Moa Pô Mei Tai Baby Carrier Review

Moa Po Mei Tai Baby Carrier Review - Maman Loup's DenI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

I didn’t know anything, not one single thing, about Mei Tai-style baby carriers when Melanie at Gentle Nest told me she wanted me to try one. It is unusual for me to say no to her, so I was game. I knew Moa Pô was an awesome, Quebec-based company with products I’d already admired from afar, so I thought it likely their Mei Tai would be pretty sweet.

It arrived in all its strappy, camo-print glory:

Moa Pô Mei Tai Carrier Review - Maman Loup's Den

(Since I can’t even fold a map back up properly, I confess I have never been able to fold my carrier up so nicely since I unpackaged it).

In case you are ignorant to what a Mei Tai carrier is (like me), here it is all opened up:

Moa Pô Mei Tai Carrier Review - Maman Loup's Den

When I was a baby, my Popo carried me, my brother and my cousins around on her front and back using a Mei Tai… after all, she is Chinese, and in Cantonese (the language of my grandparents, which I sadly do not speak), Mei Tai means “mei: to carry on the shoulders / tai: strap, band.” (source)

Look! Here she is wearing my brother, circa 1987! (Let’s all admire my Dad’s awesome car posters in the background.)

Having recently tried my first wrap, and being a buckle carrier veteran, I feel confident stating that the Moa Pô is the perfect fusion of a wrap and an SSC. It’s a nice compromise between the totally mainstream and the more traditional baby wearing styles. 

I am not sure I would have been at ease getting Cub in a Mei Tai when he was as little as Little Miss. I remember being stressed even getting him in our Ergo. I watched a quick YouTube video and was wearing Little Miss in a front carry within minutes. I immediately messaged Melanie to tell her how comfortable the Moa Pô was. 

The super-wide straps crossed at the back feel amazingly supportive. Melanie showed me how to cross the straps over Miss Cub’s bum, then spread the fabric out, creating a solid and comfy seat.  

Moa Po Mei Tai Carrier Review - Maman Loup's Den

The straps are long enough for me to actually tie in the front, which means I don’t have two tails hanging at the back. (True story: I forgot about the tail one of my first times using the Moa Pô and there was a bathroom incident.) Although all soft-structured buckle carriers are marketed as a universal, one-size fit, the benefit of a Mei Tai is that there’s no need to fiddle with three (or more) sets of buckles when swapping the carrier between users. My Mama is about 5 inches shorter than me, and we had her Moa Pô-ing in minutes:

The thing that most boggled my mind about my Moa Pô was that it makes a back carry with a much younger baby totally possible and totally safe. It didn’t even take me much practice to get her up there completely unassisted. Like I said, I would not have felt comfortable doing this with Cub! 

The first time I tried a back carry (she was about 3 months old, but you can do it sooner), it was with the assistance of a babywearing-expert pal. She showed me that I could tie the carrier right under my breasts in order to get Little Miss as high up on my back as possible. This way I would be able to hear and feel her breathing, and know she’s safe and snug. 

The tricky part when doing a back carry on your own is getting the straps crossed nicely around baby’s bum like you do in a front carry. I still need a lot more practice for this part. Whenever I do it, the straps cross under her knees. 

At the front, I finish the tie with what’s known as a Tibetan tie off. (Here’s a photo tutorial.)

Being able to carry Little Miss on my back so young is hugely beneficial. I can get so much more done! I can eat without dropping stuff on her head! With a soft-structured carrier you want to wait at least until baby sits unassisted (around 6 months) for a back carry, and many brands don’t recommend it til 12 months. With a Mei Tai, you can start as soon as you are comfortable!  

With someone to lend a helping hand, you can get the straps to spread nicely across baby’s bum as in the front carry, as I did here on my Mama:  

Advantages of the Moa Pô Mei Tai

  • No need for an infant insert to wear a newborn;
  • No need to wait til babe is sitting independently to do a back carry;
  • Those with a smaller frame who find buckle straps do not shorten enough for them can get the fit they need;
  • You know that not-so-awesome tummy pooch the buckle of a SSC gives you when you do a back carry? Non existent with the Moa Pô because you tie it higher:

Moa Po Mei Tai Carrier Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

  • Super duper, ridiculously comfortable, wide straps that don’t dig into your curves and create an even weight distribution;
  • Fits perfectly on all shapes and sizes of wearer;
  • No fussing with buckles when swapping between users or tightening on yourself; 
  • Perfect adjustment as you are not limited by the placement of buckles;
  • Reversible: wear the print or the solid facing out;
  • No plastic parts;
  • Easily machine washed;
  • Very affordable and durable newborn to toddler option at $128 CAD;
  • Made in Canada with organic fabric and non-toxic dyes.

Disadvantages of the Moa Pô Mei Tai

  • Tying the long straps isn’t ideal if you’re outdoors on a wet day, say, in a parking lot. 
  • More of a learning curve than a buckle carrier, so not ideal for anyone who is reticent about babywearing. 
  • The hood isn’t as easy to use as on most buckle carrier models, but it is more adjustable. 

Moa Po Mei Tai Carrier Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I didn’t know I needed a Moa Pô Mei Tai in my life until I had one. Now I’m sad I never had one with my firstborn. It’s my most comfortable carry of all the styles and brands I’ve tried, and the early back carry is a total game changer for me. 


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Melanie at Gentle Nest has your back when it comes to Moa Pô Mei Tai Carriers!

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  1. Fantastic! I NEED one of these in my life! I’d love to get my youngest on my back!

    1. Lindsay

      Yes, you do! So Petit Prince can barf on his OWN carrier!

  2. Melody

    Awesome!!! Love my Moa po!

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you for helping me learn to back carry!

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  4. Katelynn

    Why is it my first time hearing about spreading the straps now? DD is 4m and I have been wearing her in a Mei tai since birth. It makes so much sense o.o

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