12-hour Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

12-Hour Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

Update: While this solution worked wonders on my son all the way until potty training, I have since had to find something even more intense for Little Miss Cub. You can find my Extreme Super Soaker Solution here. (1/1/2017)

Overnight cloth diapering is very possible, and at least for me, more successful than using disposables overnight. 

I started using what I refer to as my “overnight insert sandwich” when Cub was a toddler, and Litte Miss Cub has been using it since about 15 lbs. I put her in it around 6 or 7 PM, and she nurses (sometimes endlessly) multiple times before morning. I don’t change her for 12-13 hours, and, as with Cub, this is a leak-proof solution for us!

Overnight Cloth Diapering Solution

Our current favourite covers are our Flip one-size cover and our Size 1 TotsBots Stretchy Wrap. You choose the cover that fits your baby best: this combo works with anything!

I use: {affiliate links}

Place the GroVia booster in the center of the Flip insert, and fold it around, creating an absorbent core. Place the hemp booster on top, against baby’s skin. 

Overnight Insert Combo

I love using hemp directly against baby’s bum because it has a more stay-dry feel to it than cotton. I do not typically add a synthetic, stay-dry liner to this combo, but if your child is very sensitive to wetness, you can definitely top with a fleece liner.

Overnight Inserts in Action

The Flip Organic Overnight Insert can be folded one of two ways, depending on baby’s size. It still fits well on Cub (3.5 years old) folded at its longest. On Little Miss, it’s perfect folded shorter.

Flip Overnight Insert Folded differntly

Cloth diapering overnight with an insert combination like this means easier laundering, both in terms of dry time and in terms of the wash water being able to penetrate the layers of the various components thoroughly. (Your overnight diapers absorb the most urine, so they can pose the biggest laundry challenge.)

I prefer using inserts over fitted diapers and wool for two reasons. One being that it’s easier to care for waterproof PUL covers compared to wool, the other being that fitted diapers distribute moisture all over baby while inserts do not.

Since we’re co-sleepers, waking up to soaked sheets is not my idea of a good time. I’m very happy to report that the solution that worked on Cub (who is now waking up dry most mornings) also works on his baby sister!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

sweet dreams everyone

You can find everything you need for this solution at many cloth diapering shops. You can shop via my affiliate links to Lagoon Baby (Canada) or Nicki’s Diapers (US).

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9 responses to “12-hour Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution”

  1. Alison Alvarez

    You make a great point about this being easier to launder. I definitely need more inserts.. We have gotten to the soak through stage at night… Nursing all night and co-sleepers as well… Wet sheets suck!!! Thank you for your advice… Will be doing this!!!

  2. We do something similar with our heavy-wetting tummy sleeper. I have a variety of covers, but I think my fave right now is a Blueberry cover. But, as the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I do a flip nighttime insert or a Thirsties prefold with an AMP hemp booster with the red stitching. Instead of having it lay flat the whole way down, though, I tri-fold the hemp booster and put it right in Lil’ Ziggy’s wet zone at the front. It sounds bulky as heck but he’s had no problems and in the morning, the front is SOAKED and the back is barely touched. Works for me!

    Oddly enough, tonight I pulled this out of my washing machine: Thirsties prefold, folded in half with a folded hemp booster laying inside like a taco. It never agitated apart in the wash. I’m a little worried that it didn’t get clean, but it didn’t have a weird smell. I guess time will tell!

  3. Amber

    I will have to try this!!! I have been scared to CD at night since we got a new bed.. Our last combo just wasn’t cutting it… We had been using a simplex aio with a fst stuffed inside he would be soaked and so would we most mornings… We also cosleep and sometimes it does feel like endless nursing thru the night!!! Does tots bots still make stretchy wraps?? Thanks for the tip!!! I was totally contemplating wool but was scared lol

    1. Lindsay

      Tots doesn’t make Stretchy Wraps anymore but you should be able to find some on clearance! Their PeeNut covers are the same, just they also have a snap inside for inserts! I also love Rumparooz OS shells and Thirsties Duo Wraps with this combo!

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  5. Bonnie

    How do you get the leg elastics tight enough? With the rise snaps open to accommodate the inserts, even if the waist snaps are on the tightest setting, I get gaps around the leg. I tried to do up a rise snap but it didn’t help either. Some of my flip covers have really tight elastics too.

    1. Lindsay

      This is why I definitely prefer to use covers with double gussets, specifically Rumparooz or Best Bottom – thanks to the gusset, no gaps!

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