Super Undies Hybrid Undies Review

Super Undies Hybrid Trainers Review
I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

This is, if all goes according to plan, my last cloth trainers review until Little Miss Cub hits this trying stage in a couple of years. While my first potty training pant reviews lamented the epic fail that was potty training at our house, I am writing this one from a happier place. A place where Cub hasn’t had a full accident (as in, a full pee that doesn’t make it into the toilet at all) for almost a month. Having always struggled with “regularity,” with or without diapers, I’m also psyched that he’s got his poop in a group.

The reason I’m still putting Cub in trainers at all is because he still lets out dribbles and… um… let’s call them “smudges” before we get to the toilet. That’s why I chose to review Super Undies’ Hybrid Undies: like an all-in-two cloth diaper system, you only need to swap out the soiled insert rather than change the whole pant. (Super Undies also makes pull-on, single-use training undies and overnight undies, depending on your child’s needs.)

You can purchase the Hybrid Undies shell on its own, pairing it with inserts already in your stash, or choose to include Super Undies inserts. We received their microfiber inserts, which are three layers of absorbency topped with athletic wicking jersey.

Super Undies Hybrid Trainers Kit

The included inserts snap into the Hybrid Undies shell.
Super Undies Hybrid Shell and Insert
If you already have prefolds or other inserts that can go directly against the skin, you can easily tuck them into the Hybrid Undies elasticized opening:

Super Undies Hybrids Inner
Hybrid Undies feature two rows of side snaps for a perfect waist fit. The side snaps also make it easier to remove the undies in case of a messy accident. Another advantage: not having to remove shoes and pants in a cramped bathroom stall if you need to change them. You can get them completely on or off without removing pants and shoes in a public bathroom stall!

Super Undies Hybrid Trainers Side ViewHybrid Undies come in sizes small, medium and large, and have one row of rise snaps.
The sides are stretchy, meaning they can be easily pulled on and off like underwear.

Hybrid Undies are meant to aid in potty learning because the insert sits slightly away from the body: “Instead of peeing and feeling warm… a small puddle is created [making the child] feel wet!”

Although he is 35 lbs, Cub is a lean 35 lbs. He received the large (35-45 lbs), but I suspect he actually needs the medium. With potty learning advancing so well, there wasn’t really a point in trading in for a smaller pair, and I was able to appreciate the functionality of the Hybrid Undies despite them being a bit too big. Super Undies Front View

The trainers that we’ve tested that are most similar to Super Undies’ Hybrid Undies are Flip Trainers. What I liked about our Flips was that you could use other inserts in them. What I disliked was that the PUL left a rash on Cub’s inner thighs. Super Undies do not leave any rash, meaning he can comfortably wear them all day and all night. The elasticized opening for the insert is also much more accommodating of inserts of any brand, and I like that the included inserts snap in rather than attach with velcro. (Note that Flip Trainers are a “one size” option, while Hybrid Undies are sized.)

The one improvement I would suggest for Hybrid Undies would be an insert option without the top wicking fabric layer. The wetter the child feels, the better, and the wicking fabric does create a “stay dry” effect (desirable for cloth diapers, not as desirable for trainers). That said, I love that you can purchase the shells on their own, meaning you can use whatever inserts you want. You can even use the shell as if it were a cloth diaper shell, since you can add enough absorbency to last a child who is still peeing full pees at night, for car rides, or for a child who really wants “pull ups” but isn’t quite ready.

Shop & Connect

You can purchase Super Undies online at SuperUndies.com, or find a retailer near you.

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3 responses to “Super Undies Hybrid Undies Review”

  1. These are really nice. I love the style and print. They look like they will keep your baby dry.

    1. Leslie M

      I really want to try these!! My guy will just use them like a diaper for the moment but I want him to be able to pull them up and down. Is there anywhere in Canada that sells just the shells?

  2. Sandra Caballero

    I have two of super undies. Can’t wait to use them when my baby girl is ready for them.

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