How We Stuff our AppleCheeks from 1-2-3!

How We Stuff Our AppleCheeks from 1 -2- 3! Maman Loup's Den

With Little Miss Cub at around 13 lbs and Big Brother Cub at 35 lbs, all three sizes of AppleCheeks Envelope Covers (and their Learning Pants) are in rotation at our house. I thought you might like to know just how we stuff each size.

AppleCheeks Size 1

Little Miss wore her first AppleCheeks shortly after birth, when she was under 7 lbs. She continues to wear size 1s on the daily.

Our First AppleCheeks Maman Loup's Den

I primarily use Bummis Infant Prefolds (the ones that are 7-20 lbs), Öko Creations hemp trifolds or Greenline Big  Soakers (bamboo cotton terry flats). I have a few AppleCheeks 2-ply bamboo inserts, but I find them to be the least absorbent. 

In my photos, I’ve placed the folded insert on top to show how it fits, but I primarily use my AppleCheeks as pockets. 

AppleCheeks Bamboo 2-ply:

This is by far the trimmest option, but is only good for two hours at the very most.

AppleCheeks 2-Ply Bamboo Insert in Size 1 | Maman Loup's Den

Greenline Big Soaker:

Definitely a thicker option, but a long-lasting solution for outings that never leaks!

Greenline Large Soaker in AppleCheeks Size 1 | Maman Loup's DenBummis Prefold:

I’m pretty sure this would work out to be the most economical option. Totally absorbent, and I love prefolds!

Bummis Infant Prefold in AppleCheeks Size 1 | Maman Loup's Den

Öko Creations Hemp Trifold:

Note that I put the folded-down part at the back for my girl, but you’d want it at the front for a boy. This is my usual stuffing option, not only because the vast majority of our inserts stash is Öko, but because hemp is my favourite diapering fabric!

Öko Creations Hemp Trifold in AppleCheeks Size 1 | Maman Loup's Den

Little Miss is now closer to 13 lbs, and still rocking out in her Size 1s!

Little Miss in Wicked

AppleCheeks Size 2

Cub never wore Size 1s because we didn’t discover AppleCheeks until he was ready for Size 2s. Now that he is over 3 years old, 35 lbs and 40 inches tall, they’re pretty much the only diapers we use when he’s not in his trainers.

He initially wore them with just an Öko trifold, and by around 18 months, I was adding a microfiber booster directly below the pocket. (We happened to have BumGenius boosters, but any one will do. The microfiber absorbs quickly to catch those big toddler pees, and the hemp holds the liquid in.)

 If you need even more absorbency, you can even use a full-size microfiber insert rather than just a booster.    

This is the best picture I could find of little Cub in his Size 2s, since getting him to pose now is just one of those battles I choose not to fight! He’s about 18 months old here:

Cub in AppleCheeks Size 2

AppleCheeks Size 3

Our Size 3 covers are all that Cub has been wearing to bed since he was about 2.5 years old. I put a Bummis Baby prefold (their largest size) inside, folded like so:

The folded part goes at the front for a boy, but if you have a back-sleeper or a little girl, you can put it at the back. On top of the pocket, I used to put both a GroVia Organic Cotton booster and a hemp booster. Now that he isn’t peeing much at night, if at all, I skip the cotton booster.  This is the combo that got us through the heaviest of overnight toddler pees without leaks, so you should probably pin it for reference:
Cloth Diapering at Night - Preschooler

Here’s Cub when he was about 2.5 years old in his overnight diaper:

AppleCheeks Size 3 Review

What are the pros & cons of choosing AppleCheeks:

I’m not about to sit here and lie by telling you that AppleCheeks are all I use. Hey, I’m a cloth diaper blogger, I use tons of brands! That said, AppleCheeks is the brand that makes up the largest proportion of my stash, and pretty much the only diaper I’m now using on big-boy-who’s-never-gonna-potty-train Cub. The fact that their diapers are sized does entail a higher cost, however, you are pretty much guaranteed a good fit right from birth. I know that some users have found there’s a bit of a gap between when their Size 1s stop fitting and when their child fits in Size 2s, so I will report back on that. Most definitely, not all children will require a Size 3, and in our case, we only need four so we’re covered at night.

AppleCheeks are made in Canada and have probably the best resale value (even on a diaper with shot elastics) around, so that may be another reason to consider paying a bit more. The ruffles aren’t for everyone, but I personally adore them! Like any pocket diaper, the possibilities of customizing absorbency are pretty much endless.

How do you stuff your (Apple) Cheeks? 

4 responses to “How We Stuff our AppleCheeks from 1-2-3!”

  1. My 5 week old has recently started fitting in Applecheeks at 8lbs. We are stuffing them with various prefolds too–mostly Geffen prefolds, extra smalls and smalls. I like them because the (usually) unstuff themselves in the wash. 🙂

  2. Kim Keen

    Do you unstuck yours prior to washing? The pocket placement was my hold back on trying them. Do them really agitate out consistently?

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Kim! So, do you have a traditional top-loading washing machine with a nice, big agitator in the centre? If so, then yes, AppleCheeks totally unstuff in the wash. When I had a front loading machine with no agitator, a grand total of ZERO inserts (regardless of brand) came out in the wash, so I always unstuffed.

  3. Deanna Bailey

    I stuff primarily with flour sack towels. But when I need something super trim, I burrito fold an Applecheeks 2 ply. When i need long lasting, sometimes overnight, I burrito fold an Applecheeks 3 ply. No leaks ever

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