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GroVia All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's Den I received this product at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

The GroVia All-in-One (AIO) was my first experience with an AIO diaper, three years ago when Cub was wee. (Who knew that three years later, he’d still be in diapers…?) At the start of my cloth diapering journey, I only used GroVia and Bummis shells with Bummis prefolds, so I knew absolutely nothing about different styles of diapers. I didn’t know what a pocket diaper was, and all I knew about an all-in-one diaper was that it was one piece. The reason I chose GroVia AIOs was because I already had their shells. I knew nothing about the different styles of all-in-one diapers on the market like I do today.

GroVia AIOs didn’t work well for Cub: I always got leg leaks. In fact, I ended up selling them all. Now having used this one on Little Miss Cub, with a wealth of cloth diapering knowledge under my belt, I just think I wasn’t using them properly on Cub. I haven’t had a single leak with our Citrus (AWESOME COLOUR) GroVia AIO, and I wouldn’t say she’s a heavier wetter than her brother, just on a smaller growth curve. At the time I was having issues with my GroVia AIOs, I didn’t even know there was a whole world of cloth diapering Mamas and Papas on the internet who could’ve helped me troubleshoot. Look how far I’ve come!

The GroVia AIO is designed very differently from the majority of all-in-one diapers on the market. Rather than the typical front-waist closure using wing tabs (like a disposable diaper), the GroVia snaps at the hips with super stretchy tabs.

GroVia All-in-One Review - Maman Loup's Den

Am I a huge fan of side-snapping diapers? No, not especially. It’s mainly a personal preference, but I suspect it was this trickier-to-master closure that gave me issues on Cub when I didn’t know anything about getting a proper fit for a cloth diaper.

GroVia All-in-One Review - Maman Loup's Den

Both the diaper lining and the sewn-in insert and snap-in booster are made from 100% organic cotton. The insert is attached at the back of the diaper, “tongue style,” which cuts down on diaper dry time. The snap for the booster is located at the tip of the sewn-in soaker.

The elastic casing at both the back waist and the legs is significantly wider than other cloth diapers in our stash.

GroVia All-in-One Review - Maman Loup's Den

The GroVia AIO is quite trim between the legs, and is cut straight across at the front tummy, without a front waist elastic, similar to the GroVia ONE and GroVia shells

GroVia All-in-One Review - Maman Loup's Den

To reach maximum absorbency, you need to wash and dry a GroVia AIO a lot. (The instructions say 5-6 times.) I admit I only washed and dried ours twice before putting it on the Little Miss, but I was sure to change her quickly those first few times.

For all the leaks I had with Cub, I have had a grand total of NONE using the GroVia AIO on Little Miss Cub. (And even when the diaper wasn’t fully prepped, we had no leaks!)

I believe our longest stretch so far, with booster, was five hours. The key to this second-time-around success? Fit! I have a sneaking suspicion that I was not securing the diaper tightly around his chubby thighs for fear of hurting him. I doubt I got the right “seal” in his groin, so the pee just rolled on out. Now, as a fearless and experienced cloth diapering Mama, I stretch those closure tabs out and snap the bottom snap first, pulling the front panel of the diaper up and to the side as I do so. I also didn’t know that I could stagger my snaps: tighter at the hip, then one row looser at the tummy. This is a great option if you are concerned about comfort, particularly when baby is in a seated position.

GroVia has a great video showing how to get the right fit with their AIO. I watched it after we’d been testing ours for a while, and it’s exactly how I’ve been using it (and exactly how I was NOT using it on Cub when I was experiencing leaks). 

Getting The Best Fit With Your GroVia Organic AIO from GroVia on Vimeo.

What I love about the GroVia AIO:

  • Tongue-style soaker with snap-in booster means dry time isn’t as long and laundering is easier. That the second insert can be removed means you can cut down on bulk on smaller babies.
  • Super trim fit. Although I don’t think I’d agree that it’s the only diaper on the market to fit under skinnies as the GroVia site states, it’s definitely one of the trimmest we’ve tried. The side snaps mean there is zero bulge at the front, and there is nothing fluffy about a GroVia AIO butt.

GroVia AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

  • Big ol’ sturdy snaps: GroVia and Bummis are the only brands I know of that use these big, hefty snaps. I find them much easier to use.
  • There is no bunching at the front waist, even on a lower rise, thanks to the side snaps and the smooth cut of the front panel.
  • Mighty absorbent, despite trimness. 
  • Those stre-e-e-e-etchy tabs help get a really secure fit, and the double column of snaps means you can really customize the sizing as I discussed above. The stretchy tabs make it possible to use this diaper as a “pull up” style training pant.
  • GroVia is one of my favourite companies because of their social initiatives and the obvious devotion they have to their fans.

What I love less about the GroVia AIO:

(Note that many of these cons can also be viewed as pros.)

  • Cotton feels very wet against baby’s skin: for some babies, the lack of a synthetic stay-dry layer may be an issue (but the lack of synthetics could also be a selling point for others).
  • The cotton inner definitely stains easily, however, the sun works miracles on poop stains.
  • It’s only fair to acknowledge that GroVia diapers are made overseas. As you know I always give bonus points to made in the US or made in Canada diapers.
  • The price point is definitely high ($32.99 Canadian), but there’s no doubt that this is a high-quality, well-constructed and long-lasting diaper.
  • Of all the diapers I’ve ever reviewed, I’d say that for the newbie cloth diaper user, GroVia AIO has the steepest learning curve in terms of getting a good fit. It is definitely the least like a disposable diaper, which is what a lot of parents are basing their experience on.
  • The side closure isn’t my favourite style, but keep in mind that the side closure is super adjustable (once you know how), and contributes to the overall trimness of the diaper. Also, when you’re changing a standing toddler, side closures can be your best friend. 

GroVia AIO Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Using your GroVia AIO as training pants

What might make me a side-snapping diaper convert after all is that the stretchy side panels make GroVia AIOs perfect to use as pull up trainers. Just snap the diaper looser than you would normally, and pull them on and off just like underwear! You can see GroVia’s How-To Video here.

Bottom Line:

I really wish I’d known about the online community of cloth diapering parents when I was struggling with my GroVia AIOs on Cub. I sold off my dozen diapers at a bargain basement price, thinking they didn’t work for us. GroVia has an awesome official chat group if ever you do need to troubleshoot any of their products!

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109 responses to “GroVia All-in-One Review”

  1. Kathy Harrigan

    I’m excited to try these for our baby due in March. I wish I’d had them for my son

  2. Steph S

    I love that they look so trim! We are definitely finding it difficult to pull pants up over the bum in the household…

  3. Vanessa Bee

    I would love to win this so I can tell you what it is I love about it! I love everything I’ve heard about grovia.

  4. Debra J.

    I love that these can be used as training pants.

  5. Marina

    GroVia has the cutest patterns and colors! ?

  6. Becca reynolds

    I love the trim fit of the AIO

  7. Jessie H

    I love that these use 100% organic cotton for the insert and booster! And the colors/prints are awesome

  8. Candice

    I LOVE how trim these are!!

  9. Tanara

    I wasn’t a fan of hip snaps on another diaper I’ve tried, but the stretchy tabs on this make them so much better and I can get a really good fit!

  10. Sarah Sobocinski

    I like the slim fit.

  11. Ashley F

    I love how trim they are and all the adorable prints and colors!

  12. Jacqueline Scifres

    I love the principles of the GroVia company and the trimness of the AIO!

  13. I love how trim they are!

  14. Teri

    Side snaps!!

  15. Kat harper

    Great review! I love how trim they are! I am considering picking up a couple when i want to fit my little one into the skinny pants my non cloth family members buy. We currently keep disposables on hand for those but I’d love to stop that! Thanks!


    I love the fit around the legs & absorbancy of inserts!

  17. Melissa F

    I like the side snapping feature. Although I don’t have a diaper that does that I think it would be my toddler who wants to toilet train but isn’t ready for diaper free yet.

  18. Melissa Churchill

    I love the organic material and the trimness. I just got my first AI0 in Cherry and love it!

  19. Jen Brazel

    The grovia aio is our favorite, best fitting diaper in our stash! We can typically make it 4hours, with just the one snap in booster. And I love the side snaps! Once I got it down, I can get a perfect fit, faster on my very squirmy boy! We’d love to win one to add to our stash!

  20. stephanie wright

    I love the trimness of the grovia AIO! Would love to win one!

  21. Karin B.

    I love how TRIM they fit!

  22. I love how trim this diaper is compared to others. Was the reason why I bought these for my baby girl. She’s not due till 2/20, but this takes up most of her stash. Love the colors and prints GroVia comes out with too.

  23. Emily

    I would love to try out the GroVia AIO! I like how trim it looks for the degree of absorbency!

  24. Olivia Radics

    I love our Grovia one so I am excited to try the aio, especially because of the super trim fit!!

  25. Lindsey Penley

    I didn’t start cloth diapering until my daughter was about 15 months old. I started out with pocket diapers. I discovered Grovia aio’s about 3 months later, changed my whole stash to Grovia and haven’t looked back. I LOVE my aio’s. They fit her great, are super trim, and I love the flat tummy panel with the side snaps. ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Jane

    We love our GroVia’s! They were actually the first cloth I tried and I feel like I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I will say though that I watched all of the fit videos and that reeeaaalllyy helped!

  27. Holly B

    I like the trim fit. I need a few that will work with smaller pants.

  28. Ashley Collins

    I’ve actually never tried GroVia, but I’ve heard great things. I love the style of GroVia and how small they are compared to most of my AIO’s.

  29. Stephanie B.

    I love how trim our GroVia AIOs are. You can’t even tell LO is wearing cloth!

  30. Jordan Rinker

    I love the GroVia AIO’s because of their fit. They are our cloth diaper of choice for my almost 5 month old daughter. We are slowly building our stash to hopefully cloth diaper full time.

  31. Anel

    I love that it’s so trim!

  32. Jenna Kirby

    We love our grovia aio! They are so darn trim!

  33. Jonelli McGinnis

    I love how trim they are!! 😀

  34. Rachael

    They are sooo trim and absorbent and impeccably made!

  35. Jamie hammel

    I love that the AIO fits my 12lbs baby and my 27 lbs toddler.

  36. Elizabeth Parker

    I love the trim fit, the awesome leakage protection and that it comes with a booster! 🙂

  37. Breanne

    Love the trim fit!

  38. I have never tried this style of Grovia and now you’ve got me very curious! Great review!

  39. Danielle Rudolph

    I love the side snapping!

  40. Vanessa wildmon

    We love how trim the Grovia aio is!!

  41. Jen Ward

    My favorite thing about the GroVia AIO is the great absorbency paired with the super trim fit!

  42. we love the grovia nb aio so hope these work for our LO when she gets bigger 🙂

  43. Anne Sweden

    I like the side snaps because it makes the front of the diaper so smooth and without bulk.

  44. Stacey huatt

    I love how trim these are! And the stretchy sides

  45. Jessica Parent

    I like that dry time isn’t as long and laundering is easier.

  46. Megan Lane

    we tried 2 Grovia AIO with our 1st just as he was nearing the end of hi diaper days. we loved them so much that our stash became 100% them even before our 2nd arrived. hes 6 months now and we still love them!

  47. Jessica Cooper

    My favorite thing about this diaper is the snake style soaker. I don’t have one yet to say for sure if I like it, but I think I would 🙂

    1. Jessica Cooper

      I mean “tongue” style. Whoops.

  48. Dandi D

    My favorite thing is the AIO style.

  49. Cherry Collins

    Love the ONE. Haven’t tried anything else from Grovia yet.

  50. Lo bowman

    I love the trim fit!

  51. Mary Schuh

    I absolutely love how trim these are! They are my go-to diaper bag diaper because I can fit at least 2-3 diapers in my diaper bag.

  52. Kathleen

    I just started trying Grovia for the first time a few weeks ago. I love how trim they are!

  53. Aly

    Grovia has the best social media interaction!! I love them. And this AIO is the trimmest in our stash. I love them! Great review!

  54. Jenny A.

    I like the trim fit!

  55. Tara

    We love the absorbency and organic cotton! Oh and how trim they are!

  56. Tanya Joseph

    99% of my cloth diapers are GroVia AIO’s! (Other 1% is GroVia ONE’s) I love how easy the AIO’s are to use and wash!

  57. Jade

    I have never tried Grovia AIO. We are hybrid household, I would love to win an AIO and give it a go!

  58. Kate

    I love the flat front on the AIO. It’s so trim and my daughter fits do nicely into pants still.

  59. Jennifer Dunaway

    I love the fit of Grovia all in one diapers.

  60. rachel

    It fits our little guy so well!!

  61. They look very sturdy and can’t wait to get them for my baby due in July! I have heard awesome reviews nothing bad about them!

  62. Elishia Cowell

    I have not tried this diaper yet, but so far I love all my Grovia products!

  63. I’m new to CDing!! Just had my first baby boy in October 🙂 I like that these have a trim fit! Fingers crossed!

  64. Elissa

    Great fit, fun colours and organic!

  65. Ginger Wilkin

    100% GroVia at our home. AIO are amazing from right after the newborn stage on for a LONG time. I love the trimness and the ease of using.

  66. Jill

    I love how trim they are and how cute they look on my lo!

  67. Eve

    I would love to add a Grovia AIO. I am new to cloth diapering and would love to add this to my CD stash.

  68. I love how all of the AIO regardless of when they were made, all work together and have the same snaps and soaker pads haven’t changed. And I love their prints.

  69. Kathy Laird

    I love how trim the Grovia AIO diapers are, much trimmer than the ONE!

  70. Leann Malone

    I love the trim fit!!!

  71. Christie C

    Would love to give these a try with my twins due in April.

  72. Katy Baird

    I’m torn on the AIOs. I have 4. I love the great fit I can get with them, I love the absorbancy. I don’t like the side snaps while chasing my daughter around the house. I do LOVE that she hasn’t figured out how to unsnap them yet. 🙂

  73. Amélie L.

    I love that it looks very trim! Also the colours are beautiful.

  74. marley hawn

    I love that the insert isn’t fully sewed in like most aio and that the tabs are stretchy, I hate diapers that don’t have stretchy tabs

  75. Ambet

    I love the trim fit!

  76. Amber Louise

    I love the trim fit and the fact that they can be used as trainers!

  77. Kathryn

    I love how trim they are.

  78. Sarah Holbach

    I love the trimness, plain and simple. They’re the best for my little girl’s leggings. People are always surprised that it’s a cloth diaper under there!

  79. Christina Lundblad

    I love how trim they are

  80. MJ

    I love how trim they are! ! I don’t mind that they are assembled overseas. I work for a company that HAD to go overseas or go bankrupt. It’s hard to make products in the US at an afforadble price. I love all my GroVia!!2

  81. Sharon

    I love the side snaps!

  82. Jodi Armstrong

    My favorite thing about this diaper is that they are organic cotton. I feel like a lot of AIOs aren’t natural fibers and i don’t really like using synthetics. I don’t feel like they get cleaned as well and just prefer natural fibers.

  83. Jamie S

    Good review, I also love that they snap at the hips – that does seem like it would reduce bulge! Though I have no problem with “fluff”, my favorite thing would be that they might be trim enough to fit well under tighter pants 🙂

  84. Susanne

    I like how it’s super trim and doesn’t bulge much in front. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the side snaps either.

  85. Amanda Chapman

    I love these. I didn’t think I would be a fan of AIOs but these suprised me. I loved how I could get a great fit even at the bottom of the weight range at 10lbs. The side tabs are so stretchy, and I love how its organic cotton and its really really soft.

  86. Jaclyn Kolesar

    I haven’t tried their AIOs but I got a bunch of their O.N.E.s off their kickstarter campaign and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I would love to try their AIOs as your review has really made me interested in them!

  87. Bridget Balme

    I’m totally loving the GroVia AIO!!! I think it is a fantastic diaper and for an all in one its one of the grimmest I’ve seen! Looks almost as if my LO is wearing a disposable. The diaper is so soft and is beautifully made. No leaks so far!! Love the side snaps and even my husband finds it to be easy. Diaper changing,cloth diapering that is, is so much easier because of this AIO that even my in laws can continue with the cloth when we are on our dinner dates and they watch our LO. GREAT FOR DAYCARED TOO!!!

  88. Nicole Reagan

    We <3 GroVia AIOs!

  89. christine cee

    The thing I love are the stretchy straps.. believe it or not ! I struggled with this with a different brand.

  90. Bunne

    My favorite thing about Grovia AIOs is that my 3 year old can still wear jeans with them.

  91. Dara

    I love that it is so trim! The side snaps make me nervous though.

  92. Adriana

    The trim fit and fits my skinny 10lb baby ♡

  93. Lydia

    I love the fact that we can also use this diaper as training pants!

  94. Tiff

    We have just started converting from hybrid to aio and I love how trim and absorbent they are, so cute on my lil ones bum. 🙂

  95. Donna Mayes

    I actually like the side snaps. I have a “fighter” when it comes to diaper changes and the hip snaps make it easier to get on.

  96. Mandie

    The Grovia prints and colors are so cute! I have to admit, I was gifted a set of nb aios and I hated them, baby leaked everytime he peed, but I saved them for next baby because I couldn’t bear to get rid of those prints! I’m thinking that now that I know what I’m doing, I won’t have such trouble next time and I would love to try a OS too!

  97. Kitana Degen

    Definitely the trim fit is a bonus. My lil one can finally fit into a regular pair of pants!

  98. Brittany Parzych

    I love the stretchy tabs and the side snaps!

  99. Emily T.

    I Love how trim they are- and the colors and patterns are all fabulous!

  100. Heather Dickens

    My favorite thing about the aio is that it is trim while still very absorbant!

  101. Maranda Carlson

    Haven’t tried the aio yet but I enjoy hearing all the good things. I Ann open to trying one out on my heavy wetter. Thanks.

  102. Sarah Sheffer

    I love that the boosters snap in. That’s pretty cool.

  103. Carly

    This is the first free diaper I ever “earned” and I got it and didn’t even know if I liked it. I was skeptical. It’s now my favorite diaper to reach for when I know I’ll need to contain fluids for a long while. It had never leaked for us yet! Still new to CD but loving it!!! Will be purchasing more of these 🙂

  104. Jeannine cymbalisty

    I love that you can use these as training pants. that’s fantastic.

  105. Caroline M.

    I got my hands on one of these 2nd hand, and it’s one of the best cloth diapers we’ve tried.

    1. Lindsay

      Guess who’s got two thumbs and regrets selling of her initial GroVia AIO stash?! This girl!

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