TotsBots PeeNut All-in-Two Review

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

I love me some TotsBots. Their all-in-one V4 is the most absorbent AIO I’ve tried, and is one of my favourite one-size options on Little Miss Cub for day and night. Cub only stopped wearing V4s when he outgrew the rise.

TotsBots just released a totally new diaper design that’s making its way from the UK to North America. It’s called the PeeNut, and it’s an all-in-two (AI2) system.

What is an AI2?

AI2 diaper systems are two-part systems, involving a diaper cover and inserts that either snap in or lay in. When it’s time to change the diaper, assuming the diaper cover isn’t soiled, you simply swap in a new, clean insert. The principle advantages of an AI2 system are less laundry, less bulk to tote in the diaper bag and less expense. In theory, you need 6-12 diaper covers, and enough inserts for 24-30 diaper changes. If you compare that to the cost of 24-30 pocket diapers or all-in-ones, depending on brands, the total cost will generally be less.

How Does the TotsBots PeeNut AI2 System Work?

The Peenut system is comprised of a hook & loop closure, one size (8-35 lbs) wrap and bamboo-microfibre blend snap-in inserts.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review

A set of inserts comes with two sizes, which can be used separately or together to achieve different levels of absorbency.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The longest insert measures 11.5 inches, and the shorter one is 9 inches.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The wrap (also know as a cover) has snaps at the waist to secure the insert.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loups Den

Put together, your diaper will look like this:

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loups Den

The back of the insert tucks under the back flap, but there are no snaps there.

How is the Peenut working on my Peanuts?

My first observation when we received our Peenuts was that even Cub would get a chance to try them! TotsBots’ V4 AIOs are too short in the rise for him, but the Peenut Shell (haha, get it?!) is cut larger than the V4:

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loups DenCub is potty training at a snail’s pace, so an AI2 style is precisely what he needs if he’s not in trainers. He does most of his pee in the toilet (and most of his poop out of it, if you must know), so it saves me laundry when I just have to swap out a new PeeNut pad.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's DenSince the goal for him right now is just to catch dribbles, I can put either the small or large PeeNut pad in for him. This is particularly great for outings, when I can just have one fresh pad in my purse in case of an accident.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's DenFor Little Miss Cub, the Size 2 PeeNut Shell (I can’t stop calling it that) is pretty huge:

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's DenTotsBots’ epic hook & loop (it’s my favourite) allows for a good fit at the waist. In order to get a tight enough fit at the legs on tiny babes, it’s important to pull up on the wings of the diaper before securing.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's DenAlthough I can definitely get it tight enough to prevent blowouts, the PeeNut is the definitely the baggiest-fitting cover in our AI2 selection.

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The generous fit of the PeeNut wrap means it is perfect to pair on top of a TotsBots Bamboozle fitted diaper for overnight. Here it is with a Size 1 Bamboozle, which you’ll see fills out the wrap much more:  During the day, I can get away with the smallest pad for Little Miss Cub for about two hours. The bamboo/synthetic blend is really absorbent. I will use both inserts if we’re headed out of the house for a while.

The disadvantage of AI2 systems on exclusively breastfed (EBF) babies is that their poop is ridiculously runny. I have yet to try any insert that actually manages to catch all the poop all the time. Some (or lots) inevitably gets onto the cover. If it’s just a pee, of course you can just change the insert. If there’s a poop, there’s about a 50/50 chance of the shell remaining clean. With Cub I only used AI2s until he was about 6 months old. I would sometimes just spot clean a soiled cover and hang it to dry until the next change. With Little Miss, I have enough diapers to survive just throwing a dirty cover straight in the wash. I definitely bring a spare cover and inserts when leaving the house with Little Miss. When poop becomes less… expansive… the AI2 system will definitely work a lot better!

TotsBots Peenut All-in-Two Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

What I Love About the PeeNut System:

  • TotsBots’ super sturdy and long-lasting hook & loop closure;
  • Extremely absorbent inserts that can be used individually or snapped together;
  • Higher rise and more generous cut than the V4 means it fits my preschooler;
  • An AI2 system is a great option for cutting down on bulk in the diaper bag, for travelling, and for reducing the initial investment;
  • Ethically made in the UK;
  • My absolute favourite prints of any brand.

What I Love Less About the PeeNut System:

  • I think the larger insert could do with being an inch longer so that it fits better in the cover when the rise is completely unsnapped;
  • The size 2 cover will be loose for babies with skinny legs, the wings need to be pulled up a lot to get a snug fit;
  • The front and back inner flaps, while great for keeping the insert in place, are not easy to wipe clean of EBF poop: you’ve got to toss the whole cover in the wash;
  • A set of snaps at the back of the diaper would help keep the insert in place better.

Bottom Line:

I’m really happy that both of my kids fit well into the PeeNut, and I am happy to see the epic TotsBots absorbency and hook & loop now available as an AI2. The inserts snapping together makes it easy to customize the absorbency, and there’s no reason you can’t add a third booster underneath if required, since the PeeNut Pads are not overly bulky on their own. The lack of a set of snaps to attach the insert at the back of the diaper is a bit annoying, and since the wrap itself isn’t super tight in the bum, the insert tends to shift on a busy body boy like Cub. Overall, the PeeNut is definitely the AI2 system I’m reaching for the most, and it’s definitely coming with us on Christmas vacation!

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Do you use AI2s?

5 responses to “TotsBots PeeNut All-in-Two Review”

  1. I also find them quite absorbent, but at this point I just can’t imagine the size 2 Peenut wrap actually fitting on a 9lb baby! It just fits my 15lb boy!

  2. I love the AI2! I’ve looked at TotsBots diapers before and was honestly turned away because all I found was an AIO. I prefer AI2s or pockets because they wash much better and dry faster. I like how little miss has some room around her bum/leg area. My boys tend to have thick legs and these would fit really well!

  3. Looks like a fantastic diaper. I have never tried any TotsBots diapers but I would love to. I loved AI2s on my diaper, so the PeeNut is right up my alley!

  4. Danielle Jones

    Im some-what confused. Does the Peenut system come in size 1 and 2 or are the O/S?

  5. […] Grovia and BestBottom have a snap at the front and a snap at the back to attach the insert, the TotsBots Peenut and Bummis Duo Brite inserts attach only at the front, and Cotton Babies’ Flip system has no […]

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