mimiTENS: for babywearing and beyond

mimiTENS- for babywearing and beyondSponsored post.

Socks for babies are stupid. Socks on babies don’t stay put. A lot of baby booties don’t stay put either. Little Miss Cub loses her booties and socks mainly when I’m putting her in and taking her out of her high chair and when I’m wearing her. Babywearing Mamas like me are always on the hunt for footwear that won’t be kicked off and lost, and footwear that doesn’t get pulled off when extracting baby from the carrier. Anna-Maria, who already made stay-put mittens, was challenged by her fans to make an equivalent bootie, one that was washable, leather-free and wouldn’t fall off. 

mimiTENS 2 Look! It’s a bootie-sock hybrid, with no strings attached! With a water-resistant nylon exterior and lined with 3M’s Thinsulate and bamboo/organic cotton rayon fleece, mimiTENS bootie soles are no-slip ultra suede.

mimiTENS 3

I have some super sweet booties in Little Miss’s closet that tie on, and I’d qualify their stay-putted-ness as “good.” Our mimiTENS would have to be categorized as PERFECT. To take baby out of the Huggaloops, you inevitably lose socks, shoes or slippers because you are pulling each foot through the skin-tight waistband. I took Little Miss out of the Huggaloops five times during this photo shoot, and her mimiTENS did. not. budge.

mimiTENS 4

Our mimiTENS are the only slippers that don’t come off every time I pull her out of her high chair. Until it’s warm enough for bare feet, she’ll be wearing them every day in lieu of socks (or in addition to socks if it’s cold enough).

mimiTENS 7

As she gets more and more mobile, I am coming to appreciate our mimiTENS even more than I thought possible. The awkward sort of scoot, sort of crawl she’s doing right now is no match for most footwear.

mimiTENS 8

Her mimiTENS don’t so much as slouch when she’s motoring backwards on a variety of surfaces! Plus, I don’t worry about her legs being cold when she’s just wearing a pair of thin tights, and it’s a bit chilly for our stroll.

mimiTENS 6

But mimiTENS is more than just stay-put mittens and booties. Anna-Maria sent Little Miss Cub one of her bamboo/cotton blend hats and cowls to match. Obviously, these are accessories that are great for any outdoor activity, but I am a particular fan of how functional and fabulous they are when I’m wearing her!

mimiTENS hat, booties and cowl

The mimiTENS cap and cowl come in teal, navy, grey and purple and are nice and neutral. They are cute enough for baby, but totally cool enough for mom and dad, too. I think my kid looks like she should be in a catalogue when she’s rocking her mimiTENS accessories!

mimiTENS 1

I love that mimiTENS are made in Canada, by the way. It’s getting harder and harder to find affordable children’s accessories that are manufactured here, so this was a very pleasant surprise. If you’re looking for booties that your child will never lose, and warm, functional and fashionable accessories to keep them warm outside, look no further than mimiTENS!

mimiTENS 5

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You can buy mimiTENS products on their website or find a retailer near you!

Anna-Maria has just launched a line of adorable toddler and kid baseball caps, check out all the rad designs here!


51 responses to “mimiTENS: for babywearing and beyond”

  1. Sarah

    Ahh! This is brilliant. I’ll have to invest in some of these.

  2. Briana S

    I was just looking at these and the mittens the other day! My daughter never kept her stuff on so I’ve been looking for something to stay on for the next baby.

  3. Erin D

    These are so cute, and super functional! I love that they’ll never fall off to be lost forever 🙂

  4. Elishia

    These are adorable! I love the print!

  5. Amanda R

    Loving how adorable they are and how they look like they stay on good and keep baby warm

  6. Ashley morel

    These look perfect for babywearing. I need a pair 🙂

  7. Emily T

    Love that they will keep my kiddos feet nice and warm and not fall off and get lost.

  8. kathy downey

    What i love most about mimiTENS booties is they are so darn cute and functional

  9. Mandy P.

    Solves two problems in one! Pants riding up, and shoes/socks coming off – Love this! And the fact that LO can wear them anytime is an added perk. Thanks for introducing me to this great product!

  10. Janice

    Would love to win a pair but might have to buy anyways 🙂 once my little one is more mobile we will need something to keep her warm and stay on as well. Great job mimiTens!

  11. Having seen these on Little Miss Cub in person, I NEED these. They are brilliant! I love that they don’t budge!


    I love that these are shoes that will not come off easily.

  13. As a baby wearer I’ve been looking for boots that are long enough to also cover calves for those colder days. This is sheer brilliance! I true ly hope to win a pair!

  14. Leah

    I love the cute prints but most of all I love that these booties don’t budge. Perfect for baby-wearing my fidgety little guy.

  15. Wendy

    Love the adorable prints and stay-on factor!

  16. Elaine R

    I love that they are made in Canada and that they are made to stay on baby.

  17. I love the cute prints.

  18. Jennifer Houle

    Adorable prints!

  19. LeAnn Harbert

    I like they’ll stay on better.

  20. Alissa Garrison

    I love how cute they are, they look so comfy too!

  21. Aurora PL

    I love the hybrid between socks and shoes, just one thing to wear that covers both

  22. Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh I love how absolutely adorable they are!!! Can’t even handle the cuteness!!

  23. Elizabeth Romero

    I love that they wont fall off every second like other baby shoes.

  24. Debbie Clauer

    They look like they will actually stay on!!

  25. Shauna Comire

    I love the different prints they come in!

  26. Susanne

    Would love to have booties/socks that actually stay on!

  27. Laura

    I love how ridiculously cute they are! I also like that they have no-slip soles. 🙂

  28. Melissa P

    I love that they won’t expose bare ankles like our usual sock/pant combination

  29. ColleenMarie

    I love how cute they are and versatile.

  30. Janet M

    I love the idea of stockings and booties combined as I always worried about cold legs and ankles.

  31. Kari Barone

    What I love about MIMITens is their absolute adorableness, style factor, and that they stay on! I would love a pair for my next little one.

  32. Kathy Harrigan

    I love the design, my daughter can’t keep her shoes on so I’d love to try these!

  33. Madison De Lair

    I have yet to try these but I reeeally love the fact that they stay on and would be harder for baby to take off, and they keep babes feet and ankles warm. My son always takes his shoes off or kicks them off when he’s in the Tula. Major pain in the bum. Plus they’re super cute.

  34. Nicky

    i love that they are perfect for baby-wearing! long enough to keep baby’s legs warm, plus they are so cute!

  35. melissa idenouye

    Love these. They look comfy and fit like a glove to any baby, and look like they would actually stay on…especially baby wearing. ..baby looses the shoe or sock and don’t know toll it’s too late

  36. Stella K.

    I love the designs and the fact that they stay on!

  37. Kruthiga Senthil

    My girl would remove the moment I put them on her. Love this cos it stays on!

  38. SarahJ

    They are adorable and would stay on. So cute!

  39. Jennifer Odom

    I love that they stay in place!

  40. Veronique

    I love that they cover the legs while in the carrier

  41. Sunnie

    They are so cute, I like that its combined with footies.

  42. Jennifer S

    I love that they will keep my daughter’s legs covered when babywearing 🙂

  43. KD

    I love that they don’t fall off!

  44. Esther Pelletier

    My daughter will NOT for the life of her keep socks or shoes on and it’s always freezing here. Amazing that these stay on especially through baby wearing. Such a great idea! And cub’s face in that one pic!!!! Priceless

  45. Doriana Hutton

    These look like the perfect accessory for baby wearing 🙂

  46. Cheryl

    I love the designs on them 🙂

  47. Heather w

    These are adorable! Perfect for babywearing & they really look like they don’t easily bunch up.

  48. Stacey Roberson

    I love that the booties pull up to the knee. I always have trouble keeping socks on my little girl’s feet.

  49. Amanda Fontaine

    I love that the booties are long and up to the knee. Perfect for kids that are active.

  50. Tina F

    I love that they wont fall off and that they are non slip

  51. Marie Cole

    These are so cool! I wasn’t even aware anything like this existed. As an avid babywearer I really need to get a pair of these for my son especially with the cold weather rolling in,

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