Spray Pal Splatter Shield & Diaper Sprayer Review

SprayPal Splatter Shield and Diaper Sprayer Review

I am very comfortable in admitting what I’m good at. I am super patient with my kids. I am really creative with words. I can type super fast. I am so pro at organization and filing systems. I am also comfortable in telling you that I am ridiculously awful at even the smallest of household repairs. I have caused disproportionate amounts of damage in my attempts to complete the most minute of chores: hanging pictures, building IKEA furniture, installing a new shower head. I told Jen at Spray Pal that I was determined to install my diaper sprayer without my husband’s help and without causing any kind of damage. My husband was sincerely concerned I would flood the house. Jen told me that I was guaranteed to succeed, which just goes to show that my Facebook friends don’t really know me.

At first, my husband and I agreed I would install the sprayer, but that he would supervise, promising not to intervene unless he saw me about to flood the house. Then I realized that the stress of his eyes would make me more prone to making a mistake. I had Little Miss Cub strapped to my chest when I put on my plumber pants while Papa and Cub were out for the afternoon.

SprayPal Diaper Sprayer

So first off, as it says on the box, you really don’t need plumber pants or tools to install your sprayer. Not needing tools is a big advantage for me. When my husband asks me to pass him a tool, and I hand him the wrong thing, I think he assumes something got lost in translation. Nope. I barely know a ratchet from a wrench in English or French.

Here’s what you find when you open up your Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer:

Spray Pal Sprayer Parts

Ultimately, here’s what you need to know: There’s a water source supplying your toilet, either coming out of the floor or out of the wall. I installed the sprayer in our basement, where the water pipe is coming from the wall. That pipe feeds fresh water into your toilet tank when you flush. (If you are rolling your eyes, saying, “Duh,” right now, I’m sorry, but had never thought about this before.) To install your sprayer, the first thing you want to do is turn off the water source (just like turning off a tap), then you want to empty your toilet tank by flushing, since you’re about to unscrew the water pipe that leads to the tank, and you don’t want to flood your bathroom. Then, you just want to add a connection to divert the clean water in the toilet supply line to your sprayer as needed.  It’s like when you’re playing trains, and you use the “Y” shaped piece to branch off your track!

SprayPal connection under toilet

Aside from having to recite “Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty” in my head when unscrewing and attaching the connections, I was able to install my Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer without incident—even with a baby strapped to my chest! In our upstairs bathroom, the toilet supply line comes out of the floor. In our case, the pipe was too rigid to bend it enough in order to accommodate the connector and reattach the line, which is why I installed in the basement, where the toilet supply line tube is coming out of the wall and is a flexible pipe. The Spray Pal sprayer nozzle clips onto the side of the toilet tank, so it’s not in the way.

SprayPal Sprayer Installed

When Cub was a baby, I reviewed the Spray Pal Splatter Shield, which I used with the shower attachment from our bath. I wanted to try a sprayer this time, since in our new house, no shower attachment reaches a toilet. There is no way I would ever apply any kind of water pressure to a poopy diaper without a Spray Pal. Clip the soiled diaper in (if it’s a pocket diaper, remove the inserts first) and snap the Spray Pal together so it forms a force field of poop-protection for you and your bathroom fixtures.

SprayPal in action

Unsnap the Spray Pal and fold it flat, allowing you to squeeze the excess water out of the diaper. Then, carry the diaper to your diaper pail and drop it in! I store our Spray Pal in a wet bag that hangs off the toilet paper holder.SprayPal in a wet bag

We are at the peanut butter poop phase: post exclusive breastmilk, but pre-significant-amounts of solid food. This is the messy stuff. The “ploppable” poop phase seems so far off! These are the diapers that I attempted to dunk and swish (wearing specially designated rubber glove) when I went through it with Cub. When I did eventually get a Spray Pal, and used it with the shower head, the water pressure left much to be desired, since you want a small stream of high pressure water to get the poop off. The pressure from our diaper sprayer gets the critical mass off the diaper quickly and efficiently, and with the Spray Pal, poop is not peppered all over the bathroom. Now of course, poop gets on the Spray Pal. In the best of situations, you are able to clip the diaper at the front, and the clip isn’t coming into contact with any yucky stuff. Before snapping it shut, I tend to spray the inside of the Spray Pal down a bit. But really, it’s going to get poop on it tomorrow, so into the wetbag it goes, even if it’s not pristine. I’d rather have a couple flecks of poop on my Spray Pal than on my bathroom wall.

Having well-sprayed diapers makes cloth diaper laundry a treat! There’s nothing quite so disgusting as finding undigested chunks of food in your washing machine, and the less solid matter that makes it into your diaper wash water, the better. I’ll report back on how often I find I’m using the sprayer as Little Miss gets older and things start solidifying!

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The Spray Pal Splatter Shield and Sprayer are available as a bundle or individually at your favourite cloth diaper retailer!

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53 responses to “Spray Pal Splatter Shield & Diaper Sprayer Review”

  1. Angela

    Hmm, I’d been planning on using a showerhead and a bucket, but this looks so much easier! And the shield makes so much sense. Otherwise there would be poop everywhere! And I’m definitely icked out my poopy CDs in the first place.

  2. pjams

    We don’t unsnap. We just bend one side in to squeeze it out, then drop the diap into a 15L mop bucket and leave the spray pal on top.

  3. Corina

    I absolutely love this idea! Tried using our showerhead and it doesn’t reach the toilet, was very messy indeed. I’m currently using an old ikea dishbrush and a bucket, and the spraypal would be an amazing upgrade. My husband and I would be so grateful if we won this!

  4. Sara Phillips

    Our 6 month old just started solids and this looks like the perfect solution for the change in his diaper output 🙂 Right now we’re just dunking and swishing, which makes cloth diapering much less fun!

  5. Wendy

    This looks like a fantastic product! I would love to gift this to my daughter & son-in- law. Their son is just six weeks old, so they have many diapering days ahead of them! I am sure that this would greatly simplify the pre wash emptying of diapers with far less hassle & mess than I experienced when cloth diapering many years ago.

  6. Jessica C.

    What wet bag is that? I’d love to have one it fits completely into! Couldn’t you take a wipe and wipe down the shield when done spraying? If they clean baby tushies, surely they clean pieces of plsstic…

  7. Oh my gosh, you are just the most hilarious blogger ever! I LOVED the comparison to the train tracks – that was PERFECT! 🙂

  8. Ruth CowgirlAmerica

    I’ve heard so many good things about SprayPal and I’m intrigued! I have a sprayer but it leaks horribly so this would be perfect!

  9. Rachel WG

    I’ve been swish and swirling with the help of a dollar store spatula labelled “poop”. Since I started using fleece liners it’s been pretty easy because I just have to rinse the liner (usually). However I’d love to try a sprayer and spray pal!

  10. Amber Ludwig

    Loooove the Spray Pal!! Idk which I like more actually, the amazing family or their spray pal merch!! Their sprayer and shield are amazing!! Ive seen so many people review it and have heard nothing but fabulous things!! Can’t wait to have one!!

  11. Camille W

    LO is 13mo and we’ve gotten by thus far without a sprayer but every once in a while she delivers a package that makes me wish I had one. LOL.

  12. bianca tarleton

    So… I am going to admit this. We have a toilet in our house that I designated as the poop spray toilet and I never allow guests in that bathroom. because its gross. Now that we are moving and won’t have the “shop bathroom”, a spray pal would be a great idea..

  13. Danielle Petryshyn

    I don’t have a spray pal right now… I just use liners. But I can definitely see how this can be useful!

  14. Jamie S

    i love my spray pal! so helpful, I just store it in the tub in the spare bathroom we never use. Used a larger wet bag for a while and it fit nice, but unsnapping when its wet IS kinda gross. would love to win one for a friend!

  15. Denise Beeman

    I am impressed you installed it yourself! I am a big fan of bidets even before we cloth diapered so my husband has installed 1 in each house we have lived in! The spray pal sprayer does look less complicated to install. I like that it hangs off the toilet so there is no drilling into the walls.

  16. Erin Campbell

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this! I know a perfect momma to be that I would love to gift this to!!

  17. Ellie

    I’m still EBF and am a little terrified of the switch to solids. This makes so much sense to get, thanks for offering one!

  18. Mallarie Duensing

    I really want to try one of these. It looks like it would make dealing with #2’s a lot easier and cleaner.

  19. Cara

    Definitely hoping that the Spray Pal works well! Was planning to use our shower head, but worried about the reach and whether it would have the right spray to do the job!

  20. I would love to have one of these! About to be a first time cloth diaper mom and this would really make it easier on me and my husband =]]

  21. Keara B.

    I’m not going to lie… even though I’ve known about the Spray Pal for a while, I’ve been a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was worth the money. But recent events (like spraying poop in my face) and your review have convinced me that I’d really like to have one. My diaper sprayer is in my tiny powder room, and I wasn’t sure where I’d store something like the Spray Pal. Thank you for sharing your solution- the hanging wet bag looks great! I’d love to try this now. 🙂

  22. Asruh

    After reading this I’m more convinced. I dunk in toilet swish and then throw in wet bag. It’s always messy but I hated thinking of spending the money. Really it sounds worth it. Thank you as always I love reading your reviews!

  23. Tracy Stevenson

    This sounds WAY better than the dunk and swish method!

  24. Amy P

    Thanks for the review! I reallyam looking forward to getting one

  25. Janet M

    I hadn’t heard of this before. It looks easy to use and so practical.

  26. Amber Delorme

    I love reading your reviews, as there Always so informative and their very through when it comes to explaing about the item(s) your reviewing 🙂 I have been wanting a Diaper Pal Spray Kit for as long as I have first seen it, but reading your Review makes me want it that much more 🙂

  27. Courtney south

    Um I need this in my life!!! I’m still learning about all the in and outs of cloth diapering.. I know this diaper sprayer would probably let me cut down on washing so much and the stink of sitting poop waiting for enough diapers to wash .. I so want to win this so very badly! I think it would make washing my cloth diapers easier..

  28. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love this so much!!! We could really use one! I love that it has a clip in it to make it hands free!!

  29. Fallon

    This is very neat I would love to try it!

  30. Monet Sinor

    Your product looks great! I have been rinsing my cloth diapers in the sink after emptying the solid contents into the toilet. It has been such a mess! I would love to use your products. It would save me a lot of trouble!

  31. Kayla

    What a great idea of how to store the spray pal so it isn’t dripping all over the bathroom floor!

  32. Kayla28

    What a great idea of how to store the spray pal so it isn’t dripping all over the bathroom floor!

  33. Amy Heffernan

    This would be so great for cleaning.

  34. Lindsey Beaulieu

    Would love this for spraying off our cloth!

  35. Susanne

    I just noticed that you need clearance space above the tank in order to attach the sprayer when it’s not being used. I wouldn’t be able to attach the sprayer to my toilet tank because I have a granite counter a few inches above the lid of the tank. Are there other ways for you to attach the sprayer??

  36. Jona Lugg

    I was just asking about this in a cloth diaper group!!! Thanks for the link!! Anyways you answered all my questions. THANKS. I am preparing for the introduction of solids to my EBF babe….yikes… looks like I may have to invest in one. That is if I don’t win one ?

  37. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review,this would be perfect to have in the home.

  38. kassie

    We will be using cloth diapers very shortly, this seems so convenient!

  39. We are getting to the peanut butter poop phase too and I was wondering what to do, whether it should be liners or the spray. I’ve been meaning to get the spray but felt quite intimidated not quite sure how to go about installing or using it! I think I’ll have to get myself one now!

  40. Nicole V.

    I’m a firm believer in cloth diapering and this would make the rather nasty job of cleaning them off so much easier. I recently found out about these sprayers but this is the first one I’ve seen that comes with the splatter guard, and I LOVE THAT!!! These are just the sort of things that make a busy new mom’s life so much easier! 🙂

  41. Dianne G.

    My daughter in law has one of these for my grandson’s diapers. It is very easy to use and makes cleanup of diapers so much easier. I wish this would have been available when I had babies.

  42. Laura

    This sounds like a great product. Seems like a necessity for cloth diapering. 🙂

  43. Anel

    I love that you can wring out the diaper while it’s still in the Spraypal. I have not managed to be able to not touch the diaper after spraying it though! Still working on it!

  44. Melissa F

    The splatter shield is genius! Love how it folds to fit in a wet bag for easy storage. Definitely would prefer this over dunking and swishing I think.

  45. Madison De Lair

    This is awesome! I definitely need one. I’ve been wanting to invest in a diaper sprayer for so long now! Must have for sure.

  46. Elishia

    We have never used a sprayer, but I love the idea of the splatter guard!

  47. There are so many great uses for a spray pal I would love to own one!

  48. Heather walborn

    We had our first solid poop last week & I am on the lookout for a sprayer/shield. I have heard great things about spraypal – thanks for the review! Hoping to get one soon <3

  49. Isabel Whited

    Spray Pal seems to be quite the useful tool. This would be an easier alternative than my dunk and swish….

  50. Holly B

    I definitely need this. I make a mess every single time.

  51. Viv Sluys

    I love the idea of a splatter shield and a sprayer! I can’t even remember how we rinsed diapers with my last baby. I think we just swished in the toilet…
    I definitely plan to get a sprayer when my little baby stops being EBF!
    I really love that the spray pal has the clip to hold the diaper there. Thanks for the tutorial on installing the sprayer!

  52. […] kids’ bathroom and one in the powder room on the main floor. Poopy diapers get sprayed using our Spray Pal shield and sprayer, and I leave them flat in a basin in the laundry room rather than going back upstairs to the […]

  53. […] SprayPal Cloth Diaper Splatter shield is a life saver when it comes to poo diapers. This must have cloth accessory is easily stored next to your toilet, in the cabinet or in a wetbag. In addition to a sprayer, this shield keeps your walls, toilet and legs free from flying particles while allowing you to quickly and effectively spray diapers clean! Follow the SprayPal family on their social media channels and you’ll instantly fall in love with the bunch! Maman Loup’s Spray Pal review can be found here. […]

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