AppleCheeks One-Size Review

AppleCheeks ONE SIZE review

I received compensation and product samples to facilitate this review. All opinions remain my own.

Cub was a big baby. By the time we tried our first AppleCheeks, he was plenty big enough to wear their Size 2 envelope cover, and he wasn’t even a year old! When he finally stopped wearing diapers earlier this year, our Size 2s were one of the only options that fit him nicely and had enough room for the necessary absorbency. He was over 35 lbs and just shy of 40 inches tall. Being my only child, Cub’s size had always seemed very normal. By the time we started trying pocket diapers, we didn’t even need to use the rise snaps. I’d seen some AppleCheeks users finding Size 2s too big at my son’s age, and I was incredulous!

Even before I got pregnant with our second baby, I was not-so-secretly collecting Size 1 AppleCheeks covers. I was happy with the fit of Size 1 AppleCheeks right from birth, but despite my love for the brand, it’s never been my first recommendation for most families because sized diapering naturally costs more money up front. (The resale value of AppleCheeks truly does compensate for the initial investment, but not all families want the hassle of “flipping” their diapers when it’s time to size up.)

As you probably know, AppleCheeks recently released a one-size version of their ridiculously popular ruffled envelope cover!

Little Miss in AppleCheeks OS - Back

Designed to fit babies from 6-35 lbs, when the rise snaps are undone it falls smack-dab in the middle of the Size 1 and Size 2.

AppleCheeks Size Comparison

Snapped to its shortest rise, the one-size AppleCheeks is shorter than a Size 1, making it more likely to fit on teeny tiny newborns. Fully unsnapped, it’s quite a bit shorter in the rise than a Size 2, but comparable to other one-size diapers in our collection. Many moms with average-sized toddlers never get a good fit with Size 2s, so the rise of the one-size version will be more than sufficient until most children potty train!

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of this pocket diaper (which can also be used as an All-in-Two by placing the insert on top of the pocket):

AppleCheeks Anatomy

AppleCheeks makes bamboo trifold inserts in 2-ply and 3-ply versions, as well as a less expensive micoterry insert. I actually destashed my 2-ply AppleCheeks inserts because I just didn’t find them absorbent enough. However, The Cloth Diaper Source sent me a 3-ply, and I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it! Super absorbent and perfect for three-hour stretches!

Applecheeks 3 ply insert

Little Miss weighs just a touch over 20 lbs and is 28 inches tall. She’s wearing her one-size AppleCheeks on the middle rise. She’s currently in the awkward spot for families who ONLY own AppleCheeks: Size 1s are really quite small on her, and Size 2s are a bit big. 

Size 1 and Size 2 compared

The one-size fits her perfectly!

Little Miss in AppleCheeks OS - Front

Even using the 3-ply insert, which is thick when folded, the fit is trim and adorable:

Little Miss in AppleCheeks OS - Side

I’m a big fan of this new addition to the AppleCheeks line up, if you haven’t already noticed. I’m really excited for them to add more colours and prints to their line up, as you can currently only get the one-size diaper in white (Storm), red (Cherry Tomato), aqua (St. Lucia) and yellow (Lemon Zest). 

Little Miss in AppleCheeks OS - waving

When talking with parents building their cloth diaper stash with a baby on the way, the one-size AppleCheeks will definitely be one of my top recommendations. The thing is, even if your baby does turn out to be larger-than-average (aka: Cub Size), you won’t need to move on to Size 2s until well past their first birthday. You can cross that bridge when you come to it!

What I love about the one-size AppleCheeks Envelope Cover:

  • Made in CA-NA-DA!
  • This one-size option is a huge savings for parents not interested in the two-size system.
  • The smallest setting will fit even smaller babies than the Size 1.
  • As with the other sizes, the front waist ruffle is great leak protection for tummy sleepers.

What I love less about the one-size AppleCheeks Envelope Cover:

  • In theory you can use an AppleCheeks as an AI2, but the fleece is usually damp by the time you change the diaper, and personally I want to change the whole cover when the fleece has urine on it. 
  • As with the other sizes, the pocket opening is awkwardly placed in the middle (poop zone), meaning it can be gross to pull the insert out. This is intentional: it helps the insert agitate out when washing in a traditional top loader. Most families now have washers without agitators, however, and need to pull the insert out before tossing in the wash. 

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59 responses to “AppleCheeks One-Size Review”

  1. Kimberly Stoessel

    I have wanted to try this brand but held off because it being sized. Although my 14 and half month old daughter would still fit into size ones with room to spare. She is a tiny 17.6 pounds and 28 inches long. I would not use it as a cover either instead as just a pocket diaper.

  2. Melissa M

    We are coming close to size ones fitting our daughter ad would love to try a one size applecheeks! Thanks for all the great info!

  3. Nina Mackrain

    I had one Applecheeks cover with my second child and I loved the feel of it and those ruffles are awesome. But, we had a size two and it never did fit right and I was afraid the ones would be too small. If only these had come out two years ago before the birth of our youngest, I would have bought all Applecheeks,

  4. Kendra G

    Love AppleCheeks! Can’t wait to try out the new one size diaper.. hopefully with the new baby due to arrive in the next 5 weeks. Love reading your blog too!

  5. Thank you so much for the chance to win a free AC! They have become a quick favorite in my house and have only been using cloth full time for about a week. I have about 16 in my stash and would love another one

  6. Holly

    I can’t wait to try the one size Applecheeks on my skinny 1 year old! I love the white snaps on Storm – it looks so sleek!

  7. Michelle Tehonchuk

    Awesome review! I cannot wait to try one!0

  8. Kathy Harrigan

    I always bought size 2 and waited for my kids to grow into them because my babies chunk out fast so I’m excited to try the one size! I love the trim fit of Apple Cheeks.

  9. Rebecca k

    Love the ruffles! We would love to try one with our lo on the way.

  10. Emma B

    This was exactly my problem with Apple cheeks – I was out of size 1 but size 2 were enormous. I’m excited to try these – I’ve kept all of my inserts and prefolds and am glad that I didn’t destiny them. Here’s hoping I win a freebie!!

  11. Kate

    New to cloth diapering, we’ve only been buying one-size options as they are the most economical option for us. So glad we can now add Apple Cheeks to the stash!

  12. stephanie

    These are so cute! I love the new sizing. It’s great to have something that fits an even smaller infant and then will grow with them longer. Cloth diapering is quite an expense at one time so it’s great to be able to save a bit more in the long-run.

  13. JoB

    I actually like the middling placement of applecheeks pocket opening even though i have an he washer, as i can grab both ends of thr diaper and shake out the insert pretty easily most times! I am unsure what to think of the new one-size option – I guess I wish it would have been available earlier this year when I fell in love with applecheeks, so I could have tried it out then and decided before I invested in so many sized!

  14. Ann

    I am excited that Applecheeks has a one size cover now, but my son just potty trained. I will have to wait for baby 2 to try them out.

  15. Katie S

    Would love to see a comparison to OS AMP!

  16. Deanna Ortega

    We only use 2 brands and one of them is Applecheeks. She is 11 months old and still fits perfectly in size 1. But I cannot fit enough absorbency for overnight so the other brand is used for night time. I’ve been wanting to try the one size for overnight because she drowns in a size 2!

  17. Carrie

    I am new to cloth diapering and my next little one will be my first in cloth. I have heard such great things about Apple Cheeks and your review just reiterates what I have already heard. Thanks for more info on Apple Cheeks!

  18. Wendy

    I would love to gift a One Size AppleCheeks to my daughter. She is early in her cloth diapering journey with my grandson and this sounds like a great option to add to her stash.

  19. Amy Hall

    I love that they’ve come out with a one size version. If it really fits from 6lbs it’ll like be my new newborn stash. I hope they also keep making the sized ones, though, because there’s a lot of kids that have needed that size 2 or 3.

  20. Mariane Lacroix-Langevin

    I love my Applecheeks 3 ply inserts! Trifolded, they are really trim. I love how soft they are and the fact that they don’t become stiff even when saturated. It was my nightime insert when my son was 6-10 weeks old. Now we can go 2.5 hours on a good day.

  21. Irene

    I am using the sized AppleCheeks as well, and my neither of my last 2 washing machines (a top loader and front loader) had any trouble agitating out my Geffen hemp prefold inserts. So I say–bring it on! 🙂 Can’t wait to try the one size.

  22. My 6 month old, 16 pounder, has just seemed to have outgrown the size 1 Applecheeks we have, so I would LOVE to have/try the new one size. Most of our stash is entirely one size, as I prefer it and find it more economical. The one size is a great idea and definitely makes Applecheeks more appealing to me 🙂

  23. Linda

    I could really use this trifold insert because I also have a heavy wetter.

  24. Marie

    I have always been curious about applecheeks diapers but didn’t like the fact I’d need two different sizes. Now I may take the leap and give them a try!

  25. Holly MacRitchie

    I am so happy to see that Apple Cheeks is doing a one size diaper! I received one of these diapers in size 1 for my baby shower. It fit my daughter wonderfully, and I was sad to see it get too small for her.

  26. Holly MacRitchie

    I would also love to try the Apple Cheeks Flushable Liners

  27. Louise G

    I would love to try these new Diapers. One of the reasons I didn’t chose Applecheek when shopping for diapers was because of the different sizes, I didn’t want to have to buy two different sets that can’t be used for the whole diapering period.

  28. Amanda Joosten

    Can’t wait to get some extra cash.. we only use Apple cheeks and super excited to try os 🙂

  29. Krystal Finhert

    Can’t wait to try these as I love my size 1s. Great review.

  30. Amber Ludwig

    I love and adore the trim fit of Applecheeks!! I have a lean kiddo and applecheeks are AMAZING!!

  31. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    We have one Applecheeks diaper and I love it! I would love to have more because they fit my kiddo so well!! I actually like the middle of the diaper opening…. the insert always comes out in our front loader. 🙂 I like the holding the ends to shake it out too if I need to. I love the flair out around the legs!

  32. I love one size diapers! I would love to try an apple cheek diaper!

  33. Jen Houle

    I am excited to add the one size to our stash! We have many size 1’s and our LO will certainly get lots of use out of one-size!

  34. Elishia

    I’ve been a huge Applecheeks fan since my daughter was little and they make up 95% of our stash, but we are currently in the awkward stage where both sizes fit but neither size fits well. I just bought one of these and I’m excited to try it!

  35. Aurora PL

    I think this is a great news, I love the fact that size 1 fits for tiny babies, but love one size diapers and that way you save money

  36. […] Applecheeks One Size Diaper from Maman Loup’s Den (ends 9/19) Open to the U.S. and Canada GT […]

  37. Laura

    I’ve heard so many good things about these diapers! Can’t wait to try them! 🙂

  38. Heather

    I love our Applecheeks! I may have to destash so I can try the one size.

  39. SarahP

    Seriously, one size is the only thing that kept me sane. The thought of switching sizes with the ever growing (and for me babies grew super fast) was a terrible feeling! I had some size 2s and was afraid I would need size 3 sooner then I wanted.. So I switched brands. LOVE this move on ACs part !

  40. Lisa

    I’ve been dying to try AppleCheeks for a long time. Great review as always!

  41. Brandi Powell

    Very interesting they came out with a one-size! I seem to remember reading something a while ago from them saying they didn’t think a one-size diaper fit well and that’s why they had two sizes. I can see both the pros and the cons, but I actually love my Applecheeks a lot because of the two sizes. Seem to get a better fit compared to one size. Would be great to try one out to compare! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. katrina mulder

    this is great, now that they’re one size. id love to try one, i hear great things!

  43. Christina Skinner

    I’ve never tried this brand before. It looks very trim and I love that it’s a one size. I also have a front loader but don’t mind pulling out the inserts.

  44. Grace M

    I’m so glad they are doing a one size! I can’t wait for pretty prints to come out!

  45. Tera Penton

    Can’t wait til I get my hands on a one size AC I love AC but my baby is getting to the akward in between sizes point and think these would fit her great

  46. Laura Case

    Awesome review! And such cute color/print options!

  47. Jennifer Smith

    I’d love to try a OS applecheeks! I never had size 1, but had quite a few 2s for my first. However, I was in the camp of size 2s being too big… the OS seems like a great solution!

  48. Guadalupe Flores

    Sounds like Applecheeks is good quality. Definitely would like to try one. I’m still kinda new at clothdiapering and still exploring what’s out there. So I would love to win this and try it out on my 8 month old.

  49. Octavia

    The Apple Cheeks are so cute!

  50. […] *Applecheeks One Size Diaper from Maman Loup’s Den (ends 9/19) Open to the U.S. and Canada GT […]

  51. Staci Morton

    Thank you for the review. I am still new to cd and have not had a chance to try Applecheeks yet. I am more likely to purchase now with a os because I have 2 under 2 to diapers and trying to figure out both of their sizes would be a pain.

  52. Teresa

    Having a baby in November and would love to win! I am a single mom of soon to be three so anything helps.

  53. Maranda Carlson

    I had a size 2 apple cheeks diaper but it seemed small on my son who was about 10 months and chubby. But now after seeing your review I wonder if it just wasn’t a trimmer fit than what I am used to. I gave it away because I was afraid he was already out growing it, might have to revisit the brand.

  54. Marian

    I love Applecheeks diapers but am not a big fan of them being two sizes. It’s the reason I don’t have more in my stash. I don’t find it very economical to have to buy basically two stashes. That being said I’m super excited about the new OS. I can have the best of both worlds. Thank you for the review, I liked seeing the OS compared to the size 1& 2.

  55. Maegan Scherer

    We have only one apple cheeks size 2 that we love love love for our big guy! I’m really excited that they came out with a one – size so we don’t have to buy 1’s and 2’s for the new baby on the way. I think they look great even though they aren’t as big as the size 2 unbuttoned.

  56. Erin A

    I like that it has the front leak protection. Thanks for the info!

  57. Britney

    I keep hearing about AppleCheeks, we’re having another boy and with my first one he leaked a lot in the front so it looks like we may need to try these out during naps and bedtime!

  58. Lee Dixon

    I love using apple cheeks! The gusset on the thighs really prevents anything spilling out of the diaper and is perfect for newborn!

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