ByKay Deluxe SSC Baby Carrier Review

ByKay SSC Deluxe

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Only a few months ago, I had never heard of ByKay. Turns out, this Netherlands-based company owned by—you guessed it—Kay celebrated its tenth anniversary last year! ByKay released its Deluxe SSC (soft-structured carrier) in 2015, so it’s a new addition to their line of ring slings, wraps and mei tais. (I also recently reviewed their AQUACarrier.)

My Dark Denim Deluxe SSC is made of 52% cotton and 48% linen, making it a fairly cool option for warmer-weather wearing. It has a handful of design features that make it different from the other SSCs that I have tested:

ByKay Deluxe SSC

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of buttons. The ByKay is definitely my first buckle carrier that adjusts using buttons. It’s also my first buckle carrier to offer so many adjustments, period.

The height of the carrier body can be shortened, depending on which buttonhole you use on the front flap:

ByKay Adjust Carrier Height

Alternatively, you can add a touch more height to the carrier body by buttoning the sides of the hood to the shoulders:

hood (1)

And there’s one more thing you can do, thanks to buttons! You can widen the seat of the carrier by unbuttoning the wings and buttoning them to the waistband.ByKay Wings

Are you still with me? I’m not even done describing the ways you can customize the fit of the ByKay Deluxe SSC. You can also wear the shoulder straps super wide for lots of extra support, or keep them slim by leaving the velcro wrap in place:

ByKay Shoulder Strap Adjustment

I admit that I was initially really overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible adjustments for this carrier. It doesn’t compare to any other buckle carrier in my stash! Here’s our requisite “first time in our new carrier” selfie:

Trying out our ByKay for the first time

I got the hang of it pretty quickly, but the one bump in the road was that the waistband didn’t adjust small enough for my waist. I’m really slender to begin with (thanks to genetics), and breastfeeding makes me the incredible shrinking woman. At my true waist, I’m about 28 inches. I wear my Lenny Lamb and Tula pretty much as tight as they go, and the ByKay at its tightest is still a bit too big, and I find it slides down my torso. However, you can actually wrap the belt around and buckle it at the front to accommodate smaller waists.

ByKay view from below

It’s really, really tight when I buckle it as above. I’m probably in the phantom size zone where it’s too big buckled at the back, but too small buckled at the front. I’m trying to consume more protein, so ideally I’ll be back to a more normal, healthy weight soon and be able to buckle it the usual way.

Our first adventure in our ByKay Deluxe SSC was to Lake Minnewanka, in Banff National Park. It was an exceptionally warm day, so I was grateful to have brought our lightest carrier!

ByKay Back Carry 1

I find it very easy in this carrier to get her into position on my back. It’s also easy to tighten the straps without being a contortionist. In the picture above, I’m wearing the waistband without wrapping it around the extra time. I could feel her sliding too low on my back. In this next picture, I’ve done the extra wrap around, and you can see how much higher she is positioned. (She can see over my shoulder.)ByKay Back Carry 2

I used the straps at their widest, and I’ve never used a carrier with the option of such wide straps. I have to say, they’re super comfy!

ByKay Front Carry on the beach

I wasn’t totally sure I would like a denim carrier, but I love the way it looks and love how the linen makes it so lightweight! And, just like my favourite jeans, the carrier matches everything!

ByKay Front Carry Selfie

You can use the ByKay Deluxe SSC with the straps crossed at the back. I find crossing the straps in my Lenny Lamb to be supremely awkward, but was surprised to find I was able to cross my ByKay straps without a mirror or a helper!

ByKay Straps crossed

Wearing Little Miss Cub with the straps crossed at the back reminded me of wearing her in a woven wrap. While I have always been comfortable with straps uncrossed, this provides extra support for those who need it! I should also mention that, while she isn’t tall enough to use them yet, the carrier does come with foot straps that can be attached to the waistband.

Front view ByKay

My favourite things about the ByKay Deluxe SSC:

  • No need to purchase a separate infant insert to use on smaller babies
  • Possibility of crossing the shoulder straps at the back
  • Possibility of wearing the straps skinny or wide
  • Adjustable seat ensuring proper support as baby grows
  • Lightweight cotton-linen blend is nice for summer

Things I like less about the ByKay Deluxe SSC:

  • Overwhelming amount of possible adjustments with an instruction manual that is difficult to follow (it is currently being revised)
  • I’m not crazy about the design of the nap hood
  • Waistband doesn’t adjust small enough for me, and wrapping it around an extra time is a touch too tight

This carrier has introduced me to some pretty neat features that bring the idea of adjustability to a whole new level. It does leave me wondering, however, if there’s such a thing as too much adjustability. In the end, ByKay’s Classic SSC may have actually met our needs just as well!

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31 responses to “ByKay Deluxe SSC Baby Carrier Review”

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  3. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review on this beautiful carrier,i love the way it looks and it fits so well on you baby looks very comfy!

  4. Lara

    I love the denim fabric of the model you tested. It looks really sturdy! I’m totally a denim person, lol

  5. Considering I found my Lillebaby to be quite overwhelming, but have figured out most things about it, this seems less overwhelming than it might have been a little while ago. I’m curious what that linen blend feels like. Sounds comfy!

  6. Kari Barone

    Thanks for the detailed review. This looks like an amazingly adaptable, adjustable carrier. I love the look with the denim and buttons. I am curious as to the minimum and maximum weights for this carrier as well as the corresponding panel height and width measurements. My Catbird Baby Pikkolo has an adjustable seat as well as a high panel height which I love.

  7. Linda

    I like that this is part linen because it’s hard to find a lightweight and breathable carrier for the summertime.

  8. I like that this carrier is partially made of linen! My Beco Gemini carrier has gotten quite hot in the summer heat now!

  9. Chelsea Janelle

    Love the denim style and the possibility of crossed straps – I feel that would be great for my neck issues. I like that you wouldn’t need an insert with it either.

  10. Natalie

    Those straps look suuuuuper comfy! I LOVE the denim, too. Very pretty colour 😀 Really, I just like everything about this carrier. It’s customizable sizing is a huge perk!

  11. kristen visser

    wow seriously this would have totally come in handy with my second when she was younger. I love the features and the overall look of it . loving the denim look

  12. Amber Perkins

    This carrier looks awesome! I love how it is very lightweight but sturdy. I have a fabric tie-wrap at the moment but my son hates going in it! It would be amazing to try this one, I think he’d prefer the structure of it.

  13. Olivia Fischer

    I might have that problem with this carrier too, as I am also the incredible shrinking woman when I am breastfeeding! Looks so comfortable though, and I love the fabric of the one you tested!

  14. Candice

    This looks like a beautiful carrier!

  15. Natalie Krywionek

    Thank you so much for this review! We have been looking for a versatile, comfortable and stylish baby carrier and this sounds fantastic! I especially love how you do not need to purchase a special insert for infants.

  16. Elishia

    This carrier is very stylish! I’m really starting to love carriers with straps that cross in the back.

  17. Tannis W

    This looks like a nice carrier. I like that it has lots of adjustment options. The denim fabric is really unique!

  18. Darlene W

    My son and D-I-L are expecting their first in December, this would be perfect to give to them

  19. Sarah dykeman

    I love the denim. I find the tula too bulky and the straps to wide set right now so would be interested in trying this on!

  20. davi mueller

    I’m tall and wide, with some extra heft, so I like how this seems to be on the ample side. I’d love to try it with our new little arriving in September! Thanks for the thorough review!!

  21. Victoria Ess

    I love all the options for adjusting the carrier for comfort! So important!

  22. Joanne Frank

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Great for walking along trails or even going shopping . AWESOME

  23. Paige Wilt

    It does look a bit overwhelming. But it looks really good on. I really like the jean print. I don’t usually but it isn’t very jeany if that makes sense. I live in west Texas and could really use a lightweight carrier. This looks like a good option.

  24. Amélie

    I just really like your description with so much details!! That’s really helping for choosing in so many choice of baby carriers! Thanks again Maman Loup’s!

  25. Kelly K

    How freaking cool is this?! I love the jeans and gazillion buttons.

  26. I love the adjustable rise feature.

  27. Pilar

    Beautiful baby carrier!

  28. Sarah Parker

    Thank you for all the photos included! It really helps to paint a picture of how the child would fit in the carrier.

  29. Amber Delorme

    Well seeing how we’re in the Summery Hot month’s now, I personally Love the fact that this carrier is partially made of linen, it’s extremely helpful as it’l help keep both my babe and myself cooler during the heat waves 🙂 I really like that the baby carrier has lots of adjustment options (especially seeing how I’m a taller in height and a smaller plus-sized women)..I also Love how the baby carrier is Versatile, Comfortable and is Stylish!! I also like that the straps in the back Cross-Over eachother, I find that option extremely comfortable…It’s also awesome to know that you do not need to purchase a special insert for infants..I Love the Denim look to this baby carrier.

  30. Mandy Northcott

    Thank you for the review! I find with my Chimparoo around the waist is as tight as it goes, but I preferred it over the Tula as it felt much more comfortable everywhere else. There are so many carriers out there now its good to be able to read what others think of them and find the option, or options that work best for you and your baby! This one does have a lot of adjustments which make it overwhelming for some but also allows it to fit a lot of different sizes of mommas and babies!

  31. Tara

    Oh yay! Thanks for the tip about the waist band! I’m quite thin too, and it was my biggest concern when I bought online and untried. I’ll give the wrap around a go 🙂

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