December 2015 Blog Income Report

December Blog Income Report - Maman Loup's Den

Aspiring bloggers often ask me if I actually make a living from my blog. First things first: my husband is our family’s main breadwinner, while I am, primarily, a stay-at-home mom. I consider our family very privileged to be able to make ends meet on one salary, as long as we stick to a careful budget. 

I have not worked full-time outside of the house since Cub was born, aside from some part-time work as a substitute teacher and private tutor during leaner times back in Montreal. Therefore, building my blog began as a hobby, one that didn’t need to generate revenue (nor did I expect it to). I spent plenty of time having no idea what I was doing, but just having fun doing it. 

I would say that I started my foray into monetizing my blog in January 2014. My income would’ve been around $50 at the most, if I had a particularly good month for affiliate sales. I am happy to report that the amount of time I am now putting into my blog has remained steady while my income has increased exponentially.

My blog is now a full-fledged business operation which I manage every day in between caring for my three-year-old and 6-month-old children. I am registered in Alberta as a business and file business taxes. On average, I spend a minimum of three hours per day (every day) working on my blog. Not included in this report is income I earn as a Social Media Manager, which is not directly related to my website. My work is done in stolen moments throughout the day: when Little Miss is napping and Cub is either playing independently or watching a show, in the evening when they are both asleep (often, Little Miss is in the carrier) or weekends when my husband takes over childcare for a few precious hours. 

It’s also worthwhile to note that this income is billed but not necessarily received in December. Most ad networks have a three-month delay in paying, and it’s not unusual for sponsored posts to pay out a couple months after publication.

So without further ado, let’s look at my Blog Income for December 2015:

Page Views: 36,205 Unique Visitors: 19,759


Affiliate Sales:

I am an affiliate for two Canadian cloth diaper shops and also for This income comes from people clicking through my on-site links (or social media posts) and making a purchase.

Bumbini: $6.50

Lagoon Baby: $9.61 $23.75

Total: $39.86

On-site Advertising:

My ads are supplied by SheBlogs Canada and by I earn this income based on a few cents per page view. I also sell advertising at a monthly rate, and currently have two businesses that advertise monthly.

SheBlogs: $74.03 $47

Monthly ads: $80

Total: $201.03

Sponsored Posts:

I am paid to write posts for a variety of brands and companies. I usually receive these opportunities through PR agencies. This month I had two such promotions. I also created a Boxing Day Sale Directory with This West Coast Mommy, and we charged shops to participate.

Sponsored posts: $800

Boxing Day Sale Directory: $230

Social Posts for CMR: $50 Amazon GC

Total: $1380


I charge a fee for running giveaways. I ran two Facebook giveaways this month.

Facebook giveaways: $100

Grand Total: $1720.89

Note that I do at times accept product in exchange for a review. I do not count this in my income because I cannot pay bills or buy household goods with a product. This month, I reviewed the GroVia AIO diaper, First Alert Smoke Detectors, the Lulla Doll, a Pellicano wrap, Thirsties cloth diapers, the Moa Po Mei Tai and the Naked Nursing Tank. The retail value of these products would be roughly $700.

Blog expenses:

It takes money (and time) to make money. These are my monthly blog expenses. For many services, you save when paying for a year or more in advance, so I’ve calculated a monthly rate when applicable. I’ve used an affiliate link for any services that offer this perk!

McAfee Anti-Virus software:  $2.91

Vault Press Website Back Up Plug in: $6.23

Web hosting by Green Geeks (3 year subscription): $8.33

PicMonkey Royal Image Editting: $3.91

Freshbooks accounting software: $24.50 

InLinkz Linky service: $1.67

This month I participated in a Tula giveaway in which each blogger chips in to cover the cost of the carrier: $13.64 

Mad Mimi Newsletter Service: $37.12 (thanks, low Canadian dollar!)

Cell phone & internet: $142.21

Drop Box subscription: $9.08

Co-Schedule social media scheduler: $3.34*

*Thanks to many successful referrals, I saved a great deal on my annual Co-Schedule subscription last year. (In case that amount seems really low.)

Total Expenses: $111

December 2015 Gross Income (minus expenses) $1610

My Blogging Goals for 2016

  • Hold steady at 20K unique visitors, hopefully reach 25K by December 2016;
  • Evaluate offers carefully to avoid working for free or undervaluing my services;
  • Attend the Las Vegas Baby Show in September;
  • Purchase and learn to use a REAL camera;
  • Update my cloth diaper reviews to reflect new experiences with Little Miss Cub;
  • Write more thoroughly and frequently about mental health issues.

Fellow bloggers, do you see any spots I can save money? Make more money? Newbie bloggers: any questions?

14 responses to “December 2015 Blog Income Report”

  1. Well done! You have some great goals for 2016. Keep at it my friend!

  2. Great post Lindsay, thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always enjoyed your blog and your honesty and this answered a lot of my questions around mommy bloggers ?

    1. Lindsay

      I have not addressed the key question: ARE WE COMPLETELY NUTS?! Hahaha

  4. This was really interesting to read. The bloggers making over $10K are always fascinating, but it’s much more helpful for someone on a smaller scale to see how others are doing. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      I would like to believe that I could earn 10K if I increased my followers 10 fold?!?

  5. Steph S

    Thank you so much for putting in all the work to show how much work you really put into this blog! (Haha – even more work.) I appreciate the honesty and thoughtfulness of your posts and reviews, and wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing, and for faithfully upkeeping your blog.

    1. Lindsay

      THANK YOU!!

  6. Jennifer

    It’s great to see that you are doing so well! Our kids are very close in age and I’ve been following your blog since around the time I started cloth diapering my oldest (he was 4 months old, so sometime in 2013 maybe?). I’ve always found your blog informative and relatable, which is why I keep coming back 🙂 I hope 2016 is an even more successful year for you!

    1. Lindsay

      Hey Jennifer! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me.

  7. Krista

    You are the best for being so honest and transparent! It’s awesome to see that! Loving how interactive and real you are, keeps me coming back for more 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      You are the best for telling me this!

  8. Your blog is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your insights. A great goal for the year 2016.

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