Brinkeebum All-in-One Embroidered Diaper Review

Brinkeebum AIO Review I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

Know what I love almost as much as the massive bowl of Hallowe’en candy once Cub has gone to bed? Discovering a new and unique WAHM diaper, trying it on my baby, discovering it not only looks amazing but works well, then sitting down with said bowl of candy to tell all of you cloth diapering Mamas (and Papas?) all about it. 

So, here I am, surrounded by candy wrappers, ready to introduce your to our custom-embroidered Brinkeebum AIO diaper:

Brinkee Bum Custom Embroidered AIO Review | Maman Loup's Den

Purely as a novelty diaper, it’s super amazing to have MY logo on a cloth diaper. (As a cloth diaper blogger, it might be the highlight of my career, with the low point being the disposable diaper ads that sometimes appear on my side bar.) The quality and detail of the embroidery is astonishing.

Brinkee Bum Custom Embroidered AIO Review | Maman Loup's Den

I sent Tairy a high-resolution file of my logo, and the result is absolutely perfect! My cousin-in-law, who designed my Cub logo, was equally impressed.

But our Brinkeebum isn’t just a novelty diaper: it is a great diaper!

The Brinkeebum AIO design features a snap-in insert:

Brinkeebum AIO Custom Embroidered Diaper Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The inside of the shell and the top of the double insert is organic bamboo velour (OBV). The inserts are made with four layers of organic cotton fleece and two hidden layers of Zorb. The snazzy curved stitching on top is to prevent shifting of all the layers of fabric during the wash.

Brinkee Bum Custom Embroidered AIO Review | Maman Loup's Den

This is the first AIO diaper I’ve reviewed with this type of fibre combo, including the famous “Zorb,” so I didn’t know what to expect. 

Designed to fit from 12-35 lbs, our Brinkeebum fit Little Miss at just shy of 12 lbs.

Brinkee Bum Custom Embroidered AIO Review | Maman Loup's Den

We’ve had nothing but success in our Brinkeebum, including one of those “I didn’t plan to have her in the same diaper for so long” kind of afternoons. When we woke up from our nap, I was sure I’d have sheets to change. Even without the booster, the Brinkeebum, though fully drenched, held up for five hours!

I had been concerned about wicking at the waist, as the waist can roll a bit, exposing the OBV. So far, it has not happened!

Brinkee Bum Custom Embroidered AIO Review | Maman Loup's Den

What we love about our Brinkeebum AIO:

  • Super absorbent inserts;
  • High-quality embroidery (and an extra layer of PUL so no leaks happen through the embroidered fabric);
  • High-quality, organic fibers;
  • My favourite kind of waist snap configuration: two rows so you can stagger the snaps tighter at the hips and looser at the waist for a custom fit (or vice versa);
  • OBV inner provides a stay-dry layer;
  • Double layer of inserts that snap in and are not sewn entirely together, meaning the diaper dries faster and launders better.

What we love less about our Brinkeebum AIO:

  • Little Miss is still only just at the lower weight recommendation, and the fit is not 100% snug at the legs, so a skinny-legged baby might need to wait a few more pounds to fit (though we have had no leg leaks);
  • The only improvement I would suggest would be a PUL flap at the inner front waist to prevent wicking. We haven’t actually experienced any waist leaks, but I do feel like it’s a possibility!

Bottom line: Novelty fluff that is also a super absorbent diaper? Made in Canada by a WAHM? Totally customizable? Check out Brinkeebum! (And get in line, because her creations are gaining in popularity!)

Shop & Connect:

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Contact Tairy via her Facebook page to place a custom order, and check her online store for her current stock.

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