10 Pieces of Baby Gear We’re Still Using at One Year

10 Pieces of Baby Gear We're Still Using at 1 year

10 Pieces of Baby Gear We're Still Using at 1 year - Maman Loup's Den

When you’re pregnant, you’re bombarded with a lot of lists of things you need for baby’s first year. Trust me, there are many items you can most certainly do without, or items you don’t need to buy right away. Like most of us, I learned that the hard way!

Obviously, there are items that you only need for the newborn phase, and there are items you don’t need until baby starts to move around or starts eating solids. But now that Little Miss is approaching her first birthday, I’ve put together a list of items we have been using since she was born and that we are still using twelve months later.

Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift that will be in use for a long time, or if you’re wondering which items are worth the investment as you make your shopping list for your baby-on-the-way, I hope this list helps!

(I’ve linked each item to my original review post.)

Öko Creations Hooded Bath Towel

Oko Creations Hooded Bath TowelSince her first bath at a few days old, Little Miss has been coming out of the water wrapped in her Öko Créations Hooded Bath Towel her entire life. It is, no trace of a lie, the only baby bath towel we own. With Cub, I had a bunch of flimsy bath towels that were so thin they were transparent. I needed two just to get him dry! This towel is so thick and absorbent that it could dry ME off. The Öko towel is worth the investment: made in Canada, organic cotton and super durable.

Stokke Flexi-Bath

Stokke Flexi BathWhile she no longer needs the infant support, she still bathes regularly in her Stokke Flexi-Bath. It’s nowhere near too small for her: in fact, all 40 inches and 40 lbs of Cub can take a bath in it if he really wants to. (Sometimes he does.) We also use our Stokke Flexi-Bath as a kiddie pool on hot days! With Cub, I chose a baby bath with a built-in support for newborns. Once he was sitting independently, the tub was way too small for any fun. Our Stokke bath makes way more sense if you want a tub you can use well into toddlerhood. Unlike the bath I had with Cub, which took up valuable space in our tiny bathroom, this one folds flat! I also use the tub as a laundry basket when I’m behind on emptying actual baskets and plan to keep it around for camping and storage even when the kids are way too big to use it.

Purchase the Stokee Flexi-Bath using my affiliate link


One year of HuggaloopsI didn’t receive our Huggaloops until Little Miss was a couple of weeks old, but I’m 100% certain we’d have used it immediately had we had it on time. Even now, bordering on toddlerhood, I’m happy to carry her in both the Bamboo and Everywhere versions.  If I had to pick just one, I’d recommend the bamboo for use right from birth as it is the snuggliest!

Chimparoo Trek

Birth to One Year in our Chimparoo TrekBecause of the built-in infant insert, this buckle carrier was functional right away and continues to be super comfortable. My husband refers to our Trek as “his” carrier. To give you an idea of how long we will be using it, Cub rode in it last summer when he weighed at least 35 lbs.

Purchase the Chimparoo Trek using my affiliate link

Evenflo Symphony DLX Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony DLXAs awesome a seat the Peg Perego S35 was to use, I actually kind of regret buying a bucket seat for Little Miss. I will grant that it was practical to ferry her in and out of the house in the winter, but I’m not sure I can justify the cost considering we could have put her in the Evenflo Symphony right from birth, and she will be using it as a booster when she’s in preschool. Because of the included infant cushion, we could’ve used the seat right out of the hospital: its minimum weight is 5 lbs, and she was born at over 6 lbs. I also bought the adapter to secure our bucket seat to our stroller: I probably used it fewer than ten times.

Purchase the Evenflo Symphony DLX via my affiliate link

Snuza Camera & Monitor

Snuza MonitorSince she mainly sleeps on our bed, I need to be sure I can hear and see her when she’s asleep and I’m downstairs. I have a bed rail up to prevent her from rolling off, but once she wakes up, I sprint upstairs before she decides to try crawling off the bed herself. If she’s asleep in her crib, I don’t find the video monitor necessary, but you can easily use this monitor just for audio. But since the easiest place to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep is in our bed, I use the video function almost every day. The monitor is portable, so I can bring it down to the basement or out on the deck.

Purchase the Snuza Monitor via my affiliate link

Coussins Etc. Maternity Pillow

Coussins Etc. Maternity PillowI used it during my pregnancy; I even had it with me during labour. Now I use it to snuggle Little Miss in bed when I sneak away, or to prop myself up when I’m working in bed. For a while, cradling the pillow around her was the only way I could get her to stay asleep for a nap! When I’m no longer nursing and my kids are grown, I guarantee I will still be using this pillow myself. 

Au Fait Mama Tops

Au Fait Mama Maternity TopsMy goodness do I adore my Au Fait Mama tops. They were stellar during my pregnancy and are still amazing for nursing. I packed only Au Fait Mama tops on our recent trip to Vancouver. They are flattering and comfortable, and even though you pull them down to nurse, the neckline doesn’t get all stretched out! Despite how often I wear it and wash it (and I do not do a gentle cycle nor do I hang it to dry), my first Au Fait tank is still in perfect shape, and I’ve been wearing it since Cub was a baby! I have a feeling I’ll still be wearing these tops when we’re done breastfeeding.

Belly Bédaine Sweater

Belly Bedaine Maternity SweaterI wore this sweater as a maternity top on cooler nights during my pregnancy and then with Little Miss as a newborn doing a front carry. We had a much milder winter than normal in Calgary, so I got even more use out of it than expected. Depending on how you dress baby and what you wear underneath, this sweater can keep you quite warm! I could probably get through an entire winter in Vancouver with just my Belly Bédaine (and an umbrella). I was so eager to try it out for back carries once she was big enough! Most children fit well under the sweater until at least 18 months old.

Guzzie & Guss Habitat

Guzzie & Guss HabitatI confess she has yet to sleep a whole night anywhere but in our bed: buying a crib was definitely a mistake. I wish we’d just called it a day with the Habitat! The Habitat gave me peace of mind that I had a secure place for her to sleep in our bedroom, but she honestly slept more in a baby carrier or with me in our bed until very recently. For parents who want baby in their room but not in their bed, the Habitat is a great option.

It’s only in the past week that I’ve started transferring her from the carrier to the Habitat for her afternoon nap in the living room while I work and Cub watches TV (like RIGHT NOW!). That said, as soon as she was mobile, the Habitat (or as Cub calls it, “her cage”) became a key piece of furniture in our living room. It’s compact enough that we were able to bring it with us on our road trip to BC. It’s light enough that I can put it out on the deck and move it around the house without breaking a sweat. Now, she often plays in her Habitat while Cub plays on the floor nearby. (She smashes her face against the mesh and watches what he’s doing.)  Now that she can get up the stairs, when I need to contain her, into the “cage” she goes! On a good day, she is happy playing in there by herself for half an hour while I’m on the computer or cooking.

Purchase the Habitat via my affiliate link


I found it so hard when I was pregnant to know which items were worth the investment. Many items are advertised as being useful for multiple ages or stages, but which ones really are? Well, the ones I just told you about have gotten us to the one-year mark, and I expect to be using most of them for at least another year.

What about a stroller? You might notice I haven’t mentioned a stroller, which for many will be a definite must. I’ve found it to be much more practical to wear Little Miss rather than push her.  With Cub, we didn’t own a car, so having a good stroller was critical just so I could get home from the grocery store with our purchases. This time around, I think we could actually survive sans poussette! (That’s French for “without a stroller.”)

What baby gear has lasted you the longest?

9 responses to “10 Pieces of Baby Gear We’re Still Using at One Year”

  1. Christine DeLillo

    Great post! My first is only 4 months and I already got rid of baby gear I have barely used and he has grown out of, such a swing and a bouncer. He grew much faster and longer than I could of ever guessed ?.

  2. Danica

    My partner and I were very wary of baby-consumerism and have managed to stay pretty minimalist with babe at 3 months! Amen to baby carriers. We were offered a stroller but opted for a Deuter hiking child carrier backpack instead.

  3. Tetiana Agafonova

    Hi Lindsey,

    Which carrier would you recommend for a first time user of SSC? Lenny Lamb or Chimparoo Trek? They both look lovely and super comfortable, and I am having problems to choose The One for my 6 month old baby:)

    1. Lindsay

      Since baby is beyond needing the infant insert, the Lenny Lamb is a great choice too! I am such a huge fan of the Lenny Lamb’s built in hood and contoured seat. The Chimparoo is excellent too, and it is a lower price point, plus made in Canada. I know it’s hard to choose! I personally find I reach most for my Lenny Lamb.

  4. Amie Melnychuk

    For the first year, we too didn’t really use our stroller. I carried M everywhere. It was only later in the summer when it was much hotter that I wanted her off my chest, so in the stroller she went. But when it cooled down again the fall she was back up and on me. Now that she is over 30lbs she is a stroller kid. I definitely cannot back-carry her anymore. We have a Boba.

    And I like your point about the bucket infant seat. Depending on when a baby is born, do you really need it? A fall/winter baby definitely when you need to get them bundled up with blankets on top of the carseat in the house to make it to the car for a quick click in. But a spring or summer baby could do with a convertible seat and get buckled in, in the car without issue.

  5. janie vezina

    great product info,some going on my list. thank you for the ideas.

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  8. […] Belly Bedaine Kangarooo Sweater was one of the items I included in my recent “10 Pieces of Baby Gear We’re Still Using at One Year” article. It kept me warm on cool summer nights at the end of my pregnancy (side note: I am ever […]

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