Little Miss Cub’s 6-month-old Milestones

Little Miss Cub's 6 month milestonesLet’s hear it for Little Miss Cub’s half birthday! That’s right, my little Princess Peach is 6 months old and (almost) ready to start exploring the world. (I am confident that big brother is not prepared for his sister to become mobile.)

January was a month of getting back into our home routine, having spent all of December at my parents’ place in BC. Our first Calgary winter has been remarkably mild, with frequent chinooks bringing above-zero temperatures. Compared to last winter in Montreal when many days were too cold for Cub’s day care to even be allowed outside to play, this is a welcome change!

Look Ma! No coat and no hands in January! 

Chinook weather

I’m starting to get a bit desperate to occupy Cub during the day. In January he started two unparented sports-themed classes, and they’re perfect. I know I could feasibly look into some part-time day care options, but I’m too lazy! I’m not too lazy to look… I’m too lazy to commit to getting him out of the house before 9 AM. He usually wakes up around 8, and I would like to bask in the glory of slow-as-molasses mornings for as long as possible. It’s not like I would be getting significantly more work done during the day if I only had the nursling with me, so we may as well stick to what works for us! (And what works is activities that start after 10 AM and have us home before 4 so as to avoid ill-timed naps in the car!)

Little Miss Cub is hitting her milestones: rolling over, pushing herself up into “up dog” pose, sitting unassisted for longer periods (she’s still wobbly, for sure). We started solid food a couple days after she hit 6 months.

Solid Food




We started with an iron-fortified brown rice cereal and have since tried some sweet pototo, banana chunks and avocado. I’m doing a bit of a hybrid of baby-led weaning and traditional feeding! Feeding time is the first and (so far) only time that Cub has wanted to help with his sister. Strangers love to ask him if he likes his sister. He is quite content to tell them that he does not, even telling a little girl who was admiring her: “Sometimes I like to poke my sister in the eyes!”

I was alone with the kids for five days while Papa Wolf was away on business, and, frankly, I rocked! I was pretty pleased with myself. That said, I practically ran out the door to my haircut appointment once he got home midday on a Friday!

Short hair, don’t care! (Okay, I totally care… this hair cut is the BEST! I can let it air dry and it still looks decent!)

Short Hair Don't Care


As for bedtime, Little Miss is still sleeping with us, and all three of us are happy with this arrangement for the time being! She is typically in bed by 7 PM, and up for the day between 6 and 7 AM. That isn’t to say she doesn’t wake in the night… but I really don’t think that most 6-month-old babies sleep 11-12 hours stretches without waking. I’m content to nurse her once or twice in the night, and that’s mainly why I don’t feel like transitioning her into her crib just yet. 

We are introducing baby sign language, just a couple signs, like “milk,” “more,” “eat,” and Cub decided we should learn “banana.” I’m excited to see how quickly she picks up on them, since we only ever tried it with Cub when he was over a year!


What milestones did you hit this month?

4 responses to “Little Miss Cub’s 6-month-old Milestones”

  1. Christina

    My youngest just turned 6 months too!

  2. Steph

    My little one is 6 months today! I’m going to be doing baby led weaning with her as well, but am going to ease into it slowly as we’re leaving on a 3-week trip to Ireland and France tomorrow.

  3. Esther Pelletier

    I laughed pretty hard at cub not liking his sister and saying he pokes her in the eyes! I feel like our kids would get along

    1. Lindsay

      At least he’s honest… right?!

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