Elevensies with Little Miss Cub

11 Months OldAt the ripe old age of 11 months old, Little Miss Cub is around 20 lbs, has two bottom teeth and can crawl and climb stairs like a speed demon. She can pull herself up to standing, but isn’t yet wanting to walk around on two feet, aside from cruising along the edge of furniture. She’s dancing …. or at least grooving to the beat, and she feeds herself remarkably well. (Despite questionable accuracy, she manages to get a whole lot of everything into her mouth, both with a spoon and her hands!) She makes sounds like “Ma Ma,” and “Pa Pa,” but I’m not convinced she’s applying them to us other than coincidentally. Despite my boldest aspirations, she’s not fluent in baby sign language. I’m hoping she’ll be signing for milk by the time she’s one!

But enough about the baby! Let’s talk about what we all did this past month! June was the month of two weeks of back-to-back business travel for Papa Wolf, which was the perfect excuse for my Dad to come visit for a week to save my sanity. Since we moved to Calgary a year ago, this is his third visit! It is so awesome being a brief (and less expensive) plane ride away from my family.

Babywearing Pop Pops

My Dad is a do-it-yourselfer, and so eager and willing to help me tackle the odd jobs around our house. One such job was to wash our deck so the kids could play on it without getting filthy. This was the first time since moving in that we had really used our outdoor tap … and apparently it had some frost damage over the winter, which caused it to burst, sending a torrent of water into our basement office. Washing the deck had to take a backseat to the unexpected plumbing job, but I am so grateful my Dad was with me and able to help get it sorted out (with the help of a plumber) rather than it happening while I was home alone with the kids for a week!

GymnasticsJune is, of course, the end of school and the end of the spring session of various preschool-level activities for Cub. He finished up Sport Ball with parent participation day (my Dad participated), and after a series of answers such as “Batman,” and “Dentist,” matter-of-factly announced to his class that he wanted  be a Fire Dog when he grows up. (During their water break, the coaches always ask the kids a question, and my son is the one who gives the totally random answers.) We also had parent participation at gymnastics, and it was  perfect having my Dad there to watch Little Miss so I could participate fully with Cub. He might not be on his way to Olympic gold in gymnastics, but he clearly loves this particular activity!

Cub didn’t start preschool in September, we only got him started at the beginning of this year. I don’t have a “first day” versus “last day” shot, officially, but I made one from the first day of his “Little Book Worms” class in September and his last day of real preschool.

preschool september %2F june

Since September, we’ve had to get him a bigger hat (still Spider-Man) and size up in sneakers, but he’s been wearing that red and black jacket since he was two and it still totally fits! 

Lake MinnewankaWe’ve taken advantage of the gorgeous weather this month with a day-trip to Lake Minnewanka (in Banff National Park), where the water was frigid but beautiful. We also took my Dad to our favourite day-trip destination: Canmore! 


All four of our foster kittens got adopted, and I was impressed with how well Cub handled it! He said good-bye to them, and mentioned a few times that he missed them, but there was no CATastrophe, if you know what I mean. The kittens are about as socialized as any feline can be, in great part thanks to Little Miss Cub:

Little Miss and Kittens

Potentially the cutest thing that happened this month was when Cub fell asleep on the couch and the kittens promptly curled up on top of him:

Cub and Kittens

So, there you have it, folks. Little Miss is 11 months old and the adventures continue! 

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