MiaMily Hipster Review

MiaMily Hipster Review
I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

I tend to envision baby carriers on a spectrum, ranging from the least structured and most complicated to use (a wrap) all the way to the most structured, awkward to put on but pretty self-explanatory metal-frame hiking carrier.

In between those two extremes you’ll see variations on the wrap, the sling, the mei tai, and every possible variety of soft structured carrier (SSC). Somewhere along this spectrum, past the SSCs but still far from the hiking backpacks sits something I’ve never seen before: the MiaMily Hipster.MiaMily Front Carry Facing In
(Just as an aside, how excited was I to finally find a brick wall to pose in front of?!) The MiaMily Hipster is so different from the other buckle carriers we’ve tried, mainly because it comes with a built-in seat.MiaMily Waist Band with SeatYup, that is a seat that goes around your waist! If you are not blessed with child-bearing hips, you are probably like me and have terrible posture when carrying a child on your hips. I have to lean over to one side to make enough space to balance baby.MiaMily Hip Carry no strapsYou can wear the MiaMily’s waistband all on its own, perching baby on your hip or your front, baby facing inwards or outwards. At first I felt a bit ridiculous wearing the waistband this way around the house. But I confess, I started to find it pretty darn practical.

The MiaMily comes with two front panels that are zipped and clipped onto the waistband, depending on what kind of carry you’d like to do.MiaMily Strap Options

It’s really easy to attach and detach the two front panels. The double-shoulder panel is for front and back carries. The single-shoulder panel is for a variety of hip carries.

MiaMily Attaching Straps to Waist Belt

Two-Shoulder Carry: Baby Facing Out

Wearing baby facing out can get a bad rap in the babywearing world. For sure, you should not be facing baby outwards until she is at the age and stage recommended by the manufacturer. Baby must be fully supporting her neck. MiaMily doesn’t specify an age, saying only that the “child must face towards you until he or she can hold head upright,” and also stating in the user manual that the carrier is not usually suitable for babies under 4 months old. 

One of the primary complaints people have about wearing baby facing forward is that baby has nowhere to bury her head if she feels overwhelmed by her surroundings. I personally prefer to carry my babies facing inwards, and my babies have both been extremely content being worn this way. That said, I have met babies who adore facing outwards and really, really dislike facing in. I trust parents to listen to their forward-facing baby: if she gets sleepy, scared or overstimulated, she will let you know!

The other issue with forward-facing baby carriers is ergonomics. The most famous forward-facing carrier is likely the Bjorn (think Zach Galifianakis in “The Hangover”), which leaves babies “dangling” rather than sitting

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has designated the MiaMily Hipster as “hip healthy,” and with good reason:MiaMily Front Facing Carry

The built-in seat allows you to seat your baby in a position that is totally safe for her hips, and undeniably comfortable. MiaMily
No dangling to speak of! Little Miss Cub seemed quite content when we snapped our pictures. We haven’t been out and about forward facing aside from this photo shoot since it’s not my preferred carry style. That said, I was so excited to let a friend of mine give the front-facing carry a whirl at a recent playdate. Her one-year-old son detests facing inwards, and seeing this Mama happily wearing her boy—with both of them so comfortable—made this whole baby-gear blogging thing even more worthwhile!

Two-Shoulder Carry: Baby Facing InForward Facing in MiaMily Hipster
First-time babywearers make a few common mistakes. There’s the “Ryan Reynolds,” where the baby’s feet are under the waistband of the carrier. There’s the issue of wearing baby too low, and sometimes parents struggle to get a correct seat, not “scooping” the child deep enough into the carrier’s front panel. It is basicallyimpossible to use the MiaMily Hipster incorrectly. MiaMily Using Nap Hood
That’s the beauty of the built-in seat: it puts baby in the perfect position, every time. The waistband of the MiaMily is extra-wide, and secures around your waist with both a buckle and velcro. It reminds me of those supportive waistbands you see worn by hardware store employees who do lots of heavy lifting. The MiaMily also comes with a waistband extender, allowing for a maximum circumference of 59 inches.

Two-Shoulder Carry: Back Carry

Unlike the other buckle carriers in our collection, which allow for a back carry anywhere from 4 months (Lenny Lamb) to 12 months (Tula), the MiaMily doesn’t recommend their back carry position until 18 months. I will grant that manufacturers err on the side of caution with their age recommendations, but I’m not about to suggest you flout those guidelines. The upper weight limit for the MiaMily is 40 lbs, and when Cub felt he could walk no further during our recent nature walk, I was finally able to test out the back carry. For him, it’s like he’s riding on a comfy chair. For me, it doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a chair on my back!MiaMily Back Carry
It was surprisingly comfortable carrying him for the remainder of our walk. Cub loved it up there, and I think he loved being able to see up over my shoulders and ham it up for some selfies.MiaMily Back Carry Selfie  We stopped regularly wearing Cub on our backs just before he turned three, and now it’s really a once-in-a-blue-moon occurence. That said, I know there are plenty of toddlers who still want to be carried and are as big as Cub, and I was definitely happy with the way the MiaMily performed for a back carry.

One Shoulder Carry: Hip Carry

Unlike with other buckle carriers, you actually swap out the front panel of the MiaMily when you want to do a hip carry. I am not a big fan of hip carries in any type of carrier, since I don’t feel like it leaves my arms free. That said, I prefer the hip carry with the MiaMily to the hip carry with the other buckle carriers we use. You can hip carry with baby facing outwards or inwards.

MiaMily Side CarryYou can use it on whichever shoulder you prefer. As with all MiaMily carry-styles, you are guaranteed a perfect position for baby thanks to that built-in seat!Mia Mily Facing-in Side Carry

Other MiaMily Features:

The MiaMily comes with its own transport bag which folds into a little pouch when not in use.MiaMily Travel BagBoth the one-shoulder and two-shoulder carrier pieces feature a removable front panel. Unzip it to reveal a mesh window to help keep baby cool.MiaMily Ventilation The MiaMily also comes with a set of suck pads which match the detachable nap hood.MiaMily Snap-on nap hood
Pros of the MiaMily Hipster

  • Super user-friendly design allows even first-time babywearers to get baby properly positioned;
  • I can use it to wear both my 17-lb, 7-month-old daughter and my 35-lb, 3-year-old son (if he lets me);
  • Built-in seat ensures child’s comfort for long periods (if I was going to be worn, I’d want to be sitting in the MiaMily);
  • Multiple carrying options, all of which are ergonomic and comfy for child and wearer;
  • A truly ergonomic seat for a baby facing fowards, no risk of “crotch dangling” concerns;
  • Removable front panel for babywearing in warmer weather;
  • Included waistbelt extender;
  • Front storage pouch and small storage pocket on the waistband;
  • Very wide and extremely supportive waistbelt;
  • Machine washable & stain resistant;
  • Removable nap hood;
  • Included accessories (teething pads and tote bag) are a nice bonus.

Cons of the MiaMily Hipster

  • No “infant insert” currently available to allow use from birth (granted, I prefer a wrap for wearing newborns anyway); [They will be coming out with one soon!]
  • The built-in seat means you can’t leave the carrier around your waist when you are sitting in the car (I tend to run errands with a carrier strapped around my waist at all times, so I definitely noticed this.);
  • Recommended for back carries later than most other brands;
  • I would personally prefer a softer, more cuddly outer material rather than the 100% nylon, but the 100% nylon is easy to clean and stain resistant, so that may be a selling point for others!

Bottom Line

The MiaMily is easy on, easy off. The built-in seat is such a game changer for parents who are intimidated by regular structured carriers. It was a game changer for my friend, whose 12-month-old son was thrilled to be riding forward-facing at a recent play date. The wide waistband, with its dual closure using both velcro and a buckle, is extremely supportive, and the removable front panel is a nice touch for those doing a lot of babywearing in warm weather. The current “sale” price on is $119 US, and I think that’s a fair price for such a versatile carrier that comes with all the necessary accessories out of the box. (As with anything right now, it’s less appealing if you’re paying in Canadian dollars… sorry about that, eh!)

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  3. Heather McKenzie Carter

    I actually LOVE the seat on the waist. I love that! I have never seen it before. I have an almost 3 year old and an almost 2 year old (and one on the way) and I feel like this could be used for any of them.

  4. Dena

    This looks like a really versatile carrier!!

  5. Nicole 🙂

    Not only does this look stylish but it also sounds very practical! This would be perfect for wearing my LO at my son’s Dragon Boat competitions this summer!!

  6. Andrea Williams

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  7. Lisa Garland

    I have been looking at baby carriers for my daughter, who is due in July. This is such a unique carrier, I really like the idea of just the waistband for around the house. Live the built in seat, what a wonderful idea!!

  8. sara m

    Really cool! I’d like to try the front facing option with my daughter!

  9. kathy downey

    Thanks for the detailed review,very nice carrier!

  10. Mandy Perzel

    The separate seat looks amazing! I have problems getting my LO positioned correctly in the carrier that I have now, and I never can tell if I’m doing it exactly right. Although, like you, I tend to wear the carrier in between errands so not being able to do that would be on my con-list also.

  11. Ashley

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  12. Corrie

    Looks amazing and versatile! Awesome review as always ?

  13. Nina Velez

    Thanks for your honest review! It sounds awesome! I would love to try this out with my big guy!

  14. JoB

    It definitely comes with a lot of accesories you have to buy separately with other carriers – the hip seat is a neat feature too; I especially notice how offset I have to be to carry my little one on my hip now that we’re expecting number two!

  15. Wendy

    This appears to be an extremely versatile carrier! I think this would definitely be a great product to have when travelling – so many options in one product. Thank you for the review.

  16. Jennie

    Thanks for a great review! I’ve never heard of a carrier like this before! I’d most definitely love to try it out! I like the research about outward facing with this carrier, but I’d honestly be too nervous to wear my baby facing outward. It’s too ingrained in me to face my baby inward. But I’d still get a lot of use out of this carrier!

  17. Rekha

    Built in seat is so original and I suspect would be so helpful! My LO is going through an attachment phase so having just a quick seat to perch her on would be great. I am throwing out my back to do it right now. I also really like how the back seat support would work. I’m all about back support, so this has really caught my attention! And 9 carry wayse… so versatile!

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  25. Camille W

    I love that there’s a proper seat for forward facing! My husband likes to carry forward facing but I cringe whenever I see how this positions her hips. Love this feature!

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    Thanks for the great review! I found it very helpful as a new first time mom and new to all the baby wearing options. This looks pretty foolproof and versaile.

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    Plus…those baby jeans are so cute!

  28. Susanne

    This looks like a carrier I could actually use! My little guy is like your friend’s 12month old. But he also seems to suffer a lot more when teething so he “needs” to be carried around constantly when a tooth is coming.

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  34. Brittany Hardin

    They both look so comfy! I love how they can be carried in so many ways! I also love the color ? My littles love to be carried. My 2 year old wants me to carry her still and I believe this would help so I can be hands free. Especially during work outs! ?

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    This carrier looks ready neat! Love how easy the hip carry looks!

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    What a versatile carrier! I love all of the different ways you can wear it. I also like that it holds up to 40 lbs!

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    I saw lots of parents wearing this style of carrier when we were on vacation and felt too awkward going up to ask them about it. Thanks for the great review and now I finally know the brand! This would be great to carry my tall babe!

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    I love how versatile it is–it will be great to have a carrier that can see my baby through all stages!

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    OMG I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this full insight and knowledgeable Review..It totally answered any and All question’s that I have when buying a new baby carrier 🙂 I totally dig the seat on the waist (it totally looks super Comfy and that to me is a plus, especially for wearing most of time, whether needing to wear outside or inside of the home)..I also love that I have never seen a carrier like this before.

  62. Mylène Bélanger

    Like you, I don’t have much hips, so I think I would love to use just the belt for my 2 and a half years old who love to be in my arms, especially if I can’t hold him 😉

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    This carrier seems so versatile! I love the hip carry! I have a hard time getting the hip carry to work on my other carrier, but this seems easy

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    I’m intrigued by that waist band/seat. Thanks for such a detailed review

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    This is the first I’ve heard of a carrier like this, very interesting! I like that it makes it easy for first time baby wearing moms to get a good seat.

  66. Amy Amerson

    This carrier sounds great! Might be a bit complicated; I could see myself losing parts, but at the same time all the options are great. The mesh option caught my eye bc I live in FL and many carriers and wraps are too hot. Also the teething things bc my baby chews on the top rail of my wrap all the time!

  67. Linda O

    My 7-month old daughter would love that seat! We do lots of hiking, and this carrier looks like it would be great! I would love to try it.

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    I really like how you tried to liken the carrier to items with which we might already be familiar. I also liked how you discussed the outward facing option on this carrier and reminded us that it can be done safely in a couple different ways/positions.

  69. This looks amazing! I loved my Boba when my youngest was tiny, but now that she is 8 months old I feel like the Boba doesn’t support well enough, and our other carrier is better is for toddlers. This looks like it would be a perfect solution.

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  79. I have honestly been in the market for a new carrier for months. We were handed down a snuggli that I cannot adjust the back shoulder strap, so its always falling off of me. As well as baby is not in an ergonomic position i am not comfortable when I wear it. The MiaMilly is great! I find that there is so much going on with carriers out there, that I get overwhelmed testing them. This one seems easy to use and comfortable for baby. Thank you for another fabulous review and giveaway.

  80. Mary P

    Whoa the built in seat looks cool! And this is so versatile!

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    1. pjams

      *crabby! 🙁 My baby’s so not crappy. He’s lovely. 😀

  84. Alicia chen

    So versatile! Also, I actually appreciate that the carrier is made of nylon. I like the durability of it, and it’s not like I’ll be wearing a naked baby. There will always be a layer of breathable cotton between baby and carrier.

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  99. Gina

    I’m due in May and have been researching babywearing options. Your reviews are always so helpful! I’ve never seen a carrier with a seat like this one, it looks very comfy for mom and babe.

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    This carrier looks awesome!! I absolutely love the built in seat, and I know that my baby girl would too! The back position would especially helpful to me as I also have a 3 and 6 year old to chase around and this leaves my hands completely free! I love baby wearing! 🙂

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    What I know about baby carrier would fill a thimble………….. I hope to win this for my niece who is due Sept 16th and she is having a little girl…………. Great Aunt would be so happy to win this.

    You told and showed the different ways to carry a child. Some of the problems and how to solve carrying. Its a lot of information.

    CUTE KID love the eyes

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