Month 4 in the Life of Little Miss Cub

I’ve managed three monthly entries so far, I can’t quit now! I might be a little late, but it’s time to recap the month that was in the life of Little Miss Cub and her entourage.

At her most recent visit to the public health clinic, she weighed in just shy of 14 lbs. Her big brother was a 95th percentile baby, so Little Miss stuns me with her tininess (which is, actually, quite average). It’s fun to have a baby who still feels like a baby and is getting more wear out of her sweet outfits. Giggles abound, so do smiles and general baby babble. She is super strong on her feet and likes to press down hard and buckle her knees when she’s being held under her arms. She still sleeps with me at night, but is now sleeping six hour stretches in between feeds. Like with Cub at this age, I’m not much of a stickler for a nap schedule. When she starts rubbing her eyes, I help her get settled for a sleep. Sometimes it’s a cat nap, other times it’s a nice, long siesta. Essentially, if I sit down to attend to a lengthy task once she’s asleep, I am guaranteeing it’s the former. 

I’m starting to have more frequent evenings where I’ve gotten her down to sleep before it’s my own bedtime, which is very important to my mental health!

Second-child syndrome is in full effect for Little Miss. She’s probably had more screen time in her first four months on earth than Cub did in his first year, and she’s definitely had fewer baths. But what a joy it is to parent with the benefit of experience! What I do miss about parenting just one baby is the total relaxation of “play dates.” With Cub in tow, there’s not much chance to sip tea while my non-mobile baby chills with her peers. I now completely understand why Moms hired me as a teenager to supervise their kids during play dates!At home this month, Cub has been really into his play food and having picnics (both real and imaginary).  I’d like to point out that my pictures are not all from the same day, but Little Miss sure wears the pink bear sleeper a lot…

I’ve set up our Guzzie & Guss high chair at the kitchen table since Little Miss seems to enjoy being at our level (the Bumbo is great for this too).We had our first (and second) Calgary snowfall, and I discovered the joys of preparing two children to head outside in the snow only to have Cub decide he wants to go back inside.  On the bright side, Little Miss is happy to be all bundled up in the carrier, even when it dips well below zero.  November was an exciting  month for me: I went on my first post-baby evening outing and I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I saw my very favourite singer, Matthew Good, for the millionth time. It was a solo outing because, for one, we don’t have a sitter, and for two, me and the mister don’t have the same taste in music.  For my birthday, my wishes were simple: have a  leisurely shower, blow dry my hair and apply moisturizer without being rushed or interrupted! Follow it up with a lovely lunch as a family and a bit of quiet time to read magazines and watch Netflix, and let’s just say my birthday wishes are a lot different since becoming a Mom!

As for the blog, it would figure that the volume of paid work I am receiving in social media and on my website would reach its peak while I’m at home full time with two children, right? When I had easily accessible and affordable day care for Cub, I would’ve killed for this kind of work load! I wrestle daily with trying to balance being a stay-at-home Mom and running my business. It’s a struggle because I enjoy working, so I find myself constantly yearning to find time to sit down at the computer and hammer out a post. Cub’s settled himself into his imagination and is playing independently? If I rock Little Miss in her bouncy chair at my feet, I can get on the computer for a few precious minutes. Netflix for an hour while Little Miss naps means an hour of work can be done. I almost never nurse without my phone in my hand: emails can be sent, pictures can be watermarked and posts can be drafted with just one hand. On top of this, of course, is the housework! 

I worry sometimes that I’ll look back at these hectic days and regret not JUST focusing on being a Mom. I worry that I’ll think I didn’t give my children enough of my undivided attention, that they’ll think my work was more important to me than they were, that I didn’t just sit back and enjoy this fleeting period of time in their lives. I suspect I’m not alone in this feeling, regardless of your working/mothering status. I guess it comes down to knowing that feeling professionally and intellectually stimulated makes me happy, and that I can achieve this satisfaction while still keeping my children close is a pretty sweet deal. The energy and time I spend now should mean I can continue working from home once they do hit school, giving me a flexible schedule that should help us avoid a lot of the stresses that families with two working parents face. (Guess what? No matter how I justify it, I’m still going to feel guilty about it!)

How are you feeling about your work/family life balance? Want developmental stages are happening at your house? 

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  1. My second born feels like he has been a baby for longer than my first born too. He is not yet walking at 13 months. My daughter walked at 10.5 months. I love that he is still a baby baby to me.

  2. My second baby is smaller than my first too! I also like that she is able to wear her clothes a little longer

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