Sakura Bloom Chambray Ring Sling Review

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Review - Maman Loup's Den

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. 

I have finally gotten into the sling of things. And I finally get to make that amazing pun! Yes, the ring sling is the only style of (fairly common) baby carrier that I have yet to fully try out, and it’s the style I had always assumed I would like the least. Melanie at Gentle Nest is a true curator of luxury mom and baby goods and has introduced me to some pretty fantabulous brands, so I was not about to say no to the chance to try a Sakura Bloom. I selected a sling from the “Chambray” line, “crafted from two layers of the finest Belgian linen”.

I chose a double-layer linen sling because of the extra support: Little Miss is now 20 lbs, and I want to keep slinging her around for a good long while. Also, whoever writes the copy for Sakura Bloom is a poet, and I couldn’t resist: “Linen is a timeless classic, beloved for millennia for its beauty, strength and versatility. Five times stronger than cotton and naturally antibacterial, linen is woven from spun flax—one of the most sustainable natural fibres in the world. Thermo-regulating with a built-in wicking property, our linen slings breathe wonderfully, keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. The simple gorgeousness of linen is suited to every occasion, from family beach adventures to special events and everything in between.”

My sling colorway (I love that word) is called Nectar, and it is s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g.

Sakura Ring Sling

It’s all well and good for the colour to be glorious. The question is: do I like using a ring sling? At first blush, I found it tricky. Sakura Bloom has some great instructional videos, so I wasn’t lacking in guidance. As with any new carrier, I just had to get the feel for it. Thanks to my experience with other carriers, I knew what a good seat should look like, and I was able to transfer some of my previous wrapping skills over to my new ring slinging adventure. (Yes, in my world, “to ring sling” is a verb.) At first, I found it challenging to know just where to pull to tighten which area of the sling. I also struggled to get the rings in the right place. They should be at “corsage level,” and I found that as I tightened my sling, they would sink lower and lower. But, practice makes perfect! Until I got my ring placement sorted and figured out how to tighten just right, I didn’t find my sling comfortable. But once I understood I had to spread the fabric nice and wide across my back and how to properly tighten the top and bottom rails without the sling digging into my neck or the rings dropping too low, I found it very comfortable indeed! The best trick I found to getting the proper adjustment is to have the sling nice and tight before putting Little Miss in. (This troubleshooting video is super helpful!)

Sakura Ring Sling Chambray

What makes the ring sling so different than any other carrier we’ve used is that it’s a one-shoulder carry. You can wear baby on your hip or on your front (and for advanced slingers with cooperative toddlers, on your back), but the sling only goes over one shoulder. I found that placing the rings on my right shoulder was how I felt the most comfortable.

I don’t toss around superlatives lightly. So it’s kind of a big deal for me to realize I’m about to confer upon the ring sling three “Best for” titles.

1- Best for Breastfeeding

Because it’s a one-shoulder carry, it’s really, really easy to nurse in. In fact, I’d say that the ring sling is the easiest baby carrier style for nursing.

With this in mind, I’m pretty sad that I didn’t try a ring sling when Little Miss was a newborn. Unlike buckle carriers, a ring sling can be used right from birth. They’re also a “one size” carrier, so in theory my husband could also use it! (He is very stubborn and only uses buckle carriers.)

2- Best for Transferring

Besides winning “best for nursing,” I am also awarding my Sakura Bloom ring sling the “best for bed transfers” prize. If the way you get your baby to sleep is by wearing her, you know the importance of the transfer. I typically get Little Miss down for bedtime in the sling because I can completely slide it off before placing her on the bed, or I can lean down and slide myself out of the sling as I place her down. You can take the tail out of the rings if it helps, but regardless of how you do it, a ring sling is by far the easiest carrier for a smooth transfer. There’s even a hashtag dedicated to this phenomenon. (#SakuraBloomTransfer)

3- Best for Hip Carries

Rounding out the best of trifecta, our Sakura Bloom ring sling is now my favourite way to do a hip carry. I’ve never enjoyed the hip carries that are possible with many buckle carriers, but I’m a definite fan of the hip carry in a ring sling!

Sakura Ring Sling Hip Carry

It’s really easy to move her over to my chest if she falls asleep, and I find a hip carry to be a nice way for older babies to look outwards without being completely forward facing. I mainly use our ring sling around the house, but this position is a nice way to explore nature with your child, since they’re up high with you and can see exactly what you see. 

While you won’t find me ring slinging on a hike, I actually don’t mind using the sling when I’m doing chores at home. (I had assumed I wouldn’t like it at all for this purpose.) If I’ve really got big jobs to do, I reach for a buckle carrier and do a back carry, but the sling is just fine for laundry and dishes and following the preschooler around!

Doing dishes with Sakura Bloom

What I love most about our Sakura Bloom Chambray Ring Sling

  • One size fits all wearers
  • Usable from birth well into toddlerhood
  • Made in the US with the finest natural textiles
  • Double layer of linen makes it extra supportive
  • Breathable and lightweight, helping us keep cool this summer
  • Easily pop baby in and out of the sling without taking it off
  • The best for happy breastfeeding, bed-transferring and hip carrying
  • No long tails like a mei tai or wrap, making it ideal for putting baby in when you’re in a parking lot
  • The stunning colours and luxurious fabrics mean Sakura Bloom slings can be part of your outfit, whether it’s loungewear or eveningwear.

What I like less about using a ring sling:

  • Not suitable for back carries until baby is much older (here’s a video)
  • I personally find a one-shoulder carry to not be the most comfortable carry for longer periods/longer distances … this is not my hiking carrier.

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174 responses to “Sakura Bloom Chambray Ring Sling Review”

  1. Although ring slings are not the most comfortable for long term carries I find it to be the best tools for easy up and down pick ups. When they are newborns, due to their weight, I can use one for hours and it’s super convenient for breastfeeding. As they get older I use them when I need a quick up.

  2. I completely agree with you about the positives of a ring sling! I don’t currently own a Sakura bloom ring sling, but mine is perfect for quick ups, breastfeeding, and carrying on my hip. I love it for preschool drop off/ pick up! It did take me some time to learn, but I’m so glad I pushed through!!

  3. Elizabeth

    Ring slings are my favourite method of wearing my little guy! I especially love that I can easily transfer my sleeping babe to bed from wearing him in a ring sling.

  4. Heather-Marie Tobin Lavigne

    I never thought I’d be interested in ring slings. Always preferred Mei Tai’s but you make me want to try one. My Mister is a bit heavier than little miss cub so I wish I had of tried more so when he was younger but can’t hurt to try now 🙂
    Thanks for the review

  5. I love our RS for quick ups and find it so convenient to pack in my diaper bag . I also find them to be the most stylish carrier – I get so many compliments on how pretty my ‘baby scarf thing’ is!

    1. Kimberly Stoessel

      I am going to call it a baby scarf thingy from now on. Even though I know that it is a ring sling.

  6. Valerie B.

    I haven’t been successful in breastfeeding my little one in my SSC – but I think a ring sling would more easily accommodate (safely!) nursing with larger breasts. I don’t tend to carry for long amounts of time so I could see myself loving using the ring sling for everyday activities or for when little one needs some extra snuggles! I rarely carry in the summer because it gets too hot! A beautiful linen Sakura Bloom ring sling would make carrying in summer time a total breeze!

  7. Nicole

    I’ve never tried a ring sling but this has me very interested now. I hate wrapping my daughter in the parking lot but I need hands free for shopping alone. This RS looks great and easy.

  8. Love that you are able to breastfeed while wearing baby with this sling. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. MaryG

    This review is so helpful! I’m expecting twins and really want to baby wear (like I did with my others) but there are so many carriers on the market! I’m really liking the features on this one, especially the Sakura Bloom Linen Double Layer Baby Sling – Chambray (Marin)!

    1. Kelly

      Baby wearing is so new to me! Thank you so much for these real life day to day tips you’ve shared! Love that wrap!

  10. Ani W

    I love the colour of the rs on you! I am a huge fan of a ring sling. I have never tried a Sakura this review was excellent to help me decide that I probably need to have one!

  11. I’ve heard that ring sling are great for quick ups & shorter trips! I would love the chance to love on one with my little one! ?

  12. Kimberly

    Love this Ring Sling! I just started using Ring slings with my third, and love the ease I could do household chores and run after a 4 and 5 year olds, just bought a linen Sakura bloom sling and was surprised how much more I like it compared to my other two slings!

  13. Gloria Cabrera

    I never thought I would look into a ring sling but with another on the way, I have to be even better at multitasking. Plus, they look like they are made of silk!

  14. Brandi Hammel

    I never tried a sling or a wrap yet! Out of all the ones i have been looking at i prefer this sling. I NEVER would of picked the orange(nectar) sling for a color. BUT i absolutely love it in your pictures. Such a pretty color!

  15. Christy

    This is a great review. I was late to ring slinging too, in that I didn’t try it until my little one was about 3.5 months old and I wish I’d had one from the beginning. We use a ring sling all the time, for naps, cuddles, uppies which allow me to chase my 6 year old and for easy shopping trips. I have an SSC for long treks but the RS is my go-to carrier.

  16. Michelle Millunzi

    Discovered the ring sling before my third was born at a babywearing meeting. Love it, but want to learn to breastfeed in it.

  17. Kathleen Myers

    I can never get my ring sling to set right. This has been super helpful. Thank you I hope to win because my little girl is a space heater and we could use something light for the heat

  18. Miranda Welle

    This ring sling is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fresh light color!

  19. Josh Dillard

    So many carrier brands and types. This one seems quality fabric and rings and definetly ease of set up i think my wife would love it and hey no shame in my babywearing game #wearallthebabies

  20. Tanaira johnson

    I have always been hesitant to try ring slings, because wrap carriers seem so much more supportive, but I want to try one now.. You have reassured me.

  21. Rebecca T

    Lindsay, you have the best reviews! I often find myself thinking I need to buy the product after I read your posts! The promise of easy transfers has me sold!

  22. Kristen G

    Thank you for your thorough review Lindsay! I’m new to baby wearing, so it helped a lot. I’m currently using a Baby Bjorn to carry our 5.5month old daughter, but I’ve been looking for something more flexible. This ring along would do it!?

    1. Kristen G

      Silly auto correct, I wrote ring sling!! Lol. ?

  23. Christie Conrad

    I’ve wanted to try a ring sling, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Bonus for such easy transfers. I have one 3 month old twin who prefers to fall asleep being worn so easy transfers are a must!

  24. Michelle sheppard

    Ring slings are my favourite! It’s the main carrier I used for my now 3 year old son, and it’s not the main carrier I use for my 4 month old daughter! They’re so comfortable and easy, and I have no problems chasing after my son and my 5 year old daughter!

  25. Alyssa Greenberg

    I’ve always wanted to try a Sakura Bloom ring sling! Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. Melissa Schellenberg

    I have two babes and still have not tried a ring sling! Great review, love the pros and cons as well as the “best for!”

  27. Naomi

    These slings are so beautiful! I love how it looks like you can do anything in them while still being close to your little one.

  28. Sasha

    I plan on breast feeding when my baby arrives, I have been looking into tulas a lot because they seem so easy and honestly I was rather intimidated by ring slings and the kind you tie or wrap around you…. You make the ring sling seem a lot easier than I thought and knowing that it works so well with breastfeeding helps a lot!

  29. Kathy Harrigan

    I’ve wanted to try a ring sling for so long. I love that this seems light weight enough to use in the summer. I wish I’d used one with my daughter as a newborn. Still plenty of time since she’s only 4 months.

  30. AshleyW

    These are stunning! I really want a ring sling for this next baby!

  31. Thea

    I also foods not think that I would like ring slings due to the assymetrical carry, but was pleasantly surprised when recently trying one out!

  32. Megan Childers

    I’d love to try a ring sling with out next baby. I wish you could share the differences between the bamboo and linen slings!!

    1. Suzi A

      I’ll second that question. The RS seem to be made of three separate materials: linen, or bamboo, or silk. I’m curious to know the pros and cons of each material when used in the sling.

  33. Megan Laan

    I thought I would hate ring slings because I have had back issues in the past so I didn’t even really consider one until my aunt bought me one as a shower gift! I haven’t looked back, I would say it has really shined for me since my baby girl turned 4 or 5 months and I needed to pull her in and out more frequently (and actually started to try to get some chores done around the house)! I hope to try it more frequently earlier with next baby as I don’t think I put it through its paces with a newborn as much as I could have! Sakura Bloom linens sounds fantastic and would love to give one a try at some point!

  34. Marie

    I have never used a ring sling before, this looks very versatile. Love the colour options and beautiful fabric.

  35. eewahna

    Looking forward to try the ring sling with my baby girl. My sister did it with both her kids and definitely sold me on it!

  36. Jennie

    Thank you for this awesome review, and especially for your helpful tips and links. That troubleshooting video really helped me. We had our fourth healthy baby 3 months ago, and I’d never tried a rs before because of nerve damage and chronic pain in my right shoulder and neck. It’s still not my favorite; I prefer wrapping. But it’s great for quick in and out errands with four kids. And I think your tips will help to make it even more comfortable! Thank you!

  37. Ashley G

    I didn’t think ring slings would be for me, however you have changed my mind and I am interested in trying one! Thanks for the helpful review 🙂

  38. LaVie

    I absolutely love that hip carry. It looks like such a comfortable position to carry. I took a look to see all of the beautiful colors and loved the reef. It appears to be so comfortable for not only you but your baby as well.

  39. Sarah Lane

    I love this review! Thank you for all the info! My littlest is 3 months old and I have a moby wrap and an ergo. I love them both but I can’t use the moby by myself so I really want to have another simple baby carrier that I can use myself.

  40. stephanie

    I haven’t used a ring sling but absolutely love them! They’ve always made me nervous due to an old shoulder injury but it looks like they can be quite comfy as long as they’re not used for long periods of time. I love linen, too. Sakura Blooms are just lovely.

  41. Kayla D.

    I have never used a sling, before, but these look very comfortable for mom and baby! Would love to win!!

  42. This ring sling would be great for new nephew as he doesn’t like to be put down. His mommy and daddy have held him almost his first two weeks as he was hospitalized with infection and he couldn’t calm down and sleep or nurse unless held by one or the other. But this would let her get up and do things easier in her house.

  43. I would love to try a Ring Sling and I love the colors this one comes in especially the Black Currant!! So pretty!!

  44. Natalie

    I used a ring sling for my second and wish I had it for my first! My third and final little one will most likely live in one while I chase after a toddler! Thank you for your review on these specific slings. They’re stunning!

  45. Natalie S.

    I love a ring sling for quick ups! I used ours so much last week while we were at our family reunion and my daughter wanted to go between being carried and running around in the yard with the older kids. I’ve always wanted a Sakura!

  46. marthalynn

    I love this! The fact that it is great for nursing and for transferring make it a winner in my book. I wish I’d had it when mine were infants. I’ll be getting this for my friend who is due tomorrow!

  47. Erica Cuatlacuatl

    I would really like to try a ring sling for quick trips. Putting my little one in to the Ergo for short rides is such a pain and he gets so hot in the summer weather.

  48. Sarah Wright

    That’s such a gorgeous color!! Right now I use my ring sling mostly when I’m expecting my 4mo to take a nap. Its like a cozy little cocoon for him.

  49. I could really use a sling that would be easy to breastfeed in!

  50. Amy Hall

    I love the color you have here! I like the simple colors, not loud prints.

  51. Lisa W

    I love qll the colors and simplicity . I love RS but have never tried this brand.

  52. Shannon O’C

    Slings scare me, so I’m glad to hear that they aren’t as complicated as I thought.

  53. Nicole K.

    Beautiful colors, and it looks like it would be easy fabric to adjust!

  54. Amber Ludwig

    Beautiful!! I am blown away by the gorgeous color in itself!! I have yet to ring sling too, mostly for the learning curve!! Sounds amazing once you get the hang of it!!

  55. Kaitlin

    I’ve been afraid to try a ring sling because it seemed like it would be too complicated and I thought a one shoulder carry would be uncomfortable, but you make it sound like something worth trying. Especially the easy transfer once baby is asleep! Thanks for your insight!

  56. Molly

    I’m still practicing ring slinging with my cousin’s RS but I’m liking it more and more. This is a great review and you have some good tips in there. I like them for summer especially.

  57. Olga Oviedo

    I agree with you on the many positive aspects of a ring sling. I love how it’s great for breast feeding and hip back support. I would love to own one for carrying my daughter who’s 6 months now.

  58. RP

    Thanks for covering the cons as well as pros. Still undecided about ring slings but hearing both sides helps!

  59. LH

    Love ring slings although I wish I had found a brand like Sakura Bloom when my little one was a newborn. I agree with you about the positives of ring slings and love hip carries with them! That being said SSCs are our go-to for hikes and long distance babywearing. My toddler still likes going uppy for short periods in the RS and they are so nice for cuddles when she’s sick. What a beautiful colourway you chose in Nectar!

  60. Jenn Seng

    I agree with you about the pros and cons of a ring sling. It has taken me some time to get used to mine and still have a little trouble whereas my SSC is easy but can get a bit hot now. I sometimes still have trouble with fit but practice makes perfect!

  61. Tannis W

    I like that ring slings are easy for quick ups with kiddos. They are easy to put on and adjust. I would love to try this brand.

  62. Isabelle Lagadec

    Vous êtes beaucoup trop belles! Je zieutais justement un sling en bambou, parce qu’on m’a dit que c’est très “supportant” et que ma puce est quand même rendue à presque 2 ans et demi! 😉 Je ne connaissais pas Sakura Bloom, contente de la découvrir! 🙂

  63. Tera Penton

    I would love to try this ring sling I have a little frog and although I haven’t mastered nursing in a ring sling I love how easy the ring sling is for short periods of carrying. I also wouldn’t choose this for a hiking carrier. The one shoulder support gets heavy fast. Thanks for the chance to win

  64. Lara

    This sling looks so comfortable- the linen looks like it would be perfect for summer, and nice and breathable, not stuffy for baby and not sweaty for mum.

  65. Nadya B.

    I am so in love with our Sakura Bloom ring slings. My baby is 18 months old and we use them daily still. The best ring slings on the market and the most gorgeous ???!!!!

  66. Charissa N.

    This ring sling sounds like it is a lot more supportive than the one I used to have for my oldest. I have a different brand now and I cannot figure out how to adjust it and have it look neat. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos. I’m wondering if the fabric just isn’t working for us. It’s almost like a denim material as far as weight. I really like that you even listed some cons about ring slings.

  67. Robin

    I love my ring sling, and would love to win this to share with one of my pregnant friends to also fall in love with a ring sling <3

  68. Andrea

    I wish I would have found the love for the ring sling before my daughter was a year old, but now that we’re in love I would love to try a linen ring sling for the summer heat

  69. Rekha

    I have a borrowed ring sling which I’ll have to return at some point, so having my own would be wonderful! I find it super useful for quick errands, popping her in and out at the car when I don’t want to fuss with a SSC. The pics of your little cub in the carrier are a great reminder of how the carry is supposed to be done . Plus she looks super happy in there and utterly adorable!

  70. kathy downey

    I that its one-shoulder carry and so suitable for nursing

  71. Elishia

    I love your review! Some people absolutely love ring slings. I liked mine for things like grocery shopping with a newborn. I think they do have their limitations, and are not the most supportive option for toddler wearing, but are amaxing for quick up and downs and can easily be packed in a diaper bag. This was not a brand I was familiar with, so thanks for the review. The sling you are wearing is gorgeous!

  72. Great review! That sling is stunning, and it looks so breathable and comfortable for your little one!

  73. Jennifer Lovegrove Roy

    Love the color you chose! I have six kids and yet to try a ring sling, but I would love to with my littlest baby. <3

  74. Sarah Kurtz

    I have seen slings around for a long time and now I’m kicking myself for never using them with my kids! They seem so great and comfortable! I am planning on getting one for my son… his first baby is due in January.

  75. Karen Wain

    Love that it’s breathablr, lightweight, and easy to nurse in.

  76. Kristin faircloth

    I’ve been eyeing the Sakura silk sling for awhile. The silk is so elegant and I love our RS for quick up when the baby needs to be held while I’m trying to cook dinner or if the pre-schooler falls and needs some snuggle time.

  77. Katy Gaugler

    I’ve never tried a ring sling before (only soft-structure carriers) because I always thought that they wouldn’t be comfortable or would be too difficult to put on, but now I’m thinking I might be open to trying one!

  78. Nicole Strilchuk

    Much like everyone else I have never used a sling carrier before, I have an ergo carrier and I love it, I’ve been using it since my baby was a newborn, but I couldn’t quite get the hang of nursing him in it, I would of loved a sling but I was to scared to commit and try it, this would be a wonderful opportunity

  79. Nicole Strilchuk

    Much like everyone else I have never used a sling carrier before, I have an ergo carrier and I love it, I’ve been using it since my baby was a newborn, but I couldn’t quite get the hang of nursing him in it, I would of loved a sling but I was to scared to commit and try it, this would be a wonderful opportunity, my little monkey is now 4 months 🙂

  80. Chelsey Bennett

    This looks so cozy. I wonder what the weight limits are. I may have to look into that. I’ve never used anything but a SSC with my daughter and this looks like something we could possibly use.

  81. Laura

    These look really well made. I love that color too. So cute! 🙂

  82. Sarah Osborne

    I would love to try this! The fleur color is beautiful.

  83. Sarah

    I’ve known one friend to try the Sakura Bloom ring sling, but never got to see it in person. Your photo are a wonder illustration (especially the dishes in the sink, seems more my reality lol) I would be so excited to win one for next babe! I didn’t like my ergo for NB, I found it bulky for the summer time.

  84. serena

    This ring sling is beautiful! It would be great during those fussy times to combine with my SSC so that I can carry both my twins.

  85. Tracy Choy

    Like you I thought ring slings would be a carrier I would never use. I tried it on once and now I’m hooked. I use my ring sling for grocery shopping with my 22lbs toddler. It’s a Sakura Bloom single linen so not very comfy. I’ve heard silk ring slings are great for toddlers but can’t afford one. Sakura Bloom slings are so pretty. One thing I love about them (other than all the pretty colours) is the length. Just the right length because I’m not very tall. Thanks for you review. Love the “Best for” titles!

  86. Heather Edwards

    Very nicely written review. I have a cheapie ring sling that I almost love. I bet something in a more luxurious material would be love! Now I have my eye set on a Sakura Bloom.

  87. Christine

    Ive always wanted one. Had a hard time with the Moby but I couldnt afford a Sakura Bloom

  88. Tricia Hope

    I love the whole concept of baby wearing.The ring in this makes it so easy to try it out!

  89. Nicole Huckins

    These are beautiful! Thank you for such a thorough review!

  90. Carli

    Ring slings are my favorite way to babywear because they are so easy to bring along (fits right in the diaper bag) and so quick to use. I have a single layer linen Sakura bloom and it is an awesome sling, as my baby is getting bigger I would definitely like to try a double layer.

  91. Erin D

    I’ve been wanting to try a ring sling for awhile! I have a stretchy wrap that I am not a fan of, and a Beco Gemini that saves my life with our 11 week old daughter who adores being carried. Haven’t been able to splurge on a good sling yet though.

  92. Rachel Grace

    Thanks for this review! I will be a first-mom this fall, so I’m doing my research on baby wearing and trying to decide between a Sakura Bloom chambray or silk, or even giving a woven wrap a try. Good to know about the ‘baby transfer’ factor!

  93. Cheryl Layshock

    Thanks for the review! I watched a few of the videos and it was so helpful. So many different positions to carry. I loved how they wrapped the extra fabric around the rings!

  94. Rachel B.

    When I was taught how to use a ring sling, the person who taught me suggested I place the rings on my shoulder to start with. Then, as you adjust, the rings will naturally end up at corsage level. Hope this tip helps someone. I love ring slings and would love to win a Sakura Bloom for wearing my little guy, who’s almost two months old!

  95. Cassandra Rae

    I love the quality of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings! I would love one to carry my toddler and when baby number two arrives!

  96. Steve Weber

    Ring Slings are amazing.. super cool and I didn’t even know about these. My sister is due in December, she would freak if I won her a ring sling.

  97. Isabelle Methot

    I Just love the colors the Sakura Bloom RS is available in. Also, it is great that it is available in linen or bamboo, so breatheable for warmer weather. I would love to own one!

  98. Danielle Broderick

    Your reviews are great! I didn’t think a ring sling would be for me but after reading your review I think I would really like it. I have a three week old so it would be perfect for me.. And him 🙂 thanks!

  99. Jenne

    I love my ring sling, it was the last type of carrier I thought of as well but it is great to leave in the car to use for errands! I love my woven wraps but I hate dragging them on the ground in parking lots and my three month old prefers the ring sling to the buckle carrier for quick snacks while we are shopping 😉

  100. Leeanne L

    I love using my ring sling! I just started doing the hip carry with my son and its great. I’ve not tried to breastfeed in it, but after reading your review, I’m going to have to try it.

  101. Linda

    I really like the idea of slinging my baby. I had one sling, but my son didn’t take to it since it didn’t cover enough of his back. This one would definitely work better.

  102. Sarah curry

    I would love to figure out a way to breastfeed in a carrier! It hasn’t happened yet, momma’s too nervous, but if I had that sling you bet I’d have to figure it out! What a wonderful giveaway!!

  103. psychsarah

    I love my ring sling. Couldn’t get the swing of the first one I bought (it was cotton and very stiff) but once I got a woven it was life-changing! I still use it occasionally with my huge toddler 🙂

  104. Kirstie O’Leary

    I loved my Sakura Bloom ring sling when my baby was little. He practically lived in it for the first four months of his life! I’ve since passed it along to a mama friend with a new baby but I miss having one. Especially now that my toddler wants up and down all day long!

  105. Deanna

    I am currently borrowing a Beco ring sling from a friend of mine while she awaits the arrival of her new squish, but I love using it for quick ups! The Sakura Bloom looks so nicely made and I would absolutely love to try one out.

  106. Mindy Hunter

    I am new to ring slings myself and still trying to get the hang of it but I am loving it for quick pick ups and times that I know I will just be carrying him for short periods. Getting into and out of other babywearing items is time consuming. This review makes me really want to try out one of these slings.

  107. Sara Hudson

    I love my ring sling but it is cotton and I have always wanted to try a linen Sakura Bloom! Thank you for the detailed review 🙂

  108. Mamah

    Just realized I’ve nursed multiple babies in many carriers, but I’ve never tried a ring sling! Maybe for the new arrival?

  109. Elizabeth C.

    I’m expecting my first little one in five weeks so I haven’t had a chance to try a ring sling yet but this one seems wonderful! I absolutely love the colour you have ? I would love to try a ring sling when my little guy arrives so I will be sure to keep this one in mind!

  110. Wendi Niccole

    A great, thorough review! A ring sling would be great for quick stops in town.

  111. Brandi Stevenson

    I’m glad to read you found a Ring Sling the easiest to breastfeed in since I never figured out how to comfortably nurse in a wrap or SSC. I’d love to have one for my 4 month old. Thank you!

  112. Sarah H

    I have two kids that have hated facing in since almost birth. Ring slings help me keep them snuggled in while still being able to interact safely with the world around them! My go to carrier for most days.

  113. Jaclyn

    I love my ring sling so much, I’m never without it.

  114. Eve Garner

    You do fantastic reviews, thank you. I would love to try the double layer linen sling with my clingy 8 month old. I baby carry in an ergo right now but nursing in it is quite a challenge, I love that it seems much easier in this sling, plus putting him down without waking him up? Yes please! ?

  115. Victoria Ess

    I didn’t know much about ring slings! They do seem like they would make it easy to get a comfortable fit!

  116. Wendy Dickey

    That review was really helpful and has inspired me to practice a little more to try to get the hang of using a ring sling.

  117. NicoleEmma

    I love my sakura bloom sling. It will be my go-to for on the plan to Alberta. I love how easy it is to use once you get the hang of it.

  118. Sarah

    I agree that ring slings aren’t the best for long periods when you have a toddler or bigger baby, but they are definitely great for quick ups. I still struggle with keeping my rings at corsage level. Thanks for the tips!

  119. Kimberly Stoessel

    I have yet to try a ring sling but since this giveaway started I have been keeping up with my daily entries. Often times I will enter a giveaway and then forget about said giveaway. I would love to win this because I have tried Mai ties my son was happy with it until he was around 30lbs then he mostly was pushed in a stroller or walked. My daughter did not like the main tie. We sort of liked wrapping ,but it took too long to get her in. Right now the only carrier I have is a Tula and we love it but I think now at 13 months she would like something where she can see what I see when going on walks. I like that it looks soft and luxurious like a wrap without the work.

  120. Jessica

    I have been interested in ring slings for quite some time. Sakura Bloom has come highly recommended, but I’ve never really known where the start. This has given me a lot of insight and would love to try a ring sling for my second little guy who is almost 6 weeks old. Thanks for sharing!

  121. Sarah Gogolin

    I don’t even have a baby to ring-sling around, but the Sakura are soooo gorgeous! I’ll get on the baby thing!

  122. Jeanne C.

    I’ve always been curious of ring slings… You give me the guts to try!

  123. Sandra McG

    very cool!! my neice is expecting her first child and I am sure she would love this!

  124. Viv Sluys

    I like that this is made with such a light fabric. For my first baby my sister-in-law loaned me a ring sling but I really didn’t like it as it was so bulky. I haven’t tried a ring sling since (and that was 8 years ago. I’d like to find something that works to hold my 7 month old while doing dishes though!

  125. Jennifer Keller

    Love all your reviews! This ring sling has had my eye since I found out I was pregnant so I’m happy to read your experience!

  126. Ring slings initially didn’t appeal to me. We bought a Gemini buckle carrier and a Boba wrap. I loved the Boba wrap for when our baby was a newborn, but she’s too heavy for it now. A ring sling would be a much easier option to carry her around the house to get things done, rather than strapping on and buckling our Gemini carrier. I also wish we had this in the early months for the ease of transferring a sleeping baby – she only fell asleep in a carrier but trying to transfer her always woke her up!

  127. Kendsie N

    Love ring slings and all the simplicity and ease it brings to babywearing ..especially when your getting in and out of the car with more than one child and can’t hassle with buckets or wrapping.

  128. Love the ease of a ring sling especially when you have more than one child and are getting in and out of the car and can’t hassle with buckles or wrapping. Thanks for the chance.

  129. leana

    I adore the fabric and colors of these ring slings!

  130. Lauren

    I’m in to wrapping but haven’t used a ring sling. Sounds wonderful!

  131. Shalina J

    These are beautiful! I would love to wear my baby in This sling.

  132. kayla sheehan

    i would love the chance to try and own, a ringsling! Especially for my baby born in november!

  133. Kate

    Love wearing my LO! We’ve done stretchy wraps, woven wraps, and a structured carrier. A ring sling is next! Love the idea of easy nursing & quick ups.

  134. Kate

    Love wearing my LO. We’ve done the stretchy wrap, the woven wrap, and the structured carrier. I think we’d love the ease of nursing and quick ups of a ring sling. And the Sakura Bloom Ring Slings are absolutely gorgeous!

  135. Christina Bashor

    Iove the thought of being able to breastfeed in the sling. With my baby boy I used a wrap that didn’t give too much room, and while it was very comfy for him, it was primarily a sleep agent. Now that I’m expecting another I’d love to be able to try something different, and the information given here makes me feel like the one shoulder sling would be so convenient!

  136. Heather

    I have a Tula that I rarely use with my 14m old. I wish I had the nerve to try a ring sling when he was little. This review has definitely encouraged me to give a ring sling a shot for our next little one, who may or may not be on the way….

  137. Tracy

    Thank you for posting videos on how to use it comes in handy

  138. Krista Toebes

    I just discovered ring slings with my youngest and wish I’d have discovered them when my older kiddos were little! They are definitely my favorite carrier!

  139. Marie Cole

    This is a really beautiful sling. I love the colors and it seems like ir would be fairly lightweight which would be great for the hot summer weather.

  140. Ashley

    Thanks for the information! I learned a lot!

  141. Ashley Leal

    I am due in Oct and thus sounds perfect I never thought to think if a carrier is easy to nurse in and love that this sounds sunder early to nurse in and light weight so I won’t get hot. Hope to get one before my little guy is born

  142. Deborah W.

    I love that this sling makes breastfeeding so easy. It’s so pretty and looks like it would be a great carrier.

  143. Gabrielle

    I’d love to learn how to breastfeed in a ringsling, and this one seems to have enough length to make it doable. Thanks for encouraging me to keep on trying!

  144. Wendy

    I would love to gift this to my daughter. It sounds like the perfect easy up carrier to get a few things fond around the house once my son-in-law returns to work. Not exactly an extra pair of hands, but I could see her getting a lot of use from a ring sling. Thank you for putting this on my radar.

    1. Wendy

      “done” around the house – thanks autocorrect!

  145. I’ve tried many ringslings but I’ve actually never tried a Sakura Bloom, which is kind of funny since they are so popular! I love ringslings for quick ups, in & outs. Yours looks great on you! Totally glows ?

  146. Emily R

    My little guy is due in Nov and I’d love to try out a ring sling! I especially love that fact that it’s easy for nursing! ♥

  147. Jenny Ha

    This is such a beautiful sling! I would love one for my baby boy, it would be so useful! I often wish I had one!

  148. Laurie P

    It looks so comfy to wear! Would love to win one for my dear friend who’s just found out she’s having baby #5!

  149. Marie

    How does the linen feel right off the bat? Is it fairly soft, or can it stand on its own? Does it get floppier fairly quickly?

  150. Tasha Wilkerson

    I love ring slings! They are so simple and effective. Its definitely one of my daughters favorite carriers!!

  151. Brenda J

    I had a ring sling many moons ago when my older daughter was a any and loved it! Then I got a different one for my two year old and it was terrible! It was really hard to tighten and put on. I didn’t feel comfortable using it so got rid of it. I would love to have a quality sling like a Sakura Bloom because I know with a good ring sling, comfort and ease can be found!

  152. Linda R.

    I don’t own a ring sling nor have I tried one yet so the sakura bloom would be awesome for a starter like me. I would use it around the house or when going for small errands. I like their wide selection of color .Good Luck everybody !

  153. I love the fact there’s different material options

  154. Viviane MARC

    I find it so hard to breastfeed with my strechy wrap… I would love to try a sling, since you agree it is great ! 🙂

  155. Meredith Lovera

    I’m pregnant with my first baby and am currently researching various baby carriers – I love that the sling is breastfeeding-friendly!!

  156. Danny Garza

    I want to gift a ring sling to a four time mom of four daughters. Mom and sisters would enjoy carrying new member of the family. Thank you for the chance to win. Baby girl would sleep sooo cozy in ring sling this December.

  157. Amanda

    I’ve never tried a ring sling before, but this one is beautiful and it looks easy to use. I’d love to try it out.

  158. Jessica Massaway

    I love that my almost 3 year old can ride on my back with this sling. She is at that age where she still wants to be held but getting kind of big for me to hang on to.

  159. Rebecca Enright

    I love the look of this ring sling and love that you can do a back carry – I’ll have to try it with the ring sling we have at home.

  160. Sasha Basha

    This review makes me want to try out a RS I have been intimidated by them but you brought up great points about them being so useful!

  161. Amber Leroux

    I have recently just pulled our hand me down ring sling out again. We used it a lot in the beginning, it was a nice way to carry baby before we got our stroller, it is also way less complicated than the wrap. I have yet to try to nurse in it and you have given me the push in the right direction. These sakura slings are gorgeous and I would love to snuggle my babe in one.

  162. Colleen Ginka

    This is a gorgeous ring sling. I appreciate your in depth review and I will certainly be adding this to my wish list for baby number two.

  163. paloma hernandez

    we are new to baby wearing and we are using a moby wrap, id like to try some linen wraps. The idea of a ring sling never appealed to me just because they look difficult to use and they dont look as supportive as wraps. Thats what is so great about your review, its very thorough and makes me want to try one i also didnt know there were so many ways to wear the baby and being able to breastfeed is a plus. out of all the colors, that one is my favorite, its so soft and beautiful.

  164. Brieanne Baker

    I love the colour of the ring sling! I’ve never tried one before because I thought they looked a little more complicated (and yet I tackled the money smh). It looks like it would be comfy for newborn and little babies. I’m still trying to find one I like for back carries.

  165. Amanda L

    I’ve never had much luck with ring slings in the past, but now that I’m a more experienced wearer you make me want to give it another try!

  166. So different than when my babies were small, but this looks so great. I love that it is big enough to grow with the baby as well. But I agree, hiking you would probably need a bit more secure and back carrying one.

  167. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this review. You have convinced me that I need a ring sling for this go round.

  168. Darlene W

    My daughter in law is due in December with their 1st, she has a couple of ring slings on her wish list. The usefulness of the sling to carry baby and allow Mom or Dad to still do other things is fantastic. The colour and fabric choices are many and she would be happy with the Sakura Bloom Linen (Single Layer) Baby Sling – Gradient (Rock) $199.00

  169. janie vezina

    what a pretty color. i had a ring sling, couldnt figure it out, now kick myself for not keeping it.

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