Ultimate Guide to the Huggaloops Carrier

Ultimate Guide to the Huggaloops Carrier

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I get a lot of questions about my Huggaloops Carrier. I wrote a review when Little Miss was brand spankin’ new, and I’ve been wanting to update it since I now have a lot more insight about this Canadian-made wonder carrier. I hope this post will answer the most frequently asked questions about the Huggaloops.

Anatomy of a Huggaloops Carrier:

If you are familiar with using a wrap to wear your baby, then the best way to explain a Huggaloops is that it allows you to achieve a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry without wrapping or tying. If you are not familiar with wrapping, just disregard that statement since you do not need to know anything about wrapping to use a Huggaloops. The Huggaloops is three interconnected loops:

Anatomy of a Huggaloops

When you put on your Huggaloops, you wind up with the body loops forming an X on your front and your back, just like you would with a wrap:

Putting on your Huggaloops Carrier

Putting on the Huggaloops Carrier:

The best way to learn how to use a Hugglaoops Carrier is by watching someone else do it, so here are my demo videos:

When the carrier was new to me, I struggled to figure out how to put the loops on over my head once I got the waist loop around my waist. Here’s a video from Huggaloops that helped:

I made this video to show how I put the loops on from my perspective, which is the only way I was able to learn to knit (by watching videos from the knitter’s perspective). 

Here is a full video of me putting on the Huggaloops, putting baby in the Huggaloops and moving her over for a hip carry:

(I’d like to point out that this is the second version of this demo, because the first time I did it, Cub came outside and decided to pee on a tree.)

And here’s a step-by-step collage:

Huggaloops Demo Collage

Here’s a look at a proper seat in the Huggaloops. I like to really scoop baby’s bum into the waist loop, then bring the fabric of the waist loop up between us, getting her knees up higher than her bum:

Proper Seat in a Huggaloops

Click to view full size graphic.

The Perfect Huggaloops Hold

Choosing the right size of Huggaloops Carrier

The Huggaloops Carrier comes in three sizes: 0, 1 and 2. They can also be made to a custom size. My first piece of advice when choosing your size is to measure yourself. Dress size varies from brand to brand, as we all know!

Huggaloops Size Chart

I requested a Size 1 for my initial Huggaloops review. The last time I knew what size I was would’ve been before getting pregnant with my first child when most of my clothes were a size 8. Feeling enormous (as one is wont to do when pregnant), and lazy (also a pregnancy symptom), I did no research and asked no questions and went for the Size 1. The only good thing about choosing the wrong size is that I am well-positioned to encourage those about to purchase a Huggaloops to get feedback from the experts at Huggaloops via their website, email or Facebook page. When Little Miss was a newborn, I was still able to use my Size 1 carriers because she was so little and not filling out the fabric with her weight. By the time she hit about 10 lbs, I noticed she was drooping lower and lower in the Bamboo carrier, and I was less comfortable. The Size 1 Everywhere carrier, since the fabric is that much tighter feeling, continued to work okay for us, but as she got heavier I found she was getting further and further from “close enough to kiss” level. I took this comparison when she was 18 lbs:

Huggaloop Bamboo Size 1 vs Size 0

See how, with the Size 0, she’s quite high on my chest and she has a nice “knees higher than bum” seat? Even though she’s heavier, I’m still super comfortable carrying her in the Bamboo Size 0 because it fits properly! Here we are at Costco just last weekend! (She’s now 20 lbs and 13 months old.)

Huggaloops at 20 lbs

Here’s the fit difference on me at the waist:

Everywhere Size 0 vs Size 1

Click to view full size graphic.

The Perfect Huggaloops Fit

What’s the difference between the Bamboo Huggaloops & the Everywhere Huggaloops?

Everywhere vs Bamboo Huggalooops Carrier

The Huggaloops Carrier comes in two different fabrics. The Bamboo Huggaloops feels like your softest, snuggliest t-shirt. It is made of 65% bamboo, 30% cotton and 5% spandex. The Everywhere Huggaloops is made of an athletic, technical fabric that feels a lot like swimsuit material and is made of 92% polyester chitosante and 8% spandex. This fabric was originally designed for marathon runners: it helps to regulate body temperature and keep moisture away from the skin.

In my dream world, everyone will own both of these carriers. I use them differently. I preferred the Bamboo when Little Miss was a newborn because it is so cuddly and because I often wore it in lieu of a shirt. (I’m pretty sure my FedEx guy never even noticed.) The Bamboo feels roomier and stretchier when baby is tiny, and I found it easier to get her in the Bamboo when I was first learning to Huggaloops like a pro. Now that she is 20 lbs, I find myself always reaching for the Bamboo when my purpose is cuddles and comfort. This spring she was sick off and on, plus teething, and the Bamboo Huggaloops became my go-to for wearing her around the house when she refused to be put down. When we were in Montreal and she was the sickest she’s ever been, she spent more time in the Bamboo Huggaloops than out of it. When she was asleep, I would sit propped up in bed in an effort to keep her upright to reduce congestion while still getting a bit of rest myself!

I always reach for the Everywhere Huggaloops when we are going somewhere. For example, also in Montreal, I walked 4 km round trip with Little Miss in the Everywhere Carrier and was totally comfortable. It’s hard to explain exactly how supportive the Everywhere Huggaloops is until you’ve tried it. Most “stretchy wrap” carriers really are not supportive enough past about 15 lbs. Partly for fun and partly because he flat-out refused to walk any further, I tried putting all 38 lbs of Cub in the Everywhere:

35 lbs in the Huggaloops Everywhere Carrier

I carried him home from the park (about 450 metres) like this, and was astonished by how well supported he was and how comfortable it was for me. Now, realistically, if I need to wear my almost-four-year-old for any length of time, I’m going to put him in a toddler-sized buckle carrier on my back. His height alone makes it impractical to wear him on my front for any length of time. However, I was very pleased to see that younger (shorter) children who weigh 35 lbs can absolutely ride in the Everywhere and both wearer and child will be comfortable.

Bamboo  Everywhere 
65% bamboo, 30% cotton and 5% spandex 92% polyester chitosante and 8% spandex.
super snuggly super supportive
easier to use on newborns comfortable even with big toddlers
Natural UV filtering UVF 50
Temperature regulating properties Breathable, fast drying, antimicrobial

Click to view full size graphic.

Bamboo or Everywhere Huggaloops

Other frequently asked questions

What is the weight range?

7-35 lbs. When Little Miss was a newborn, I used the newborn hold, which is demonstrated in this video. This hold is great for little teeny babes who are still curled up.  Once baby starts to straighten her legs, it’s time to switch to a legs-out carry in standard hold.

How do you wash your Huggaloops carrier?

For both the Bamboo and Everywhere: Machine wash cold, gentle cylce. Air dry or tumble dry on low/no heat.

Where do I measure myself to determine my size?

Take your bust measurement around your breasts, right across the nipples. Measure your true waist, so the narrowest part of your torso.

Do I use my pre-pregnancy size to determine what size carrier I buy?

Huggaloops recommends going by pre-pregnancy size, plus 2 inches to allow for comfort in the postpartum period.

Can I use the Everywhere in the water?

The Everywhere Carrier is not safety-tested for aquatic use. Because it dries quickly and doesn’t absorb water, you’ll find the Everywhere to be a great option poolside or at the beach since, if it gets splashed, it will dry quickly. (Plus, it has UVF 50 protection.)

How do I tighten my Huggaloops?

Ideally, you never have to. This is not a carrier that stretches out over time. If your carrier is a size too big, this video shows a method of tightening it.

How do I break-in my Huggaloops?

A Huggaloops should be given a good stretching before you first use it with baby. Putting the carrier on and spreading the panels wide and stretching firmly inch by inch really helps to make the carrier feel soft and easy to manoeuvre. Here’s a video.

It feels too tight with my newborn in the Everywhere. What do I do?

Your carrier should fit skin tight. The Everywhere Carrier is extremely stretchy and holds its shape perfectly. Because it is so supportive, you will find that a baby who doesn’t weigh much simply doesn’t stretch out the fabric enough, so you have to help spread and stretch the fabric so that both of you are comfortable. As your child grows, you’ll find their increasing body weight will help to spread the fabric out on its own, and, trust me, you will appreciate that support! Stacey demonstrates how to wear a newborn-weight baby in the Everywhere and how to spread out the fabric properly in this demo video.

I feel like the carrier is digging into my sides. What do I do?

Spreading the fabric at the sides makes a HUGE difference!  Here are the areas to pay attention to:


Do I have to wear the fabric spread out over my shoulders? Doesn’t that restrict movement?

You can absolutely fold up the fabric on your shoulders so that you have full range of motion!

Folded shoulder in Huggaloops

Can I use it for a hip carry, forward-facing carry or a back carry?

You cannot use the Huggaloops on your back, or in “forward-facing” position. It’s really easy to wear baby on your hip, though, as I demonstrate in my video above!

Huggaloops Hip Carry

Can I breastfeed in my Huggaloops?

Breastfeeding in any baby carrier takes practice, and it seems to me that my tiny boobs also help make this easy to manage. There is a breastfeeding hold video you can watch, but honestly, I just kind of wiggle myself and Little Miss until she can reach the nipple and then adjust the fabric of the carrier as needed. I find nursing in the Huggaloops easier than in a buckle carrier.

How does it compare to a Baby K’Tan carrier?

The K’Tan carrier also sets you up for a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. The main difference in construction is that the K’Tan is a two-piece carrier: the waist loop is a separate sash that you tie. While the “style” of carry you achieve is the same, the level of comfort is very different. I found the K’Tan fabric to stretch out, and I needed to toss it in the dryer often for it to regain its shape. There is no way that I could carry my 35-lb son in the K’Tan. You can read my K’Tan review here.

My favourite things about the Huggaloops Carrier:

  • Easy to wash.
  • Affordable and made in Canada.
  • Comfy cozy hold for newborns but can also be used with toddlers.
  • Super compact carrier: perfect as a back-up in the diaper bag or for travel.
  • You can put baby in and take baby out of the carrier without having to remove your coat or sweater, as demonstrated in my Huggaloops Multiway Sweater review.

Downsides of the Huggaloops Carrier to consider:

  • Because it is a sized carrier, it cannot be easily swapped between wearers. Unless your partner (or another caregiver) is the same size as you, they won’t be able to use your Huggaloops.
  • Less versatility in terms of types of carries: if you can only buy one carrier (ever), and want to be able to back carry, then you need a woven wrap, buckle carrier or Mei Tai—not a Huggaloops (or you need to #buyallthecarriers!). I recommend a combo to all my pregnant friends: a Huggaloops and a buckle carrier.
  • It’s hard to choose between the Bamboo and the Everywhere!

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You can get your Huggaloops from Maman Loup sponsor  Lil’ Monkey Cheeks!

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  72. […] carriers; these two carriers narrow at the base to accommodate small babies without an insert. My Huggaloops will be a staple, and I would like to get a bit more use out of my woven […]

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