Halo Handmade: Apparel and Accessories Made in Canada

Halo Headwear & ApparelI received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Soft, stretchy waistband. A single garment with multiple purposes and looks. Made in Canada. Makes me look like I made an effort to dress myself. GET. IN. MY. CLOSET. 

Meet the Halo All-in-One:


Made by local women in Lethbridge, Alberta, the All-in-One can be a skirt, a strapless dress, a shawl, a nursing cover or a scarf. The contrasting panels add even more variety to your look! I picked up mine at Calgary’s Lilac Festival, where owner Merena’s booth was buzzing with YYC women browsing her All-in-Ones and her Halos—her signature headbands for women and babies.  

Let’s start by talking about headbands. I have always wanted to rock a headband. I have tried many times to get the right look. Inevitably, they just make my ears stick out or end up riding up the back of my head til I’m basically wearing a fabric crown. Apparently, my daughter doesn’t have this problem. (At least not yet.) 

Little Miss Cub's headband

Cuteness overload. There’s honestly no reason for her to wear a headband other than that it’s ridiculously adorable. It’s not like her hair is getting in her eyes or she’s working up a sweat doing hot yoga. Me, on the other hand? I am always trying to get my hair off my face, particularly on the supremely hot day that we took our inaugural mother-daughter headband selfie. Mom and baby headbands

I had to get used to the idea of wearing a headband. I had to start believing I could rock a head band.  

Matching headbands

You can wear your Halo Headband in a wide variety of ways, no matter your hair length or texture. The biggest issue I currently have with my hair is the post-partum regrowth that sticks up at my part and is starting to create bangs where I never had bangs before. Wearing my Halo nice and wide over my head, with my hair in a ponytail or not, solves this problem! 

Canmore in my Halo

I love pulling my Halo over my messy mom bun. I am checking myself out in store windows as I walk by thinking, I look pretty fly!  

So while I am mastering the fine art of headband-rocking, I am LIVING in my Halo All-in-One, in skirt mode. It’s essentially the yoga pants of skirts. It’s upping my stay-at-home Mom fashion game, big time. 

Halo All-in-One Skirt is Reversible

I love wearing it with the contrasting panels at the front. I get a lot of compliments! Of course, due to the nature of motherhood, I wear a pair of yoga shorts underneath so I can still be bending, squatting and sitting criss-cross applesauce as needed. Pulling on my Halo All-in-One is like pulling on my favourite sweats, except I know I don’t look frumpy. 

Babywearing in my Halo Skirt

While tropical beaches are but a dream, the lovely breeze on the shores of Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary allowed me to imagine how fabulous it would be to stroll along the sand with this soft skirt blowing in the wind.  

Halo All In One Skirt on the beach

Because I’m pretty tall, wearing the All-in-One as a strapless dress would only be comfortable for me with a pair of leggings underneath, otherwise it would be a bit too mini for my liking. I won’t be wearing anything strapless, however, ‘til I can guarantee no one is pulling on my skirt! I know it would look great with a jean jacket or fitted cardigan, though. 

I don’t typically use a cover when I’m nursing, but the All-in-One absolutely works to create some privacy for you and your nursling if you slip it on over your head. (Assuming you’re not already wearing it as a skirt, since … well, that would leave you nursing in your underwear.) As a skirt, the Halo would be absolutely divine during pregnancy and post-partum. And don’t forget the Halo headband… 

Halo Headband

If you’re like me, you struggle to treat yourself to something nice. It’s hard to justify additions to your wardrobe if you’re “just” a stay-at-home mom. (Those are giant rabbit ears over the “just,” by the way.) The Halo All-in-One is completely functional and comfortable even if you’re not going further afield than the grocery store, but it is also the perfect piece for your beach vacation or casual office!  

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Find your Halo at HaloHeadWear.com. All-in-Ones retail for $64.95. Halo Headbands are available in Full Width (with a raw edge, like mine) or Doubled Over (with a finished edge) and retail for $17.95. (Children’s headbands are $14.95)

Halo gives 20% of their headwear sales to support prenatal and postnatal care for women and children in poverty through Compassion Canada.



48 responses to “Halo Handmade: Apparel and Accessories Made in Canada”

  1. Briana Simpson

    I actually saw your Instagram photo a little while back, and already bought matching headbands for me, my daughter, and my baby on the way, and also got one for my sister! We got mountain meadows. It was hard to pick!

  2. Betsy Williams

    Floral Retreat/Mint Fern Combo – so beautiful!

  3. Wendy

    So many beautiful combos to choose from! I like the Birds & Birch, but I would love to gift this to my daughter and let her select her favourite.

  4. stephaniepb

    Hard to choose! I like the Oh Deer / Greysh combo, though.

  5. Elishia

    This is a really cute skirt! I love the mint fern combo!

  6. Tough choice, but I think maybe Mountain Meadows/Greysh

  7. Heather Sibley

    I like the birds and birch/solid amber combo

  8. Laura

    I like the Mountain Meadows/Greyish Combo! So cute!

  9. Sabrina Hansen

    I have loved Halofor a few years now! They are such an amazing company! I love “oh Deer?Greyish combo” and Parliment

  10. Julie Waldron

    I like the floral retreat/coral combo.

  11. Stephanie Grant

    I would choose the Floral Retreat/Coral Combo!

  12. Annie Mercier

    I love head band and these look really comfortable. The skirt to and I confess than since my pregnancy I wear almost only skirt except for work in winter).

  13. Marlene V

    I like the deer design

  14. Amy Martin

    J’adore le rendu de leurs produits! I give a try, fingers crossed! 😉

  15. I love the floral retreat/coral combo!

  16. SarahJ

    I think the deer design is adorable.

  17. Andrea W.

    I like the black, red and white check combo!

  18. West Coast Mama

    Love the idea of the halo for keeping those flyaways under wraps.

  19. colleenmarie

    I Like the floral retreat/mint fern combo

  20. Nancy

    I like them all, but I’ll choose Mountain Meadows/greysh combo.

  21. Kim W.

    These are so pretty! I love the Birds and Birch/Solid Amber combo! It is so fun! I would definitely rock this!

  22. gheewizzers

    I love all of their florals! but my favorite is the Coral Floral combo…. Its kind of me new fav color!

  23. Monique L.S.

    I would choose the Floral Retreat/ Coral Combo.

  24. I absolutely fell in love with the Oh Dear in Greyish color!!
    It is so super adorable!! LoveXX it!!Thank you for a chance
    to win this.

  25. yvonne

    ooo! love the ‘Oh Dear’ all-in-one. I totally empathize with your feelings about justifying pretty purchases for yourself…but, dang! this solution is pretty darned easy to defend!

  26. Raine

    I can’t decide ! I’d probably choose the Birds and Birch solid/amber combo. The same pattern in grey is combo would be my second choice. They’re so versatile, I love it.

  27. Julie

    There were quite a few I really liked, including the NAVY QUATREFOIL!

  28. Joanne Frank

    I would choose the Floral Retreat/ Coral Combo

  29. Lara

    I want one of these! I am all about clothes that can take you from maternity to nursing/baby and beyond – this fits that description! You could totally wear this in a variety of ways, and never would someone look at it and say “that’s a maternity skirt” 🙂

  30. Sabrina D’Arcy

    I don’t think it’s in the options, but I love the one with the black-red-white checks and the solid black.

  31. I love the Floral Retreat/Mint Fern combo! Just beautiful!

  32. Melanie Morin

    All the patterns look so cute but High Tea is my favorite!

  33. Felicia Grim

    I LOVE that deer print!!!

  34. Shannon O’C

    With the cut of the skirt you might as well embrace the country look and go for Oh Dear. Also, if we can’t be whimsical in our stay at home clothing, what the heck is the point!!

  35. Amber Ludwig

    I love the Birds and Birch/Solid Amber combo!! Just gorgeous!!

  36. Stacy

    I think I would pick the Floral Retreat/Mint Fern combo.

  37. Amber Delorme

    Not a hard choice at all 🙂 I’d Definitely Choose the “Oh Deer / Greysh Combo”…

  38. Victoria Ess

    I’d choose the Birds and Birch/Solid Amber combo!

  39. Shannon

    I love the Black, Red, and White Check pattern.

  40. Kim K

    I like the Mountain Meadows/Greyish Combo!

  41. Jennifer L.

    I like the Floral Retreat/Mint Fern Combo

  42. laurie murley

    I like the birds and birds the most

  43. I’d get the floral retreat/coral combo. I wanna get it for my niece as a congrats for her first semester in college!

  44. Shakeia Rieux

    I’d choose the Oh Deer/ Greysh Combo

  45. I like the Mountain Meadows/Greysh Combo. What a great concept!

  46. Jennifer P.

    I would choose the Floral Retreat/ Mint Fern Combo.

  47. Laurie Emerson

    I would choose the Floral Retreat/ Coral Combo.

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