PeapodMats Review

PeapodMats Review - a bedwetting and incontinence mat that's so much more!

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review.

I feel like we can sum up my first four years of parenting with one statement: “I should’ve used a PeapodMat.” For instance …

  • when I had the stomach flu while pregnant and puking stimulated other fluids to be released.
  • when baby slept through the night without nursing and my boobs didn’t get the memo.
  • when baby was having bare butt time in his crib and … well, you can guess.
  • when we first moved to Calgary and the dry weather gave my son nightly (massive) nose bleeds.
  • when we were in corporate housing and my son had an epic diaper-fail and I had to place an embarrassed call to housekeeping.
  • when my preschooler got into bed with me and said his tummy felt funny, but I thought I was dreaming.
  • when my newborn spat up after nursing. Every night. Always.

PeapodMats are the brainchild of Vancouver-based momtrepreneurs Amanda and Liz, who successfully pitched their multipurpose mat to CBC’s Dragons’ Den. This waterproof mat has three layers: a breathable terry cotton topper which is grid stitched to prevent bunching, a polyester liner to absorb liquid and a waterproof backing with brushed polyester to grip surfaces.

Sleeping on Peapod mat

So yes, it’s a bedwetting and incontinence mat. But it stands out from similar products we’ve tried for a several reasons: it sits on top of your bedsheets so you don’t have to change the entire bed when there’s an accident; it doesn’t get bunched up and move under a sleeping child; it’s not crinkly or plastic-like and it has an absorbent core to prevent liquids seeping through to the sheets.

Peadpo mats on queen bed

PeapodMats come in two sizes: 3′ x 3′ and 3′ x 5′. We selected the larger version to use in our queen-sized bed or on Cub’s twin bed. It’s the perfect size for a preschooler’s bed, unless your child often winds up curled up at the foot of their bed. It’s also big enough for Little Miss Cub’s sleeping radius, which typically has her perpendicular to me in the middle of the night.

Peapad Mat on Twin Bed

I wish I could tell you that our PeapodMat had saved us from myriad nighttime disasters. But you know what PeapodMats are missing? If my iPhone can predict what I’m about to type, why can’t my PeapodMat predict WHICH child should be sleeping on the mat on any given night? Because let me tell you, I keep making the wrong choice. Little Miss is fast asleep on our dry Peapod and I am startled from slumber with Cub shrieking that he’s peed in his bed. (“Because you didn’t get here fast enough!”) Stripping the bed is THE WORST at three in the morning. Or I put the Peapod on Cub’s bed since he fell asleep before doing a last pee, but I roll over to a diaper leak from my co-sleeping daughter and have to sleep on a towel. I try to learn from my mistakes, so when I put the kids to bed in our hotel at Emerald Lake Lodge, I put it under both of them. Thank goodness, because Cub totally wet the bed, and at least he was half on the Peapod! I still had to leave a sheepish note for housekeeping … and kick myself for not putting the mat vertically under my pee-schooler, or for not owning two mats.

Peapod at hotel

Another potential use of the Peapod? As a cat birthing mat. I’m joking, but considering how all the blankets I laid out for her when she was in labour just ended up balled up in the corner from her labouring movements, I probably should’ve used the Peapod for that too. After all, it’s really easy to launder!

Zelda on our Peapod

While for us the PeapodMat is being used for its primary purpose, it can also be used for tummy time, as a playpen mat, a bath mat, a change pad, a picnic blanket … for any purpose that calls for a mat that is waterproof, absorbent, soft and grippy!


Since receiving our mat for review, we’ve ordered two more: one so that I don’t have to keep guessing which of my children should use it at night, and another is on its way to my aunt in Vancouver for son!

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49 responses to “PeapodMats Review”

  1. Laura

    What a wonderful idea. I love anything that can be used for multipurpose. I can think of a couple things we could use these for around the house!

  2. Krystal Finhert

    Good useful idea for many different reasons. 🙂 awesome

  3. Briana

    This would be super useful for my spit up crazy baby! My sister could definitely use this for my nephews too.

  4. Maryanne

    OK I totally need this. Correction. My very sad mattress really needs this!

  5. Chelsey Gike

    This looks amazing! Anything that is multipurpose is awesome in my books!

  6. Amy Hall

    I like the size of the bigger one. And if it really is breathable it would solve the problem for us of waterproof mats that make us all sweat all night.

  7. Marie

    What an incredible invention, I love it. This would be perfect for us at bedtime. I am tempted to buy one right now!


    This is Brilliant, I’ll be ordering some!!

  9. Elizabeth

    What a great product! Stripping beds in the middle of the night is the worst!

  10. Kendra G

    Love your reviews. I also just bought 2 from Baby Footprint for baby due any day now… water breaking, breastfeeding, co sleeping; everyhing you mentioned. Can’t wait to try them! We will be potty training the toddler soon too.

  11. Amie Melnychuk

    We are a third of the way through potty training our first child, and this will be great when it’s time to do diaperless bed times!

  12. Ashley Morel

    Thanks for the review, I have been looking for something like this for my 2.5 year old who has been out of diapers for 8 months except at night time!

  13. Kim M-J

    OMG, I NEED THIS! Between the kids and the cats…

  14. Nancy Burgess

    I could use this for so many things.Great idea.

  15. Camille

    This sounds like a great product! I love that it can serve multiple purposes – it would have been so useful in those early days with the engorgement and leaking…ugh…mayhem.

  16. Jennifer

    These look amazing! Definitely need to get one for nighttime potty training.

  17. Kate

    I LOVE that the PeapodMat doesn’t bunch up. I have a couple of waterproof mats that I sleep on with my girl (in case of boob leaks, diaper leaks, or, as happened recently during introduction of complimentary solids and a food intolerance, projectile vomit), and I hate the bunching. Should have got a PeapodMat…

  18. Grace M

    This would be so great for naked time!

  19. JoB

    Thanks for this review! I was intrigued by this product when I saw it on the babyfootprint website (because I already love the baby footprint!), and now, I really need one! My newborn is a spit-up machine…

  20. Dotty J Boucher

    I wouldn’t mind trying the diva cup

  21. Shirley Tang

    When Baby Footprint first advertised this mat I went and bought it RIGHT AWAY. It is seriously such a lifesaver. It seems pricey but if I had bought it first instead of the 4 other ones I have which now all leak, I would have actually saved money.

  22. Dotty J Boucher

    I am loving this mat, I think its wonderful also that it comes in many colors, and I am just thinking of how my furniture will also appreciate this..

  23. Amber Ludwig

    OMGOSH THIS IS BRILLIANT!! How have I never heard of these?!?! Omgosh!!!!!! I need one asap!! Could’ve saved me a mattress and at least 3 pillows… flus are the worst!!

  24. Wendy

    My grandson has a reflux issue from birth and some days spits up from one feeding to the next & repeat! This would be awesome!

  25. What a great product! We would definitely use this in our pack and play as a sheet and for “naked bum time” when our baby needs some time without a diaper to heal up any diaper rash. This will come in super handy come potty training time!

  26. Janice Gallwey

    This is a very neat idea. I like that it could be used for many purposes over the span of many years.

  27. Meaghan Dawson

    This is EXACTLY what I need! Two actually, like you. My oldest is just starting to not wear diapers at night and ya… there have been a lot of accidents. And then we have the diaper leaks with my youngest when I forget to put a proper nighttime diaper on her. Oh the laundry!! Thanks so much for this review… seems like a GREAT product!

  28. Allison-Lee

    We already have one PeaPod that we love for our son, but with out daughter potty training now it would be great to have a second!

  29. Kali Cloutier

    I’ve tried so many different liners for beds and pack n plays in the hopes that they’d protect the mattress underneath and they’ve all failed. I ended up getting the mattress protectors that go on like a fitted sheet, but those are still a PITA if there’s a middle-of-the-night crisis. I think I’m going to try this out for my 2yo’s bed!

  30. Hahaha, what a brilliant product and a great review! (And for while you wait for your new pads to arrive: if you layer waterproof pad/sheet/waterproof pad/sheet/etc. then at least if you have to change the sheets at night you can just peel off the wet layers instead of having to remake the bed!) 🙂

  31. Stephanie F

    I could have used this 7 years ago when my first was born. Our poor mattress. My youngest is still co-sleeping so it would still be useful, especially when he is potty training. I like the other uses you have mentioned in your review!

  32. Louise G

    We have a sheepskin on baby’s mattress and I’m always scared that his diapers are going to leak or he is going to crazy spit up and get it on the sheepskin… I have no idea how to wash nor do I want to learn! This would definitely solve our problem! I want as little layers between him and the skin as possible!

  33. Linda

    This would be so useful. I’ve been using fleece blankets to keep the wet oft the bed, but they can be pretty hot in the summer.

  34. Angela Ingles

    I love that it’s easy to launder and looks like it would easily stay in place, even with restless sleepers.

  35. Jeanna Massman

    I would love to try the Buncha Farmers Stain Remover.!

  36. Jeanna Massman

    This is such a great product! It would be great to have a PeaPod handy when kids of all ages are sick!

  37. Elishia

    This would have been useful so many different times! I really wish I had had one for those early breastfeeding days!

  38. This looks like a great product! Would probably work well for on the bed when pregnant just in case your water breaks too!!

  39. janie vezina

    this would so much use long after baby.

  40. Wanda Bee

    The Peapod Mats could be a wonderful help for parents. I had not idea these existed and so glad to hear that they come in bigger sizes, too.

  41. Renee Walters

    This looks amazing!

  42. Tera Penton

    I feel this would have come in handy for on the couch while my oldest was potty training and would love to get one when my youngest who is 7 months reaches potty training time

  43. The PeapodMats could be used for a variety of things. It is definitely a life saver because the sheet and waterproof protector is all in one. Thanks for a good read.

  44. Jerry Marquardt

    I think that the mats look very useful. I enjoyed the review, and give thumbs up for innovation.

  45. […] on the cake to truly make my life easier in case there is an overnight or early morning leak? The PeapodMat. Since I started putting Playwoolies on top, I haven’t had to deal with any diaper leaks, but I […]

  46. […] Royalty set online, and in person I love them even more. They match our nursing/body pillow and our Peapod mat perfectly! (Please disregard the hideous burgundy of our master bedroom wall: it was like that when […]

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