Guzzie + Guss Perch Hanging High Chair Review

Guzzie and Guss Perch hanging high chair review

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

I love finding products, the second time around, that eliminate what I didn’t like about my gear when I had my first baby. The Guzzie + Guss Habitat got rid of everything I hated about our first-time-around playpen, and now the Guzzie + Guss Perch has resolved the long-standing grudge against our first high chair.

The aptly-named Perch is…

  • compact;
  • portable;
  • stylish &
  • easy to clean.

Side view of the Guzzie + Guss Perch

It attaches securely to most tables and counters, meaning that it doesn’t occupy one of your dining chairs (we still usually leave our chair tucked under it to save space, but when we need a fourth chair, it’s available). This also means that apartment-dwellers who may not even have a dedicated dining table can take advantage of their bar!

Installation is a breeze, the only thing you want to verify before you purchase is how much of a lip your table or counter has:

Perch specifications

At our house, it fits on our dining table and at the counter in our kitchen. 

The chair folds flat and comes with its own tote bag, so I brought it over to my pal The Monarch Mommy‘s house so Little Miss Cub could have lunch with her buddy, Petit Prince. 

Stef was really impressed that the Perch fit on her table, as other, similarly designed chairs had not passed that test due to its wide lip.

The first time you use a hanging high chair, you may be a bit paranoid about how secure it is. Let me assure you, it’s not going anywhere and your child is not going to fall on the floor. The Perch is designed to hold children four months old and up, and can handle up to 37 lbs. 

Besides the sheer practicality and portability of the seat, what I love best about it is that Little Miss Cub is at the table with us. She is at the same level as us, can see what we are doing and (I presume) feels totally included in the family meal. 

Before she started on solid food, we put up the Perch so she could simply watch us eat, or as a place to sit and play with her toys while I was getting dinner ready.

Little Miss uses her Guzzie + Guss Perch for playtime

Her first day having actual food with us was sushi night! It was also her first time wearing a bib, which was more interesting to her than the raw fish.Little Miss Cub's first meal

She didn’t eat sushi… she ate brown rice cereal. Well, most of it got on her face.Little Miss Cub's first food

Trying to help his sister eat some cereal was the very first time big brother Cub has actually taken any interest in his sister, so that was kind of nice!Cub feeds his sister in the Guzzie + Guss chair

Having her sitting at his level at the table has done wonders for sibling relations, in fact! It’s basically the only time Cub gives her the time of day, aside from when he screams that she’s touching him.

Guzzie + Guss makes a silicone place mat that is custom-sized to fit under the Perch so it doesn’t budge.Guzzie + Guss Perch Silicone Placemat

Because we’re baby-led weaning, the mat is a must!Baby-led weaning in the Guzzie + Guss Perch
If you’re happy with your current in-home dining solution, you might want the Perch purely for on-the-go feeding. If you’re camping, it’s great at a picnic table. If you are at a restaurant that only has booths, and no chair on which to secure a plastic booster seat, you can just hang the Perch off the table! (I noticed my local diner, which only has booths and bar stools, uses this style of chair for its tiniest customers!)

If you’re in the market for a single feeding chair that you’ll be as happy using at home as on the go, then it’s got to be the Perch. It takes seconds to install or remove it, so no big deal to grab it as you’re heading out the door for dinner at Grandma’s. It’s available in beautiful, trendy colours, if you are big into matchy-matchy kitchen decor. The fabric portion can be entirely removed and tossed in the wash, but it is also easily wiped down.

Apartment-dwelling parents, always-eat-at-restaurant parents, camping-all-summer parents and just “I hate bulky, impractical baby gear” parents will all love the Perch!

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128 responses to “Guzzie + Guss Perch Hanging High Chair Review”

  1. Dorothy W.

    This chair looks amazing! It looks like such a space saver compared to your typical high chair. The portability of the thing is great too!

  2. Kaitlyn F

    I love how you mention it’s portable for visiting others! This would be a great solution for my little miss to visit grandparents and aunts and uncles without worrying about the hassle of where she will eat.

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love that this is so easy to install and easy for on the go use! I have trouble finding high chairs that help the little one sit at our height at the table. This would definitely solve that problem!!

  4. Mylène Bélanger

    I hate how big was my high chair, this one would be so nice!!!

  5. kristen visser

    This is absolutely amazing ! we are always bringing my daughters highchair over to the island in order to feed her because she likes being near the counter. this would make it so much easier

  6. Dandi D

    This is really neat and would be so handy to have while traveling!

  7. Amber

    We have used a perch chair before and it was incredibly helpful at busy family functions where chairs and table space was a hot commodity!

  8. Hanjia

    This looks great! It would be so convenient for our traveling or just going to a friend’s house. I’m glad it has a good weight limit, too.

  9. Veronica Bohan

    I have been wanting one of these for ages! I would love one for my 2 kids!

  10. Kirstin Kennedy

    Love this! It solves every issue I had with past high chairs.

  11. Jessica Moore

    This looks absolutely amazing! It would be a great space saver and would work great when going out to eat or traveling.

  12. Grace

    This is awesome! We have a tiny kitchen and having a stand alone high chair isn’t an option. We also have our third kiddo on the way and having 3 high chairs is going to make for one cramped kitchen. Plus I think this high chair is one of the few that would fit on our table!

  13. Julie Weiss

    Saves so much space compared to a typical high chair!

  14. Amy

    One of these to have especially for travelling would be awesome! They look so handy.

  15. Kayla Sheehan

    I love how much space they save and how you can take it to a restaurant and not have to use those dirty high chairs!

  16. I would love to win this hanging high chair. My 7 month old doesn’t like being so far away from us at the table in his old metal high chair.

  17. This would be perfect for us!
    I had anot her model but due to the lip of our counter, it would not stay, thus was not supportive and totally useless!
    I saw others similar to this bit without the tray ( I really wanted a tray)
    Fingers crossed !

  18. Amanda Muskego

    I am hoping to get a chair like this for baby number 3. They take up so much less space than a regular high chair. I love how it has a carry bag and the mat too!!

  19. Brandi Offt

    I love this to go out to eat. It is nice and portable. So much better than the high seats in the restaurants.

  20. Raelyn suderman

    My sister has one of these it’s awesome and such a space saver.

  21. Amanda Muskego

    My favorite features are the wide range of awesome colors and easy installation!

  22. Kathy Harrigan

    This would be so easy to travel with, so compact.

  23. Jenny A.

    This looks great! We have a large family and often my son’s high chair is just in the way when everyone is at the table together. This would be a good solution. I love the silicone mat, too!

  24. Amanda

    This would be perfect at our island and for restaurants. We don’t have a kitchen table. I would love this!

  25. Julia Fraley

    This looks like the perfect solution! I would love to win this!

  26. Debra J.

    I like that it accommodates a wider range of table thicknesses. And I love how much of a space saver it is!

  27. Ria-Rose Franiel

    I really want one of these! My hubby is vetoing it though. =(

  28. Amber Ludwig

    I love that it’s easily taken and works anywhere!! Genius that they have the silicone mat that fits under and stays in place!! How perfect for dirty restaurant surfaces!!

  29. Lindsay Church

    I love how it saves space and is portable. Would work well when we go out to eat as a family.

  30. Laura T

    I loved our hanging high chair and was very disappointed when it was broken on a road trip (of all times). Guzzie & Guss’ hanging high chair looks better than our second hand one because theirs is more accommodating of different table thicknesses.

  31. Jennifer Ann Wilson

    I love all the wonderful colors it comes in and the fact that the weight limit goes up to 37lbs.

  32. What a great review! I have a 7 mo old who is taking interest in food. I’m not a fan of all the baby stuff we are told they “need” but this space saver high chair is perfect! Cam go where ever we go, and isnt taking up any more room! Love this!!

  33. Mandie

    Thank you for this review! I’ve been looking at portable chairs for traveling and this sounds perfect! Easy is the name of the game while traveling and this is easy to store, easy to clean, easy to install…. win!

  34. Beth Rees

    I love that it goes up to 37lbs. How handy

  35. Kelly P.

    I’m obsessing over this high hair and the ease to travel with it! We have a small house and this would be so much better than a big bully high chair. Thank you for an amazing review.

  36. Wendy

    Great review. This sounds like a terrific solution to many issues – storage, travel, space limitations, adaptability to table size. Awesome! Will definitely be looking at this for our first grandchild due this month. Thank you.

  37. Asruh W.

    My friends had one of these and it was just awesome.

  38. Steph S

    Lindsday, could you tell me the distance between the two vertical posts of the U shape? We have been eyeing this chair for some time, but we can’t find any measurements for how far the lip of the table can be from the edge!

  39. Angie MH Thaxton

    This chair looks absolutely amazing! I love how compact it is but still supportive. I hope I get the chance to try it out.

  40. jen kristine

    This would be perfect to replace my big bulky high chair!

  41. Brenda J

    Thanks for the review! This looks like a great space saver. I like that it still works for slightly bigger kids.

  42. Treen Goodwin

    I love hoe its easy to install on the table or island , easy fold and so cute , this would be perfect for when my Granddaughter is over 🙂

  43. Lynn Green-Ivey

    This looks perfect! My DH is anti- high chair because the stand alone ones are hideous and he thinks the chair top ones will ruin our dining set. I love the colors and the portability. This would be perfect for us. LOVE IT!!

  44. Kari Barone

    This chair looks Amazing! I love that the fabric can be put in the washing machine. What Baby chair stays clean? The compact design and color options makes it a great pick for anyone from a tiny apartment dweller to someone who needs an option for out and about. What a wonderful high chair for Baby. Thanks for your review.

  45. Echo

    One of my best friends has this and LOVES it!

  46. Sarah

    This definitely seems like it would be more practical than some of the other options out there.

  47. Amanda

    Would love to win this! Portable, Small, Easy to clean and that mat!

  48. Aurora P

    I LOOOVE that is portable and you don’t need to buy a travel seat that maybe baby is not used to it and heat it. and I prefer babies at the table.

  49. Gina

    Wow this is too funny you are offering this giveaway! My husband and I were just researching something like this for our son. Every restaurant has the standard wooden high chairs and they are too low for him to reach the table, or they are too big for him to sit in. This would be perfect for us!

  50. Danielle Petryshyn

    I have this chair and LOVE it!!!

  51. Penni

    This awesome chair would be perfect for traveling, and for visits to the homes of family and friends!

  52. Mi Webber

    So convenient to take with you when you go out too!

  53. The chair looks amazing

  54. Stephanie Scerbo

    I love this chair! It looks incredible. Not only is it attractive but completely functional! And it’s machine washable!!’

  55. Erin Malette

    I was skeptical because of the “hanging” aspect, but it looks good!

  56. Kelsey Sharifzadeh

    This chair is awesome! And I agree, very easy to clean in the washing machine when it gets super scuzzy. Living in a small condo/apartment, this type of space saving device was a must for us!

  57. Shana Jean

    This chair would be an amazing space saver for us! We live in a condo, and we are always looking for things that are compact and portable.

  58. Shannon C

    Thanks for the great review. Fantastic colour! I like how compact and convenient it is. I would love to have one!

  59. Looks like a great high chair!

  60. DebP

    The portability is wonderful. It’s such a useful item.

  61. Lauryn R

    This high chair from Guzzie + Guss looks amazing!! I absolutely love how it hooks on any table, I have always wanted one like this!

  62. Mandy P

    I love that it’s small, but very sturdy. Perfect for my tiny apartment, but still strong enough to support LO when we visit family or go out with friend. I also like that it cleans easily – I mean, machine washable!? Yes, please!

  63. Graemblers

    This looks really neat I was given a lobster but would love to give this a try since we can’t use the lobster with our table!

  64. Susanne

    Is it still sturdy if baby leans back into the seat?

  65. Kaitlin

    This looks exactly like what I want to save space!

  66. Amanda Neilson

    I love the simplicity of it! And the fact that it is a total space saver that can be used virtually everywhere!

  67. Lisa Hoffman

    I love how compact this is which is so important since we still live in a small apartment! This would be so awesome to have when my 3 month old starts eating solids in a few months!

  68. Jenn

    You always get the best products for review!!
    As for this chair, it’s a brilliant design, love that it brings the small kids closer to family during meal prep, etc. Plus, I love supporting Canadian companies – I was super excited to see they’re from my home town.

  69. Susan B

    I’m a grandma now (so happy!) and I’d love to have a portable highchair to keep at my house.

  70. Kellie inkster

    I love your review! I’ve been eying this chair since before my bubby was born and now I want one even more!

  71. Thank you for your review! The perch chairs always freaked be out, but your blog has made me more comfortable with the use. I like to use the bumbo on table (I know not the safest) while I cook and we talk about what I cutting. Babe is 4 months and I know that this won’t be idea very soon, a ketch chair would keep things safe and interactive.

  72. Jbrown

    I love this chair! I’ve done the research and it fits the best with our lifestyle. Would love to win this for my little girl!!!

  73. Jbrown

    I love this chair! I’ve done a lot of research and this one fits best with our lifestyle, it’s compact, can attach to nearly any table and the weight can hold my little girl for a long time. I would love to win one for my little girl.

  74. Lynette

    We LOVE our perch!! Would love another one for baby 2!

  75. Laura G

    Would love to replace my current high chair with this one! Totally loving the Azure!

  76. Chantelle

    This looks great! We jsut have a big bulky high chair and our 7 month old sits on our lap when we go out.

  77. Jennifer

    We just bought a G & G stroller and LOVE IT. We live in a condo and space is at a premium, would love to win this!

  78. Erin Swan-Mansfield

    This looks amazing! I love the high chair we have, but this looks like it would be so handy, especially given the tiny size of our dining room. The portability would make it great for trips too!

  79. Garnet Leib

    Amazing Baby chair

  80. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    great review – these are very cool chairs – fingers crossed

  81. Lee dixon

    I love how easy it is and holds more weight than you think! Its great for not requiring too much space and easy to bring when traveling.

  82. Amelia

    This looks perfect for our kitchen island. Such an easy clip-on feature!

  83. Garnet Leib

    Great baby chair

  84. Angela

    This must be so much easier to sweep up under!

  85. Emily C

    I’ve always wanted one of these! Love your little cutie sitting in the perch. 🙂

  86. Allie

    We’re doing BLW here as well and I just love how the Perch makes it easy to sweep in up all the fallen food at the end of a meal!

  87. Kristy R

    I need this in my life! I have twins and we are constantly tripping over the two huge high chairs that occupy my kitchen.

  88. Kim Mellick

    Would love to win this chair. This is a really cool looking chair and it is something I had wish I had when my older boys were little

  89. Kelsey

    Looks like such a useful chair. Love the space saving aspect and that it folds up so small. Great review!

  90. Kim W.

    I really like that this high chair is portable! We travel a lot, so this would be nice to take with us and doesn’t take up much space. I like that it goes up to 37 lbs too! The fact that the cover can come off and be thrown in the washer would be a life saver, as my daughter is learning to eat with a spoon right now!

  91. Carrie Barron

    I was trying to find something like this when my son was ready for solid food. One i did purchase didn’t seem very sturdy, so I returned it. This one looks very solid. Now that I have another on the way, this would be awesome to have. Thanks!

  92. Joan

    Love that it’s so portable! That would come in so handy!

  93. Amy Hall

    Never seriously considered a hook on chair before, but would be great to keep in the van for on the go.

  94. kristen sowko

    Great post! I love how small and portable this is! Thank-you so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  95. Fiona N

    I love how convenient and compact it is! We can use it at home and on the go too! Super cool 🙂
    Thank You for the great review and giveaway

  96. I like that it does not require tools and the color variety is great!

  97. Alison

    Such a cool looking chair! Thanks for the detailed review

  98. eric

    It is convenient when away from home

  99. Kristina A.

    I think my favorite part of this review is the photo of Miss Cub and the sushi (that she didn’t eat haha). Now I want sushi for lunch ☺

  100. ShannahC

    I’ve been looking at this chair for months!! Thank you so much for the review! 🙂

  101. This chair is amazing! With family all over the country I can’t expect having a high chair in every location. This is portable and seems so easy to use!

  102. nicky

    this looks like a great ‘high chair’ replacement! perfect for traveling or meals at grand-parents’ house!

  103. Julia Grey-Garnett

    I’m so sick of our huge bulky highchair, this is such an awesome idea. On top of it, the portability would make going out way easier. I’ve been to too many restaurants and cafes that actually don’t have highchairs. Juggling food and a baby is not my idea of a relaxing lunch.

  104. Alexandria Lawrence

    Just looking t that makes my heart race. lol!

  105. terra

    With 5 kids, this would be a lifesaver! we have our 1 year old currently sitting in a high chair tucked in the corner of the dining room because we don’t have room at the table for it.

  106. Jennifer Taylor

    This is so cute. And I love that it puts the baby at the same level instead of way back in the highchair.

  107. Robyn Blackburn-Ellingsworth

    This would be perfect I have a small kitchen and no room for a high chair!!!

  108. Mandy

    My sister has a Perch highchair too and she loves it. Its so portable and convenient for going to restaurants who don’t have highchairs. I also have a grudge with our current highchair and would love a smaller one like the Perch one for our 2nd.

  109. Amie Staniowski

    I love the look of this chair. I would love to try it in our house and love that it is easily portable for visiting grandparents 🙂

  110. Marie L

    This looks like a great high chair to keep at grandma and grandpa’s house when we come to visit! 🙂 Looks so easy to use! I would love to win this high chair! Thanks for the give away!

  111. Dianne G.

    I would love to have this high chair for when grandchildren visit. I gave my high chair away after my children outgrew it and now when grandchildren visit I have to get out the phone books and try to secure them in the chair so I can feed them. I like how you showed it comes with a bag so it can be tucked away when not in use.

  112. Krista YZ

    This would be so perfect for our tiny apartment!

  113. LisaM

    This seems like a perfect gift for my cousin! I love how you can easily take it anywhere with you

  114. Danielle

    This looks amazing. I have a tiny little dining space and having a highchair means I have to push my table against the wall to make room. I love how the baby is right at the table with everyone!

  115. Sara V.

    It is a great space saver and I love that the baby can be right at the table with you!

  116. I love the space-saving and ease of use of this chair! Also, love that you’re doing BLW!

  117. TrishaDM

    This chair looks awesome. We have a fold up travel booster/highchair, but this would work even better for travel and would leave another dining room chair open.

  118. Kimberly Stoessel

    So after my husband got mad and shoved the bulky high chair we have,I suggested we get a portable one. He said that was a good idea. Hope to win because it would be great in our small place.

  119. Caryn Coates

    This is awesome. I hate big bulky highchairs. I would love to have one of these.

  120. Jessie Ross

    I absolutely love this chair!!! I love the fact that it is so easy to travel with. Our family is on the go a lot, we definitely need something like this!

  121. Anel

    As a family who has to travel to go see family, I can totally appreciate the fact that this chair folds up, and you can put it in its little bag! My husband worries about the safety of these chairs, but I think it would be so helpful, and when used right, safety is not an issue.

  122. Holly B

    I love this chair. Would be perfect for my baby since we travel a lot. Great review.

  123. Christina H

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but it looks so easy and compact! Love the colors too. We’ve been looking into buying a portable high chair for our apartment and to take to restaurants and this looks perfect!

  124. Ashley G

    I have been looking at a few of these and really like the compact ability of this one.

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