10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers

10 Fun Things to do with Cloth Diapers - Maman Loup's Den

Yes. Cloth diapers are fun! That’s the secret reason I love them so much. Save money? Yup. Good for the environment? Most def. But for the past four years, there’s been a moment of almost every day where choosing a cloth diaper has brought a touch of fun to the sometimes monotonous reality of stay-at-home parenting. Talking about cloth diapers has helped me meet new friends, which is potentially the most fun of all!

10 Fun Things to do With Cloth Diapers

1- Wear them with friends.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Wear them with friends

As the old joke goes: “How do you know if a mom cloth diapers? – Don’t worry, she’ll tell you!” And that is how you make friends with other moms who cloth diaper! Well, actually I’ve met most of my cloth diapering friends online, but we wind up being real-life friends, too! The best part of having other friends who cloth diaper is having TWO (or more) fluffy bums together at one time. 

2- Celebrate the holidays.

10 Fun Things to Do With Cloth Diapers - Celebrate the holidays

Festive diapers are so much fun! Our family’s favourite holiday is Christmas, but I also have Easter and Halloween-themed diapers. Of course, it’s too cold during those holidays (at least in Canada) to really show off the seasonal prints, but you can always do indoor photo shoots.

3- Smash a cake.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Smash a Cake

I have seen some AMAZING cake-smashing photo shoots featuring cloth diapers. I am not a “professional photo shoot” kind of mom, but I still think they are adorable. When Cub turned one, my girlfriend made a cake for him and his three best buddies, and they all dug in while wearing just their cloth diapers. 

4- Put them on a newborn.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Put them on a newborn

Cub was four days old when I first put cloth on him, but Little Miss got to wear fluff right out of the womb. I was so excited about getting her bum into her first fluff that I was moving around and out of bed pretty soon after we cut the cord. (We delayed cord clamping for maybe twenty minutes or so.) Not only was it adorable, but it also allowed me to create a nice database of newborn cloth diaper reviews!

5- Customize them.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Customize them

This is our Brinkee Bums AIO diaper. When Brinkee Bums ask me if I wanted MY LOGO embroidered on our review diaper, my answer was a definite yes. There are some extremely talented mamas out there who can customize diapers in almost any way imaginable. From embroidery to hand-dying to appliqués, ruffles and even removable tails, your only limit is your imagination (and maybe your budget, too).

6- Coordinate them with accessories.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Match Them To Your Accessories

When I was choosing a headband for my Halo review, I immediately gravitated to the one that I knew would match a diaper in our stash. Even my Mom, when sewing Little Miss her birthday dress, made sure I had a diaper that would match for underneath. Even if the outfit covers the diaper, it’s just fun to match them up!

7- Use them in a milestones portrait.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Take Milestone Pictures

You know what would’ve been smart? To use the same diaper for every milestone picture. Well, I didn’t even remember to do milestone pictures for my firstborn, so maybe I’ll remember to use the same diaper if there’s a surprise third addition. 

8- Hang them in the sun.

10 Fun Things to Do With Cloth Diapers - Hang them in the sun

I have never had a clothesline of my own, but I’ve jumped on the occasion to use one whenever possible. Not only is the sun an excellent stain fighter, but all my diapers hung in a row is one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever seen!

9- Use them on siblings.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Put them on siblings

I was secretly glad that Cub wasn’t potty trained when his sister arrived! (But once I got this picture, I was ready for him to be out of diapers … which didn’t happen for almost another year!) If you have multiple kids in diapers, the financial savings is even more obvious. And putting all your progeny in matching fluff? Priceless.

10. Make a rainbow.

10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers - Make a Rainbow

Because the world needs more rainbows. 

How do your cloth diapers bring fun to your life?

7 responses to “10 Fun Things To Do With Cloth Diapers”

  1. Annie

    When i received Apple cheek inserts, I found then so soft and the perfect size for a comforter blanket aka “doudou” that my daughter has now 2 in her bed.

    Also, diapers and inserts make a great fight when stuffing is a little boring or simply when your little one want to help (but let’s face it, it’s more for the gesture).

    Speaking of help stuffing the diapers. My daughter is always in. I would never think of asking her help for putting away sposies.

    You can also put them on dolls or teddy bears.

  2. andee fischer

    We love matching our outfits to them. And picking out matching toys with them And who doesn’t love a good diaper rainbow?

  3. Molly

    We love matching, sunning and organizing. I also find stuffing diapers relaxing and therapeutic.

  4. janie vezina

    funny, as i reading this, i have done just about all of them.

  5. Angela SM

    I’m definitely guilty of making rainbows in the diaper basket, and my amateur monthly growth photos are in rainbow-ordered diapers and a white shirt.

  6. Marie Cole

    I love cloth diapers! I can’t imagine a disposable diapered parent has even close to as much fun with diapers as we cloth diapering parents do.

  7. I love folding and stuffing them it’s relaxing. There is nothing like have them all neatly lined up in my cloth basket ready for the next days changes.

    I love coordinating them with outfits and take pride when I take my baby down the hall at the doctors office to get weighed.

    I get lots of looks and love spreading the word.

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