mom was washing diapers every day.

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