Beachfront Baby Sling Review

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I received my Beachfront Baby Sling for a review in 2014, but decided to create an updated review, because my first one was lame.

The Beachfront Baby Sling water carrier was the first baby carrier I ever reviewed. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing—not with a sling, not on my blog. I knew the product was brilliant: a carrier that could go in the water? Genius. I had hated using my buckle carrier at the beach and pool in Mexico. Hopefully, I was able to communicate the usefulness of the sling in that first review. But it was winter in Montreal and I didn’t have the opportunity to test it out beyond wearing it around the house. Plus, Cub was at the upper weight limit for the sling, and since he could walk and run and splash, he didn’t want or need to be carried in and around water.

Beachfront Baby Sling Review
Spreading out the fabric on my shoulder would improve the carry!

Now that I have a baby and a preschooler, a water carrier is a necessity when we hit the splash park or the pool. Little Miss isn’t walking yet, so she can’t just hold my hand and wade into the water. She tries to follow me by crawling but just gets frustrated with the water in her face. Her big brother is only four and has to be no more than arm’s length away from me when in the water, so I need to be able to follow him into the kiddie pool, even if his sister is nursing or asleep.

The first time I put Little Miss in our Beachfront Baby Sling was her first time in a pool, period. I was at ease using a sling thanks to my Sakura Bloom review, so I found it easy to put on and easy to get her properly seated. (Definitely take the time to practice at home before you hit the water if it’s your first time using a sling.)

She was a bit sleepy and feeling extra snuggly, so she didn’t want to be in my mom’s arms while I went in the pool with my son and my dad. My son hadn’t been in a big, in-ground swimming pool since he was a baby, and he was very nervous and wouldn’t get in unless I did. It was perfect to be able to bring his sister in with us!

Beachfront Baby Sling in Action

The benefit of a water sling versus a wrap (Beachfront makes both) is that a sling makes it easy to pop baby in and out. When I brought our sling to the splash park and it was only me and the kids, I loved being able to scoot baby girl back into the carrier when my son wandered further into the water and I needed to follow him. Otherwise, if we were all splashing around in the shallow water, I just left the carrier slung across me like a sash.

Because the Beachfront Baby Sling is made of polyester mesh, water passes easily through the fabric so it never gets water logged. It also dries super fast. It’s light to pack if you’re going south for vacation or just tossing it in your beach bag. (This summer I have learned just how much STUFF you need to pack when hitting the pool with two kids!)

At the splash pad

Nearing the end of the day at the water park, Little Miss nursed and fell asleep all while I was carrying her in our Beachfront Baby Sling, and I was in the water up to my waist, supervising Cub. There was no way I could’ve gotten Cub out of the water to sit up on our blanket while I nursed his sister, nor would I have wanted to leave her alone to nap over on the grass. Wearing her in the water while she snoozed away was the perfect solution.

Why I love our Beachfront Baby Sling:

  • I can safely keep track of my preschooler and my baby while we’re at the splash park or pool on our own.
  • I can easily pop the baby in and out as needed.
  • It’s light and easy to pack.
  • It’s perfect for a front carry or hip carry.
  • It’s a one-size carrier so any caregiver can wear your little one while they get wet!

62 responses to “Beachfront Baby Sling Review”

  1. Megan Childers

    How awesome is this sling! It would be wonderful to have something like this for baby number 2 so I can take my toddler in the water with baby too

  2. Mylène Bélanger

    what an awesome sling! baby are so slippery when wet and make water time so not fun if you had to run after an other kid…. that the perfect solution!

  3. Wendy Dickey

    I absolutely love your reviews. I am a caregiver for three adorable children and I love having your blog to reference for great products and advice. I have never used a ring sling in the water but really want to try now!

  4. Kristen G

    I love this idea of having a ring sling made for the water!! It’s a safe way to bring your baby into the water with you, and carry them around, because we all know how slippery wet babies can be!

  5. Michelle Cartagena

    Love this sling!!

  6. Candice Lannin

    I really want a water sling for this babe! It would come in SO handy when taking the rest of my crew out to get wet!

  7. Jessica

    I have a water loving 4 year old and a 6 week old baby as well. I see this as the only solution to being able to enjoy the water with my oldest and still keep my baby close!

  8. Shannon O’C

    I imagine this would also help on those gross, extra humid, sticky days (ie the only days I dread wearing my littlest monkey).

  9. I LOVE this! We just signed up at our nearby gym which has a pool and toddler swims. Our baby is only 5 months old, so this sling would be perfect to take her swimming! It’s hard to keep her in her pool floatie, as she’s pretty small for it still. I also love that this is compact and easy to pack, as I have also discovered the crazy amount of stuff you need to take with you to go swimming with a baby!

  10. Jackie

    This would be perfect for the beach. Much easier to wade in with my little one attached to me than carrying him in a life jacket.

  11. Nicole

    A friend of mine had a ring sling at the splash park and it made her life so much easier. I was a little jealous. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Amber Ludwig

    I love that it never gets water logged and dries super fast!! Plus is so breathable so you don’t have to worry about the heat or trapping moisture in and against babies skin!!

  13. Erin D

    I really need one of these for my water bug! Never mind the pool/beach, I’d be using it daily to shower 🙂

  14. Nicole s

    I’ve been looking into this skin for a while now and it seems almost perfect. The part I like about it other then being used in the water, is that when you use it on hot days they mark it as breathable, and that would make all the difference in the summer when its to hot for a bulky carrier

    1. Nicole s

      Lol I mean sling not skin

  15. Brandi Stevenson

    Thanks for the review and giveaway! We walk everywhere, including to the beach, so I like that this is compact and light. I’d love a chance to try it!

  16. Laura Martin

    I’d never heard of this product before you reviewed it. It sounds like it would be a huge help for when we take our daughter to the pool or beach. Our first child is 4 months old so it would be great to have something like this to secure her in — and we’d get to use it for her future siblings, too!

  17. Marie

    I would love to try one of these! Perfect way to keep baby secure and close while swimming. Great that it is light and easy to pack for beach trips.

  18. Kathy Harrigan

    I have not taken my daughter swimming with my toddler yet but this is a lifesaver for dealing with both!

  19. stephanie

    I absolutely love swimming and am in the water every chance I get. I’m hoping that I’ll continue this when we have our first soon. I’d love to have a water baby and I think this sling is a great accompaniment. Also, my friend has one and uses it in the shower. It’s been a lifesaver for her so she can actually get a shower in as a new mama and her babe loves it.

  20. Rekha

    Love that this is environmentally friendly/responsible, comes in gorgeous colours, and is just so innovative – a sling for water! We have some vacations coming up and this would be perfect for us; we love the water.

  21. MaryG

    I think these slings are brilliant! I love the grey one and think it would be ideal for beach time with the baby 🙂

  22. Nicole K.

    Would make family vacation even more fun!

  23. Michelle sheppard

    I’ve been trying so hard to save up for a beachfront water sling, but with a kindergartener, preschooler, and 4 month old it’s hard to not spend that money on other necessities!

  24. Shalina J

    This looks awesome! We have a pool at home and I could definitely put this to good use wearing my little one.

  25. What an amazing thing to have for carrying a little while managing older kiddos in/around the water. I would love this!

  26. Sara V.

    Thank you so much for your review. It was very informative. : ) I would love this sling! I love the water and it would be great to use at the pool or beach. : )

  27. Cassandra Rae

    I loved this review! Baby wearing makes life so much easier. The picture shows what a great fit you get with this carrier! The fact that it recycles water bottles for material to make the slings is amazing!

  28. Knittinchick

    What a great review… This would be perfect for outdoor pools during summer when you need to get in and out of water quickly!

  29. Jenn Seng

    I love that this allows you to have both hands free while in the water. I also like that it packs small which is perfect when you have so much to lug while going on an outing.

  30. Tracy

    This would be amazing for the pool. I am going to the beach in a few weeks. Thinking about getting one. Thanks for the review.

  31. Cheryl Layshock

    My husband and I would take turns and use it in the pool and at the beach!

  32. kayla sheehan

    I would love to try one of these awesome slings! Not just for the beach or pool, but for summer in general. My little guy is like a furnace and gets heat rash easily during the summer. I think that this would help greatly with that.

  33. Molly

    What a great review! This would be perfect for the pool and lake and beach. And I love the fact that it’s made of 10 water bottles. I didn’t know that!

  34. Amber Janson

    I would love to have a sling like this…with a toddler and infant I could sure use it!

  35. Marie Cole

    This sling is amazing not only is it super lightweight so it would be great in the water as well as in the hot summer weather but its cute too!

  36. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review,i have a grandbaby coming in the New Year and i need to know about these things

  37. Wendy

    This sounds like a great solution to trying to hang on to a squirmy, slippery little one while enjoying the pool long enough to get both baby & care provider cooled off. Thank you for all the information!

  38. Jenny Ha

    This sling is awesome! It would be so convenient and I wish I would of had one when we went swimming at my cousins!

  39. Laurie P

    So glad I know about this baby sling……brilliant! and a great shower gift idea!

  40. Dana

    I had no idea these even existed or that you could wear a baby sling in the water

  41. Steph

    Love this idea!!! You can still enjoy yourself and keep an eye on baby!! Thanks or sharing!

  42. Linda

    I love that they make slings that can get wet. This is so handy for the water park. I’ve just been using a regular sling and it is no picnic when that gets wet and heavy.

  43. Amy Hall

    I’ve been longing for one of these all summer at the pool. I’ve been using a regular sling but this would be so much better.

  44. Tasha Wilkerson

    This would be amazing for water walking!! Great review!

  45. I wish they’d had these when my kids were young and/or that I’d even thought about carrying them while in the water!

    Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  46. leana

    This is such an amazing idea for when you are taking care of more then one child near the water!

  47. Elishia

    I agree with preferring a sling over a wrap for ease and time. This one looks so nice and light!

  48. Laura Goodwin

    Your review of this sling is great. You are very thorough and explain your opinion simply and clearly. You also are very relatable and it shows in your writing. I love reading your reviews as they are so resourceful!!

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  50. Victoria Ess

    I would love to take this to the beach! It looks so easy to use!

  51. Emilie Martin

    This is perfect timing! I was just at the pool (possibly cursing) saying that I need a water sling. Number 1 is crazy when around water. We can’t wear life jackets in the hot tub so he discovered that he is WAY faster than very me and hopped out and ran across the deck to the pool. Oh man. I need a better solution for handling two kiddos around water. Thank you for taking the time to share this product with us. You take the guess work out of my shopping.

  52. Dale Steele Nicolov

    I would wear this every time I went to a beach or pool.What fun and convenience!

  53. Amanda

    I’ve been looking for a good quality water carrier forever but can’t tell what works well from product descriptions – thanks for the review! Definitely want to try this one out!

  54. B.K.

    What an amazing idea to create a sling for the water! I could even see myself using it just to take a quick shower :p

  55. I loved your review for this water ring sling. I have two boys ages 3 and 1, so having a ring sling would be perfect for those boat or beach days we always have here in Florida.

  56. Krystal

    Oh I hope I win! 🙂

  57. Amanda G

    I was just thinking today about how awesome it would be to have a water ring sling. We have 4 kiddos 5 & under and our youngest is only 1 month old. A ring sling to pop her into when we are at the beach would be perfect!!

  58. Amanda L

    Love the idea of wearing in the water! I will have to give ring slings another try!

  59. Lara

    I wish I had one of these for my girls. They weren’t really a “thing” then though. 🙁 Would’ve been great to have as mine as so close together… Having a sling would’ve been like having an extra set of arms!

  60. Viv Sluys

    I have 4 kids, one who is a decent swimmer, 2 that want to be practicing swimming without their life jackets and one who is just a baby. I have thought many times of just wearing my wrap in the water but I always think better of it. I love that this sling is deigned not to get water logged and to dry quickly as those are my 2 big concerns with wearing mine in.

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