BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenI received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

The BumGenius 4.0 is one of my favourite pocket diapers. It was all we sent with Cub to day care, and is a great option on Little Miss Cub since she hit about 10-12 lbs. I was definitely surprised when I heard that Cotton Babies was discontinuing the 4.0, and wondered what changes were in store for the next generation.

The BumGenius 5.0, like its predecessor, is a pocket diaper with a stay-dry microsuede inner that comes with two microfibre inserts.

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The diaper features stretchy “butterfly” closure tabs, 3×3 rise snaps, and is described as fitting from 7-35 lbs. Here you can see it at its smallest and largest:

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

What changes have been made to the 5.0?

I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t have noticed any difference in the two 5.0s I received if it weren’t for different packaging.

The modifications are not particularly obvious to the naked eye. Cotton Babies describes them here. They are:

  • Stretchier suede cloth inner fabric for a better fit.
  • A redesigned pocket that is more trim across the back.
  • “Proprietary elastic made exclusively for cloth diapers, which means it is more durable and will not break down as easily.”

 Of course, the elastic can only be evaluated over time, but I can tell you that I do not notice much extra stretch nor trimness. Here are some comparison shots (note that in the photos, the 5.0s are the red (Pepper) and the coral (Kiss):

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenBumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenThe fit of the 5.0 on Little Miss Cub is not noticeably different to me than our stash of 4.0s. Our BumGenius pockets didn’t fit well on her until about 10 lbs. She is now around 14 lbs.

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenIt seems most comfortable for her at the waist if I do it up one row looser on one side (same with our 4.0s).

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenLittle Miss is wearing her 5.0s with the longer insert, snapped down at the back. This provides plenty of absorbency for us so far.BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Things I love about the BumGenius 5.0:

  • I’m crazy about those stretchy wing tabs, the make for a great fit at the waist;
  • Pocket opening at the back;
  • Strip of PUL at the inside front waist to protect against wicking;
  • Stay-dry microsuede (though I’m not noticing much of a difference between the 5.0’s lining and the 4.0);
  • Made in the USA;
  • Roomy and easy-to-stuff pocket that is compatible with pretty much any insert;
  • Dual row of waist snaps means you can stagger the snaps tighter at the hips and looser at the waist, or vice versa;
  • I find that the BumGenius design (4.0 and 5.0) is just a great, almost universally functional and well-fitting pocket diaper.

Things I love less about the BumGenius 5.0:

  • I was hoping to see a natural fibre insert included with the 5.0, perhaps in combination with microfibre. On Cub, I always preferred using an Öko Creations hemp trifold with the BumGenius booster on top.

Is the 5.0 better than the 4.0?

There’s nothing about the 5.0 that makes me love it any more or less than the 4.0. At this point, I’d recommend snapping up the discounted 4.0s if you’re a big BumGenius fan or looking to try them! The improved elastics will need to be tested over time. I have personally not had any issues with the elastics in our 4.0s, many of which have seen a lot of wear and tear and dryer time. I have, however, heard from other Moms who have experienced issues.

BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's DenShop & Connect

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Boutique Le Chaton Vert is a Canadian retailer with BumGenius 5.0s in stock (and discounted 4.0s). Check them out for awesome (bilingual) service!    

Are you a big BumGenius fan?

52 responses to “BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diaper Review”

  1. I’ve been patiently waiting for this review to go up!

  2. brittany simkins

    Thanks for the review! I am so excited to eventually get pepper but I already spent so much on diapers before our LO was born, I need to wait until probably January! What inserts have you found to work best as they get older?

    1. Lindsay

      I use an Öko Creations hemp trifold with the BG booster on top! Actually if you click the “day care” link in my first paragraph it should show ya!

  3. I’m disappointed about the fibers too. I feel like cloth is shifting towards natural fibers and BG is still lagging behind with all microfiber. I’m glad however that there isn’t much difference…because I will snag up some 4.0s! Ours are over 2 years old and going strong. I’ve been happy with their performance overall and they are definitely a diaper-stash staple.

    1. Lindsay

      I would actually be happy to see them sold without the microfibre and a buck or two cheaper, since I almost always swap out for different inserts!

  4. Susanne

    My 4.0s all gave up their elastic when my LO reached age 2ish. Which reminds me. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you know a company who will see new elastics in for you in the Montreal area? I seem to recall there were a couple but can’t remember/find their info anymore.

    1. Lindsay

      I don’t know of anyone off hand, but I can ask around! It’s time consuming, which is why it’s expensive generally 🙁

  5. Melanie Hogeveen

    Thanks for the timely review…think I will snag up some 4.0s

  6. Emily

    All good info to know! Thanks for the review:)

  7. Charle e

    I’ve been waiting for a review of the 5.0’s. Love my BG’s and happy to know they haven’t made changes for the worst 🙂
    Thanks for the review!

  8. Stephanie MacDonald

    Yeah, I’m surprised they don’t have natural fibres either. I hardly even use MF anymore; just as a quick-absorber on top of my nighttime system.

  9. Charlene

    Above is my comment with a typo in my name. Ugh, Monday’s.

    My name is Charlene!

  10. Kate Young

    Thank you for this review! I was unsure if I wanted to try the 5.0, but now I definitely will.

  11. Alishia Chamney

    Great review! I’m glad there is not much of a difference as I may snap up some 4.0s. I do wish there were more natural inserts – I don’t like microfibre and don’t tend to use them in any of our pockets.

  12. Jenny Jesse

    Great review!

  13. Kim Keen

    Thanks for the review. I wish they had a natural fibre option or you could just buy the shell for a couple dollars less.

  14. Kathy Harrigan

    Thanks for the review! I love our 4.0’s and I’m looking forward to trying a 5.0 with our new addition due to arrive this March.

  15. Chelsea Macnab

    Thanks for the review, I’ve never tried Bum Genius before!

  16. Pat Drouillard

    They are great ,you save money ,i used cloth and it was not that bad…

  17. elyse gamsby

    I like Bumgenius! It’s my favorite brand after EllaBellaBum ! They’re cheap and I like their colors and prints!

  18. Mylène Bélanger

    I really hope the elastics are better because I find it wasn’t much change that deserve a change of generation

  19. Tiffany R.

    Thanks for the review! I am hoping the elastics do prove to be longer lasting, as so many people seem to have troubles with theirs. Would love to try a 5.0 out!

  20. Windy

    Thanks for the review! Looking forward to seeing how these elastics will hold up!

  21. Claudia

    I’ve been using the 4.0 for my toddler since i bought a lot for the newborn. I like them, not crazy about them yet but i can’t wait to see how they’ll fit the next little bundle of love. I do wish they came with a natural fiber option too.

  22. Sabrina Lessard-Bond

    Thank you for the review! 🙂 I love so much the new colors of the 5.0! I need it!

  23. Geneviève Phaneuf

    Thanks for your review, I was really wondering if there were any differences between the 4.0 and the 5.0 before buying one! 🙂

  24. Christine leboeuf

    Merci! Tout est dit!!!

  25. Marie-Christine Mallette

    Hubby’s favorite cloth diaper!???

  26. audrey anne

    Great review ?

  27. Christine

    I’m hoping the 5.0s have improvements that do end up showing over time… At least we got new colours and discounted 4.0s!

  28. Myriam Maltais

    J’adore ton blogue.Il est toujours aussi aidant. J’y retrouve souvent des infos utiles. Merci!

  29. Steph S

    Thanks for the review! I have a bunch of flips, which I love, but no BG 4.0s or 5.0s!

  30. Vanessa Bee

    Thanks so much for the review, too bad the differences aren’t very noticeable.

  31. Marie-Soleil Fraser

    excellent article ! I love your critics and your opinion of many subjects !

  32. Shawna Swayze

    I definitely would have liked to see a natural fiber insert as well, but I am glad that I would be able to use my own bamboo and hemp inserts based on the fact that you said most inserts should fit 🙂

  33. April Duffy

    Hmm, I kept reading about the elastic problems with these when doing my research, so I’m happy to hear they’ve improved it. Interesting to read though that the differences aren’t that noticible in wear though. Thanks for the review!

  34. Melisa

    Good to know! I’ll still look at the 4.0 for now, thanks!

  35. Missy Farina

    I’m loving the new colors on the 5.0 but if there isn’t much difference I’ll pick up the 4.0 if my local store still has them and they are marked down!

  36. Fauve Poirier

    Bum genius diapers and inserts are the way to go!! Can never get enough of them, so many colors. Used the 5.0 for my daughter since she’s 1 month old and never been let down!! They’re are great against leak and stylish too 🙂 I simply love them !!

  37. Christine M

    Really happy to learn about those changes. I really loved my 4.0 with my son (except for the elastics… They got tired rapidly) and wasn’t sure if i should go with the 4.0 or 5.0 for baby girl comming soon…I think i’ll try the 5.0!

  38. Viv Sluys

    I’d really love Bum Genius to go to natural fibres as well. I have one Bum Genius 4.0 and it is one of my favourite diapers in my stash.

  39. Shellie Westlake

    I am more of a pre-folds and covers type, but I’m always on the lookout for good pocket diapers because I find they are easier for travelling with.

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  41. Marie Cole

    I have some flip covers which I love but I haven’t tried bumgenius pockets yet, though with all their cute prints I may have to.

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  45. […] they were big enough, we switched quite quickly over to one-size diapers, our favourites are bumGenius 5.0s and Elementals as well as Thirsties Natural AIO and Elemental […]

  46. Crystal

    I think I got a package of duds! I hate my bumGenius diapers! The liner is sewn past the cover, so regardless of how much pee there is, it leaks wicks out the legs. I can’t get ahold of customer service. No one is answering. I have one Nora’s Nursery diaper, and it is my favorite. Any ideas?

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Crystal – maybe you’ve done this already, but I would start with the retailer you purchased the diapers from. I haven’t worked with Cotton Babies in a few years now since we are well out of diapers.

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