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Top 3 Most Absorbent All-In-One Cloth Diapers ~ Maman Loup's Den

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I’ve always been a pocket-diaper girl. My main reason for loving pockets? Easy to customize the absorbency! But with even less time on my hands these days, I’ve noticed I’m reaching more and more for the one-piece diapers in our stash, and there are three that I consider to be outstanding in terms of absorbency. (It’s no fun having a one-piece diaper that you have to boost every time, since then it’s not one-piece, is it?) My three favourite AIO diapers are all the same style, featuring a pocket and a “tongue-style” attached soaker that you tuck into the pocket. So yes, you do, ultimately have to stuff them, but since the insert is attached, you don’t have to root through the laundry basket.

Let me introduce you to (from left to right), the three all-in-ones that we use the most:

The TotsBots V4, the Bummis AIO & the Blueberry Simplex

Our Favourite All-in-One Diapers

Now, take a look inside:Inside view of TotsBots, Bummis and Blueberry AIOs

The primary difference in construction would be that the TotsBots has a soaker that is attached at the back of the diaper, while for Bummis and Blueberry, the soaker attaches at the front. Both Bummis and Blueberry have a stay-dry synthetic layer on their soaker, meaning you can lay it on top of the diaper if you want that layer against baby’s bum, like so:

Stay Dry Layer in Bummis & Blueberry AIO

The Blueberry Simplex has a pocket opening at both ends, while the TotsBots and Bummis have only the opening where the soaker is attached. The Bummis and Blueberry both come in snaps, while the TotsBots V4 is only available in hook and loop.

Bummis AIO

Bummis New All-in-One Diaper ~ Maman Loup's Den


  • $31.99 CAD
  • made in Canada
  • organic cotton and stay-dry polyester
  • 8-35 lbs
  • snaps closure
  • option of folding insert on top of pocket for stay dry layer
  • pocket opens at the front

What gets me most excited about the Bummis AIO (available at Well.ca) is that it is made in Canada with North American textiles, including organic cotton, and is the same price as a Rumparooz diaper which is made in China with only synthetics. Of course, the price is of little consequence if the diaper doesn’t do its job. The Bummis AIO is brand new on the market, so I’ve only tested it on Little Miss Cub. My full review is here, but in a nutshell, this diaper is super absorbent even without adding a booster. If I want to use it overnight, I have been adding a cotton booster to the pocket. When we are leaving the house, this is definitely one I reach for!

TotsBots V4 AIO

Little Miss Cub models her TotsBots AIO


  • $26.95 CAD (special “Frugi” prints retail up to $36.95)
  • made in Scotland
  • “binky” inner (a blend of polyester and bamboo)
  • 8-35 lbs
  • hook & loop
  • comes with a booster that snaps on to the insert
  • pocket opens at the back

Ours TotsBots V4s (available at Lagoon Baby) are the diapers I reach for most for Little Miss Cub. She has fit them well since she was 8 lbs! With the included, snap-on booster, two-year-old Cub was able to wear our V4s for twelve-hours overnight. I’m definitely grabbing a V4 with a booster when I’m heading out of the house with the Little Miss. While hook & loop closure isn’t everyone’s favourite, TotsBots’ hook & loop closure is the most robust on the market. Papa Wolf will always reach for the TotsBots in the pile. Some children get to a point where they will rip their diapers off, and hook & loop diapers are much easier for these diaper-rippers, so this is a complaint I have heard from otherwise satisfied Tots users.

When I was using the V4 on Cub, I liked that the attached insert unstuffed from the back of the diaper since the pee was always concentrated at the front. Now that I’m using them on Little Miss Cub, who is producing runny breastmilk poops, I’m not as much of a fan since the messy poop is kind of in my way. (Using an HE washer, I always have to unstuff my diapers.) 

The major disadvantage of the TotsBots V4 is its low rise. She’s only 6 months old and 26 inches long, but Little Miss Cub can wear her TotsBots completely unsnapped. You bet your bottom dollar that Cub outgrew these long before being potty trained. He’s taller-than-average, a 90th percentile kid, so this won’t be the case for every kid.

Some users don’t like the lack of a stay-dry layer in this diaper. (You can use a fleece liner if this is a problem.) Another thing to consider is that if you line-dry your diapers, this diaper dries crispy. I put all my diapers in the dryer.

While this diaper (unless you choose the Frugi prints) sells for less than the Bummis and the Blueberry, it also may not be big enough to fit your child til potty learning. 

If you’re interested, you can find my original review of the TotsBots V4 on Cub when he was almost two years old. 

Blueberry Simplex AIO

Little Miss Cub models her Blueberry AIO


  • $32.95 CAD
  • made in the USA
  • birdseye cotton & stay-dry microfleece
  • 12-35 lbs
  • snaps
  • option of folding insert on top of pocket for stay dry layer
  • pocket opening on both ends with insert attached at the front

Blueberry’s Newborn AIO was one of my top two newborn diapers (the other one was our TotsBots). The one-size Blueberry Simplex AIO (available at Lagoon Baby) was my very first experience with a “pocket-style” AIO diaper when I received it for Cub in November, 2014. (You can read my original review of the Blueberry Simplex AIO on Cub when he was two years old.) The Blueberry Simplex has a much taller rise than the TotsBots, and, in fact, Cub has worn it recently on a potty-training off-day. (He’s about 40 inches tall now.) 

Different from the Bummis and TotsBots, the Blueberry has a pocket that opens on both ends. This helps speed up dry time.

While the TotsBots fit Little Miss Cub soon after birth, the Blueberry Simplex isn’t even designed to fit on newborns. She was fitting into it nicely probably around 14 lbs. My one complaint about the Blueberry’s design is the lack of leg casing. Essentially, the cotton inner can roll outwards, so you have to make sure you tuck it in when putting the diaper on baby.

You can see what I mean in this picture of the three diapers together:

Bummis, Blueberry and TotsBots AIOs

The Blueberry Simplex AIO is the most expensive of the three diapers, but the price is reflective of its “made in the USA” status. 


Overall, the “pocket-style” AIO design lends itself to boosting, which is why I choose these three AIO diapers in my stash as my best performing. When the inserts are attached like flaps, without a pocket (the style of a BumGenius Freetime or Thirsties AIO), it’s simply not easy to add boosters for naps and overnight. Furthermore, you’ll note that all three of my favourite diapers combine natural fibers (bamboo or cotton) with synthetics. The downside of natural-fibre AIOs is mainly that they take longer to dry. 

Of the three, it’s the TotsBots V4 with its included booster that I find to be the most absorbent. That said, throw a booster inside a Blueberry or Bummis and they’d be on par. 

While I’m reaching mostly for our TotsBots V4s, it’s important to consider that I have a whole bunch of them, and only one Bummis and one Blueberry. (And that Papa Wolf only uses hook & loop diapers.) If Little Miss Cub sprouts up and is tall and lean like her brother (though it’s looking like she’s more of a 50th percentile baby), she might also outgrow our Tots. 

Check out all my All-in-One Diaper Reviews!

What is your favourite all-in-one cloth diaper?

10 responses to “Top 3 Most Absorbent All-in-One Diapers”

  1. Vanessa Aubie

    Smart Bottoms is the only AIO I own. I didn’t care for it at first but now that I know how to fit diapers properly and know about boosters I quite like it!

    1. Lindsay

      The Smart Bottoms has the same issue as the Blueberry Simplex- where the inner cotton rolls out at the legs if you’re not careful. That was my main issue with it, but I love its natural fibers and that it’s USA made!

    2. Jessica

      Have you tried Fruit Of The Womb aio diapers? I’ve cloth diapered 8 of my 11 children and have found the fotw aio organic cotton& bamboo the best at fit and function!

      1. Lindsay

        I haven’t! In fact, I have never heard of them!

  2. Krista

    Honestly, I was shocked to see the totsbots v4 included in this line up! I was so excited when it was released bc I thought it would combine the awesome bamboo absorbency of the v2 and the slimness and quick drying time of the v3. But what a let down! My daughter was soaking through it for one daytime pee by 18 months (with the included booster!), it is one of the bulkiest diapers we own, and takes awhile to dry. I love their prints and their velcro is hands down the best, but I was so disappointed with the v4 that I sold them.

    personally, my favourite aio’s for absorbency are the bum genius freetime and the old style elemental.

    1. Lindsay

      Huh! I even posted once a picture where I weighed just how much our Tots V4 contained after a 12-hour night without leaks! It has worked so well for us! I definitely find the BG Freetime not absorbent enough for overnight, and prone to compression leaks.

  3. Sheri

    My favorite is Bumgenius Freetimes! My husband and I both reach for them over our pockets

    1. Lindsay

      I don’t find them absorbent enough for overnight, but good for daytime use! The design makes them harder to boost, but I love how quickly they dry.

  4. Felicia

    I have only tried the tots out of these but I love them and they work so well for my heavy wetting 19 month old (I was given a great recommendation from someone 😉 ). We are going over a month with regular use and even though I got them for my husband to use I find I grab them myself and always use them for leaving the house. We need some serious absorbency for night though so I haven’t used them for that. Interesting to see which others you felt they compared to.

  5. […] recently wrote about how much I love the TotsBots V4 in my Most Absorbent AIO Diapers post. The V4 is a one-piece diaper, and it uses the same super thick and robust velcro as the PeeNut. We […]

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