Huggaloops Multiway Sweater Review

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater Review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review.

I hate when I can’t think of the right introduction to a product review. I just can’t figure out quite how to start this post about the Huggaloops Multiway Sweater. I am toying with a couple of options. If I want to get to the point, I could say: “This made-in-Canada sweater is the only sweater you’ll every need, whether you’re pregnant, nursing, babywearing or beyond those stages.” If I want to be a a touch quirky, I’m leaning towards: “This sweater takes you from #WearAlltheBabies to #WearItABazillionWays.” Maybe I should be succinct? “Go buy this sweater. You’ll thank me later.”

Let’s just jump right in, how about that? The Huggaloops Multiway sweater is two pieces: the sweater and a tube. I honestly thought the tube was just a matching cowl, so I started off just wearing it around my neck. Even then, I thought it was awesome. And while you can definitely use the tube as a cowl, it actually is meant to go around your tummy:

Components of the Huggaloops Multiway Sweater

Wearing the tube around your waist with the sweater portion on top gives you a plethora of styling options, depending on how you want to tuck, wrap or drape the long tails of the top. You are most likely going to catch me wearing it very simply crisscrossed and tied at the back.

Huggaloops Multiway sweater tied at the back

If I’m feeling adventurous, I might wrap the tails around and up over my shoulders to create a nice, drapey scarf look:

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater Draped at Neck

You can use the sweater minus the tube, and wear it more like a bolero. Honestly, this is how I wear it the vast majority of the time, sort of haphazardly tied around my midsection with a t-shirt or tank underneath.

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater Shrug

Sometimes I tie it at the front or the side, depending on my mood. The thing is, you can style this sweater so many more ways than I can even remember, which is why I must direct you to Stacey from Huggaloops’ Multiway Sweater demo video, which shows you how much fun you can have with your sweater!

Huggaloops the brand is best known for its no-wrap, no-tie baby carrier. The Multiway Sweater can be used in conjunction with your Huggaloops Carrier, as a babywearing sweater:

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater for Babywearing

Just wrap it around baby and you’re good to go. You can definitely wear your sweater on top of other carriers, but if you wear it on top of a buckle carrier, it does look a bit lumpy. When we went to Montreal for Easter, Little Miss Cub was sick for the very first time in her life. My normally happy, smiley and personable little baby was stuck to me like velcro. I wore my Huggaloops all day and all night. When she was giving me a break and in the arms of an eager relative or friend, I left my carrier on and just wrapped the Multiway Sweater around myself—you’d never know I was hiding my baby carrier underneath! 

You can use the tube to add an additional layer of warmth by pulling it over both of you (or just use it as a cowl for yourself):

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater as Babywearing Sweater with Tube

A lot of times when I’m babywearing, I don’t actually need anything extra to cover Little Miss, but I do want my own arms covered. In this case, I just wrap the Multiway’s tails under her legs, so it’s like a bolero.

Huggaloops Multiway Sweater on top of baby carrier

The Multiway was the perfect travel companion, keeping me cozy on the sleepless nights (oh, the glory of being away from home with a feverish baby) and keeping me looking put together at Easter brunch despite my bleary eyes. Even though I wore the sweater every day, the different styling options kept things fresh with jeans, leggings and a skirt. It was also just what I needed for the airport and our flights! The tails provided a touch of privacy for nursing in the air. When we went through security, I just popped Little Miss out of the carrier and proceeded through. They didn’t require me to remove the Huggaloops or the sweater.  One of my favourite aspects of the Huggaloops carrier is that you don’t have to remove your coat or sweater in order to undo the carrier and take baby out. This is particularly practical when you’re getting baby in and out of the car. If it’s chilly, I can keep her snuggled under the Multiway until we get to the car, then quickly take her out and put her in her car seat, all the while keeping myself warm!

I’m not going to lie: I struggle with fashion. You will basically never catch me wearing anything even minutely impractical or uncomfortable for the sake of looking good. My Multiway Sweater is my new staple: I can nurse in it, babywear in it and then wrap myself up and look fantastic for my exciting solo trip to the grocery store! But my favourite time to use it is with my most indispensable accessory … this sweet little girl who always manages to outdo me by being more en vogue than her Mama.

Out and about in our Multiway Sweater

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  1. Jocelyn Haatvedt

    I think you really sold it with this review! You and your little lady look adorable.. what an awesome idea. Love!

  2. stacey

    awesome review! thanks Maman Loup <3

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  4. Ariana Gomez

    It really looks practical in special that winter is coming

  5. janie vezina

    love this, a way i could “wrap” baby, people would wonder why i’m always wearing the same sweater.

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