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Petit Coulou Review: A Super Warm Car Seat Cover for Winter



Keeping baby safely warm in her bucket seat: if you have a winter baby, this is your eternal quest. No puffy snow suits. No bunting bags that go behind baby’s back. Blankets get kicked off and don’t protect baby’s face.

Never fear, Petit Coulou is here!

Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Yes, it’s an insulating, shower-cap-style cover that is dome-shaped!  Inside the cover are “ribs,” which maintain the dome shape, allowing air circulation and freedom of movement for baby.

Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Your child is totally protected from the elements, and needs only be dressed in her pajamas!

Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The Petit Coulou stays in place using an elastic toggle around the car seat’s handles, and its elasticized base hugs the car seat like a shower cap.

Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The zipper is heavyweight and sturdy, and unzips completely, making it very easy to get baby in and out.

Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Every time we get to the car, I have to figure out which kid to get in first. Thanks to the protection of the Petit Coulou, I can get Cub buckled into his car seat without worrying that his sister is freezing on the side walk. For the car ride, I unzip the cover so she doesn’t overheat.

Petit Coulour Car Seat Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

It really does keep the inside of her car seat warm. I can feel the heat when I pull her out after being outside.  Here’s how the Petit Coulou works:

Petit Coulou Specs

The Petit Coulou also comes with extra back padding, meant ONLY to be used when your bucket seat is in the stroller.

Back piece of Petit Coulou

The label does specify not to use it for car rides:

Petit Coulou Back Padding

But I do worry that many parents miss that detail and use it all the time, especially because the box’s instructions look like this:

Petit Coulou Back Padding

The thing is, if you put it in for a ride in the stroller, often times you switch baby directly into the car, so you’d have to then remove the insert from behind baby.

If you buy a Petit Coulou, remember not to use the back padding in the car!

What I love about the Petit Coulou:

  • Baby truly doesn’t need to be in her snowsuit in her car seat, so it makes it easy to buckle her nice and tight without fear of her being too cold.
  • The dome shape means baby can kick and play with toys inside her car seat easily.
  • Baby is shielded from wind and snow.
  • The sturdy zipper makes it easy to get baby in and out of the car seat.

What I love less about the Petit Coulou:

  • I worry that parents will not realize they cannot use the back padding for car rides.
  • It is awkward, at least with our car seat model, to put the handle back when installed in the car (as recommended in our Peg Perego’s instructions) when the Petit Coulou is on. (But if you want the awesome dome shape, you have to be willing to wrestle a bit with your handle, depending on your car seat model.)
  • If you need to install your bucket seat without its base, you will have to totally remove the cover,

Bottom Line:

Whether or not you want to invest in a Petit Coulou (they retail for $130 CAD) will depend on how often you need to take baby out in her bucket seat in the freezing cold. Live in Vancouver? No, you probably don’t need it (Although, their mid-season model would be perfect!). Don’t own a car? We didn’t when Cub was this small, which is why I didn’t buy a Petit Coulou the first time around. But if your baby will be in a bucket seat during the coldest months of the year, and the coldest months of the year where you live are DARN COLD, then ya, I’d get a Petit Coulou and forget the hassle of layering blankets and thin fleece coats. Particularly if you have older kids, it’s nice to at least not have to dress one member of your family before leaving the house!

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88 responses to “Petit Coulou Review: A Super Warm Car Seat Cover for Winter”

  1. Joanna Pistilli

    Oh my gosh I am just paranoid about car seat safety and this product would so so so ease my mama heart knowing that my babe is both warm and safe during the harsh days of our Canadian winter!

  2. Danielle Jones

    This is such an awesome item. I have a carseat ‘cover’, but it just drapes over her, and blows up when there is a swift breeze.
    Plus this contraption is absolutely adorable!

  3. Melissa I.

    Omg I love this, this will definitley keep my newborn toasty warm come his arrival early 2016. Great product, love how you personally display using your own child adorable child as a model. First time ever seeing this product.

  4. Ria Franiel

    This looks awesome, I really wish I had it when Em was in a bucket seat. The jolly jumper one was ok and I wished I had something better at the time, thanks for reviewing this!

  5. Rosie klein

    I wonder how well this would work on our city select stroller seat vs an infant car seat. We have daily walks up to big sisters’ bus stop twice a day. Having a little coming in January, this would be really nice to have to keep him song and warm.

  6. erika

    Love this cute little ladybug bag! Ive been searching the store for something that just goes over the carseat and not behind baby and I can’t find anything ?? this would be perfect!

  7. Megan

    I have been watching your blog on and off because I am new to baby wearing and soft carriers. You give awesome reviews with demos that really help moms out:). Thanks so much!

  8. Tricia

    This would be great for us because we live about 30 mins north of Québec city,in Valcartier and the winters here are brutal!
    Plus it will final stop me having to tell hubby not to put a bulky jacket on baby! The way I had to with our first! Lol

    1. Lindsay

      I still have to remind mine!

  9. Emily H

    The dome idea is fantastic! Then little one will have lots of space to move but still stay warm.

  10. Samantha Bosley

    Nice to hear that there are more options out there then blankets! Love the fact that it’s dome shaped as I have a blanket kicker, and he would love the fact that he can kick and move around and still stay warm!

  11. Jessica stratton

    I need this for my new baby due in a few weeks! We live in Minnesota and have to leave the house every day to drive her big sisters to school! It’s cold here. I think this would be the perfect product to keep the newborn warm while we travel. Thanks for the review!

  12. Elizabeth Parker

    This would be perfect for us when we move overseas next year, but we won’t need it until our little would be out of a bucket seat. I was really hoping that it might fit over certain stroller models, too. ? The whole, “don’t use it in the car” thing worries me about a product such as this, because I know many people do not pay attention to the warning labels or read the manuals of certain items that they think they know how to use. ?
    Thank you for covering that in your review and giving your honest opinion, both the good and the bad. ?

  13. Kara

    I love how this provides safety and warmth at the same time!

  14. Joanna

    Such a great design! With my first I had a standard shower cap cover but it was hard to get baby in and out. This looks to be so well thought through. Love!

  15. Cassie Sommers

    I have been following your blog & Facebook page for a couple of months & I really love the helpful reviews you give & appreciate that you take time out of your life to host give aways like this to help out other people!

  16. Anjeanette Gagan

    This looks amazing. My baby is due in Jamuaryy and this would be perfect for him or her!!

  17. Chrissy Hadding

    I love this idea!! I always worry about having baby out when it’s cold, but there are chores that need to be done! Love the cute patterns and dome designs!

  18. Katie

    I live the dome shape fof this cover. My LO is 8mo and needs lots of space to kick and play. This would be perfect to keep her warm and safe throughout the winter.

  19. Ashley Crawford

    I would love to keep baby to be warm in this! We are team yellow going to be surprised!

  20. Krista

    Thank you for the insightful review! Sounds like a great product, especially for the cold, snowy and wet winters here in Atlantic Canada. I think this would be a good investment and I love the sweet lady bug design!

  21. Jenn

    Love the dome shape! But thanks for the warnings.

  22. Tanisha Gonty

    I have a ugly flat style. It does work but I’m always so scared because it seems to leave so little breathing room! It would be nice to not feel like I have to rush to the car/can’t use it for long!
    I was directed to your review by Facebook for an extra entry. Although I have to say I enjoy your reviews! These last two giveaways have made me a fan!!

  23. Mary Van Horn

    This item is awesome and oh so cute. I always hated putting my 19 year old in the car in her huge snow suit when she was little, never felt she was secure enough and blankets always flew up in the wind! This would be perfect for our new lil one, Giuliana!

  24. Nicole Golder

    I just had my 5th baby 13 weeks ago. I have to load all 5 of them into the van every morning at 8am in order to get the oldest 4 to two different schools by 8:35am lol. I also have to pick the oldest 4 up from school every day as well! This car seat cover would definitely come in handy for me and would most likely save my sanity most days! I will be honest in saying that I didn’t realize up until just recently that snowsuits in car seats were a no no! Knowing that my little girl would be warm and safe would definitely put my mind at ease!

  25. Hi! These car seat covers are adorable. I had one similar for my baby but it was much thinner. I love this style. It’s look so warm and cozy and just super cute!!

  26. Bianca

    I would love to try this for my new little bundle!

  27. Tanya Reid

    Wow, this would make morning super easy for school runs when little man gets here. I already need to get myself, my 2.5 year old and my 4.5 year old ready by myself.

  28. Sarah Lepage

    Why is it that I live in Saskatchewan, where temperatures are often below -40 degrees Celsius In the winter and I have never heard of these! I need one!

  29. Michelle Martel

    How cute is this cover!?! I love that it is warm enough, you don’t need the hassle of layering blankets. This would definitely save time during hectic mornings, trying to make sure my preschooler and my infant are warm enough, and SAFE, in their car seats! Bring it on, Canadian winter!

  30. Desare

    This cover looks soo much better then the one we got! On ours it doesn’t drape over the whole thing so there are air holes on both sides. Thankfully it hasn’t been too cold yet or snowed bc I think I’d hsve to take it off.

  31. Angela M

    This would have been SO handy last winter when my daughter was a newborn. Strapping a newborn into a car seat is bad enough, but trying to do it when they’re wearing about 20 layers of clothing is pure hell. But honestly, stroller rides were worse. Being cooped up all winter is awful, but trying to keep a tiny little person warm when it’s windy and cold outside…nope. That’s when I could have REALLY used the petit coulou!

  32. Karen F

    I really like the dome feature! Last winter she was too little to play with toys in the car but this winter is going to be a different story! It’s too bad the whole cover has to come off when using without a car seat base, since we do that half the time going to Costco with my mom in her car. Definitely something I would like to have, especially during our Winnipeg winters!

  33. Carol Burgess

    This is AMAZING! Love your review. This would be perfect for my new baby

  34. amanda

    The lady bug design is just too darn cute. With my first I didn’t have anything like this. And it was frustrating trying to layer and cover him with blankets. This would solve all of that.

  35. Kristin faircloth

    Wow, that looks warm. We’re not cold enough to need it for just getting to the car, but this would be great for our evening walks- especially since Big Sister likes to walk around in the evening to look at Christmas lights every night in December.

  36. I love the dome shape to this car seat cover. Such a great idea. What I don’t love is that it comes with back padding at all. If many parents don’t bother to read their car seat manual and assume they know how to install and use it correctly, what are the odds they’re going to bother reading the manual for the Petit Coulou?

  37. Lauren simms

    Love the domed design and ease of getting babe in and out thanks to the zipper. The adorable ladybug, etc exterior is a sweet bonus!

  38. Kendra

    This is so smart especially for our crazy Canadian winters.

  39. Lynn McCollough

    As always, so informative! Would love to see one in action!

  40. Jacey Edson

    Thanks for writing such a thorough review of this product. I am glad you made a big deal about removing the back pad before inserting in a vehicle. I would have totally missed that! Still I am in love with these!<3

  41. Nicole Hessig

    Love that there is backing, I actually didn’t know this! I also would use this everyday now that I know more about the benefits, I wasn’t sure they were all that great until reading this!

  42. Kari Barone

    I love the design and concept. It is insulated more than any similar carseat cover that I’ve seen.Excellent for Canadian winters.

  43. Ida Forlano

    So cute. I would love to have this for my grandchildren

  44. Bailey Dexter

    I really like that the The Petit Coulou stays in place using an elastic toggle around the car seat’s handles. What a safe way to keep the little one warm to!

  45. Wooooow! I love the petit coulou product! In Quebec Canada our winter are so cold, it would be so reassuring to Know my baby is not cold!

  46. Viv Sluys

    I love this! I see so many mamas putting their babies in those covers that go between baby and the seat and then over and I know it’s not as safe (I often wonder why such things are allowed to be sold…). Not only is this one safe but it is super cute too. My last 2 babies were born in summer and my first didn’t leave the hospital until she was 6 weeks old, putting her in spring so I didn’t need a cover with my first 3 daughters but with this one coming at the beginning of January I’m going to need something to keep her warm!

  47. these are soo cute!!! I cant wait to try one out!!

  48. Ally Lombardo

    Initially followed your Facebook page because of a giveaway but I’m very happy I did. Love the blogs the product reviews and all your posts. Would especially love this car seat cover it’s perfect for my winter baby

  49. Suzanne G

    What an amazing idea as I know how parents need to remove snowsuits before putting your child in their carseat to be safe. With this product there are no more worries about the little one getting cold.

  50. Alison Johnston

    I love that its a SAFE way to keep babe warm! Especially in the yucky canadian winters!

  51. Thanks for the review this would be great for my daughter!

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  53. Petra Sartor

    What a cool idea! Love the ladybug design too, so cute! Thanks for the great review!

  54. Anita k

    This is an amazing idea.beautiful written with great pictures.thanks for sharing.

  55. Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh this is just so cute!! I can’t even get over it!! I love that it doesn’t interfere with the seat straps so si totally safe!! And is good for -25!! Which I feel like is every day of winter here in Wisconsin lol!!

  56. Mckenzie blankenship

    This looks so comfy! If only they came in adult sizes lol

  57. Emily

    Omg! It’s a little lady bug! Adorable! Fingers crossed I get lucky 🙂

  58. Jenna Singleton

    I like the ribbed idea which gives our litlle ones more room! I’ve been thinking of sewing a cover but that would be difficult to replicate. The Petit Coulou looks like a great design.

  59. Lizzett A Rivera

    Love the review, this looks like an awesome yet stylish and cute product. I want one and need one for our crazy cold Chicago Winter! Hopefully I win!!!

  60. Sarah Thurston

    I would love this for my 6 month old. she’s not crazy about the one that we have as she can’t play freely 🙂

  61. Steph S

    I love that there’s back padding for use in a stroller!

  62. Brenna

    Love the dome shape and ribbing. Cute look too. Definitely don’t love the price tag.

  63. Erin Malette

    I love the idea of the toggle that holds it in place. Our car seat cover always blows open and I keep thinking I should attach something that will hold it down. Right now we’re tucking blankets around the little guy, but it leaves his poor hands exposed.

  64. Kelsey Sharifzadeh

    What an innovative design and product! This would be invaluable this winter in Calgary where it gets quite cold

    1. Lindsay

      It’s our first winter in Calgary, but I’ve been promised CHINOOKS!

  65. Shantal Aleana Sigouin

    This is great, I am in one of the colder parts of Canada and always worry about a healthy balance of keeping warm and keeping safe.

  66. eileen marie

    Can I just say that the “What I love less” portion of your review is super-helpful. I think this is an amazing product, but I feel I might have completely missed the fact that you cannot use the back padding in a car seat. VERY important detail. Thank you!

  67. Shanna Fitzgerald

    Your reviews are always thorough and I enjoy reading them. It’s cold here in Newfoundland during the winter months and with a new baby due in january I think this product would be great for us!

  68. Lexy Overstreet Broome

    This looks like an awesome way to safely and effectively keep out that cold winter weather! Looks very durable and attractive as well.

  69. Gloria Sanchez

    I love how convenient this makes winter outings. We’ve gone on ice skating outings an window shopping in little mountain villages and this would make it so easy to keep my little boy warm with out the worry I have had with the other 2 when they were young.

  70. Madison Marie

    Thanks for the great review! We just got the same car seat so that’s a bonus for me that I know I may have to fight with it a bit. It looks so warm! Would be perfect for our chilly Alberta Winters!!

  71. Katie Z

    This would come in handy for our harsh England weather. My newborn son would rock this, it seems extremely well made and perfect for our weather here.

  72. Alison N

    What a great review!! Looks like a super warm car seat cover!

  73. Ashley morel

    The lady bug pattern is adorable, I think it would even inspire a nickname! And I love that there is a safe option for car seats, I struggled keeping my last little one covered with blankets as he was so active from birth!

  74. Jules

    I love the dome shape!!! That is exactly what my old cover was missing.

  75. Emilia Turner

    Any baby would feel loved in The Petit Coulou. Adorable for the car and strollers too. I would use it everyday!

  76. jeannine cymbalisty

    this cover looks amazing (&toasty!)! we had other brands of ‘similar covers’ with little man, but they NEVER stayed in place properly. getting the elastic to stay in place on the car seat was like fighting my alligator baby to stay put during diaper change. ?

  77. amy yeip

    I love these covers!

  78. Brittany Simkins

    Baby Bob and Little Miss Cub arepractically the same age. I would love to get one of these for our cold Utah weather that us coming fast!

  79. Elishia

    I love that this looks safe, the bag-style covers scare me!

  80. Nicole

    Has anyone has tried the 7am Enfant cocoon style car seat cover? Trying to decide between that and the Petit Coulou. I live in Quebec where winters can be frigid.

    1. Lindsay

      I haven’t tried the 7AM Enfant one. I definitely love their car seat products, too! I don’t know how the 7AM one is constructed compared to the Petit Coulou, but I would vote Petit Coulou just because it’s a Quebec company!

  81. Erin Malette

    Hi Lindsay – I worry about cold coming in from the back of the car seat when using a cover like this. Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Lindsay

      I’m not totally sure I understand your question, but let me try! The insulated back pad is there for times you are outdoors for a long while, like in the stroller, but you’d remove that if in the car. Ideally, if you’re heading out to the car, you’re not outside long enough for it to be an issue, and the car heats up as you’re driving. Any insulation left behind baby during the drive is dangerous, and truly baby would probably be too warm. If it’s an outdoor stroll in the stroller, definitely I’d be putting the insulated back pad in!

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  83. Kristin

    I recently bought the mid-season Petit Coulou cover and a the fleece NIDO from 7AM Enfant in the hopes that I would get a little bit longer use out of each product– Just the Petit Coulou for the Fall and then combine both for the winter months. I’m in Ontario and hoping that these two products will help me survive winter with my little one!

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