Inexpensive Babywearing Hacks

Inexpensive babywearing hacks ~ Maman Loup's Den: Use a Costco poncho or a Target sweater as a cover... use baby legwarmers as drool pads!A good baby carrier is a big investment. You may not have the cash or the desire to invest in #AllTheAccessories. I’ve come up with some inexpensive hacks that you can pick up at Walmart, Target, Costco or online.

1- Use fitted sheet clips to secure your coat around baby.

These clips are sold in packs of four (for each corner of your mattress), so you can use more than one if necessary. If you’re tired of your coat flapping around in the wind when babywearing, this is any easy way to keep it closed. Since Little Miss Cub is still pretty small, I knot the elastic to shorten it. You’ll find these clips in the bedding section of most department stores!Fitted Sheet Clips to Keep Coat Closed Around Baby - Babywearing Hack - Maman Loup's Den

2- Use a wrap sweater to wrap up baby.

I bought this wrap sweater at a local boutique, Calgary’s Luna Blue, where it’s called a Crossover Drape Cardigan. (Note that Luna Blue is currently closed for renovations, but you can still shop online!)  I spotted one at Target online which will surely do the trick. I didn’t size up or anything, the generous drape is just part of the look, and makes it perfect to secure around baby! I also love this style of cardigan for breastfeeding, which is what I originally bought it for.Wrap Up in a Wrap Sweater - Babywearing Hacks - Maman Loup's Den

3- A “Fashion Wrap/Poncho” makes a great cover to get you out to the car.

My Popo (grandmother) received this “Fashion Wrap” from Costco as a gift, and she shamelessly re-gifted it to me. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be my favourite babywearing accessory. It’s two layers of thick fleece, and I find it sufficient to head out to the car even in minus 10 C weather in Calgary. I actually prefer this to a pull-over sweater or babywearing coat for short errands because it is so easy to take on and off. It also works great as a car seat blanket! It’s $14.99 at, and I think it was maybe $25 at the Canadian Costco in store when I saw it.Fleece Wrap from Costco Makes a Great Babywearing Cover - Maman Loup's Den - Babywearing Hacks

4- Use baby leggings as drool pads.

Just unbuckle the straps of your carrier and slide a baby leg warmer onto each one. Tada! You’ve got cheap and easy-to-wash drool pads in a pinch. Double up if you have a super drooler. This is a really inexpensive way to dress up your carrier, too. Note that this only works on baby carriers whose straps unbuckle completely. My Chimparoo and Onya Baby do this, but not my Tula.

Use Baby legwarmers as drool pads - Maman Loup's Den - Babywearing Hacks

5- Target has an “Open Back Leisure Top” that is basically a babywearing sweater.

Babywearing Facebook groups have been blowing up over this bizarre sweater from Target. Apparently, it is leisurely to expose your shoulder blades. Babywearing Mamas quickly realized you could totally use this sweater as a cover! Tuck the hood in for a front carry, wear it as it is designed to be worn to do a back carry.

Kristina, who generously allowed me to use her selfies, says: “I’m 5’10 195 lbs and I went with large. Medium was tight on my arms. Extra large was super long.”

The sweater is $20, and is a very thin fabric, so definitely not warm enough to be used alone in “real” winter. (Kristina is in California.)
Target Babywearing Sweater - Maman Loup's Den - Babywearing Hacks

6. Turn an over-sized Old Navy fleece into a babywearing sweater

Big thanks to Jackie for sharing her tip! She bought the Go-Warm Max Cocoon-Neck Fleece Pullover for Women from Old Navy. Since fleece doesn’t fray, she just cut a slit at the chest for baby’s head. She recommends buying one size up, and adds that the sweater is also available in plus and maternity sizes.

Cut a slit in an oversized Old Navy Fleece to make a babywearing sweater - Maman Loup's Den - Babywearing Hacks

Do you have any clever babywearing hacks to share?

16 responses to “Inexpensive Babywearing Hacks”

  1. Amy

    I use my infinity nursing scarf for quick cover up situations (like getting to the car). It’s not super cold here though so I doubt this’d work for any snow bunny mamas. What you do is fold it in half along the length and throw it on with the fold facing up. Drape it over your baby and then bring the inner fold down under baby’s legs and up so that it lies between her and your body (similar to the way your place them in a pouch or ring sling, but with legs in).

    P.S. What carrier are you using in these pics? It’s gorgeous!

    1. Amy

      The way “you” place them, not “your”. Darn it.

      1. Lindsay

        I FORGIVE YOU! I’m using my Chimparoo Trek!

  2. So awesome! This is such a kickass post! Thanks MLD!

  3. Courtney

    I use my maternity coat over my carrier. It probably won’t be large enough after year one, but it suits us just fine now (baby is 10 months). I like that I’m getting extra use out of a coat that I was hesitant to buy to begin with!

  4. Jenna Singleton

    Love the idea for the sheet clips — I’m going to try it!

    1. Karen

      You can also use mitten clips!

  5. kathy downey

    Thanks for sharing this post,i learned a few things !!

  6. Alicia chen

    I love the idea of using the Old Navy fleece hoodie! Gonna get me one if those asap! Thanks!

  7. Tawnia

    Awesome info! I use a wrap sweater but loving the poncho idea!

  8. Leigh Anne

    If it’s not terribly cold out, I fold a swaddle blanket in half (triangle way) and tie the very end of the two folded corners together. Put baby in the carrier and hang the blanket around my neck, covering baby. (For instance, in a front carry, the knot is on the back of my neck & the two loose corners of the blanket hang below baby’s feet.) Any extra fabric at baby’s shoulders on the folded edge can be tucked around the chin to keep the cold air out. If it’s bright or windy, just pull up the folded part (unfold it) to cover baby’s head. Works with any type of carrier, any carry I’ve tried, including hip carries.

  9. Jessica

    So I thought about buying one of those coat extender things for babywearing but it is around $120 for one that fits my coat. I live in the Channel Islands and the coldest it gets is around 6degrees Celsius in the winter and I think those extenders are designed for the Canadian winter.. Would that be overkill to wear that and baby who I’m imaginging will be like a portable space heater strapped to your chest? I’d like to avoid the extra expense if it is unnecessary. Could I just leave my normal coat open and have baby bundled as necessary? Thanks for the advice!

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Jessica! You will probably be quite comfortable in your coat with baby appropriately bundled at that temperature. Right now in Calgary it’s around that temperature and I don’t use any of my fancy coats/extenders at this temperature. I might suggest a fleece carrier cover (like the one in this post, on its own it’s about $40, simply because it’s easier than over-dressing baby and having to take him out of the carrier to remove layers, and you can also use it if you’ve got baby on your back. Otherwise, there is also a zip-in fleece coat insert that would be convenient and it’s also inexpensive: All that said, if you use those mattress clips to secure your own coat around baby and perhaps secure a blanket around baby, you’re likely to be just fine!

  10. Hilary

    if you still have it, would you mind posting a photo of that Costco wrap laid out on the floor? I like how it fits around you and baby and would like to make one out of an old blanket. Would love to see how they cut that one. Thanks for posting all this!!

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