Easy Peasies All-in-One & Pocket Diaper Review

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

I received these products at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

When I first reviewed Easy Peasies diapers in March of last year, the only thing I disliked about both the all-in-one (AIO) and the pocket designs was that they were heavy on the microfibre. I loved that they were made in Canada, I loved the double gussets, I loved the ruffles, and the fit was good on my larger-than-average son at two-and-a-half years old. By the time Little Miss Cub was born, Easy Peasies had started using hemp and bamboo in their line-up, so we got to try out their newborn AIO which features a blend of hemp and microfibre. In case you don’t keep notes on my personal cloth diapering preferences, let me remind you that I love combining microfibre with hemp, bamboo or cotton. (Of those three, hemp is my superstar.) Microfibre absorbs quickly, and the natural fibre holds onto liquid, preventing compression leaks. I was very excited to test drive Easy Peasies’ one-size AIO and pocket on Little Miss Cub! We chose the AIO in Sunset Dreams and our pocket in Wild & Free.

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

Easy Peasies All-In-One

  • 6–40 lbs
  • four rise settings
  • sewn-in insert with included booster
  • ruffles at the legs and back waist
  • crossover waist snap for newborns
  • double-gusseted inner

Most AIO diapers on the market have dangling pieces. The absorbent insert may extend like a tongue which is tucked into a pocket before use, or the insert(s) may be sewn to the front or back of the diaper like flaps. The Easy Peasies AIO is the only one in our (extensive) collection where the main absorbent component is entirely sewn into the diaper, making it look as much like a disposable diaper as a cloth diaper can. (Which can be really reassuring for the cloth naysayers in your entourage.) The insert is not entirely encased, as there is a pocket opening at the back of the diaper. (Bottom right image.) The core of the diaper comprises four layers of hemp and microfibre. This is a huge improvement on the version we tested last year, which did not have a pocket opening and was 100% microfibre inside. I love this new design so much!

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

The AIO also comes with a hemp booster that you can attach using the snap at the back of the diaper. You can tuck the booster into the pocket or place it on top of the stay-dry fleece. 

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth DiapersThe fit on Little Miss is just so nice!! At 20 lbs, she’s still on the tightest waist setting (without using the crossover snaps). It’s definitely a very trim AIO option, even with the booster.Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth DiapersI was concerned that this diaper would take a long time to dry because of the sewn-in insert. I was really surprised to find that, even without turning it inside out, it dries just fine on my regular one-and-a-half hour low cycle. In terms of absorbency, we definitely need to use the booster to last for three hours. I like that we could increase the absorbency even more by putting the included booster on top and tucking another one into the pocket. Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

My favourite things about the Easy Peasies AIO:

  • hemp/microfibre blend inner
  • pocket opening for boosting and faster drying
  • included hemp booster
  • trim and adorable fit
  • we can get 4 hours of daytime use with the booster 
  • made in Canada

Things I like less about the Easy Peasies AIO:

  • I’m stretching here to find something … maybe that I do find we need the booster even for daytime use? But the booster is included, and it’s great, so that’s not really a deal breaker.

Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper Bamboo Bundle


  • 6–40 lbs
  • four rise settings
  • ruffles at the legs and back waist
  • crossover waist snap for newborns
  • double-gusseted inner

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

The cut of Easy Peasies’ pocket diaper is the same as its AIO, so everything I love about that design applies to the pocket cover. You can purchase Easy Peasies covers on their own or in a bundle. Because the trifold bamboo insert is trimmer than the sewn-in insert and added booster of the AIO, I actually put it on Little Miss Cub on a smaller rise:

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

I feel like the picture speaks for itself. The fit is just delightful! As with the AIO, she’s on the tightest waist setting without using the crossover snaps.

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

Bamboo trifold:

  • 2-ply bamboo fleece
  • no prepping required
  • 14″ x 14″ square that won’t shrink

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

So as I previously mentioned, my main issue with the Easy Peasies pocket diaper I reviewed on Cub was that I didn’t like the microfibre inserts. I happen to adore trifold inserts, and guess what? Easy Peasies’ inserts are now trifolds! I love how you can fold them as needed to get customized absorbency. They have hemp and bamboo blends available that are made in Canada as well as a super affordable cotton version that is imported. I am really impressed with the absorbency of our bamboo fleece trifold. It’s plenty thirsty enough for three hours without an added booster. 

Review of Easy Peasies' All-in-One and Pocket Cloth Diapers

Definitely no complaints about the trimness, either! The leg ruffles provide a really nice fit around the thighs and back waist, and the hip snaps prevents wing droop which can be an issue in similar diapers that only have the two waist snaps. I really love the double row of parallel female snaps that go across the full waist of the diaper. This really helps achieve the perfect fit. You can stagger the top and bottom wing snaps if you need a looser fit around the tummy but want to keep tightness around the legs. (This is a nice option if baby is going to be seated and has a chubby belly!)

Things I love about the Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper:

  • There’s a lot of choice when shopping for Easy Peasies: buy just a cover, or buy a bundle with inexpensive cotton trifolds or the more premium hemp or bamboo blend trifolds.
  • The bamboo trifold that we chose is supremely absorbent.
  • The fit is adorable and trim.
  • The pocket opening is at the back of the diaper (rather than the front or the middle, which I dislike).
  • They are made in Canada.

Things I love less about the Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper:

  • I’m grasping at straws here, folks … there were a few loose threads that I needed to snip when I opened up my pocket diaper for the first time. Really not a big deal!

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53 responses to “Easy Peasies All-in-One & Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. Thanks for this! I haven’t tried the EP AIO yet, so it’s nice to hear more about it.

  2. Staci Morton

    I am still new to cloth diaper and all the different brands out there. Thank you for the review, this is a diaper I would definitely like to try!

  3. I LOVE these diapers. When I describe them to folks that are familiar with cloth diapers, I describe the pockets like “If Rumparooz and AMP had a baby…”

    But one thing that EP has over other brands, too: their prints are absolutely STUNNING!

  4. Wendy

    Still helping my daughter add to her stash. This sounds like a great one to add to the list. Being made in Canada is definitely an added bonus!

  5. Lisa

    I absolutely love the fit of Easy Peasies! I haven’t tried them with the bamboo or hemp inserts yet though so it’s good to hear your review.

  6. Krystal Finhert

    Good review on easy peasie diapers. Never tried it would love to add some to my stash.

  7. Marie

    These look great! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for another great review.

  8. Erin D

    Yet another brand on my list to try! The hemp insert especially interests me; I have a real diaper diva who doesn’t tolerate being wet for long, even overnight, so she’s in massively stuffed diapers overnight right now haha

  9. Chelsey Gike

    Oh these look awesome! I will definitely have to add them to my ‘must try’ list!

  10. Camille

    I considered Easy Peasies when I was shopping around for AIOs but was scared away by the sewn in microfibre since I’m a natural fibres kinda girl. After seeing this review though, I’d love to give them a try!

  11. Michelle Tehonchuk

    Awesome review!! Love my ep diapers!!

  12. Thank you so much for the review! I don’t have any in my stash yet, but, I would love to! Thank you for the give away!

  13. Kate

    I’m new to cloth diapering and am slowly adding to the stash. I love the one-size AIO option, the use of hemp, and that they are made in Canada. Sorry bank account, it looks like we’re giving Easy Peasies a try!

  14. Brieanne Baker

    Great review! I looked at EP when I was starting out cloth diapering but I wasn’t sure. After reading this I will definitely be trying some pockets out! I love the prints

  15. Miss G

    I’ve wanted to try Easy Peasies since your last review, now I’m really interested! Do you think they’ll fit a taller child well? My 5 month old is already on the middle rise on some of his “one size” diapers, which makes me wonder how long they’ll really fit. I really like TotsBots bamboozle fitteds, but with an appropriate night time booster the rise is completely unsnapped!

  16. Kylie M.

    I love ruffles. and the one in the pictures looks like a sunset

  17. Kruthiga Senthil

    Oh man! This is marvelous! The design and the prints!

  18. Amber Ludwig

    Yay for a trim fit and super absorbent diaper!! Just what this family loves!! <3

  19. Amber Ludwig

    I would choose Sunset Dream!! So pretty!!

  20. Sabrina Throm

    This is such a great giveaway, been wanting to try out the easy peasies diaper, the prints are sooo cute.

  21. Tannis W

    The style of the pocket diaper looks really nice. I would like to try this brand.

  22. Laura

    I love these patterns. I really like the fact that these use the Bamboo trifolds!

  23. Danielle D

    I’ve never tried Easy Peasies, or even heard of them before this post but now I can’t wait to try them! I absolutely love the prints, gorgeous!

  24. Grace

    Do the ruffles serve any purpose or are they just for looks?

  25. Erin B.

    These look awesome! I love that they have hemp and bamboo options 🙂

  26. I haven’t tried EP diapers yet, but they look great! Double inner gussets for the win 🙂 and they have really cute prints!

  27. Janice Gallwey

    I’ve wanted to try Easy Peasies for a while now and this review has bumped them up to the top of my cloth diaper list!

  28. Guadalupe Flores

    I would definitely try Easy Peasies AIO diapers. I really like that they come with the booster. I’m not a big fan of sewn in inserts for the same reason you stated but with your review I would definitely try them and I think it’s great that they have the pocket for the booster (I always look for this in a diaper).

    Easy Peasies are definitely on my cloth diapers to try list 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

  29. Rachel WG

    I love your reviews! But they make me want to buy so many things! lol This diaper looks like such a great fit!

  30. Stephanie Fahl

    Ilove their prints! Your review makes me want to try these in a pocket even though we have more success with our covers for our heavy wetter. I will be picking up a trifold or two to try though!

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  32. Octavia

    My goodness, the prints on the Easy Peasies all in ones are cute!

  33. Louise G

    I’ve been really into Made In Canada stuff since my last baby was born. I’ve made a huge shift in diapers and would love to add this one to my stash!

  34. Elishia

    I recently bought an Easy Peasies pocket, and I agree with you! It’s a great fitting diaper!

  35. desiree

    the color are great and the idea with pocket is great when the boy werer younger we had only white and then had to use the big pensthe pumkin would be great ofr male or femaile

  36. Erin A

    Four hours of daytime use sounds AMAZING! I’d love to try these diapers. The prints are super cute too. Thanks for the review!

  37. Britney

    They look like they fit the kiddos perfectly and very comfortable! Great review with pictures.

  38. Amanda joosten

    Good luck everyone!! I need to win this gorgeous diaper

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    I would love to try this diaper. It looks like it has a good fit and the prints are so vibrant!

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    your review is great. love the flexible options from easy peasies

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  42. Josh Dillard

    Great review. I love the rough look to them the seems that are visable like another cheeky brand ha. They look cute and fun while being functional. I would love to try these out next to some of the others I have because these have a major kiddie comfort factor from what i see and read and ultimately thats what matters, does it keep the stuff in and does he feel good with it on.

  43. Of course all the practical info is helpful, but I cannot get over those prints! They are so beautiful!

  44. Wanda Bee

    I would probably choose the pocket diaper, in grape colour.

  45. Rachel

    It definitely looks trim just like you described!

  46. Linda

    I love that this diaper is made in Canada, something I look for when I buy.

  47. Tiffini Nash

    I love the fit of ruffles with other brands and I had no idea easy peavies had them too! I am going to try them asap. Hopefully I win and then I can try them sooner! Thank you for the review!

  48. Dusty

    Thank you for the review! I have been curious about this diaper and your review answered all my questions.

  49. Anne kathleen

    I love my easy peasies! They are very trim and so comfortable looking!

  50. Marie Cole

    I love these diapers! I only have one so far but it’s one of my favorite diapers and it goes on the bum right away. The fit is great and it’s just so cute!

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