TotsBots EasyFit Star Review

TotsBots EasyFit Star Review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

It’s no big secret that I love my TotsBots. The EasyFit V4 diaper has been a staple in our stash ever since it was released in 2013. I wrote a glowing review back in the day! Cub outgrew the rise before he potty trained, but when he was two, we were able to use the EasyFit V4 overnight with its included booster. I started using the EasyFit V4 on Little Miss Cub when she was a newborn: it was one of our earliest fitting one-size diapers

Being one of my all-time favourites, I was pretty surprised when Jennifer at Lollypop Kids told me TotsBots was already coming out with a new EasyFit design. Realistically, a new design after just three years isn’t out of the ordinary for cloth diaper brands. I just can’t believe it’s already been three years since I was getting hyped up about the V4 and its super-absorbent binky! The funny thing is, I found our V4s to be pretty bulletproof on Cub. I even weighed one to see how much it had absorbed overnight on Cub, who was still nursing during the night. But on Little Miss Cub, who’s only ten months old, and much smaller than her big brother was at this age, I sometimes find leg leaks with our Tots V4s, particularly if it’s the first diaper of the morning and I don’t include the booster. It’s like she floods it with her first pee o’ the day and it leaks through at the legs … 

Enter the TotsBots EasyFit Star. It shares many similarities with its predecessor, the V4:

EasyFit Inner Comparison

Same super sturdy hook & loop closure. Same sewn-in soaker that tucks into the back pocket. Unlike the V4, the Star does not come with an additional booster. It is also cut slightly larger: 

EasyFit Size Comparison

The larger cut means Little Miss Cub wears her EasyFit Star on its smallest rise, but is on the middle rise on our EasyFit V4s. Likely, the Star wouldve lasted a bit longer on my tall, tall big boy Cub. The absorbent inner of the EasyFit Star is bamboo. (The EasyFit V4 is a bamboo/minky blend.)

EasyFit Soaker

he biggest difference in the V4 and the Star is the way the leg elastics are sewn: 

EasyFit Elastics

The EasyFit V4 has leg elastics sewn in a casing, much like the vast majority of cloth diapers I’ve tried. The EasyFit Star is described by TotsBots as having “clever stitch-free seams,” created in response to customer comments that moisture leaks through the tiny holes caused by the stitching at the leg casings (I’ve experienced this in many brands of diapers). So far, we have had zero leg leaks with our EasyFit Star, so I’m thinking this was an awesome improvement! 

If you’ve never used a TotsBots before, this entire discussion of how the new Star compares to the V4 is pretty moo. (A cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter.) Therefore, I shall now carry on with a review of the EasyFit Star on its own! 

The EasyFit Star is an all-in-one diaper designed to fit from 8 – 35 lbs. With just two sets of rise snaps, it doesn’t adjust as much in the rise as the other diapers we’ve used. It is only available in hook & loop closure. (The TotsBots V3 was the last Tots to be available in what the Brits call “poppers,” aka snaps.) 

EasyFit Star Front View

Fully assembled—soaker tucked into the pocket and ready to put on the bum—the Easyfit Star looks like this:

EasyFit Star Inner

Inside, you’ve got the nice, wide strip of PUL at both the front and back of the diaper. Why does this matter? Well, this eliminates the issue of wicking. The moisture from the diaper can’t creep out onto baby’s clothes because there’s that great buffer zone between the absorbent core and the front and back waist.
EasyFit Star Side View

The stay-dry zones alongside the soaker serve the same purpose. When a diaper doesn’t have a casing on its leg elastics, the inner material can roll outwards, causing moisture to wick onto pants. If the inner material is the absorbent portion (cotton, bamboo, hemp) and it rolls outwards, then pee transfers onto baby’s clothing. The EasyFit’s polyester borders prevent this from happening. The lack of elastic casing also creates a really nice seal around baby’s thighs, with no gaping.

EasyFit Star Side View on Little Miss Cub

I really love the fit of the EasyFit Star on Little Miss, especially since it is slightly larger than the V4. It truly is an easy fit diaper. It goes on like a disposable, making it simple for caregivers who aren’t cloth aficionados. The hook and loop closure is durable (considering Little Miss is wearing her brother’s V4s, I can attest to that), and I find there’s enough of a border between the hook and loop and her tummy that I have never had an issue with chafing. (This probably depends on how much of a muffin-top your baby has!)

EasyFit Star on Little Miss Cub

In terms of absorbency, I was surprised that the Star didn’t come with a snap-in booster like the V4 did. However, so far, during daytime use she has worn it for five hours with no leaks. I add a Geffen hemp booster to the pocket to use overnight. NO LEAKS. She wears it for at least 13 hours.


I have two Stars, and they’re now my favourite overnight option.

EasyFit Star Back View on Little Miss Cub

What I love about the TotsBots EasyFit Star:

  • Larger cut compared to the V4
  • Sturdy hook & loop closure
  • Waterproof buffer zones at front and back waist and at the legs
  • Super roomy pocket means you can add tons of absorbency for overnight
  • Lack of leg casing creates a gap-free fit at the legs
  • My favourite all-in-one design, where the soaker is attached and tucked into a pocket which makes it easy to add a booster and fast to dry

What I love less about the TotsBots EasyFit Star:

  • No booster included for overnight (although I find it amply absorbent without one for daytime use)

The EasyFit Star is most definitely an improvement on the V4: I love the bamboo soaker, the slightly larger cut and the redesigned leg elastics. It’s unusual for me to review a diaper and feel like I can justify buying more for my already ample stash. But given its stellar overnight performance (with a booster), I’m honestly tempted to buy at least two more!

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Easyfit V4s are currently on sale at Lollypop Kids, and of course, you can also try out the brand-new to North America Easyfit Star!

53 responses to “TotsBots EasyFit Star Review”

  1. Emma B

    Love the hook and loop for fit, and the space to add boosters for over night diapering.

  2. josh dillard

    Thanks for all the details. The tiny seam seems to be the stitch here (get it ). I love the fact it creates a smoother seal so less wrinklers or edges pushing on the leg crease and less chance at leakage.

  3. Lara

    I would use my $30 to buy this diaper – the easy fit star in ugly duckling print!! This is my absolute favourite brand of cloth bums… I have one (I think it is the easy fit v4) and I love the fit, style and print (mine has flowers and toadstools on it)!
    Love love love!

  4. Lara

    My favourite feature of this diaper is the total ease of use – the soaker comes out on its own in the wash but there’s no sorting required, the Velcro is very good quality, and the cut fits my kids perfectly. Very comfy!

  5. Elishia

    I love having some h&l diapers for leaving my daughter with others, and I love that these seem to have high quality h&l.

  6. Kari Barone

    I love my Tots Bots Bamboozles, Easyfits V2 and V4. I am sure that the Easyfits Star will be a favourite as well. My favourite feature of the Star is the roomier cut for a better fit on bigger babies and a longer fitting on all babies and toddlers.

  7. Holly MacRitchie

    I like the sounds of the waterproof buffer zones.

  8. Carrie

    I love how easy this is to use. No sorting, easily adjust to fit baby with the H&L

  9. Amber Ludwig

    I love the waterproof buffer zones for less leaks!!! So awesome!! Plus they are ADORABLE!!

  10. Hahaha, love the Friends reference! 😉

  11. meghan bruce

    love the design and the beautiful colors and patterns

  12. Vanessa Aubie

    My favourite feature you mentioned is the durability of the hook and loop. I like the ease of hook and loop but tend to go snaps because I’m afraid they won’t last as long.

  13. Anne-Marie B.

    The stitch-free seams. What a great idea!! It must also reduce the marks on chubby baby thighs

  14. Krista

    I was going to comment to say how much I love this diaper, even BEFORE I saw there was a giveaway! 😉
    This is possibly my favourite cloth diaper, and I have been using cloth for the last 3 years straight! I love how absorbent it is. It is seriously so absorbent, whilst still being decently trim. Not as trim as the Bum Genius Elemental, but so much more absorbent that I am considering selling off some of them to buy more of these beautiful Easy Stars. Seriously. I too had leaks around the legs with the V4 (older baby only, my current 6 m old is doing fine in the one that I didn’t sell off haha. The prints are that adorable) so I doubted the no elastic casing on this new version. But it is fantastic! PLEASE EVERYONE BUY THESE DIAPERS!!!

  15. Amanda Austin

    I like the hook and loop on the tot bots diapers. I always thought they were better quality than other hook and loop diapers.

  16. Marian

    I love that it’s a pocket style AIO. I think it makes it easier to customize the absorbency.

    PS: I love the print of the diaper you reviewed. It’s adorable!

  17. Dandi D

    I really like how versatile and high quality this diaper is!

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  19. polly

    I like that it has a good seal around the baby’s leg. Cute prints!

  20. wendy browne

    I do prefer the hook and loop like this Totsbots has.

  21. Laura

    I like that it has waterproof buffer zones. I also like the patterns! Cute!

  22. Susanne

    I like the stitch-free seams around the leg elastics to prevent moisture leaks.

  23. KD

    I love how soft the pul is, and the fun prints. Tots Bots also has awesome hook and loop!

  24. Wendy

    Love the larger cut and the stitch-free seams around the legs. Any and all help to stop leaks is greatly appreciated.

  25. I love the elastic around the legs

  26. Kayla28

    I love that this can be used as a nighttime diaper. We use the Tots Bots Bamboozle fitted, and this would be another great option having it all in one piece vs. having to add a cover!

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  28. I would buy some organic tea -> http://www.lollypopkids.ca/Matraea-Certified-Organic-Tea–Comforting-Aqua-Release_p_1144.html

    Thanks for the chance.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  29. Brittany Parzych

    I love that there’s enough of a border between the hook and loop and the tummy that there isn’t any chafing!

  30. Penni

    Love the waterproof buffer zones for leak protection!

  31. Dana Rodriguez

    I love these! I really like that they have stitch free seams.

  32. Kara W.

    Love the bigger cut!!!

  33. Crystal A

    I like that the soaker is attached to the diaper (no searching for soakers!)

  34. Linda

    I like that the cut is larger because I have a big baby.

  35. Jenny Whitaker

    I would have to like the bamboo too! I only have teeny fits, and I <3 them! Would love to try some Stars!

  36. Debbie Bray

    I like the waterproof buffer zones

  37. davi mueller

    The leg openings and bamboo fibers are a huge upgrade.

  38. Victoria Ess

    I love how adjustable it is for bigger babies!

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  40. JoB

    The features aimed at preventing leaks look pretty genius! The yellow duckies print is adorable too. 🙂

  41. Emily Roth

    I love the new material on the EasyFit Star! We have some V4s and while I like them for their ease of use, the material doesn’t seem like the most comfortable on baby’s bum. We also NEED the booster on the V4 but it makes for SUCH a fluffy diaper. I’d love to have the same functionality with less bulk!

  42. Eunice

    I like the new leg elastics and the absorbency. I have older versions of the Tots Bots Easy Fit (I think they are version 3). I love the H&L, but I need to add a booster to prevent leaks. As always, love the cute cute prints!

  43. Cassandra Rae

    I love the V4 so hearing of these upgrades is exciting ! I like that it’s bamboo as opposed to the bamboo minky. I would just love to try one!

  44. Danielle Petryshyn

    I love how easy it is to use.

  45. Geri

    I love the way you can add absorbency. The hook and loop is great when I leave her with other caregivers.

  46. Julie Farnsworth

    I love the prints on tots bots. So unique!

  47. I love the design and the way it is made.

  48. Aurora PL

    I haven’t try them but heard they are trim and the hook and loop is awesome

  49. Jerry Marquardt

    I like how the EasyFit performs. I think that it does an excellent job at kee3ping a proper barrier.

  50. Erika

    So I had to post about how much I love this tots bots easy fit star!! It is and will continue to be our #1 diaper for overnight ! I pair it with a Lrg Funky Fluff delux and it is bulletproof (thus far) I originally looking for easy daycare diapers that would be absorbent and had great Velcro and after reading Mamanloup review I bought 5 and after I received those I loved them and bought 6 more..needless to say I’m in love with everything about this diaper! Thank you thank you Mamanloup you are amazeballs for helping this mama navigate the cloth diapering world and I bow down to your greatness!!!!

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  53. Maryna

    Good day, I know this is a very strange request, but a desperate one. I am from South Africa and from North West Province Hartbeespoort. my name is Maryna. Our countries KZN regions malls, warehouses etc got heavily looted in the past week and we started getting request for assistance from new moms for diapers and formula as the can not get hold of disposable diapers. A few ladies are willing to make reusable diapers but we are clueless and can not find a pattern online for those with a refill strip/cloth section. Not sure uf this would be the best & quickest to make, and would appreciate your guidance or if you could refer me to someone that can assist. We do not have much time and need a pattern urgently to start making diapers for donation to these families for free. Can you assist? Blessings Maryna

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