Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's DenI received this items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

I’m typically a pull-down-the-shirt or unbutton-the-shirt breastfeeder. Nursing shirts with peekaboo slits have not worked well in the past for me. I have always found the slits too narrow, and prone to getting soaked in milk, thus leaving me no choice but to change my top. I was pretty psyched when Montreal based brand, Momzelle, approached me for a review and I saw the huge breast openings hidden in their nursing clothing design:

How does a Momzelle Nursing Top Work

I selected three different pieces from their varied and versatile line of tops and dresses that range from casual to corporate:

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review

From left to right, we’ve got the Gaby Nursing HoodieElena Nursing Dress and Christine Nursing Top.

I tried my Momzelle wardrobe out while in Vancouver visiting my parents for a month in December. I got a lot of compliments on all three pieces, and always from fashion-forward ladies who had no clue they were nursing tops. 

Gaby Nursing Hoodie

Nursing or pregnant for the past four years, I’ve had to put my love of hoodies somewhat on hold. Hoodies are awkward at best to pull up and nurse, so I had been looking for a nursing hoodie for some time. The Gaby Nursing Hoodie was the first item I chose from Momzelle’s online boutique. It’s soft and cozy, and works perfectly for nursing.

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Gaby Nursing Hoodie

I like to wear a nursing tank top underneath since I don’t like wearing a hoodie with nothing underneath. (And putting a t-shirt underneath would defeat the purpose!) I got the size small, and noticed the sleeves were just long enough, so made a mental note not to throw the hoodie in the dryer. I have never once in my life succeeded at not putting something in the dryer, so the sleeves shrunk up a tiny bit. I’d definitely like to see the Gaby with another inch of cuff, and a thumb hole, taking it from awesome to exquisite. I would add that I do tend to wear the sleeves of my long-sleeve tops rolled up, so the shorter sleeve length isn’t bothering me much!

Elena Nursing Dress

At my brother’s wedding last year, I looked amazing. I looked amazing until I had to basically take off my dress to nurse Cub during the wedding speeches. (There’s no way I was going to miss my baby brother’s speech!) I was mainly nursing Cub at night by the time of my brother’s wedding, and didn’t think I could get a flattering and beautiful nursing dress. Turns out, I wasn’t looking in the right place.A Momzelle nursing dress would’ve clearly solved the problem. My Christmas dress does not look AT ALL like it is designed for nursing!

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Elena Nursing Dress

I only wear dresses that feel like lounge wear, and that is definitely the case for the Elena dress, made of cotton with a hint of Spandex. I truly felt amazing in this dress, and the ladies in my family all loved it. The photos from this Christmas are my favourites ever, mostly because of how flattering the dress is and how happy I was to be spending Little Miss Cub’s first Noel with my entire extended family.

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Elena Nursing Dress for Christmas

There’s no need to hide away in a corner to nurse at our family gatherings, but I’m not going to complain that I could sit at the kitchen table and nurse Little Miss without taking off half of my dress.

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Subtle and Beautiful

When I shared this picture on my Instagram, one commenter mentioned she would’ve had no idea I was even nursing if it weren’t for my caption! 

There isn’t a thing I’d change about the Elena. I am just desperately seeking another occasion that merits a dress… 

Christine Nursing Tee

T-shirts and leggings. That’s 99% of what I wear. I also wear a lot of horizontal stripes. My Momzelle t-shirt is officially my go-to top. Is it clean? I’m wearing it. I wore it on the airplane to and from Vancouver, and it was the most discreetly I had ever whipped out a boob in the air. 

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Nursing FunctionLook at that great big opening! Plenty of breast is exposed for a nice nursing experience, and even Mamas who like a bit of privacy would likely feel comfortable without a cover.  The Christine top is a super flattering fit and a nice length, even with my long torso. The one thing I notice is that the edge of the flap rolls up a bit when it comes out of the dryer. This is simple to rectify with a cool iron, or, if you’re lazy like me, spritzing some water on it and tossing it in the dryer for a couple minutes and taking it out right away.

Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review - Maman Loup's Den - Christine Nursing Top

I’d like to give a special shout out to my sister-in-law, Kirsten, for taking all my gorgeous photos! Check out her recipes at Breaking Bland Eats.

Momzelle is perfect for breastfeeding while babywearing!



Update (Feb 2016): I’ve finally figured out some good babywearing positions for nursing, and Momzelle clothes are perfect for nursing while baby is in the wrap or carrier! People will likely not even realize your babe is latched on!




Shop & Connect: 

Momzelle products are manufactured in an Oeko Tek-certified facility in China, visited by one of the company’s co-founders on an annual basis. They are currently working on a made-in-Montreal line, which I look forward to seeing at the end of 2016!

Find a Momzelle retailer near you or visit their online boutique.

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53 responses to “Momzelle Nursing Apparel Review”

  1. kathy downey

    I do love the creative design,the pieces of clothing you chose look very nice and of good quality

  2. Melissa F

    Love the dress!It looks so nice. Totally have been in the position where I have had to take off half my dress to feed baby, such a pain especially when hubby had to come with me everytime to unzip.

  3. Karen

    I also have the hoodie. Love that it doesn’t look like a nursing top!

  4. Megan G.

    The pieces you chose look so good on you! I gave up on nursing tops and just wear tank tops and a card I most days haha but I would defs try these!!

  5. Jami Arias

    I absolutely adore the hoodie- the cut is so flattering and the material looks incredibly soft! Perfect for temperate Ohio!

  6. Renee

    I love these pieces! You look great 🙂

  7. Esther Pelletier

    We have no local stores here to buy maternity or nursing wear. Thanks for your review! Now I no where to look online! Clothes can be so darn frustrating for nursing!

  8. Teresa Harper

    Our baby store in town carries Momzdllw, and it’s been great seeing the clothing on a ‘real’ person!

  9. Kimberly Stoessel

    Your daughter is so adorable ,especially in her elephant dress.Now that we have that out of the way. I really loved the look of the dress and how they all look so easy to nurse in.I don’t have any nursing clothes yet.

  10. These look fantastic. I so missed my hoodies while nursing my daughter in the winter. This would be great for baby number 2! That dress is also fantastic – were was this when I needed a nursing dress for a wedding!!

  11. Daohne’s Mama

    I love that hoodie. I miss warm clothes while I’m nursing.

  12. bianca tarleton

    Thanks for the boob shot! Honestly its hard to buy nurisng gear online when you don’t really know how it works.

  13. Erin Malette

    My folks but me a bunch of momzelle locally for Christmas. Love the style and quality!!

  14. Linda

    hese look great. It’s so hard to find good clothes to accommodate new moms.

  15. Asleep12

    I love nursing tops and dresses. It’s pretty much all I wear. All new clothes I buy must be nursing friendly. Love to see there’s another company out there for more alternatives. The clothes you picked look amazing! I love that they have a nursing hoodie. Definetly on my to buy list.

  16. natalie nichols

    I love that they have so many different options!

  17. Katherine Magne

    You know what I like about that hoodie? The contrast ribbing. Good choice Momzelle.

  18. Jerrica Evans

    I don’t have any nursing tops, didn’t with my first three children but I would love to have some this time. It would make it so much easier.

  19. Dandi D

    The Hoodie looks like such a warm and cozy shirt for winter.

  20. Tabitha Luczak

    I would love to try one of these tops. I don’t use a cover and always do the two shirt method.

  21. Elizabeth Parker

    I’m about to have my third little one in a few months, and somehow, I still get self-conscious while nursing. I usually do the two shirt method, or wear a sports bra, (the thin, cotton ones that are similar to a tank top in style, but cut off just below the chest). My girls hated being covered, and I assume our little guy will as well. Something like their products would be great to have, especially the hoodie. Pulling a jacket up to nurse is quite frustrating sometimes.

  22. Heather

    All three pieces were well chosen I think, they look comfortable and like anyone no matter their style preference could find something they like. Also I appreciate the amount of detail provided, I’m looking forward to checking out more of their clothes 🙂

  23. Kristina Leezer

    Those clothes are so cute! I’d love to win this to give them a try. Currently I just wear a lot of button ups!

  24. Christina H

    It’s so hard finding nursing clothes that look nice postpartum and aren’t also maternity clothes. This line looks really comfortable and stylish. I’d love to try some of them as my regular pull down tops and henleys are all getting stretched out.

  25. Krist B

    I love that these clothes are so stylish and functional, would love to give them a try!

  26. Amber Ludwig

    I am so in love with how comfy and stylish everything looks!! No frumpy nursingwear here! Looove it so much!! I also love how nothing looks like a nursing shirt!!

  27. Amanda G

    That hoodies would be great when we take our 3 littles on hikes! Hoodies are sometimes so tough to nurse in because there’s so many layers to pull up.

  28. Wehaf

    I love how the stripes on the t-shirt camouflage the flap – that’s brilliant. 🙂

  29. Kathy

    These look like well-designed nursing pieces, comfortable and not “dowdy”. Thanks for the review.

  30. Amy

    Our nursing styles and regular clothing styles are identical, and I have been searching high and low for more nursing tops (right now I have two, and I hate them both) so it feels like this review was written just for me! Thanks!

    P.S. The word of the day link in the Rafflecopter form doesn’t work.

  31. Cheryl

    Looks like great products for the nursing mom.

  32. Cassandra Rae

    I love all three, esp the dress and hoodie! Ive never seen a breastfeeding hoodie before! Thats amazing!

  33. Brittany P

    I’m pregnant with our 3rd child, and I’ve nursed all of them, and to be honest, I always kind of thought that nursing apparel was a waste. However, reading your review, and seeing your pictures, especially your “action shots” has convinced me otherwise. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. Thanks for the review!

  34. Sarah Sobocinski

    I love that hoodie. It would be perfect since it’s so cold here.

  35. I really need to get myself some nursing wear! You’ve convinced me.

  36. Kylie M.

    I love the tshirt. im going to get it if i win or not

  37. Recipe Fairy

    They have some really cute stuff!!

  38. Susan Willis

    Those are so discrete! I’m not a shy public nurser but my husband is…. I’d love the hoodie since I’m always chilly!

  39. Armikaip

    I have a similar nursing dress and absolutely love it. It was great for a wedding 2 wks postpartum but I’ve also worn it in the office at 13 months pp!

  40. Claudia Joyal

    Since this is my second baby. I knew I was going to nurse for a while so I invested in Momzelle apparel and I’m so glad I did. Their nursing tops are awesome.

  41. Bethany G

    Momzelle is my favourite nursing wear! I adore the “I make milk, what’s your superpower ?” t shirt! Thanks for the review 🙂

  42. Carrie

    I want all of these! I have never heard of mozelle before, but I can’t wait to try it with my next little one

  43. Nina Bergeron

    I love the clothes, stylish and functional!

  44. Cassandra Marie

    As much as possible, I am trying to buy maternity friendly nursing tops rather than maternity only. I love your thoughts on what makes a good nursing top/dress for us first time moms who can only guess!

  45. Monica Miller

    I have a few different nursing tops – one was a gift the rest are hand me downs – and my favourite two are the ones that open like Momzelle’s. I find them the most comfortable and the less disheveled looking. Also I can’t help but giggle at the name Momzelle because most of my students called me Mamazel instead of Mademoiselle my first year of teaching.

  46. Geneveigh Sewell

    These clothes are so cool! I still do the two shirt thing and it can get kind of annoying and obvious as to what I’m doing. Not that I care if people know I’m nursing, but I like my clothes on! Haha!

  47. Kelsey S

    Apparently I can buy these at my nearby consignment store. I will have to check them out. I’m finding though that nursing specific things have a high price tag attached to them…..I’m cheap and get most of my clothes at old navy on sale. I will have to invest in a few of these options though as they would be so useful!

  48. Irene

    I’ve been checking out Momzelle for a while now but I always thought it was a bit expensive, especially with all the little baby stuff I had to buy first! Their stuff looks so nice though 🙂

  49. karen s

    I need somethingike that so pretty

  50. Kathy Harrigan

    Thanks for the review! I love the look and idea of the Gaby nursing hoodie

  51. Lillian

    I love Momzelle tops! I’m so glad I discovered them 3 years ago with my first. I purchased two nursing tank tops that were made in Canada and I use them all the time. Now with my second, I am still using the tank tops. I ordered another shirt that was made in China. I did not realize they made this change. I am happy to hear that they are working on a made on Montreal line. It bothers me when Canadian companies switch to making their products overseas.

  52. Em Mahr

    Love the stripped shirt and I really appreciate how big the breast opening is for feedings. Another item I really like from their shop is the Rachael nursing top.

  53. Anel

    It’s hard for me to find cute nursing clothes, but I think you found some! They have cute stuff! And it all looks soft and comfortable! I really like the Jenny dress!

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