ro•sham•bo junior shades review

ro•sham•bo junior shades

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Let’s talk kids and sunglasses.

I am the kind of person who will go home to fetch my sunglasses if I’ve forgotten them. I cannot stand squinting, so if it’s even partly sunny, I’m wearing my shades. Kids need eye protection too, provided they’re willing to wear it. Cub is constantly telling me the sun is in his eyes, and his baseball hat just doesn’t provide sufficient shade. I bought Cub his first pair of sunnies at Walmart last year, just a cheap pair with Spider-Man on them. My husband, who has taught his son to use nunchucks but sees danger in the mundane, was immediately convinced Cub would fall, smash his glasses and blind himself.

roshambo glasses 3

I was more concerned about the paint that quickly began flaking off the frames, especially when Little Miss Cub started picking them up and putting them in her mouth.

When I found out  about ro•sham•bo sunglasses, I knew they would assuage both my husband’s and my concerns about our preschooler’s eyewear cutting or poisoning him. Plus, I can’t help but love a company with colours named after my childhood: Zack Morris (blue), Ducktales (orange), Slimer (fluorescent green), Free Willy (black and white)…

roshambo glasses 2

What makes ro•sham•bo glasses so great is that they are totally kid-proof:

  • Flexible and durable: you can bend them, twist them and drop them!
  • Made of soft, teething-toy like material that is BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Molded logo avoids unnecessary paint (and inevitable chipping)
  • So light they float
  • Prescription lens ready (no need to buy expensive designer frames from the optometrist)
  • One-year full replacement guarantee

roshambo glasses 6

ro•sham•bo glasses mean never having to say, “Be careful! You’ll break them!” Or, “Don’t bend your glasses that way!” A soccer ball to the eye? No problem. Run-in with a bicycle tire? It’s all good! You can see just how much you can twist and bend ro•sham•bo frames in this video:

ro•sham•bo shades aren’t just kid-proof, either. They’re clumsy-mom-proof. Cub’s glasses get shoved into every cranny of my diaper bag. I sit on them. I drop them. I let the baby play with them when I forget to pack her toys. My goal this summer? To not lose them!

roshambo glasses 4

Little Miss’s yanking has caused a lens to pop out, but they are designed to do this and are easily popped back in. (If you lose a lens, ro•sham•bo will replace it.)

Little Miss Cub and roshambo

Of course, ro•sham•bo sunglasses also block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. They’re made in Italy, so it’s no surprise they’re so fashionable. They come in baby and junior sizes: Cub has the junior size, and they fit well on him. They sometimes slide on his tiny nose, but that’s pretty normal!

roshambo glasses 1

The junior size is recommended from about 3 years old and up, and will even fit the faces of petite adults, too! If we can manage not to lose them, these glasses will see us well into elementary school. Since they’re designed to last, both in terms of durability and fit, I think the $30 price tag is well worth it.

roshambo glasses 5

Shop & Connect

You can buy ro•sham•bo baby, toddler and junior shades at The Baby Footprint. Each purchase of ro•sham•bo shades helps support the Autism Research Institute.

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  1. I’m in the market for some sunglasses for my little 5 month old! I think I’ll get the Ro Sham Bo ones really love how they bend and look like they would be indestructible. Thank you for this review! Your little one is adorable.

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