Thirsties Natural Fiber AIO Review

Thirsties Natural Fiber AIO Diaper Review

I received compensation and a product sample in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own.

I’m going to clear one thing up straight away. As you likely know, I’m Canadian. I want to spell it fibre. But I’ve made an executive decision. I shall spell it the way it’s spelled on the tag, since Thirsties is an American company. Therefore, fiber it shall be.

When I reviewed the Thirsties One-Size All-in-One last year, the main drawback I identified was that I wished it was made with natural fibers, which would increase its absorbency. Maybe Thirsties reads my blog! More likely, it just seemed like the natural thing to do, considering the popularity of their Duo Hemp Prefold. Why not combine that buttery soft, absorbent hemp/cotton blend with their all-in-one diaper design?!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Thirsties’ new Natural One Size All in One, available in Canada at Cloth Diaper Kids!

Thirsties Natural Fiber AIO

The exterior is identical to Thirsties’ original AIO diaper: two rows of waist snaps, three rise adjustments, designed to fit from
8 – 40 lbs. Open this baby up, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about:


Unlike the regular AIO, the Natural AIO has two soaker pads, plus a strip of TPU (waterproof material) at the front.

Thirsties AIO Inner

Here it is compared to our regular AIO:

Thirsties AIO inner comparison

The Natural AIO  seems to be cut ever-so-slightly larger than the regular AIO, as you can see here:

Thirsties AIO Comparison outer diaper

When using the diaper on the shortest rise, you’ll need to fold the soakers down a bit at the back:

Thirsties soakers folded in on smallest rise

This review is boring. I’m sorry. The honest truth is that the most boring reviews to write are the ones where the diaper just performs well all around. While it sucks for my creative juices, it rocks if you’re looking for an extremely absorbent, trim, affordable, made-in-the-USA, natural fiber all-in-one diaper!

Thristies rear view

The fit is great on Little Miss Cub, who weighs about 19 lbs now. It’s easy to get a good fit without fiddling to pull up the wings, so it’s very user friendly.

Thirsties Side View

I’m a big fan of the TPU strip at the front. If the diaper gets super soaked, there’s no risk of the moisture rising up and wicking onto baby’s pants or shirt. (Great for tummy sleepers and babywearers!)

Thirsties new natural fibre AIO

Because the soakers are only sewn in at one end, and they are also not sewn together entirely, the dry time is really short compared to other natural fibre AIOs in our stash.

Thirsties AIO Soaker Close up

My favourite things about the Thirsties Natural AIO:

  • Eleven layers of absorbency—this thing is THIRSTY (5 hours!)
  • Soakers designed to speed up dry time
  • Nice, trim fit that’s easy to adjust

Things I like less about the Thirsties Natural AIO:

  • Both soakers are sewn in (I’d like for one of the soakers to snap in, allowing you to add or remove one layer of absorbency as needed.)
  • Inner is prone to stains (not a deal breaker by any means, and sunshine will cut through the stains, of course)


Get your Thirsties Natural AIOs at Cloth Diaper Kids

13 responses to “Thirsties Natural Fiber AIO Review”

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  2. Brittany Parzych

    I love all the layers of natural fibers! I also like the TPU layer at the tummy! Thanks for the review.

  3. Josh Dillard

    Love that they are natural. I worked in bedding and two fibers I worked with I loved over all, one was hemp for its moisture wicking, the other is beech tree fiber but the latter I’ve never seen as a fabric. The tpu strip is nice too, and for those who are concerned about what it is, if you have a cell phone case that you can bend, chances are it’s tpu.

  4. Angela SM

    Thirsties has by far my fave prints.

  5. Susanne

    I really like Thirsties hemp inserts so by putting 2 of them into an AIO that just sounds like a really super absorbent diaper already!

  6. Wendy

    Wow! 11 all natural layers of absorbency and designed for quicker dry time! This diaper definitely sounds like one to try. Thank you.

  7. Anel

    I like that there are two soaker pads, plus a strip of TPU )at the front! No belly leaks!

  8. Without the stay dry layer on top will babies feel uncomfortable and wet that may cause rash? I m a cd newbie . I change diaper every 2-3 hours. Thx!

  9. […] front of the diaper and one sewn to the back. They flap when you hold the diaper upside down! The Thirsties Natural AIO and the BumGenius Freetime are like this. You’ll also see versions with only one insert sewn in […]

  10. Jill

    Where are you finding these diapers for $25? Everywhere I look they are $35… which just seems like a lot.

    1. Lindsay

      Great question! I think when they first came out, the Canadian MSRP didn’t reflect the US exchange, so the Canadian prices went up. I would check out the Bummis PURE AIO for a Canadian made alternative that’s marked down for Boxing Day: https://www.cozybums.ca/Bummis-All-In-One-Pure_p_751.html?affid=3

  11. […] quite quickly over to one-size diapers, our favourites are bumGenius 5.0s and Elementals as well as Thirsties Natural AIO and Elemental […]

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