Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review

I received these products at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Our Thirsties covers were my favourite newborn cover on Little Miss Cub, so I was very excited to try their one-size diaper offerings. Thirsties is a hugely popular brand, and stand out for me as one of the big brands still offering made-in-the-USA products. They make both a one-size all-in-one and one-size pocket diaper, both of which are a success on Little Miss Cub. The two styles are quite different in terms of cut and features, so hopefully I can help you determine which of these two diapers is right for your baby!

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Of the two designs, the pocket diaper is my favourite. As a rule, I’m a pocket girl. What sells me in particular about the Thirsties pocket is that it comes with my exact favourite stuffing combo: microfibre and hemp. To be exact, one 3-layer microfibre insert (considered the “newborn” insert) and one “full size” insert that is a 5-layer hemp/cotton blend.

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Typically I have to use inserts from another brand in the pocket diapers I love to achieve this combo. Thirsties saves the hassle and the expense by including a hemp and a micorfibre insert which snap together:

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I like microfibre because it absorbs quickly, and hemp because it is the most eco-friendly diapering fabric and it holds in the liquid (as opposed to microfibre which can have compression leaks when used alone). I know many Mamas are not big fans of hook & loop closure on their diapers, so fear not, Thirsties also makes a snap version of this pocket diaper. That said, I am a big fan of this sturdy velcro with rounded closure tabs.

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The Thirsties pocket diaper has a pocket opening at the front and back for easy stuffing. (And unstuffing: sometimes you do NOT want to put your hand anywhere near the back of a diaper!) Unlike the AIO, the pocket also features a double leg gusset (like Thirsties covers).

The back pocket opening is elasticized:

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

And the front pocket opening has a fold over flap of PUL to prevent waist leaks:

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The fit on Little Miss, now weighing in at about 14 lbs at 4 months old (compared to her brother, who was probably 18 lbs at this age) is lovely, but I’m a bit torn between which rise suits her best. 

Shortest rise:  Second-shortest rise: 
 She clearly rocks both:


 I think she needs to be a bit longer before we unsnap one level. 
Big brother Cub does fit in this diaper, but it’s not the best fit on in him terms of the rise. He is 40 inches tall and 35 lbs, and we’re working really hard to not be in diapers any more, any ways!

The double leg gusset creates a nice blow out barrier:

In terms of absorbency, we use both inserts on Little Miss Cub and we’re golden for a good outing (4-5 hours). I accidentally left it on her overnight, so we did have a leak after 8 hours. For overnight, I’d use a Thirsties hemp prefold with this pocket cover, and the microfibre booster.

My favourite things about Thirsties’ Pocket Diaper

  • Included hemp and microfibre inserts;
  • Made in the US of A;
  • Front and back pocket opening and a roomy pocket that is easy to stuff and boost;
  • Double leg gusset;
  • Sturdy and strong hook & loop;
  • Soft row of piping around the waist;
  • EXCELLENT price point (around $25) for a diaper that comes with the inserts I love and is made in the US. [I’ve spotted it on sale for $17.99 at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks!]

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review - Maman Loup's Den

The only drawback of Thristies’ pocket diaper is that it’s not the best fit on my 3 year old. He is taller than average, however, and at the tippy top of the weight limit.

Thirsties’ AIO design is quite a bit different than its pocket diaper.

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Here’s a comparison of the two:

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Thirsties’ AIO features a tongue-style soaker sewn in at the front of the diaper. The inner is entirely synthetic: microfibre for absorbency and suedecloth for a stay-dry layer against baby’s bum.

Thirsties One-Size Cloth Diapers Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The weight range on the AIO is 8-40 lbs. It does fit on big brother Cub, but it’s not my favourite fit in terms of a one-size diaper on my tall boy.

As for all 14 lbs of Little Miss Cub, the fit is great!We’re happily on the shortest rise, and will likely be for a while:  I snap it one row tighter on one size right now to get the right fit. It’s quite trim in the tushy:  


  • Double row of closure snaps;
  • Tongue-style soaker sewn in only at one end;
  • Super fast dry time.

What I like less about the Thirsties AIO:

  • I find the diaper bunches a bit at the waist, especially on big brother Cub;
  • Not a big fan of the fit on my 40-inch/35-lb son (but it’s great on Little Miss);
  • I would like to see an included snap-in booster, ideally in hemp, like the pocket diaper.

Bottom line:

I prefer Thirsties’ pocket diaper over its AIO design, and, frankly, the pocket diaper is really good bang for your buck. Consider that there are brands made overseas that only include microfibre inserts (no hemp) that sell for $30 or more, and I’m seeing the Thirsties pocket for under $25! 

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Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers (the Size 2 is AWESOME on the big boy who refuses to potty train) and other accessories are also now available at Well.ca!

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    I love pocket diapers too. You can’t beat customization.

  12. Nadia Agosti Williams

    I didn’t know they had a double gusset – great to know! I’m looking to get more cloth diapers for my daughter who has just outgrown size 1 AppleCheeks and this is very helpful. Also didn’t know about the hemp absorption.

  13. Julia Gray

    I may have to try the pocket. I really like the AIO for how easy it is to get on my twisty baby. I just stick a hemp booster under the microfiber pad to increase the capacity of the diaper without it getting bulky. I really struggle with odor on these though … I struggle with most microfiber because my washing machine is lousy, but these seem more difficult than others. That said, since it’s a very husband and daycare friendly diaper, made in the US, and cool prints, I like having them.

  14. Ruth Entwistle

    I would love to try these! I’ve tried the older style thirsties and love them for my littles. I also use their hemp inserts all the time as boosters.

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    Great comparisons! I do like the Thirsties snaps better than the aplix, although the new version is definitely improved.

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    I have yet to try any of their products, but I have heard great things about the brand, (and their new prints are super cute!). 🙂

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    Damn sales! … I bought a hook and loop pocket from lil monkey cheeks 🙂 This will only be my second hook and loop and I must say, dealing with a restless, curious 1 year old, I wish I had more!

  23. Hannah Brooker

    The double leg gussets are definitely the most appealing feature in my opinion. I adore thirstie’s covers and duo wraps. Although I have one thirsties pocket and the diaper seems to run a bit small for a one size.

  24. thanks for a great helpful review!

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  32. Emily Roth

    I love that they include a hemp insert! Hemp is one of my favorite inserts but I typically have to buy them separate. That is so great that they include one, it saves some money!

  33. Mylène Bélanger

    I wish more diapers come with that type of sturdy and strong hook & loop… I hate h&l that roll :/

  34. Rachel

    All the pics are really helpful! I’d definitely like to give the aio a try.

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    The Thirsties pocket is probably one of my favorites because of the double gusset. I also love the hemp insert that comes with it!

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  39. Thank you for posting a picture of the pocket and inserts! I was worried it would be difficult to agitate itself out in the wash but it looks like that won’t be an issue.

  40. Ashley Roberts

    What a great review. You really hit every point. As a new mom to cloth diapering I have a couple of the Thirsties pockets but I have preferred AIOs for other diapering brands. I have been thinking about trying this. So thanks for a super helpful review.

  41. Laura

    I have tried all the Thirsties diapers except the pockets. Now that I have read your review I need to try a pocket. I agree on everything you said about the AIO, not my favorite.Thirsties is a great company.

  42. Amber Tufford

    I am leery to start cloth diapering because of the initial expense. I am leaning towards thirsties and would lice to be able to try them out

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    I have really been wanting to try Thirsties, especially since they are made in the USA.

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    thank you so much for taking the time to review this product and hosting a give away for your readers. it makes our lives so much easier knowing there are people out there who’ve actually used these products. i love knowing that if i have a question regarding these diapers i know who to go to……thanks! 🙂

  47. I have always loved Thirsties, and the newest prints are amazing! The AIO’s are definitely my favorite and fit both my chunky and skinny child amazingly.

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