Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review


My loyal readers know I have weakness for multi-purpose, multi-stage parenting products. Some times, these products are awesome at one job, but only so-so for the other ones. Other times, like in the case of the Liliputi Mama Coat, it serves every purpose well.

The Mama Coat can be worn as a regular coat, without looking anything but stylish. A separate insert can be used to accommodate your pregnant belly, if seasonally applicable, and the included insert can be used to wear baby both on the front and back! Heck, if I didn’t even have babies on the horizon for a couple more years, I’d buy the Mama Coat and wear it as a “Some Day I’ll Be a Mama Coat” and no one would be the wiser:

Liliputi Mama Coat Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

It actually hasn’t been cold enough this fall to truly rock my coat: I can’t complain about the weather, but I figure you all need to know about Liliputi sooner rather than later. In the picture above, you can see that the coat is nicely tailored (size up, people, definitely size up), and the swirly pocket detail can be hidden if you want a more subdued look. (Note that they have eight coat colours, with half featuring printed pocket details and half with a solid, contrast colour.) My particular model is called “Lavendering.”

Liliputi Mama Coat Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

The hood can also be removed, if the forecast announces no wind or rain. (Never trust that forecast, by the way, in Calgary.) I love how the cuffs are nice and snug (my wrists are always cold in the winter) and feature a thumb hole. 

The hood overs nice coverage, and because it snaps up around the neck, will help keep your neck protected even when baby wearing.

Liliputi Mama Coat Review | Maman Loup's DenIn back view, you can see, if you look closely, that there is a zippered opening for the baby wearing insert. Yes, you can carry baby on your back with this coat! (Little Miss Cub is still too little, so stay tuned, I’ll update as soon as we try it.)Liliputi Mama Coat Review

Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review

How does it fare as a regular coat?

The Liliputi, simply as a women’s coat, regardless of babywearing or pregnancy, is really quite lovely:

  • Water-resistant, windproof, breathable exterior;
  • Cozy fleece lining, should keep you warm to about -15 C; 

  • Zippered pockets at the hips and snap pockets, too (a woman can never have enough pockets);
  • Zippered inner breast pocket (for me to forget $20 in until next season);
  • Ability to hide or reveal the printed pocket detail for more than one look;
  • Snug cuffs with a thumb hole;
  • Drawstrings at the hem in case you really need a snug fit to keep out the cold;
  • Removable hood, featuring fabric to match pocket detailing;
  • Draw string on hood for those super windy or rainy days;
  • Definitely trendy and tailored enough to be worn with “professional” attire (some warm coats are a bit too sporty to pair with a dress or trousers, for example).
  • The Liliputi Mama Coat for Babywearing 

How does it fare as a babywearing coat?

It’s perfect! Zip in the included insert, and put the coat on over your baby. Pull the toggle closures to get the right fit.   The insert is lined with the same snugly fleece. There are zippers under both arms to help with a back carry: 

The weather was cold enough a few weekends ago when we spent the day in Banff. I was pretty excited to be able to wear my coat and my Little Miss!

Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

My sweet girl was snug as a bug in a rug, and only needed to wear a pair of fleece pajamas.

Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

You can just see her little head poking out… she slept the whole time!

Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Aside from being sized on the smaller side (I was sure I’d be a small, but wound up needing a medium), I’ve not got much constructive criticism for the Mama Coat. I do find that the thumb holes are a bit tight, so either I have massive thumbs or Europeans just have tiny ones. I get tons of compliments on my Liliputi Coat, and was just explaining its awesome features to an elderly couple in the check out line this morning!

It’s gorgeous and functional, and it will be my fall/early winter coat long after my babies are too big to be worn!

Liliputi Mama Coat Review

Update – March 2016:

The Liliputi Mama Coat works great for a back carry, too! I even fit all 40 inches and nearly 40 lbs of Cub inside it, just because I wanted to try it.


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Find a Liliputi retailer near you. Don’t forget to check out my review of their buckle carrier!

19 responses to “Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat Review”

  1. Leah

    Do you think the coats baby wearing inserts would accolade a toddler? I find some panels are only made for small babies.

    1. Lindsay

      It’s a pretty big panel, adjustable with the toggles. I need to bribe Cub into the carrier, then I can see how he fits in!

    2. Melissa Gosnell

      My daughter is 18 months old, just over 25 pounds and probably 33-34″? She fits no problem on the front or back.

  2. Erin

    When you say size up, do you mean just from whatever size you normally wear? Or even if your measurements indicate that you’re size x on their size chart, you should order size x+1?

    1. Lindsay

      That’s a good question. I had chosen a small thinking it would fit, but it wound up too small, and the medium is a perfect fit (but definitely no wiggle room). Let me go see the chart again and see how it compares to the measurements I get for myself.

      1. Lindsay

        OK so hopefully this helps:

        I am about a 90 cm bust (gooooo small boobs!) and also 90 cm waist. The small was too tight at both waist and bust. The medium fits like a glove, but seriously, like a GLOVE. (The medium lists a 106 cm bustline and 91 waist.)

        1. Erin

          Thanks! Though I’m confused on the measurements now…looking at the size chart on the liliputi website it says medium is 98-86-108 (bust-waist-hips). Or were the measurements you listed the measurements of the actual coat?

          1. Lindsay

            Maybe I’m looking at the wrong chart. Let me see again….well who knows what I was looking at, but let’s suffice to say that I needed the medium… and I’m gonna admit that when I told them what size I’d need, I was probably in a very massive pregnant fog, so I don’t even know why I thought I’d be a small LOL!

          2. Erin

            I was trying to gauge how close the measurements can be to the stated size chart. I’d actually already ordered one and was obsessing over whether it would fit. 🙂

            For anyone else’s reference, my measurements are 99-81-112. I got a large which the size chart lists as 104-92-114 and it fits perfectly (a little more room in the hips would be nice, but not at all necessary).

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  4. Lindsay

    Erin that’s super helpful for other Mamas!! THANK YOU!

  5. Marianna

    My liliput mamacoat (gree/gray) should arrive this week – was bought online.
    I am not secure about it.

    I Was so In love with another one, a babywearing Parka – Canadian product (guaranteed to work fine during all the winter, including frosty days), but the policy of returning/devolution at the website where liliputi was bought is not easy (it was a gift), i think i´ll have to stay with it…. I got a bit frustrated, but reading here i got less.

    I´m expecting to use it all winter long (here, in jan/feb windchill achieves -30/-38C) Do you think it can be used in this conditions? – like just wear an extra fleece layer and it would be fine? Im concerned about the baby… What is your opinion?

    1. We haven’t tried it yet in that cold of weather, but I think if baby is dressed warmly underneath and mama wears a fleece, it should do well. Personally, I get so hot when I’m baby wearing, and baby does too! The Moa Pô is a gorgeous coat too, I haven’t tried it. I have heard that it is almost too warm for parts of the winter season from other babywearing mamas!

      1. Marianna

        yeah, i get hot too…
        well, I´ll give it a try. if it´s windproof (worst problem here), i think it can work fine.
        anyway, winter is comming… lol , lets try and share the experience! 😉

        have a wonderful week!

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  7. Marianna

    Dear All, I have just received my Liliputi.
    as it was purchased online, i have never seen one in person.

    All right, I have to say that it´s veeeery beautiful, well done and with details really interesting.

    The baby-insert-pannel has space enough for my baby (8M, but wears 18M!) And i think we are going to use it for at least 2 winters (or more)!!!

    About he warmth, I agree until -15C must be all right, lower temperatures an extra fleece layer should help!

    Happy holidays!


    1. Lindsay

      Yay! I’m glad to hear it! My son was a big, big boy too, maybe not quite 18 month clothing at 8 months, but close to that! My daughter is tiny tiny, though. We’ve used ours now in the snow in Calgary a couple times– maybe about minus 6 degrees. DEFINITELY warm enough for that temperature without extra layers. We are visiting family in Vancouver now, so too mild here for the Liliputi! I’m really looking forward to trying it for a back carry!

  8. Eva

    Shopped all over looking for something to stand up to Cape Cod winter nor’easters for more than one season, and it does so beautifully! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such a thorough review! Got it just in time!

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