Funky Fluff’s *new* Lux Wicking Jersey Diaper Review

Funky Fluff's New Lux Wicking Jersey Diaper Review

I received this product in my capacity of Social Media Manager for Funky Fluff. All opinions remain my own.

In case you’re brand new to Funky Fluff diapers, they have traditionally always come in two choices of inner fabric: stay dry or bamboo. The stay dry diaper is made with a 100% polyester suede cloth material, and is called “stay dry” because moisture passes through the fabric to the absorbent insert, meaning the layer closest to baby’s bum feels relatively dry to the touch. The bamboo-inner diaper is made with a bamboo terry fabric (it’s loopy, like a towel) that is 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester. Aside from the difference in fabric composition, the most noticeable difference between these two diapers is that the stay dry diaper is not as stretchy. You can see my full review of the Funky Fluff Lux Stay Dry & Bamboo diapers here.

I have been privy to a little Funky Fluff secret since before Christmas, and I’ve kept it well, I think! That secret? Funky Fluff is launching a third diaper option: Athletic Wicking Jersey, commonly referred to in cloth diapering circles as “AWJ.” 

Funky Fluff Stay Dry - AWJ - Bamboo Inners

Athletic Wicking Jersey is basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fibre most typically used to make athletic gear, such as jerseys. It has thousands of tiny holes, making it breathable.Funky Fluff AWJ Inner

It feels dry to the touch, since moisture passes right through, and it is just as stretchy as bamboo terry.

Little Miss Cub in Coral AWJ Funky FluffThe added stretch means we are securing our AWJ diaper on the same waist settings as our Bamboo models, which is tighter than what we use for the Stay Dry version.

Little Miss Cub in Funky Fluff CoralWhat’s great about this is that kids who may be on the largest waist setting in Stay Dry Funky Fluff diapers (meaning the hip snap is left unsnapped) can likely have the hip snap snapped in the AWJ version. 

Besides the stretchier fit, the AWJ inner makes for easier pocket stuffing. If purchasing as a system, Funky Fluff’s AWJ diaper will still come with their amazingly absorbent, contoured Bamboo Lux Inserts.

Moms who like to use Funky Fluff diapers as “all-in-two” diapers (laying an insert on top of the pocket and reusing the cover) may prefer the AWJ inner since it dries quickly: rotate through two shells throughout the day, letting the damp one air dry in between diaper changes. (Just as a point of comparison, GroVia shells, which are only usable as AI2s, are lined with a similar fabric.)Petit Prince and Little Miss Cub in AWJ Funky Fluff

It’s pretty clear that Petit Prince and Little Miss Cub are down with AWJ! Let’s also pretend they’re cuddling rather than just toppling over.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I am pretty darn pleased with our AWJ-inner diaper. The thing is, I already know all the things I love about Funky Fluff: the great fit, the tall rise, the ridiculously amazing colour combinations, super-absorbent inserts and the fantabulous women behind the brand. The AWJ inner is just another huge plus for me, since AWJ is my favourite synthetic diaper lining. I love the stretch, the breathability, the quick dry time and the fact that it really does keep baby’s bum feeling dry. I honestly have zero insider info on this, but I have a feeling AWJ is here to stay, and will likely make its way into all of the Funky Fluff colours! (The AWJ-inner diapers are currently available in Sweet Coraline, Kryptonite and Maritime.) One thing’s for sure—if you try one of the three AWJ-inner diapers and it’s love, make sure you let Funky Fluff know it!

Note that it is possible to purchase Lux Wicking Jersey shells without inserts from participating retailers! 

Want to know what The Monarch Mommy thinks of Lux Wicking Jersey? Find her review here!

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134 responses to “Funky Fluff’s *new* Lux Wicking Jersey Diaper Review”

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  3. Stevie

    Thank you so much for the review. I have some funky fluff but am excited to try it with the AWJ!

  4. We had been asking for stay dry with stretch like bamboo but I never though of Funky Fluff using AWJ

  5. Kristy Johnson

    Can’t wait to try this!

  6. Rachel

    I just bought my first Funky Fluff diaper because of your reviews! I can’t wait to try it out when little miss is big enough!

  7. Ashley H

    What a great concept. Would love to try this out with my lo’s sensitive skin

  8. Melissa Fulton

    What an awesome material for a diaper! Definitely would be using it as a AI2! I wonder if if it would work as a swim diaper?

  9. Laura G

    So excited for AWJ! My son is sensitive to bamboo so we use stay dry. But I prefer the stretch of bamboo. This is the best of both!

  10. Terri-Lynn

    Athletic wicking jersey is the very best! Can’t wait to switch my stash to AWJ!

  11. Georgia

    I’m so excited for this new release of AWJ shells. I currently use bamboo because I love the stretch but don’t use them overnight as it leaves baby feeling too wet…these are my perfect solution!

  12. Leslie

    We are super excited to try this. We love stay dry, but are hoping to find a little more stretch. This is the perfect addition.

  13. Ria-Rose Franiel

    Thanks for the review! I’m excited to try AWJ!!

  14. Jenn

    So exciting! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  15. Jeannine cymbalisty

    I love that the ladies truly listen to what their customers want and make it happen! Everything about the new releases is wonderful! I’m super excited to try these new shells!! ?

  16. Annalisa Nelson

    We don’t have any AWJ diapers so I’m excited to hear it’s stretchy. So much easier for stuffing!

  17. Amanda Green

    I cant wait to try awj with my newest little one!We already love funky fluff so i imagine we will love this new addition too 🙂

  18. karen s

    Maritime ♡♡♡♡

  19. Jackie Eakle

    I would love to try this brand I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully I win so I get to try it. 🙂

  20. Nicole Stanfill Floyd

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to buy one!

  21. Jessica Lester

    Love this. Buy all the diapers.

  22. Kathy Harrigan

    I’ve never tried funky fluff diapers but I’m hoping to with the new baby due in three weeks. The AWJ is a great concept.

  23. Annie Mercier

    That’s great news! I love adj and f2f.

  24. Tamar

    Thanks for the review! We are excited to try the new awj!

  25. Danielle Petryshyn

    I’ve used AWJ in a different brand and really like it! It’s super stretchy and leaves my son dry! I think I’d love it in FF!

  26. Natalie Sharp

    Still very new to cloth diapers, and only recently discovered FF, so I am very excited to start this journey and glad to have found FF!!

  27. Kenlee Reinking

    This seems like the best of both stay dry and bamboo. I’m excited to try the AWJ on my squish.

  28. Erin Swan-Mansfield

    This makes me want to try Funky Fluff, but we are *so close* to potty training!

  29. Erin Broadus

    This is such a well thought out review, thank you for sharing

  30. Michelle Chattin

    I can’t wait to try the new awj.Love stay dry and bamboo together

  31. Rebecca Szerenyi

    Wow! An amazing new product!

  32. Brittany

    Thanks for the review! I think I may need to try funky fluff!

  33. Barbie Slivinski

    I am so interested in these diapers more than ever after reading the reviews!

  34. Stéphanie Trottier

    These look amazing!

  35. Debra J.

    I love AWJ inners! I have sewn it onto prefolds to make them stay dry

  36. Tamara Martin

    I can’t wait to try the AWJ

  37. I like the idea of bamboo… But I’ve found that the texture and length of drying time means that I actually like my solitary stay dry just as much. Maybe this would be a favourite. I don’t think I have any diapers with AWJ.

  38. Kait WK

    I love all of the new colors! I’ve used awj in a few other diapers and it seems like an awesome fabric, especially for those starting to potty learn. I’d love to actually see how it holds up and what it feels like!

  39. Jelissa Niezgocki

    And I thought FF couldn’t get any better! I’m excited to try AWJ after reading your review

  40. This is perfect! I prefer stay dry shells because I prefer to use my Funky Fluff systems as an ai2 and reuse the shell. But I also love the stretch of bamboo. Now you can have the best of both! I really hope they end up making them available in all of the colors because I can’t really afford to purchase new but I planned to save for one shell and Mint to be is favorite! Kryptonite is my SO favorite though! ♡♡♡

  41. Alejandra mello

    Love love our funky fluff diapers. The new colors are great and I am so excited to try these awj lined diapers! ( I bet they would make great swim diapers too! ) now I just need a child who isn’t so close to potty training so that I can #buyallthediapers

  42. Hanjia

    AWJ sounds amazing! Love the quick dry and stretch. So excited for it to be in a couple of the new colors!

  43. Candice Lockhart

    Kryptonite would be my first pick! Love the idea of AWJ!

  44. Bry M.

    GrandMa Approved!! Daughter excited.. Woot FF.. Get your Funkies on people !

  45. Tabbie

    So excited to try this!!!

  46. April

    I’ve tried FF with two of my babes and they haven’t been my favourite. I love that it’s a Canadian company and the colour selection is tops! I’ll have to give the AWJ a try! Fingers crossed its a win!

  47. Erin Parker

    The gray color is so adorable!

  48. Vanessa Bee

    I have a couple EBB’s and love the AWJ. I also love Funky Fluff and am excited to get the Kryptonite with awj

  49. Constantine Chenier

    So excited that FF now has AWJ! I’ve always preferred my Omaikis because of the AWJ and now I can try it in the FF LUX system.

  50. Constantine Chenier

    Forgot to add that having this in the Maritime print would be fantastic 🙂

  51. Rachel

    Thanks for the review! the pics are precious! Funky Fluff definitely puts out some great products.

  52. Karen N

    Love awj!!

  53. Lynn Green-Ivey

    I love the AWJ in GroVia diapers so I can’t wait to try it in FunkyFluff

  54. Amy lynn

    I’m so excited to try the new AWJ! I’m going to order a mix of bamboo and AWJ shells on Monday!

  55. Jami Arias

    I love the material from Grovia but dislike the way their hybrid fits, so I’m beyond excited for AWJ FF!

  56. Kristin D

    I have some of the old 2.0 Funky Fluffs and was thinking about buying just the LUX / delux inserts. Looks like I’ll have to buy a new AWJ instead.

  57. Stephanie Mortimore

    My favorite WAHM uses AWJ. It’s amazing. I’m sure it will be a hit with the Funky Fluff community.

  58. Wendy

    Thank you for a great review of this AWJ product. My daughter is just beginning the cloth diapering adventure with her first child due this month. I will be sending this post to her to check out.

  59. Leeanne Lachance

    I love the charcoal grey!

  60. Kristen Griffith

    I can’t wait to try out the awf diapers!

  61. Cassidy luchyk

    Yay! So glad to see AWJ. it was my fave feature of another brand but always went back to ff because of the fit. Now best of both worlds!

  62. Can’t wait to try the FF AWJ

  63. Theresa Hover

    Having a wicking material that also dries fast is a huge advantage. I love Funky Fluff’s colors but we don’t have any of our own yet. We would love to win Maritime!

  64. So excited to get my hands on (and my little ones bum in) more funky fluff! I just discovered the awesomeness, and it’s perfect for my trim babe!

  65. Amy

    I first encountered AWJ in Mother-ease stay-dry fitteds and I loved it, but I never found any other diapers using it and could not for the life of me figure out why. Way to go FF! I’ve got my fingers so crossed they might start to hurt. XD

  66. Amy S.

    Um, I forgot to put my last initial in that^ comment (which is how I entered it in the giveaway form).

  67. Carlie Banmann

    I have one AWJ ebb, and I’m actually happy when my boy poops in it because it is the easiest to clean!

  68. Steph S

    I’d love to get my hands on an AWJ diaper to compare to the bamboo one I have!

  69. Amber Ludwig

    Oh I just adore all the new colors!! What a fun release party it was!! Love that they picked names that the fans chose!! Too fun!!

  70. Shana Jean

    Thank you for the giveaway! I would like to try the Funky Fluff diapers with baby #3.
    AWJ is a great stay dry fabric. My son’s skin reacted badly to the stay dry polyester.

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  72. Catherine Sullivan

    I’m really curious about this new fangled AWJ 🙂 The maritime print is so pretty

  73. Christy Mik

    In love with funky fluff so any color would be amazing! Maybe coral

  74. Christy Mik

    Thanks for the great review! Can’t wait to get my first funky fluff!!

  75. Dandi D

    I’ve never tried Funky Fluff, but they look like great quality diapers!

  76. I’m new to cloth diapering with baby #3 on the way. Just ordered a Funky Fluff stay dry, but this sounds amazing!

  77. I would love to try this new funky fluff

  78. Melissa Bissett

    I would love to win this 🙂
    I don’t have any Lux line yet only the older FF version Bamboo and Stay Dry.
    It would be awesome to try the Athletic Wicking Jersey!!!!
    Merci 🙂

  79. Elishia

    I have used AWJ in another brand and liked it, so I would be interested in trying this out!

  80. Karissa Oien

    Thanks for the review. I am very curious to try this new material. Any insights on those with sensitive skin? My daughter can usually only do cotton or bamboo, but she has worn sport shorts without issue, I wonder if this is a stay dry option that will work!

  81. Anna McBride

    Thank you for the review! I would love to try Funky Fluff in Athletic Wicking Jersey:)

  82. Gloria C

    I love the look of these and can’t wait to get my hands on them. They look so stretchy and soft. I also haven’t tried the lux yet, so I’m curious how it compares to the 2.0.

  83. Meredith Mattson

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I was a little hesitant about this before I read the review but now I’m excited to try the awj! 😉

  84. Erica P.

    Thanks for this fun giveaway! I think I’d pick Maritime if I won. 🙂

    1. Erica P.

      I should add– because I apparently can’t follow instructions– that I’ve never used FF before but am looking forward to. They have some die hard supporters, and I’m guessing there’s more to them than their cute prints! Your review really helps bring that out.

  85. Tabitha Duguay

    What a delightful review! Your enthusiasm for the new product is infectious. I can’t wait to try the new AWJ!

  86. Melissa Vlaskalin

    I love the idea of the awj! Can’t wait to out my new kryptonite to the test 🙂

  87. Amber Frazier

    I’m really hoping to try these diapers! I’ve heard good things about them.

  88. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    It really does look like the moisture would be wicked away from baby’s skin!! I love the stretchy waist… it appears like it would fit babies of varying sizes (Its sometimes hard to get a fit on my long, skinny babe).

  89. Barbara

    I would love to try an AWJ… I love Funky Fluff, but missed out on the fun… work 🙁

  90. Julia Grey-Garnett

    AWJ is my favorite inner. My girls sweat a lot and AWJ is the most comfortable for them.

  91. Marley Erickson-Lachance

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I love it! You have relevant posts and amazing giveaways! Please continue doing what you’re doing!

  92. Ashley Sandiford

    Now I’m even more excited to get this diaper!

  93. Ashley Sandiford

    Great review! Makes me really want to try this style out!

  94. Heather Mercer

    My little guy fits best in bamboo so i am very excited to try awj! This article sealed the deal for me. Thanks for writing!

  95. Morgan E.

    I would choose Charcoal Grey!!!

  96. Holly B.

    Thank you for the review! I have only ever used FF 2.0s and really want to try a new AWJ Lux now! 🙂

  97. Dianne G.

    My daughter in law cloth diapers my grandson and I have learned a lot about cloth diapers. I have now learned about another option to the cotton ones she uses. The stretch on these would make them fit nicely.

  98. Katie Hall

    These are so cute! I would love to win one of these. This review is so helpful, I’m new to cloth diapering and I’m always looking for good reviews to help me decide what kind I wanna try with my little one when he gets here.

  99. Angela

    I love the colour combos!

  100. Danielle

    I have never tried funky fluff before but I am looking to build up my stash for my next baby. They look like great diapers and I absolutely love the Maritime print!

  101. Jen Murray

    AWJ sounds amazing and only wish it had come out sooner to try on my boy. Now I just need to get pregnant with baby #2 so I can try it LOL

  102. I love the added stay dry!! Can’t wait to buy one!

  103. amanda e

    I love the new colors! Coral, charcoal, yes please!

  104. Stormy Dawn Abrams

    I haven’t tried Funky Fluff but I would love to try it in the AWJ!

  105. Brittany Neufeld

    I’m just starting a stash and have two cloth diapers so far. Would love to win and add another!

  106. Love your blog posts. Aaaand I love Funky Fluff! Can’t wait to try out the awj shells and systems soon!

  107. Jessica

    I can’t wait for these to try!

  108. Rebecca T

    I can’t wait to try AWJ! I just recently fell in love with Funky Fluff 🙂

  109. Kristina A.

    I would love to try AWJ on a Funky Fluff. I have one diaper with AWJ in it and really like that feature. Unfortunately, it was a WHAM diaper and the way it was constructed makes it leak.

  110. Kara Doyle

    I would love to in one of these diapers! Great way to try out the new product

  111. Kelly P.

    I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on these diapers and have determined I must try them!!

  112. Danielle R

    Love Funky Fluff and cannot wait to try the new AWJ!

  113. Lea f.

    Love the new colors of funky fluff. Please want to try one on my baby.

  114. Rachael Vandyke

    These are on my list to try!

  115. This diaper is so pretty! Would love to try it.

  116. Thanks for this great review, and giveaway!!

  117. Krista Powell

    Thanks for the awesome review! I’m in love with Funky Fluff diapers and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kryptonite in AWJ ❤️ I hope it’s every bit as awesome as you say!

  118. Darcy Bergsma

    Looking forward to trying out the AWJ!!

  119. Thanks for the chance to Win it. Looking forward to try it

  120. Melissa

    Can’t wait to try the new AWJ. Thanks for the review. It sounds awesome!

  121. Ashley R

    This seems like an excellent option for kiddos with sensitive skin and especially great for summer and warmer climates!

  122. Tiffany Reano

    I can’t wait to try the new AWJ!! We love our Funky Fluff!

  123. Kristin Faircloth

    I’d love to win this to help my sister build her fluff stash. She became a mama last week and is interested in cloth diapering.

  124. Amy Amerson

    I have not used any funky fluff before, but am curious about the brand bc so many people rave about it online. I’m especially interested in diapers with stay dry features bc my little sweetie needs it! She needs a tall rise as well as super absorbency so this diaper sounds promising!

  125. Viv Sluys

    I love that Funky Fluff now has the wicking jersey option. I love the one diaper in my stash made with wicking jersey but it is a smaller one and will probably only fit my baby for a couple more months. Now i want to try Funky Fluff even more. I need diapers with a high rise for my tall baby!

  126. Jessica Kirkpatrick

    I just ordered 2 FF. I love them!! I would love to try the AWJ!!

  127. Hali Harrow

    Ive never tried funky fluff but they look amazingly comfortable for baby and adorable 😉 Cant wait to try them!

  128. Grace Powell

    I’ve never heard of AWJ before but it sounds amazing!! I would love to try it, especially as an AI2. I love when i can use a diaper more then once before having to wash it

  129. Jessica Lodge

    Yay for the tall rise!! I have noticed my baby girls butt crack peeking out of her diapers and I don’t think her butt’s that big-lol. This sounds like it might help.

  130. ive NEVER cloth diapered and I have three kids, o4th on the way! I heard all this talk about these amazing funky diapers, and I just had to buy some. BEST thing I ever did! cant wait to get more.

  131. I’ve had my kryptonite shell OTB a few times now and it is wonderful! The fit is perfect and I can’t help but think how comfy it must be for my little – so stretchy and soft. I hope all funky fluff is made with AWJ very soon!

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