Summer Nursing Apparel from Momzelle

Summer Nursing Apparel from Momzelle

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Momzelle is among the many brands I wish I’d discovered when I was nursing my first child. I reviewed some of their pieces this Christmas, and they’ve remained a staple in my (very modest) nursing wardrobe. Being washed at least twice a week now for almost six months (and I put everything in the dryer), I can tell you that my Momzelle tops have held up perfectly! In the midst of unseasonably warm April weather, I realized I had one nursing tank top in my closet, and no warm-weather nursing dresses. I have been looking longingly at cute summer dresses for almost four years now, having been pregnant or breastfeeding for just as long. If you don’t mind lifting it up, you can technically nurse in almost any t-shirt or tank top. But when it comes to dresses, unless you want to partially undress, you’re a bit hooped. (Having unzipped my whole dress to nurse Cub during my brother’s wedding speeches, I speak from experience.)

Momzelle Betty & Mia Nursing Tank Tops

Betty and Mia Momzelle Tanks Compared

The Betty tank comes in black, black and white stripes and grey. I chose the stripes because, let’s face it: I love horizontal stripes. A lot. The other benefit of striped nursing tops from Momzelle is that it is almost impossible to notice the nursing flaps: they are camouflaged with the stripes! To nurse in most Momzelle shirts and dresses, you lift the front panel to expose your breast, thanks to the generous openings hidden underneath.

Momzelle Nursing Tank Opening

The main difference between the Betty and the Mia tanks is the racer-style back of the Betty. In a perfect world, I’d have a matching, racerback bra to wear with it, but I’m well past caring about exposed bra straps. The Mia comes in more colours, including purple, turquoise and pink. Both tank tops are long and flattering over that post-baby tummy.

People don’t even know I’m nursing when I wear my Momzelle tanks:

Nursing in Momzelle Betty Tank

And despite the coverage, enough breast is exposed for a perfect latch, and unlike other nursing-top brands I’ve tried, there is no extra material around the nipple that becomes easily saturated with milk.

Nursing in Momzelle Mia Tank

Because of their generous length, I particularly love to baby-wear in my Momzelle tanks. Even more awesome? I can nurse Little Miss while she’s in the carrier.

Momzelle Adele & Jenny Nursing Dresses

Momzelle Jenny and Adele Nursing Dresses

In the summer, I’m all about dresses. Who doesn’t love a nice breeze around the legs on a hot day? What I soon discovered with Cub was that there was no way to nurse him in a dress unless I pulled the whole dress up over my breasts (I’m all for public breastfeeding, but not when I’m showing my underwear) or unzipping and pulling an arm out. Looking ahead to a summer of nursing Little Miss Cub, I knew that I needed to get me some nursing dresses. Added bonus? Both the Adele and the Jenny look nothing like nursing dresses.

Momzelle Adele Dress Sideview

On the Adele, the extra band at the hem of the nursing flap means it lies perfectly flat, and looks like nothing more than an accent on the dress. (If I forget my tanks in the dryer, the nursing flap hem curls up a bit, but is easily smoothed down.) When you lift the flap, you have the same openings as shown above with the Betty tank top. If you’re not into the birdies, the Adele is also available in bold colours or black, without feathered friends.

Momzelle back of Jenny Dress

The Jenny is the perfect dress for curtsies and twirling. It can be dressed up with accessories or a fancy shawl but is equally appropriate for my very unfancy life. Because I am constantly getting down on the ground with the kids, I typically wear a pair of athletic shorts underneath my dresses or else a pair of capri-length leggings.

The nursing opening is different on the Jenny, and as you can see, it’s in no way obvious that it is designed for nursing. You pull one side of the chest to expose the band of fabric underneath, which you can then lift up to nurse.

Momzelle Jenny Dress Nursing Opening

If nursing in a regular dress is tricky, nursing in a regular dress while wearing your baby is mission impossible. I’m pretty excited that I can now wear cute summery dresses and nurse Little Miss while she’s in the carrier!

Nursing in Momzelle Dress

By the way, I never figured out nursing Cub when he was in the carrier, and my technique with his baby sister involves loosening the carrier, shifting the baby and stretching my very tiny boob into the right position. No, I will not post a video.

I wish I’d invested in Momzelle clothes with my firstborn, but since I can’t time travel, I will content myself with wearing my Momzelle pieces in heavy rotation for the next two years of breastfeeding!

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  1. Rebecca Enright

    I love Momzelle stuff (from breastfeeding our first) and actually purchased 5 new tops and a dress when you posted a coupon code for them a month or so ago, even though I’m not breastfeeding or pregnant!

  2. Amy Hall

    I would love some nursing specific stuff!

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