Best Bottom Potty Training Kit Review


Oh, potty training. We’re getting closer… I can feel it! The Best Bottom Training Kit is the fourth set of trainers we’re reviewing, and I must say Best Bottom has really combined all of my favourite things about our AppleCheeks, Flip and Bummis trainers and rolled them into one made-in-the-USA solution. 

Cotton, just like undies, on the outside, lined with PUL on the inside:

Each kit comes with three inserts so you can swap them out when wet or soiled rather than change the whole pair:

Feel-wet inserts (flannel on top of microfiber) snap into the pant (you can also snap in your size medium or small Best Bottom diaper inserts) and come in fun prints: 

Best Bottom Trainers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Our Best Bottom trainers are definitely the most like big-kid underwear while still having a fully waterproof layer:

I’d like to state for the record, however, that Cub doesn’t give a *insert your favourite expletive* about big boy undies. He loooooves diapers. But if your kid is motivated by the whole “I’m a big kid now” routine, he will LOVE these. Cub is 35 lbs and 40 inches tall. He is wearing the “medium” size, listed as the equivalent of “3T.”

Cub is making it to the bathroom (with many reminders), but tends to wind up with dribbles or skid marks more often than not. At about 50 cents a pop, I can’t imagine tossing a disposable Pull-Up after every accident! The times that he has had a larger accident (for example, when he is playing iPad or watching TV and insists he does not have to go), the PUL-lining of the Best Bottom trainer has spared our cushions.

Benefits of Best Bottom Trainers:

  • Can be used with size small and medium Best Bottom inserts you already own (I also snap in my small Funky Fluff 2.0 inserts);
  • Cotton exterior look like real underwear;
  • PUL inner to really help prevent leaks;
  • Replace just the insert when soiled (a big accident would wet through to the pant, but the purpose is to catch small accidents);
  • Easy for the child to pull up and down;
  • Pack less in the diaper bag (just bring an extra insert or two);
  • Made in the US!

Room for improvement:

  • Side snaps would allow you to remove the trainers like a diaper in the case of *ahem* a large accidental deposit. That said, they might also deter children who are determined to not wear diapers, so, I understand the advantage of having them be truly like underwear.

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69 responses to “Best Bottom Potty Training Kit Review”

  1. Jami Arias

    These are so cute, though I’m honestly already intimidated by the idea of potty-training my son. He’s only six weeks old, why is it so nerve-wracking?!

  2. Melissa Bissett

    I love the article. I need this for my son. He will start potty training soon so I need to start my stash of trainers. The pandas are so cute 🙂 I like that you can replace the insert.

  3. Stephanie Craig

    We are right in the middle of potty training. I have one set of Best Bottoms and love them! Would LOVE another set. I love that I can get three “accidents” out of one shell.

  4. Melissa F

    These would be great for my daughter! She will be 2 this month and is very motivated to toilet train. She still has many small accidents (Why must they have to pee immediately as soon as you start to nurse the baby?) and it would be so nice to only have to change an insert instead of the whole pant!

  5. Meagen Leiby

    I have not tried best bottoms trainers, but with your review I would like to try them my youngest will be two in April and we’ve already started using the potty seat and use the no pants method and it’s messy lol

  6. Kayla Sheehan

    What an awesome system! The playful panda print is just too cute!

  7. Ashley morel

    What a good idea just to replace the insert, plus the snaps would help them stay in place. May be a good option for my son, but so far he just treats trainers like diapers!

  8. Elizabeth Johnson

    I absolutely love that these potty training cloth diapers are like underwear and diapers. They’re different from wearing just underwear which can make a mess and different from wearing diapers which kids are used to going pottying in. I’m currently potty training my son and it has been very difficult. These would be a complete help to get him used to wearing underwear but not leaving a mess everywhere. I love both designs

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    This sounds like a very helpful trainer for potty training. I like that you can just change the insert with a small accident. Not sure how easy it would be with a large accident but can’t be worse than in underpants.

  10. Kristine Barrett

    OF COURSE there would be this giveaway days after I start training my middle child. I love how affordable this system is! I also love that they have a layer of PUL, we have to take my 4 year old to preschool and we’ve already had a couple of accidents! What a mess! Off to go do some more research and maybe buy a set or two!

  11. Marcella

    Thank you for doing the review. I never knew that they made potty training pants like these. I’ll definitely need to invest in some for when I have to potty train the next child.

  12. Kristen Starks

    I absolutely LOVE that these trainers are AI2! Incredibly convenient to only have to change the inset in the case of an accident, as opposed to the whole diaper itself – also great for less bulk when on-the-go!

  13. Brandi

    We use best bottom covers now and are about to start pott6 training. I’m looking forward to trying their trainers. I really love the part of reusing the covers.

  14. Jennifer Ann Wilson

    I have been looking for something like this. Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Mandy

    I love the cute design and that Best Bottom inserts will protect your furniture against the big leaks! My LO is heading towards potty training in the next few months so hoping to win this giveaway to give Best Bottoms a try!

  16. Camille W

    I have a couple Best Bottom covers that I love – great quality – so I have no doubt that I’d love these too.

  17. I love the idea of not using disposables filling the trash and having a better option for the baby

  18. Monica

    I love best bottoms and would love to try these trainers on my son. Hes only 14 months but we’ll be potty training in no time.

  19. Nicholle H

    We used Best Bottom trainers with my older son. They worked really well for daytime. I had some extra best bottom inserts to use with his nighttime trainer too. He liked the animals. I think telling a kid not to get the monkeys wet really motivates them to stay dry. I will be adding more to our collection when my toddler is ready to potty train.

  20. Lindsey p

    Potty training is in our future. I love our BB diapers and didn’t know we can reuse our medium inserts. How exciting!

  21. Jennie Dzielak

    These would have really come in handy when we were training our youngest! I love how they have inserts, so you can switch them out as needed,

  22. Melanie Lapierre

    Je suis justement à l’étape où l’on commence à penser à l’entrainement à la propreté. Je suis vraiment heureuse d’apprendre que BG offre des supers beaux kits d’entrainement. Merci de m’avoir fait connaître ce nouveau produit!

    1. Melanie Lapierre

      Oups BB!

  23. Heather

    We are just starting training. What I <3 about these trainers is I can adjust the absorbency based on the situation. We live 30+ miles from the nearest bathroom so for those long car rides he's wearing a medium insert in his "big boy underwear". Genius!

  24. Cassandra Marie

    I have a long way to go before we approach this hurdle (My first isn’t due until May) and I hadn’t even considered the idea of cloth training pants– but it makes so much sense! If you use cloth diapers, why use disposable training pants? I love that these resemble “real” underwear.

  25. Kristen M.

    These look like a really good design. I love how easy it looks to snap the insert in and that the pants could be reused. Those were the aspects that made me not so keen on the AC pants.

  26. I can’t wait to try Best Bottom trainers! They look so simple and easy to use 🙂

  27. Megan Stasuik

    I have loved using the best bottoms trainers with my son. He calls them undies and does not leak when he has accident.

  28. Mylène Bélanger

    I found them so cute and so convenient to just have to swap a new insert.

  29. Mylène Bélanger

    I found them pretty cute and it seem so convenient to just have to swap a new insert in, especially when out

  30. Tamar

    I love how Best Bottoms are just like “real undies” but have removable inserts. I’m hoping to use these training pants with my son in a few months!

  31. P Crowley

    I’m curious about trying the 3 day method. http://www.pottytrainingin3.com Sounds almost too good to work, but it has some great reviews.

  32. Marnie

    I love the way these are made. They have the style and feel of big kid pants but they function more like a diaper.

  33. kathy downey

    I love the idea that i would only have to change an insert. I really love the part of reusing the covers.

  34. Emily Roth

    My daughter is potty trained during the day but still wakes up wet at night. We didn’t use cloth with her and we still use pull ups for her at night. I’m sick of spending the money on them especially seeing the cost savings of using cloth diapers on my youngest! I think Best Bottoms trainers would be a great option for her overnight!

  35. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I love that they have snap in inserts! The prints and colors are so cute and fun! I love the design too… I think it would be super easy for little one’s to pull up and down when they need to.

  36. Sherry baer

    I think these would be awesome for my grand daughters who are transitioning into potty training. The oldest really doesn’t have accidents, we only put a diaper on her at night just in case. My younger granddaughter who will be 2 this month, does awesome all day without a diaper… But she drinks a lot during the day, so a heavy wetter at night…. I think these would be awesome 🙂

  37. Denise Beeman

    I love that you can use diaper inserts as well. I think I would like the snaps on the side though. My little guy is 13 months but is mostly poop potty trained. I would love something that would be easier to get on and off as we run to the potty so pulling these up and down would be nice.

  38. Danielle Petryshyn

    I love my best bottoms covers and hemp inserts, so I’m sure this would also be awesome to try!!

  39. Susanne

    I like how you can reuse the cover and just replace the insert.

  40. Tabitha Luczak

    I love how these look just like regular underwear!! I also like the ability to snap in a new insert without replacing entire underwear.

  41. Sarah Sobocinski

    I like how they are a lot like underwear and like that they feel wet.

  42. Annie

    we have one set of these and love them. have a little boy on the way and would love to get a set for him that is not pink

  43. Rachael VanDyke

    I would love to try these. some of the other cloth training systems are too much like diapers so my daughter would get upset that she was in a baby diaper. These are so much more “big kid” while providing some protection for your furniture!

  44. Nalini

    i own bestbottom diapers and cant wait to use these trainer for potty training. I love the cute prints and three inserts make it even more amazing

  45. Eileen

    I love that the outside of these look like underwear, but you still get to have the waterproof inner layer with the changeable liners. A smart design!

  46. Amanda Felton

    these are genius! I wish I would’ve looked into this kind of thing for my first boy. I am definitely going to invest in these for training the next one. I love everything about them. When do they go one sale?? 😉

  47. Alyssa S.

    I like that there is changeable inserts. That way unless they have a #2 Accident you can just swipe out the insert.

  48. jordan alice

    OOoh, the removable pads are really interesting. All of these enviro friendly reusable diapers are fantastic!

  49. Amy Hall

    I haven’t used these yet but intend to or hope to when we potty train soon. They seem a little hard to find for some reason?

  50. Lauryn R

    My son has been potty training for a couple of months now and I am done right fed up with disposable pull ups! We waste so much money on them, and in my sons case they are not helping with the training (too much like diapers) at all. Needless to say, I am now on the hunt for the best brand/deal. Best Bottom training pants sound amazing! I would definitely LOVE to be able to try them out.

    1. Lauryn R

      I meant “down” right, lol.

  51. Martha

    I bought the Best Bottom trainers on Black Friday Sale. I really love them too. My son loves the cute prints (he requests the hedgehogs often) and I let him choose what insert gets snapped in. When he has an accident, he’ll often say “uh oh Whales” (or whatever pattern is on the inserts). My few complaints are that the sizing is a bit small. I measured him before i bought them and went with the medium (3T). He just turned two and the waistband is very snug. Because the waistband is so tight and long, he has a hard time getting it up and down by himself.

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  53. melissa bottorff

    these look so cute! i love that the insert snaps in so that it doesn’t move around while in use and that it offers goo absorption as well

  54. sabina edwards

    I think the inserts are neat, esp if you have more then one training at the same time

  55. Leeanne Lachance

    I’m thankful for your reviews! My son is only 3 months old, but by the time we will be potty training I’ll feel like I’ll have an idea of what products we should be investing in.

  56. Ruth Entwistle

    I would love to try these for my two daughters both in different stages of potty training. Love the inserts and ability to use the same cover!

  57. Karen

    Those pandas are knocking me off my feet, too cute. Love that they look like underwear. Kiddo will feel like a big kid !

  58. Dandi D

    We never used trainers with my son, but my daughter might need them and these look great!

  59. I love that these look like underwear but have snap in inserts to make for easy clean up. I think I may need to invest in a pair or two.

  60. Amber

    Huge fan of the design Best Bottom uses with their products. Doesn’t hurt that their PUL prints and inserts are adorable either!!

  61. Laura

    I love this. The patterns are really cute too. I especially like the panda pattern!

  62. Carli B

    I love that they look and feel like underwear but with a hidden pul layer so the entire outfit doesn’t have to be changed with one accident!

  63. Elizabeth

    These look great! Will be potty training soon and have been interested in training pants.

  64. Holly B

    I love the removable inserts. Other trainers I tried were AIO and I really didn’t care for them. Thanks for the review!

  65. Erin B.

    These trainers look awesome! I love Best Bottom diapers and look forward to trying these some day!

  66. Amy Hall

    I bought some of these in 2015 anticipating potty traiing coming soon. Apparently not. He’s almost 3 and screeches when you say potty. Doesn’t care a whit or seem to understand the concept of big boy pants. sigh. What I bought will likely be outgrown before he gets there!

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