Naked Nursing Tank & Bamboo Breast Pads Review

Naked Nursing Tank Review ~ Maman Loup's DenI received this item at no cost to facilitate my nursing and my review! All opinions remain my own.

My lower back is always cold. I have an abnormally long torso, and many tops that fit me in width could do with a bit more length. When babywearing, this is particularly annoying. I’m not shy about nursing anywhere and everywhere, but I don’t like being chilly, so I tend to choose tops I can pull down to nurse. I have, essentially, two or three tops like that. Not only do I miss my old favourite tops, but I can’t get through the laundry fast enough to always have a pull down top at the ready. 

Enter the Naked Nursing Tank (NNT). Now almost everything I own (aside from the dresses, like the one I had to fully unzip to nurse Cub in at my brother’s wedding) is nursing friendly! The NNT is a tank top that sits below your breasts, leaving easy access to your nursing bra while hanging nice and long around your middle. Since I’ve got about two more years of breastfeeding ahead of me, I’m very excited to have my entire wardrobe open up to me. I’m not sure why I didn’t get a couple NNTs when I was nursing Cub….
This is my favourite shirt for obvious reasons. Nursing or not, it needs a tank underneath otherwise it’s a crop top. But if I wear a regular tank top underneath, it’s really awkward to nurse. Now my wolf sweatshirt is a nursing sweatshirt!

Although I’m not shy about nursing, I don’t like to flash everyone around me if I can avoid it. My Naked Nursing Tank came to the rescue at my birthday lunch! When you pull up your shirt to nurse, the tank stays put, which both keeps you warm and means you’re not flashing your belly around. Little Miss often likes me to be standing and moving while she nurses (otherwise she screams), and this was no problem at the park! When I’m babywearing, my NNT doesn’t ride up under the carrier, which is another reason I love wearing it.  Because leaks happen… a lot… if I just used regular nursing tank tops, I’d probably need at least five. But my NNTs don’t get leaked on, so I just change my bra! I only had to throw my black tank in the wash because it got peed on…

The racer-back style of the NNT means no droopy straps to contend with. The tank is available in bamboo and cotton and comes in a variety of sizes and colours. And speaking of leaks, the gals at NNT have just launched a line of Bamboo Nursing Pads. They are PUL-backed, which is an absolute must for me, and their absorbent core is soft and absorbent bamboo. Their “Ultra” pad is the largest nursing pad I’ve ever received to review, and is perfect for me overnight (and would’ve been a life saver during my 24/7 heavy leaking when I first started breastfeeding). If you only leak in little dribbles, their teeny tiny “Light” pad would be perfect for you.

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150 responses to “Naked Nursing Tank & Bamboo Breast Pads Review”

  1. Natalia g

    My “My cats make me happy, you not so much…” Shirt and a few hoodies!

  2. Pam

    I have a purple sweater I would love to put back in rotation

  3. Krystal

    I would like to be able to wear any of my shirts that are not V neck styles or tank tops.

  4. Kathy Harrigan

    Pretty much all the shirts I own

  5. Jeannine cymbalisty

    pretty much all my shirts ? I find the nursing shirts fit awkwardly and I always get confused in the different openings. as someone who always wears a tank top underneath her shirts – this would be perfect!

  6. Teri

    I would use this under my super soft elephant shirts!

  7. Melissa

    I would use this under my longer neutral striped sweater, or really any non-nursing top I own.

  8. Athena

    Any of my shirts from Ann Taylor loft that aren’t nursing friendly!

  9. Sarah Sobocinski

    All of them! I actually do this with one of my tanks that has too long of straps.

  10. Armi

    This is a must for the winter!!! I’d put it under my base later when we’re out skiing or snowshoeing!

  11. Kelly

    Any of my cozy winter sweaters ?

  12. Jennifer Muir

    I would love to turn all my high neck sweaters into nursing tops! I miss my sweaters!

  13. Carrie Smith

    I have a lot of shirts i’d love to turn into nursing tops but probably my green longsleeved sweater the most 🙂

  14. S&SMum

    I have a large chest so often times the shirts that fit my waist are not long enough. These sitting below would help immensely!

  15. Angela Tam

    I hate the only nursing shirt I own. I don’t know how I got through 15 m of breastfeeding without owning one naked nursing tank. I now have a 5 m old now whom I wear a lot and nurse on the go. I want all my current tops to be nursing tops!!

  16. Tanya B

    I just bought a new sweater from anthropologie! I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail but I definitely need a way to make it nursing friendly!

  17. Carine

    This would be perfect under my navy hoodie! 🙂

  18. Jen

    Essentially all of my ‘normal’ wardrobe would be available again.
    I have a great striped turtleneck sweater to pull out.

  19. April

    This would be great for any of my fitted Tshirts! A lot of people saw my tummy last week in the airport when my son couldn’t wait for me to pull out my covered goods cover.

  20. Nicole Hessig

    Just one?! I have a few but definitely a green sweater for these chilly December days!

  21. I’d love to turn all of my shirts into a nursing top.

  22. Kelly K

    I’d love to wear some of my more rocker shirts again! I could wear some awesome clothes and not just baggy shirts and maternity pants

  23. Julia W.

    I would LOVE one of these! I’m not a big fan of the usual nursing shirts so I’m always trying to hide my stomach while I nurse

  24. I’d love to turn any of my tops into a nursing top.

  25. Kayla S

    Id love to nurse in my tshirts less awkwardly!

  26. KateB

    I would love to turn my whole wardrobe in to nursing tops!

  27. I entered the contest and liked both pages! And I would love to try this top under my work blouses! It’ll be awesome for nursing and pumping too! And I like it that my belly is covered… Coz I’m not skinny! Lol
    And I have a US/CAD address!

  28. Cassandra Rae

    I never knew it had a razor back so I thought it was just a really expensive tank top that happened not to cover your bra lol. Now I see that it’s perfect for nursing !

  29. Holly Hollister

    If love to turn my super comfy, stretchy Danskin shirt into a nursing shirt!

  30. Jessica

    I would love to be able to wear any shirt ?

  31. Natasha Carroll

    I have t had afavorite short for awhile. But this would let me go take a second look and know that I will be covered and comfortable. And I haven’t even thought about breast pads yet. Our little man is due any time now. I really need to go back over my checklist and make sure I am prepared.

  32. Beth

    I would love a black one because I could wear it with anything!

  33. Laura Temple

    These look and sound perfect! I have a box full of tops that I could wear with this brilliant tank!

  34. Kendra Guevin

    I would love to wear any of my non nursing friendly shirts. Not one in particular but it would be nice to wear clothes I’ve owned pre baby!

  35. Heather

    I would love to be able to not /have to/ wear button-downs or my one nursing shirt with bra-like clips when going out, or else show the world my muffin top and squishy tummy. Non-cardigan sweaters and regular tees will no longer be reserved for home use only! 😀

  36. Felicia grim

    I have so many shirts I could use this with! It would be used very very much!:)

  37. Missy Farina

    Any of my shirts! That way my belly wouldn’t show no matter what I wear!

  38. erika

    love that you can make ANY outfit suitable for breastfeeding ?

  39. Shianne

    What I miss more than anything is my dresses! I used to wear probably 3 a week. Problem probably not solved by the nnt though 🙁

  40. Sara Dawn

    Really any of my shirts would be great to be able to nurse in when my baby comes. I don’t really have a favorite.

  41. Charissa N.

    I’d love to be able to use my band shirts as nursing tops.

  42. Lesley Compton

    I’d love to be able to wear my favourite purple top to nurse in, or any of my shirts really! lol

  43. Nicole

    Why I haven’t bought a few of these already, I don’t know! I would love to have my whole wardrobe back, I don’t own many v neck tops.

  44. Jody Short

    Thanks for the chance to win! I also have a long torso and would love to try out this top to see if this kind would fit me! It looks amazing! I live the midnight black!

  45. Bailey Dexter

    I would love to use any of my high neck cozy sweaters for nursing tops!

  46. Brigitte E

    Right now… I’d turn ANY shirt into a nursing shirt. lol I don’t have any so I’m usually boned when I go out with the family.

  47. Jaime S

    This would be great for most of the shirts I own! I don’t mind BF in public, but I do like to have my belly covered.

  48. Emily

    I love hoodies.. But like you choose zip up hoodies and my maternity tanks to pull down to get my breast out. I just want to wear normal pull over hoodies lol.

  49. Allie

    Every.sweater. I don’t like how they make my belly itch so I always wear a tank top (the shelf bra kind) under and I wasn’t sure how to cram a nursing bra under there for this winter…. Problem solved!

  50. Laura bernard

    My flannels and sweaters. This tank is amazing! !

  51. Jennifer

    I’d love to nurse in a hoodie without having to unzip it!

  52. Krystylolson

    In the winter I like to wear big bulky high cut sweaters – this would have been perfect for then. I did use another product, but it wasn’t a tank – just at band, and it often shifted and slumped down – I am all done nursing, but would love to gift this 🙂

  53. Shellie Westlake

    I have a few sweaters I’d love to put one of these under!

  54. amanda

    I would turn all of my non maternity tops into nursing tops with this awesome tank

  55. Nicole Stanfill Floyd

    This is awesome! I’d wear it under everything but mostly big sweaters. I’ve only worn nursing tanks for a year bc I like my belly covered. I’d love to wear just a nursing bra with this lol.

  56. Donna Mayes

    My off-the-shoulder Harry Potter sweatshirt!

  57. Cat Carter

    A Naked Nursing Tank would turn most of the shirts in my wardrobe into nursing tops. It would be a life saver.

  58. Meaghan Angle

    I have GAP sweaters in 10 different colors that I live, but they are so hard to nurse or pump in. Now that winter is here, I would love to get that half of my wardrobe back!!

  59. Cassie Muto

    I have a warm black sweater I would love to put into rotation in my wardrobe!

  60. Laura bernard

    My mombie shirt

  61. Teresa

    I own one of these tanks already and it’s a huge lifesaver!!

  62. Teresa

    I would turn all of my tops into nursing friendly ones with this! But most of all, my cozy sweaters ?

  63. Mary Van Horn

    These are great. Could use these with all my shirts!

  64. Kaelyn farrier

    Any of my shirts!

  65. McKenzy Schmidt

    Sweatshirts would be cool!

  66. Jessica G

    I’d use it with some of my fancier tops that I wear for synagogue.

  67. Leonine Bennett

    I have a long body so any of my tops that have a bit of extra length. I agree about needing the length while baby carrying. Also tops without a high collar so I can easily and quickly check and rearrange my breast pads to avoid leakage.

  68. Melissa F

    I would love to put all my nice goig out shirts back in rotation, haven’t yet because I like my belly covered when I nurse.

  69. Kara Yano

    My “but first….coffee” shirt! Im a true coffee lover and might be addicted lol I miss wearing it so much!

  70. Brenna

    I love my naked nursing tank! It takes a single item and makes it so you can wear all your regular clothing. Saved me tons of money and I think most nursing clothes are ugly. Sorry. Love it!

  71. Jessica CG

    I would wear it with my winter clothes, since it’s a pain to have to strip down and have your tummy exposed, particularly in public.

  72. Priscilla

    Oh man, this thing is genius! I would love to wear some of my cute tops b4 baby years!!! My weight is down enough but it’s too cumbersome to nurse in.

  73. Melissa K

    In this weather, I’d use it with my comfy pullover sweaters!

  74. Shalina j

    I would use it with my go to black shirt.

  75. Stef Innes

    Would love to wear my warm wool sweater again this winter

  76. Steph S

    That would be great under my deer sweater!

  77. Vivian

    a couple of very comfy t-shirts

  78. Kristi Malin

    I would love this for my Batman crop-top!

  79. Monica

    I’d love to wear cozy sweaters with this!

  80. allison

    all of them! I want to get a couple tanks like this, opens up the whole closet again!

  81. Joni West

    I’m in the same boat as you! I have a long torso so everything creeps up while I am nursing so this would be a wonderful solution for all of my clothing!

  82. Alishia Chamney

    I LOVE my naked nursing tanks! My favourite shirts are now some loose t-shirts. I hate pull down shirts (or at least the ones I own now) and being able to wear anything and not expose my belly to the cold air is fantastic!

  83. Brittany

    I would love this tank to wear under every single hoodie I own ??

  84. Ashley B.

    Wow! Looks awesome! I would wear it under any shirts that are too high up to breastfeed!

  85. Tamar Taylor

    Definitely would like to change some of my hoodies 🙂

  86. Bethany Smith

    id like to turn my purple sweater into a nursing top!

  87. Leslie M

    My mom bought me one of these tanks with my first son and I have since bought 3 more. I literally wear them every day and they’re awesome. I don’t own any nursing tops because all of my tops now work for nursing 🙂

  88. sarah

    all my shirts! I work/pump and would love to be more comfortable

  89. Elishia Cowell

    I would turn ALL my shirts into nursing tops with this tank! I absolutely hate the nursing tops with the stupid flaps everywhere.

  90. Ashley F

    I have so many cute tshirts and pull over sweatshirts that I can’t wear while nursing unless I layer with other stuff or flash my belly. I miss wearing non maternity clothes!

  91. Charmaine Hitchen

    I would love to wear my black long sleeve shirt that has an owl on it.

  92. Stefanie

    I have a bulky red sweater I would love to use as a nursing shirt.

  93. Erin Malette

    Pretty much all of them! I own tons of pullover sweaters but I haven’t been wearing them (even as the weather cools off). I wore one on a recent shopping trip and stretched the heck out of the neck. 🙁

  94. Tara

    Hoodies for sure!

  95. Christie Conrad

    A pink stripped sweater

  96. Rachel

    A bunch of plain shirts from Target!

  97. kaileigh osburn

    I have 1 naked nursing tank but need more desperately! I turn every shirt into a nursing shirt with them!

  98. Heather O’Gorman

    My favorite MN Wild hoodie!

  99. OMG I would LOVE to turn my comfy hoodie into a nursing hoodie

  100. Brittney

    This sounds like the best invention ever!!

  101. Brittney wilm

    I’ve got this super cute real top I’d be dying to wear again!

  102. jessica z

    I would use this under my Steelers shirts

  103. Amber Delorme

    I’d Love to turn my Guns -N- Roses or my Led Zeppelin t-shirt’s into a Nursing tees 🙂

  104. Candice Piercy

    any knit sweater…since its getting cold now!

  105. Rija

    I am wearing tank top under my shirts,mostly all not nursing friendly,so i’d love to turn all of them .

  106. Amanda Stevenson Felton

    Omgosh there are so many shirts I would love to use again while breastfeeding. I usually pack away all the clothes that aren’t bf friendly and miss them all until I am done. This would open up my favoured wardrobe to me!

  107. Jordyn

    Now that it’s getting colder I would love to wear all of my cozy sweaters and be able to nurse with my torso covered to stay nice and warm!

  108. Hanjia

    I’d love to be able use over half my wardrobe again instead of the few nursing friendly tops I have. So many cute tops and sweaters!

  109. Christine

    This is brilliant. I’d wear it all the time, with every top I own! But I’d be especially happy to wear it with my favourite green bamboo tshirt 🙂

  110. These are really neat. I’ve already struggled trying to pull down both a tank and bra underneath a sweater with a screaming baby and it’s no easy task! I have a plain black tank I’d love to try this out with.

  111. Elissa

    I’d love to be able to wear some of my dresses as well, it would make nursing a lot easier

  112. I have many tanks I would use. Since I’m having my baby during the winter months the tanks would be easy to use and wear under a button down cardigan.

  113. christine cee

    I’d love to turn any of my pre-pregnancy tops into a nursing top !! Would open up so many options . Right now I’m 3 weeks pp and my options are No top or Pj top lol Going out to a fireman’s Christmas supper tonight should be interesting……. wish me luck 😉

  114. kate m

    my moon sweatshirt

  115. Stéphanie Trottier

    I could transform all of my Hollydays’ clothes! Yeah! ?

  116. Jutta P.

    I have a Loch Ness Monster t-shirt that would be awesome for nursing.

  117. This would be perfect under sweaters and tees!!!

  118. This is an awesome idea. I love it!

  119. Amy Hall

    I can’t think of a specific shirt. I actually can’t think of any shirts that aren’t maternity anymore

  120. Cami Valenzuela

    This is the perfect for my sis who just had a baby.. and the cold weather

  121. Melanie Morin

    It would be perfect under my favorite gray shirt, it’s lightweight cotton so perfect for our weather in So Cal.

  122. Randall

    I would love to be able to use all my favourite shirts for nursing, so that I don’t have to buy all new shirts that are specifically for nursing. It would be great not to be limited in the fashion department!

  123. Amy Baker

    Pretty much all of my shirts! This tank sounds so perfect!

  124. Erin M

    This is genius! I haven’t been able to find a tank that works for me and this sounds like it may be the one!

  125. Kaitlin F

    With colder weather coming, it would be nice to wear some of my sweaters and sweatshirts again.

  126. Candace

    The majority of my comfy cozy winter sweaters

  127. Nicole

    I have a turquoise sweater I LOVE!

  128. Taylor

    This is genius. I made my own “nursing tanks” to clip onto my nursing bras… but I can’t sew very well, and they’re already falling apart! This is awesome!

  129. Helen

    I have several sweaters I would love to use again. There is also a bright turquoise and gold top I’d love to wear out.

  130. Sarah hugh

    I want to be able to wear all of my silly graphic tees. Especially my facourite one of a grouchy cat sitting in a garbage can 🙂

  131. Teresa

    My favorite shirts are my sweaters. They’re loose enough that I can just pull them up but then my stomach gets cold! The NNT would really help.


    I’d love to turn hoodies into a nursing top!

  133. Laurie

    I have a really pretty floral shirt from Kohls that I need a tank under, so this would make it perfect!

  134. Melissa wolvin

    My Ohio state buckeyes t shirt

  135. Breanne

    I would turn this super comfy shirt from my cousins bar mitzvah into a nursing shirt!

  136. Katy Martin

    I have a shirt that says HOME where the O is in the shape of Ohio, my home state! I could wear that all the time to nurse with the NNT

  137. Alyss

    My favorite super girly top!

  138. Anel

    I’d love to use my favorite Tegan and Sara shirt as a nursing shirt!

  139. michele hoffmann

    I soo want to be able to wear all my shirts again, I only have like 3 v neck ones and its getting way to cold to run around in just a tank top

  140. Maranda Carlson

    Would love to use this with any shirts that I own. I have to pump in a cold room with no heat and it is agony.
    I don’t have any nursing tops and I think yoga is great since I can wear my work shirts and jackets.

  141. Alexandria Harding

    All of my tank tops sort of become like these because I wear them under my tshirts or sweaters but because they get pulled down they all have ended up ripping ! I wish I had known about these! May have saved a lot of tank tops! haha

  142. Tannis W

    I have a plain black shirt that I’d love to make more nursing friendly with one of these tanks.

  143. Katie

    Another couple of products to add to my registry – thanks for sharing!

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  145. […] What I love best about this sweater is that it is as comfortable as a sweatshirt, but I don’t look frumpy! I wear it with my LNBF pants, but also with jeggings, leggings and skirts. (If you’re wondering how I nurse in it, I pair it with my Naked Nursing Tanks.) […]

  146. Manda

    I was the lucky winner of this nursing tank back in December. At the time I was pregnant so did not try it out for several months. I’ve finally tried it and I love it! I’m not one for baring the whole breast and am unable to wear most nursing tops due to my larger chest size. This has been the perfect solution. Thank you again for hosting the giveaway!!

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you TIMES A BAZILLION for coming back to tell me this!!

      1. Manda

        🙂 Absolutely!

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