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This is the last trainer review. I promise. And it’s the perfect style of trainer to end the trainer testing: a trainer that doesn’t actually have a waterproof layer!

Wait what? No waterproof layer? Nope! Sloomb Trainers are organic cotton underwear with an absorbent bamboo fleece layer where it counts. For nap time or overnight, you can pair the trainers with a wool cover to provide a waterproof layer, and if you’re not big into wool, you can totally throw a PUL cover on top.

Sloomb Trainers FrontThe great news is that even overnight, Cub can wear his Sloomb trainers without a waterproof cover! That’s right, we are experiencing dry nights. I like him to be in his Sloombs so that in the morning, if my hands are full with the baby, he still has some backup on his way to the toilet.

His Sloombs look the most like regular underwear of everything we’ve tried, so he has been wearing them to preschool. Nothing “diaper like” peeking out of his sweats, but I’m reassured that if he can’t quite make it to the toilet, his little dribble won’t get on his pants. He is really, really not adept at pulling his own pants down yet, so he seems to want to hold it til we are home and I can help him. 

Sloomb on the bumI think this is mainly a boy thing, but I’ve noticed sometimes he’s not done peeing when he thinks he’s done. His Sloomb underwear also catch those “oops I thought I was done” dribbles. 

Sloomb Trainers are ridiculously soft. They are, quite frankly, much nicer than any undergarments I own. Even once potty training is totally over and dribbles are a thing of the past, he’ll probably still wear these as normal underwear because they don’t look or feel like trainers at all. 


Cub has the Size 2s (34″-38″ / 27-36 lbs), and they’re even a bit baggy on him. He is 35 lbs, so I’m glad we didn’t choose the Size 3s! The only thing I don’t like about our Sloomb Trainers is how long they take to dry. They are still quite damp after a full dryer cycle (90 minutes), so I have to hang them to finish drying at least overnight. The recommended wash instructions are to dry on low or hang to dry. If I want to be able to use them, I definitely have to dry them on “Normal” temperature, and even then they are still slightly damp.

I would recommend Sloomb Trainers for kids who are not having full pee accidents anymore. If you’re not quite there, pairing these trainers with woollies or a PUL cover for overnights, naps or outings will give you peace of mind when leaks need to be avoided. Of all the trainers we have reviewed, these are most definitely the most like “big kid” underwear.

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Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot now carries a variety of Sloomb products: Underwoolies, Overnight Bamboo Fitteds, Play Woolies, Wool Covers, and of course, Trainers.

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81 responses to “Sloomb Trainers Review”

  1. I wish I would have known about these when my older daughter was potty training. She didn’t like the cloth trainers we had because she thought they were diapers.

  2. I think these would be perfect for my little one. They are adorable.

  3. Tanaira johnson

    These look super adorable.. I love the colors and sizing options. The absorbency level looks perfect.. I would love to get some for my neice.

  4. Amanda Austin

    My son is three now and resisting toilet training. I think these might be a great solution. He’s wearing kushies trainers now but I don’t like the pul layer. I like that the sloomb has absorbency but without a waterproof layer. I would probably put wool pants over them, though.

  5. Jodi Armstrong

    these would’ve been perfect for potty training because we skipped trainers and went right to undies but had a few oops! didn’t make it in time moments and these would’ve been perfect.

  6. Amber Ludwig

    Love them!! They are ADORABLE!! Love that they are super soft and super comfy!!

  7. Amber Ludwig

    I would put my money towards a pack of trainers for my 3 year old!!

  8. Amy Hall

    I haven’t tried them yet

  9. Rachel WG

    Those look amazingly comfy! I’d love to try them on my little one.

  10. Aleisha

    We use these for my 3 yr old at nights just in case. They fit large especially the leg hole which makes it easier to pull down for quick bathroom trips. Only trainers you need

  11. When it comes time to potty learn I’ll definitely be using trainers from sloomb.

  12. Kim Keen

    We really like these trainers. I do wish they came in one size smaller too tho as my DD was very small when she potty trained/learned.

  13. Jen W

    I’d love to try the trainers on my son. Great review.

  14. Cindy Peterson

    Sloomb look like “real” undies that makes them a thumb up in my book

  15. I’m so glad you reviewed these! I’ll eventually need trainers and I was wondering if the price was worth it. I’m familiar with the great quality of their fitted so I’m pleased these can be added to my diapering system!

  16. Camille W

    We’re not at the point to need trainers yet but these look great. I have a feeling my daughter is going to be quite opinionated so I’d love to be ready with trainers that don’t look like diapers.

  17. Daniela Plume

    They look well made and comfortable

  18. Danielle Petryshyn

    These are adorable! I’d love to win them for my son!

  19. Jamie S

    I love that they look and feel soft and like regular underwear. I’m also not a fan of the long drying time, but I’m used to it with some “favorites”

  20. We are about to start potty training, and I’ve been on the fence about spending the extra money on Sloomb trainers vs the standard waffle ones at Walmart. Your post convinced me to try them!

  21. Denise Beeman

    It would be so hard to choose! I might get two multi fitteds but we are headed towards potty training so those trainers look amazing!

  22. Denise Beeman

    I love the thought of catching the little dribbles and the feel of real underwear in a cloth trainer. This might not be the first step but would be an awesome last step!

  23. Marian

    I didn’t know Sloomb made trainers! I’m huge fan of their overnight fitteds. These trainers look so soft. I especially like that they are more like underwear but work as a back up for small accidents. I’m going to look into getting some for my son. Thanks for the review 🙂

  24. Emma Ishmael

    These look excellent! Hoping to start potty training this summer. We’ve got pooping in the toilet down pat, but we need to work on pee 😉

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  26. Stella K.

    I love how absorbent these are compared to store bought training pants.

  27. Isabel Whited

    I like the idea of cloth trainers. Not only would they be a great way to help my son transition to regular underwear, but they would also help ME to transition. Lol. I’m going to miss all these cute diapers and I have a feeling this is my last baby! I still get cuteness before we go to regular underwear.

  28. Rebecca k

    So much better then the pull ups they sell in the store!

  29. I don’t have a kid that is potty training yet but my sister in law does and she would love these. =]]

  30. Sunnie

    These look really good, I like how thick they are!

  31. Brittany K

    I would love to try these with my potty training 2 year old!

  32. Janet M

    They look like underwear. I think they are great.

  33. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These trainers look absorbent, but not too bulky! They look like they would be so easy to pull up and down and would feel comfy on!

  34. Julie L

    I love how they look and feel like regular underwear!

  35. Carole Dube

    They look very comfortable and absorbent. They would be wonderful to help train my youngest granddaughter.

  36. Kari Barone

    I love the fact that Sloomb trainers look and feel like real underwear. These would be great for my son who is potty trained during the day. He will occasionally have dribbles when he is overtired or in new surroundings. I would love these for out and about. I love everything Sloomb that I own.

  37. Keara B.

    I would have loved to have these for my oldest! She needed a trainer at night for quite some time, but hated the ones with a bulky layer to absorb wetness. These look incredibly soft. I’d love to try them with my youngest!

  38. Susanne

    These Sloomb trainers look like real underwear and not diaper-like at all. They also look super soft and comfy!

  39. Dotty J Boucher

    I love the potty pants in pistacio dots, , I am actually helping training one right now, so these would help.

  40. Alicia C

    These trainers look both comfortable and absorbent. Perfect for my LO who will be going through potty training soon.

  41. Amber L

    I like that they look like regular underwear as opposed to thick diapers. So many trainers look like old long johns

  42. KD

    I have other training pants in cotton with hidden fleece. They are great, but also take an eternity to dry! Sloomb is a high-quality brand, so I’d love to try these!

  43. KD

    I would love to buy a wool cover in cake for my new baby. It’s a gorgeous colour!

  44. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love these trainers, wish there’d been something like this around when mine were little. I’d definitely put a cover on at night though. I well remember when I had to leave my oldest without a diaper on for a fortnight – these would have been ideal then. 🙂

  45. Amanda Lea

    I would love to get the size 2 trainers for future potty training and a wool cover!

  46. Amanda Lea

    I like that they are soft and look like big kid underwear

  47. Dotty J Boucher

    I love the training pants, I think they are adorable and easy to use for the little one,

  48. ElHelen Banner

    I love these trainers – I think they are adorable. I’ve been wondering how you transition from cloth diapers to potty training!

  49. Lindsey Beaulieu

    Great for potty training

  50. Tracy Stevenson

    I like that they look like real underwear.

  51. Nicole V.

    These look wonderful! We use bamboo everything, so these are right up our alley!!! 😀

  52. Hannah Avery

    They look really lovely! Probably perfect for my daughter right now!

  53. Robyn Bellefleur

    I think these are so cute and very practical.

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  55. Erica P.

    I’d love to use this gc for a few fitteds. 🙂

    1. Erica P.

      Also: I agree– these trainers are nicer undergarments than anything I’ve ever owned! Lol.

  56. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review on the Sloomb Trainers ,this sound like a very good quality product

  57. Laurie P

    These trainers look super cozy….sloomb products all look cozy!

  58. Amanda Chapman

    I would love to see if these would fit my 5 year old, and if they would hold his bedtime accidents.

  59. Laurie P

    Super Undies would be great to have too!

  60. Holly B

    These look so comfy!! I want a pair – haha! Great review 🙂

  61. Lela Beauchene

    My littlest little is very eager to use the toilet. She turned 2 today. I’ve been looking at different trainers and I love that these are organic and offer some protection for accidents. I would definitely consider these!

  62. Jennifer

    I think we would love these. I love that they are soft. And the colors are pretty.

  63. Leela

    They would be perfect for my little one.

  64. aimee

    i love the colors and they are super cute. They look so soft too. These would be great to have around for when I potty train my third child. I just got done potty training my second child

  65. Elizabeth Romero

    I love that you can reuse them, wish i had this when i was potty training my little one.

  66. Aurora PL

    I have not tried any slob product yet, but would love in a near future

  67. Holly B

    I would like to try the Sloomb Play Woolies too.

  68. Jenn Hen

    they look so comfy and nice but waaay too pricey for my budget unfortunately!

  69. Cherry Smith

    Quite a detailed review of a pretty good product. Thanks.

  70. Laura

    The Sloomb Trainers sound great! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  71. Anel

    I didn’t know Sloom made trainers! I would put the $ towards these, or some play woolies!

  72. Anel

    These look super soft! You didn’t mention that you had to prep them like regular wool, so I like that! I also like that you don’t have to use them with a cover!

  73. Emily Bavaro

    These look amazing! I love that they look like big boy pants.

  74. Melissa F

    I love how comfortable these trainers look. And also how much they look like real underwear! These would be great for my 2 year old.

  75. denise low

    I think that these are so cute. And many styles to choose from. Thank you for sharing.

  76. Elishia

    We have a few years until we have to worry about rainers, but I love how cute these are!

  77. Judy Cox

    I have two great grandsons that are about the right age for these. Either would look so cute in them.

  78. Melanie P.

    Can’t wait to try these! I love how absorbent they are and how they can be used as real underwear.

  79. Heather walborn

    I honestly had no idea sloomb made trainers but these are super cute!

  80. crystal gibson

    I would have to get the peppermint and orange lip balm for myself. I have a niece that is expecting so I would get the mango mama bump butter and a few other goodies for her.

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