Tula Standard Carrier Review

Standard Tula Baby Carrier Review - Maman Loup's Den

I don’t know that Tula Baby Carriers really needs my endorsement. These carriers sell like… I want to say “hot cakes,” but I don’t know what a “hot cake” is. They sell like Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the first day of fall? Like ponchos in a rainstorm? Like Tickle Me Elmo that year when every kid had to have a Tickle Me Elmo? You get my gist.

I. Love. My. Tula.

We have the Toddler Tula for Cub, and he still rides in it on occasion when his legs can no longer support the burden of his 35-pound body and we’ve foreseen this eventuality and remembered to bring it.

Little Miss Cub has been riding in our Standard Tula since 8 lbs, enveloped in a newborn insert. Now at somewhere between 12-13 lbs, she can sit comfortably in our Tula without the insert, and she rides in style!

Our Tula is comfortable, and it’s easy to adjust to get the perfect carry. Just today, I wore Little Miss for hours in the Tula in order to write this review, bake apple muffins (that turned out to be a loaf since we don’t actually own muffin tins), do four loads of laundry and put it away, accept an actual arm-full of packages from our mailman (who knows my son by name) and put Cub onto the potty a bunch of times

I find it easier to tighten at the back and under the arms compared to others we’ve tried. I am totally autonomous in the Tula, I don’t need another person to help with anything.

Comfortably carrying Little Miss Cub means I can spot Cub while he’s climbing on the playground. I love the thick, supportive waistband, the padded straps, the super wide and high-backed seat… and, of course, that there is a print to suit every taste! (And make you want to start a collection.)

Tula Baby Carrier Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The wide seat features extra cushioning along the edges:

The length of the straps is adjustable:

The nap hood snaps to the inside of the carrier when needed, and is stored in the waist pouch.  The nap hood attaches to clasps on the straps. I know that the nearly $200 price tag of a Tula carrier can throw people off. It’s definitely a lot of money. I’m going to make a couple of arguments that make me sound like a used car saleswoman, but bear with me. If you plan on babywearing often in lieu of using a stroller, then you need a carrier that will last and that will be comfortable and user friendly. Until Cub was at least two years old, I was using a carrier at least every second day (although honestly the truer calculation is probably closer to daily). If you use your Tula every two days while your child is under two, that’s like 50 cents per day. Then, you use it on your second child. Then, you sell it. And while your car decreases in value as soon as you drive it off the lot, there’s actually a possibility that the Tula you bought for $200 increases in value by the time you come to sell it. For argument’s sake, let’s say you can recuperate 50% of your purchase price (you’ll get more): there’s pretty much nothing else that I can think of that you will use for your baby that will resell as well as a Tula.

Shop & Connect

Canadians! Get your Tula Carriers from Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks!

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My matching drool pads were made by my Mom at MaiseyMade, and our teething accessory is from Between You & Me.

I received a small discount on my carrier in exchange for promoting Lil’ Monkey Cheeks as an awesome Tula retailer (which it is). If you are in the US, you can score your Tula via my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers.

Do you have a Tula? Is it your dream carrier?

391 responses to “Tula Standard Carrier Review”

  1. April

    Where did you get her little booties? They’re so cute!

    1. Lindsay

      They’re called Padraigs- I bought these at Babes in Arms in Calgary, but many retailers carry them! Check out Padraig Cottage!

      1. Christina

        I love my paidrigs, they stay on!

      2. Cat

        Love the booties! And your review!

      3. Jamie manar

        Tula is awesome and so many prints and easy to get. Wish they would do koolknit like kinderpack.

        1. Christine heptig

          Love my tula it’s perfect for my big grand daughter and bad back. Love it!

    2. Nicole Thompson

      Love Tula so much I don’t own one yet

  2. Nicole Golder

    I bought the ergo 360 for my LO but find that the should straps sit very wide on my narrow shoulders. I’ve tried everything under the sun and they still slide off! Just wondering if the Tula standard fits narrower on the shoulders? I’ve been dying to get one but really don’t want to be disappointed like I am with the ergo.

    1. Tracy

      I have super narrow shoulders and the Tula works great for me,

    2. Lilly fletcher

      I sold my ergo for this exact reason i find tulas nuch better!

  3. I love my Tula! It is hands down the most comfortable SSC that I’ve tried!

  4. Morgan Schievink

    I LOVE my Tula carrier! we take it everywhere with us and are currently shopping for a second!

  5. erika

    I would love to own a tula! I hear such great things about them ?

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  14. Laura Robbins

    Would love to try a Tula out – I’ve been using my beco soleil and have been finding the hip straps uncomfortable…

  15. Kristian

    Great review of the Tula!

    1. Kayla Staples


    2. Danielle

      I agree! We love ours!

  16. Jennifer Winter

    We love our Tula and use it everywhere we go!

  17. Rose Jacquard

    We love our Tula! It has been a life saver, with 4 very active boys to tend to, cook for, clean up after…. I don’t know what I would have done without it! I put our youngest on my back to cook and clean, to do groceries and even to play basketball with the other 3! I love the make and the ease of putting my child inside where I know he is safe and content! We are a baby wearing family!!!

  18. Krista Price

    I love tula carriers . Ad a plus size mama they are super comfortable. The waistband extends then most varies I’ve tried. And the prints are amazing!

  19. Tasha Olsen

    I just got my first tula and I ADORE it. First time on and I was hooked. I have always refused to buy one because of the price, thought they were overhyped… yeah, no. It’s so comfortable! I’ve drunk the kool-aid now!

  20. Alicia Flynn

    I LOVE my tula! We need a second one for squish number two due in August! Tandem wearing, here I come!!!

  21. Jessica Riha

    Tula’s are so comfy, we hardly ever use a stroller since we got one! Don’t know how I got through the baby stage with my first child without one!

  22. Jo

    We love our Tula!! love that print!

  23. Amanda love

    I’d love to try a tula…if I can ever afford one :/

  24. Such a cute print. We love our Tula.

  25. Lexy Overstreet Broome

    Great Tula review! If I hadn’t already tried a Tula for sure this review would convince me to do so. Covered so many facets and qualities of Tula carriers. Great job! ?

  26. Patricia Gagné

    Wow! Those babycarier are just so beautiful ! ? Hope to have mine one day!?

  27. Erica P.

    I like your point about investing in a good variety you think you’ll get a lot of use out of… it becomes a much more reasonable buy if you offset the cost by considering less expensive strollers. For our part we rarely use our stroller, so it was an easy trade-off for us!

  28. TanyaJay

    We have spring equinox and love love love it! I was so hesitant to spend the money on one but I just couldn’t get comfy in our ergo, the bigger my son got the more my back hurt…so I dips some carriers to fund it and I don’t regret it at all!
    If I win I would gift this to my sister, she loves Babywearing too.

  29. I cannot wait to get a tula! I keep telling hubby that I Neeeeed one. .. & it’s true. It looks so much more comfortable for baby than the carrier we are currently using.


  30. Kara Mora

    Love this! Very good review I cant wait to try one out

  31. Kait WK

    My favorite aspect of Tula carriers is that they get more comfortable and start to fit and mold to your body the more you wear and use them! It’s like putting on a favorite pair of jeans! And it’s one of the easiest carriers to adjust while wearing, out of all of the other brands we have tried.

  32. kara

    I want a Tula so badly!!

  33. Jenn Bullock

    I don’t own a Tula yet, but I so want to try one!!!

  34. Amber Ludwig

    Yes!! Tula is amazing and totally needs no introduction!! But those who weren’t sold I bet are even more now!! I love that they can increase in resale value, if you can ever bear to part with it lol!! Best of all, I love how amazing Tula is! The comfort is unbeatable and the customer service is amazing!!

  35. Stéphanie Trottier

    I never go anywhere without my Tula. My boy weights 25 pounds at 8 months and I need the Tula to not get a backache carrying him around! A second one would come in handy when I’ll have #2. In the meantime, I would leave it to hubby’s cousin to carry her son.

    1. Stacy

      Tula has helped me so much with my littles. I don’t know how I did it before without one!

  36. Brittany jackson

    Love this review. I love that you call your littles cubs. So cute. I really enjoy reading your blog. Its well written and entertaining.

  37. Chantal

    Absolutely love our Tula. We are currently looking at getting another

  38. Erica Stapleton

    Love Tula carriers! I am borrowing one right now from our babywearing group! Can’t wait to buy!

  39. Hannah Harper

    We love our Tula in this house! I always use it for my son since he refuses to be put down. He loves it so much and it comes with so much sleepy dust! All the giveaways you do are so amazing! Hoping we get lucky this time

  40. Jacinthe Kitchur

    So beautiful. Wish we could have one but canna afford it at the moment. I hope one day before my LO is too big I will own one

  41. Jacinthe Kitchur

    So beautiful. Wish I had one

  42. Laura

    Tulas are amazing! I can’t get enough. The fit, the prints, the sleepy dust! All amazing. I love feeling close to my little. <3

  43. Alicia McDonald

    Very good review I want a tula so bad. I love reading reviews on baby products before I buy them.

  44. Miranda Forbister

    We love our Tula carrier and I recommend it to all my friends. Wish I would of known about baby wearing and baby carriers 9 years ago with my first baby.

  45. Alyssa

    A bunch of my friends have Tula’s and I’ve never had the opportunity to try one!

  46. Lisa J

    Your little one is adorable and I love his hat!

  47. Nicole Golder

    I am a former Ergo 360 owner turned Tula lover!! The Ergo and I just did not see eye to eye. I find the Tula much less bulky, love, love, love, the pocket and I can even do up the back buckle all by myself! With 5 kids and the youngest being 8 months old….and clingy, the Tula has saved my family’s sanity on more than one occasion!

  48. I love the way this is written. It’s a perfect review! I always put my phone in the pocket it fits perfectly in there but I never thought to put the hood in the pocket. Makes so much sense lol.

  49. Lacey

    Love Tula!

  50. Lorna P

    We are a Tula family, three littles, two worn on the daily. My youngest is just over a year and I’ve had the same Tula for a few years and now that I’m feeling like my babywearing days are limited with my two year old I have a strong urge to buy ALL the Tulas!

  51. Jennifer Muir

    How does the tula compare to an ergo? 🙂 We have an ergo and I live the fabric selections of the tula way more! Looking to invest in another carrier. Trying to decide between the tula and a lennylamb. Thanks!

  52. Alley Marie Harding

    I have never tried Tula but they look like a fantastic carrier and I am so appreciative for the chance to win, Thank you!!

  53. Kimberly Bruner

    I love Tula! I don’t know what I would do with out it! It makes everything 10 times easier to do from cleaning to shopping . And when little ones sick I’m still able to clean cook and take care of my 3&4 year old with out pulling my hair out!

  54. Melissa McRae

    We have two Tula’s so far and one Tula ring sling. We love them. My son is still adjusting to them but he’s really starting to love them. Didn’t know they existed with my daughter and wish I had known. Would love to win one of these for her.

  55. Ashley Stone

    Love the print!

  56. Erin

    I would so love a Tula! I can’t wait to carry my little Bean… Which seems silly, because I’m already “carrying” her (due in 40 days!)

  57. Sandra Caballero

    I don’t own a Tula and love to win the Spring Equinox ! It’s beautiful. I have tried the Tula at a baby wearing group. It’s nice to have one .

  58. Raelynn Wilkie

    Love tula!! They are so pretty and comfy!

  59. Heather

    Our Tula saves us daily! The freedom we have and the happiness my little guy has in his Tula we will ever be greatful for! We love them so much!!

  60. Rhonda Lord-Tinsley

    I love my tula ? Keeps my sweet baby close while allowing me to adult lol

  61. Brittany

    We LOVE our tula!!!

  62. Jen Neill

    I would love to try a Tula!

  63. Sandra Requeno

    I can’t wait to be able to own a Tula, for now I have an Ergo that was gifted to me but I’m still oh so grateful for it because I never would have understood the wonders of babywearing if not for it. Regardless I am so anxious to own a Tula and see all the wonders of it!

  64. Jen Neill

    Entering your draw for the amazing Tula! Posted a comment here. Following you on Facebook and Instagram ? We would love love love to win this!

  65. Barbara

    I love my raps over my Tuls since I find it’s a bit bulky for really petite women but out of all the ssc I’ve tried I like the Tula best as its narrower and fits me the best. Now I only need to handle clipping that back clip!

  66. Esther Pelletier

    So jealous of all your Tula reviews and prints! Just gorgeous! Tula is my dream carrier and I want one so badly but have never been able to afford one! Hubby would get me one if he only understood their value! I also love all the little matching accessories you and little miss cub have!

  67. Julia Fraley

    Love the prints on a Tula! So fun!

  68. Kim W.

    I don’t own a Tula, but they look so comfy! I love the cute prints that they have available! There is something for everyone!

  69. Elizabeth Covington

    I love the accessories!

  70. Rachael Brown

    I am a new mom and can’t wait to get my first Tula! It will be perfect for summer fun with baby and my step son!

  71. looks like a great carrier and would LOVE to try it!

  72. Amanda

    Wow you help me make the decision to buy a tulu!!!

  73. I do not have a Tula, but I would love one! My SO would laugh if I asked him to spend $200 on a carrier though, because he definitely doesn’t understand the need for one & the difference in a Tula & a Walmart carrier. (Which are just fine, but definitely not the same as a Tula) so I’m gonna keep doing giveaways and hope to win one, lol

  74. Andrea Severino

    Thanks for doing the Tula Review! I’ve only tried one on, and it sure was comfy!

  75. Katie Smith

    I want to try a Tula! Love the prints!

  76. I would love a Tula! We’re using a Moby wrap but my little man is just about too heavy for it!

  77. Trista

    Love our Tula!

  78. Kelly Taylor

    We used to be an Ergo family and we are now slowly becoming a Tula family. I’d love to have another one to leave in both vehicles as I forget to grab it more times than I care to admit.

  79. Sharon Beall

    I love my Tula- it is so much more comfortable than the other carriers I have tried!

  80. Katrina Power

    I love my Tula and Babywearing!

  81. angela r

    Great review! thank you thank you for keeping it simple and easy peasy to read and understand!! :D. I have a petite 10month old. just recently tried my friends Tula for first time… I. am. in. love. Not wanting to knock my Lille… but honestly.. wow.. what a difference! she was snug, comfy and High. the fabric was so soft yet supportive. easy to adjust on first wear. she was weightless and fit like a glove. looking forward to getting one of my own one day :).

  82. I love my Tula! So much more comfortable than the other carriers I have tried!

  83. Dandi D

    I’ve had one of these on my wish list for such a long time!

  84. Jessica

    Love Tulas..so comfy!! And love that my hubby will wear her with one, as wrapping is “too confusing” for him.

  85. We love our Tulas! We take one with us, everywhere we go.

  86. Heather

    I love this print! I’ve never owned a tula or a baby carrier but I’m pregnant with my third and will definitely be getting one☺️

  87. Lisa Tucker-Giza

    Love our Tula! Couldn’t live without it

  88. Matthew Stewart

    So true about it being easy to do on your own! Easiest carrier I’ve ever tried

  89. Leilani

    I have a toddler Tula and I’ll definitely be getting a standard for my next baby!

  90. Dominique Mellinger

    I absolutely love my tulas! I have an 18 month old and a 3 year old and my three year old still loves being worn when we go on hikes! They are so comfortable and the best carrier I’ve ever owned!

  91. Love our Tula!! I want another and I want to share the love!!!

  92. I have wanted a Tula for my toddler, because everyone says they’re so comfy (haven’t had a chance to try one). Now we’re planning to travel to SE Asia, though, and I’m wondering if a mesh carrier such as the Beco Toddler Cool or the Lillebaby All Seasons might be a better option… How do you find the summers with your Tula?

  93. Noura

    I was gifted an original ergo and am so thankful for the gift, but wish I had known more prior to the birth of my son. The Tula prints are so gorgeous and it looks so comfortable for both parent and child.

  94. I don’t have a tula but I’ve heard such great things and they so comfortable for both baby and momma.

  95. Tawnia

    So much prettier than an ergo! I have 4 little girls (2 under 2) that would love this!

  96. Grace Powell

    I love babywearing! It’s the only way I can get anything done during the day. I’ve been wanting to get a tula because it would be faster then wrapping or the mei tei and maybe my husband would want to use it too 🙂

  97. Sarah Hugh

    Thanks for writing this review. I especially liked the argument about making a Tula cost effective. Plus they’re so useful, and so pretty!

  98. Laura

    I love my tula! The print in the pictures on your review is absolutely stunning!

  99. Kayla

    Tulsa rock, they are also super supportive and their designs are to die for!

  100. Laarni Vasallo

    I don’t own a Tula but only heard great things about it! Thank you for the chance to own one! Great review!?

  101. Kimberly Duncan

    I have two girls and am pregnant with my third! I am 29 weeks pregnant and cannot find a carrier comfortable enough so I borrowed my friends TULA. It is THE most comfortable carrier to wear while pregnant and it does not hurt my stomache at all. My 18 month old loves it! Saving up for my own 🙂 Everyone needs a TULA

  102. Christina

    Tula’s are expensive but are defiantly worth the money!

  103. Alison Maffett

    I have a toddler Tula, and would love a standard one for my baby girl.

  104. Tracy Stevenson

    I dream of owning a Tula some day soon!

  105. Olivia Brown

    Here to vote for the foliage tula<3<3 would sooooo love to win this!! also following on instagram (ollie.bro) and liked all pages <3<3 winning this would help me & my family out so much as Carriers are my only way of getting my kids around (no vehicle for this momma) . I'd be so grateful<3 thank-you for the chance to win something so beautiful!! xoxox

  106. Amanda

    We love our Tula

  107. Morgan Dianna Chudleigh-Bell

    Great review. I adore tula.

  108. Kaitlin Krieger

    I love several things about this! I love that it is very adjustable! as a small Mama I am looking for that. I also love that you can store the hood in a pocket!

  109. Jennifer Hoffmeister

    I still don’t have a Tula SSC adn it would be fabulous to win one 😉

  110. Lyssa

    Awesome review! I love my Tula so much! I still need to get the infant insert but I think my new baby will love it just as much as my toddler.

    P.s. Baby isn’t born yet.

  111. Teresa

    I would love to have a Tula! Great review!!

  112. Hannah Widmer

    Awesome review. I love this tula print!

  113. Kathy Harrigan

    These have the best prints of any carrier. My toddler would still fit the infant carrier.

  114. Kelly Gram

    I never wore my first baby as I had never heard of babywearing. Now, with my second we never use a stroller! We were very torn between the Lenny lamb and Tula and chose Lenny in the end. While I absolutely love my Lenny, I would love a tula too. I absolutely adore the patterns on them and the shoulder strap padding is beyond amazing! Great review, Its a super comfy ssc.

  115. Cheryl Reltub

    We love baby wearing. I don’t know what I’d do without my carriers. I have injuries from a mva, and I use my carriers daily to help me hold my kids! ☺

  116. MyChau Brikshavana

    I agree with your review one hundred percent! My Tula is still going strong with baby number 2. I’m dying to get a toddler so that we can tandem.

  117. Jenn

    I have this print as well, my first Tula! I love it, so much comfier than I was expecting! It is my favourite of the 4 brands that I own!

  118. Kala

    Hoping to add a Tula to our stash soon 🙂

  119. Briana S

    I have a Tula, but my toddler is getting too big and I am also having another baby. I want to trade my current one for a Toddler and get a Spring Equinox! We love going places without a stroller.

  120. Jodi Armstrong

    Tulas prints are so cute and that carrier looks so comfy. I’d love to try a toddler tula since my kiddo has outgrown so many carriers we’ve owned.

  121. Oh my! I can’t believe how much she’s grown! I love our Tula Toddler, I would love one for our baby so I can tandem wear them!

  122. Megs Wade

    I love Tulas!! They are the comfiest ssc I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot). What a great review!! Now I have to get a toddler one as my squish keeps growing

  123. Heather Comer

    I love my ergo, but I’ve heard such amazing things about tula! I would absolutely love to try one out. Your review makes me even more confident that I’d love it as much as i think i would! ?

  124. Danielle

    I would love to win the foliage Tula! Such an amazing carrier!

    1. Danielle Miller

      I want to win please

  125. Janet Snell

    Love my tula and don’t know how I would have survived without it.

  126. Amy Hall

    I would love to try a toddler size to see how comfy it is with a toddler.

  127. Manda edwards

    Love your review. As a Tula lover, the first paragraph was enough to catch my attention.

  128. Thanks for the review! I have been considering purchasing a Tula and hearing such a great review makes me think it is worth it 🙂

  129. Eleanor Fromambridge

    I would love to win an equinox carrier. I love all the styles that this carrier comes in. I enjoyed reading your review.

  130. Melanie

    Still looking to get our first Tula. Thanks for the review!

  131. Leah

    Great review! I’m new to babywearing and would love to put my little one in a tula. PS. I love LMC!

  132. Gabbi

    I don’t have a Tula and would love one for my little boy!Great review!

  133. Naomi Willman

    A Tula carrier would be a dream!

  134. Candice woods

    I also love my tula for all of these reason and bc my son could see over the ergo straps as well so we switched.

  135. Vicki Spencer

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try a tula yet, so I am excited for the opportunity!

  136. Stephanie Priske

    We love our tulas! Great review 🙂

  137. Brittany Kimball

    I really like how the money was broken down in this review. I hope for a tula one day. Great review.

  138. Joanne Grassing

    Great review! Would love to have a Tula 🙂

  139. Deborah Lowder

    We love our Tula! Going one 2.5 years and still use it all the time. I did have a problem with the hood, it didn’t fit for long…. But my baby has a giant head and there are tons of places that make cut add on hoods 🙂

  140. Linda

    Omg always wanted a tula ? Its my dream carrier

  141. Megan Cunningham

    I’d love to have a Tula of my own!

  142. Elissa

    We love our standard Tula!!! I would recommend it to everyone!!

  143. Alicia C

    I’ve been drooling over a tula four months, but I’m finding it hard to justify buying when I already have six other carriers. I would absolutely love to own one, though!

  144. Carrie H.

    I have Tula and it. is. so worth. it. Comfortabke, easy to use, and so darn cute. We always get compliments on it when we use it.

  145. Ashley


  146. Jennie Ainsworth Crowe

    Love our Tula so much so I wish we had two because it’s always in the car when she’s having a melt down and will only be held while inside or vice versa!

  147. Marissa Achong

    I would love to have a Tula in our babywearing collection as something that is easy to put on independently while on the go, and comfortable for both myself and my little one for extended excursions. Thanks for the great review!

  148. Tara

    Thanks for the review! It’s always nice to hear a different mama’s perspective on a carrier 🙂

  149. jessica hannah

    I like how you split the cost down to wearing your baby everyday it only being 50 cents a day. It is so important to invest in a good carrier for Mama and Baby!! Plus they hold their resale value pretty well… so once you invest the money you can sell to a mama to be able to wear her baby or you can pay it forward!

  150. Stephanie

    The Tulas are beautiful! I’d love to know how they compare (fit and comfort) to a Beco. We have the Gemini, but we’re considering a toddler carrier soon.

  151. Jessica

    I am trying to find the right carrier for us, the ones we have tried didn’t work so well for us. I do not have a Tula for my little girl but I would love to try it out!

  152. Dotty J Boucher

    I love the style on this one and your baby is such a doll, I really love how the straps look very comfortable and the baby has room inside that pocket.

  153. Karen Premont

    Great review!! We LOVE Tula baby carriers 🙂

  154. Danielle Petryshyn

    Tulsa are so so pretty!! I just wish I would have bought a Tula instead of my ergo. I really like my ergo, but the Tulas are just so much prettier!

  155. Katrina Busse

    Tula’s were my go to carrier with my now 3 year old when she was little. Can’t wait to wear her little sister.

  156. Rebecca gatewood

    Awesome review ! Tula love 🙂

  157. Sasha Carmona

    I never knew about Babywearing or what brand of carriers where good for babies so I was giving a Chicco carrier. And used it while my lo was little. Then heard about ergo my baby was little and I had no idea how to use it also I didn’t know I needed an insert then I heard about Tula and it’s the most comfortable and most amazing SSC ever and I would love the opportunity to win and help a mama and show her about baby wearing

  158. Brooke Repine

    We love Tula! Would love to own another one.

  159. Noah knak

    Looove this review, and thanks for posting about resale value. Many new mommas don’t know!

  160. JoB

    I don’t have a Tula, but I’m desperate to try one! I’m wondering if they can get a tighter fit on a smaller frame than other ssc’s.
    I find it funny that your muffins became a loaf, because all my loaves turn into muffins as I am in the opposite predicament! Lol

  161. MariClaire Eastabrooks

    So glad to stumble on your review! I bought a standard Tula on Ebay because I’m interested in babywearing my first baby (due in August) & the print I found was VW buses (my husband & I have a ’76). Just wondering if you think I can get away with only the standard or do you really feel like the toddler version is necessary?

  162. Thanks for the review and breaking down the costs, may be able to convince my friends and family that I am not crazy if I word it like that xD

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    Tula’s are amazing ?

  364. Sandra

    Cub looks so cozy! Love the baby snuggles ?

  365. Alicia Marie Lewison

    I love that print

  366. Katie

    I love our Tula, I would like another one so that if one gets left in our vehicle I will still have one at the house. 🙂

  367. Emilee

    I don’t have a Tula, but I’ve wanted one since I discovered babywearing.with my son. I have only ever heard good reviews and I love so many of their prints. I am not much of a wrapper so we use a mei tai but I neeeeed a Tula 🙂 I know my son would love it just as much as me

  368. Andrea Brown

    We Tula’d to the post office this afternoon to ship out a Tula blanket to a sweet mama! It’s great to be able to run simple errands and have your hands free to package with ease. I held my 4 year old’s hand while walking there instead of wrangling a stroller and wondering where to park it, hold the baby, post and package the blanket to ship it. And the sleepy dust is real folks! Guaranteed she will fall asleep while I carry her… some of her best naps are in that damn Tula ?

  369. Elishia Cowell

    I’m not usually a fan of canvass carriers but you make it sound so appealing! How hot is it to wear in summer?

  370. Ashley

    Tulas are amazing and I love they come in standard and toddler, so you can wear your babies longer.

  371. Jennifer G

    Thank you for the great review! I don’t own a Tula yet .

  372. Corinne Glazier

    We love our Tula! I got one for my daughter when she outgrew our Beco Gemini and it has been a life saver. She has always hated being in her stroller so having a comfy carrier was so important. Now that we are foster parents the bond that babywearing creates makes our Tula even more important

  373. Queenie Ho

    Love your review. Can’t wait to try it.

  374. Cassandra Purkiss

    I love my tula!

  375. Courtney

    I’d love to try a Tula, especially once my little boy is big enough for the toddler size.

  376. Tanya Tardi

    Love tulas!!!!??

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