Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review

Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover ~ Maman Loup's Den

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

A lot of new cloth diaper prints come across my newsfeed. A lot. Many of them don’t get more than a passing glance… but Nuggles’ “Toucan I Am” print caught my eye. In a sea of nautical prints, here’s something totally different, totally tropical, totally irresistible! I confess that it was the print that inspired me to approach Nuggles for a review… 

Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

We received the one-size Simplee diaper, marketed as a “3-in-1” option, usable as a pocket, AIO or AI2 diaper, and the size small Tuck-Wrap-Go cover (6-20 lbs) and a SIze 1 Nuggles Naturals Bamboo Terry Prefold Insert.

I was completely unfamiliar with the features of the Simplee, so let’s start there!

Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The Simplee is designed to fit from about 8-40 lbs. Little Miss Cub was about 11 lbs when we received the diaper, but here’s a look at it snapped down to its smallest:

Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

And at its largest:

Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review ~ Maman Loup's DenIts inner is bamboo terry, and the diaper comes with one regular 4-ply bamboo terry insert and one newborn sized/booster insert. 

The inserts snap together and snap into the front of the shell.

The most unique thing about the Nuggles Simplee is the way its leg gussets are designed:

The TPU gusset creates a nice “seal” around baby’s legs, and there is no risk of wicking from the inner bamboo terry.  The fit of the diaper is definitely a bit different than what we’re used to because of the leg gusset:
However, I’m not about to object to extra leak and blowout protection.  The only concern I would raise is if a child is sensitive or allergic to PUL. Some babies do get a rash from diapers that have exposed PUL or TPU. (Not Little Miss Cub, so far, but Big Brother Cub seems to be mildly sensitive to it.)

We received an additional Nuggles booster that features fleece on one side, and this creates a stay-dry layer if desired. I put that on top of the Simplee, with both inserts in the pocket, and we made it a 10-11 hour night with no leaks!

Cub is potty training, so I had him in the Simplee simply as a test of fit. It totally fits, and the rise is high enough for him, unlike other one-size options!

What I love about the Simplee:

  • No wicking at the leg thanks to the leg gusset;
  • Super generous sizing on Cub, so no doubt it will fit even bigger children (he’s 35 lbs);
  • Strip of TPU at the front inner waist to prevent wicking and waist leaks;
  • Inserts snap together for easy stuffing;
  • Pocket opening at front and back also helps with stuffing;
  • Crossover snaps for newborns. 

What I love less about the Simplee:

  • My only observation is that you can’t really use it as an AI2 (just swapping out the soiled insert that is placed on top of the pocket)… the entire diaper gets wet, so you have to throw the whole thing in the wash. This diaper works best as a pocket/AIO. 

The Tuck-Wrap-Go cover comes in two sizes. We tested a Size 2 on Cub, in fact!

The cover features flaps to hold an insert in place:

The overnight insert is thick and thirsty:Folded for Little Miss, I get four layers of absorbency.  At 12 lbs, she is already on the second-to-last waist snaps and tallest rise:I’m not totally convinced we will make it to 20 lbs, but we shall see! Like the Simplee, the leg gusset hugs her thighs nicely: What I love about the Size 1 Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover & Overnight Insert:

  • The overnight insert has been getting us through the night (about 10 hours) without leaks!
  • Double leg gusset provides an awesome “seal” at the legs;
  • Waist is soft and doesn’t dig into baby’s belly;
  • Inner flaps keep a trifolded insert in place, and make the cover compatible with a wide range of inserts. 

What I love less about the Size 1 Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover & Overnight Insert:

  • The wings on the cover seem short to me, so I’m not totally sure we will be able to use it up until 20 lbs. 

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Find a Nuggles retailer here. You can also find Nuggles at some of my favourite partner retailers: Gentle Nest, Lil’ Monkey Cheeks and Lagoon Baby (aff. link)


3 responses to “Nuggles Simplee & Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review”

  1. Alex Hoeft

    Your little girl is so cute! This diaper is adorable too. I would love to try it out for baby #2 due in January. 🙂

  2. Erin Malette

    Just wanted to say that I love seeing pics of Little Miss – especially her chubby little thighs!! My little guy is almost 4 months, and just over 13 lbs, but he’s a string bean. I keep waiting for him to fill out – because what’s cuter than a chunky baby? 🙂

    1. Lindsay

      Aww, thank you so much!

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