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This September marks many milestones. Cub is beginning his first full year of preschool, Little Miss is learning to walk and Papa Wolf is finally revamping his work wardrobe. As for me, I’m in the background helping my family get where they need to go with appropriate footwear.

Cub needs sneakers that will help him “run super fast” (his words), and I need him to wear sneakers that will help him get out the door equally fast. Shoelaces are a long way away in my opinion, so we opted for the Equalizer Lil’ Persistent, with memory foam insoles and velcro tabs on the sides.


I always forget that the tops of Cub’s feet have a bit of a bulge to them. I texted my brother—a physiotherapist—to find a technical description for this. He said: “He has kid-shaped feet. They are the opposite of long and slender.” When we first got our Lil’ Persistent mocs, Cub tried to shove his bare feet into them without success. His midfoot is thick! (That’s my brother chiming in again.) Turns out, he needs socks on to reduce the friction. With the velcro undone and thin socks on, his foot goes in no problem. That said, I should likely be choosing shoes that open fully at midfoot for my bulgy-footed son. 

Cub loves his Lil’ Persistent comfort mocs. They match the Skechers I wear every day, which he thinks is pretty cool. He’s also confident they make him run faster. He still needs my help to get them on if our aim is to be expeditious, but I’m sure he’ll be able to put them on himself at preschool when his obliging mother isn’t there to lend a hand.side-view-sneakers

For the almost-toddling Little Miss Cub, I wanted a nice pair of sneakers to facilitate her first steps. She is already climbing all over every structure within her reach at the playground. If you’re not interested in sequins and sparkles, never fear, there are simple and neutral choices for first-time walkers in Skechers’ line up for boys.

I chose the Lil’ Wit Slyly for Little Miss’s first walking shoes. The smallest available size is 4, and they fit with some room to grow. The one-strap velcro closure allows the shoe to open wide for that bulbous baby foot while also closing snuggly for a stay-put fit.


While she is still not walking, her Lil’ Wit Slyly sneakers are perfect for cruising and climbing on the playground. The sturdy rubber soles protect her dainty feet from gravel groundcover and metal equipment.


Starting preschool and learning to walk aren’t the only big changes at the Den this autumn. Nope, we’ve also got Papa Wolf finally updating his wardrobe. For work, he’s been rotating through five almost identical plaid dress shirts, grey pants that used to be black, casual Friday jeans so faded they may as well be whitewashed and black dress shoes with heels worn almost to the insole. I was impressed when he opted for something totally different to replace his rundown footwear:


He chose the Rangpuk Chelsea Boot from Skechers’ Mark Nason Dagger Collection. They’re so cool! I finally got him into some dark wash denim, and his new boots look awesome with his new jeans. He also wears them with his dress pants.


Papa Wolf, whose reaction to most things I make him try ranges from negative to neutral, says his new boots are fantastic. He loves them! He appreciates the heel, since he normally stands slightly on tippy toes in photos with me to appear taller. I love how they give him a cowboy-aesthetic.

The inside of the boot is cushioned with memory foam, which means these boots offer the comfort of a sneaker with the style of an ankle boot! This is a big selling point for Papa Wolf, who puts a lot of mileage on his shoes walking to and from the bus every day.

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