AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review

AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review: Cloth Potty Training Pants

I love me some AppleCheeks: we’ve got all three sizes in regular rotation at the Den! (Cub wears Size 2 during the day and Size 3 for bedtime, Little Miss has worn Size 1 since birth.) I know AC fans have been hoping for cloth trainers for quite some time, and I’m happy to announce that the newly-released Apple Cheeks Learning Pants do not disappoint!

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's DenAs you can see, they look just like underwear, which for the discerning “I wanna be a big kid” former AppleCheeks diaper-wearer is a big plus. (If only Cub were so motivated…) 

The entire wet zone of the Learning Pants has a layer of PUL, and the core is two layers of microterry. The pant also features a pocket opening in which you can stuff the additional booster if required.

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

In terms of sizing, the pants are available in Small, Medium and Large, ranging from 18 lbs to 45 lbs +. Cub received a Small and Medium pair to try, and honestly, they both fit him. (He’s 35 lbs and wears usually a 3T in pants, but really, if he’s in underwear rather than a diaper, he’s a 2T at the waist.) The Appletini pair are his Mediums:

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

And the St. Lucia pair are the Smalls:

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Cub’s potty learning is a work in progress. He alternates between dry nights and waking to go into the bathroom with no prompting to being dragged kicking and screaming to the toilet. AppleCheeks Learning Pants are perfect for us at home, because unless I remind him, we do not make it to the potty 100% of the time. (And sometimes, I’ve got a nursling attached to me and I just cannot get him to the potty, and he can’t really handle it himself yet.)

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

Wearing his Learning Pants, I don’t have to stress about him sitting on the sofa and having an accident. He will tell me when he’s peeing (“MOM! I’m peeing in my PANTS!”), and his Learning Pants mean our sofa is spared. I do tend to put the booster in just to be on the safe side. 

Apple Cheeks Cloth Learning Pants Review ~ Maman Loup's Den

What we love about AppleCheeks Learning Pants:

  • They definitely pass as “big kid” undies, and I know this is key for a lot of children (and if those children could give my kid a call, that’d be great).
  • They feature a waterproof layer so that while they aren’t going to work like a diaper, they at least spare my sofa.
  • They are “boostable” thanks to the pocket opening and included booster.
  • They are trim.
  • They are made in Canada.

What we love less about our AppleCheeks Learning Pants:

  • It is really, really tricky to get the booster inside the crotch. The best way I can think to get around this is if there were an opening at both the front and back, allowing the booster to be pushed and pulled through.

Bottom Line: I would definitely not recommend AppleCheeks Learning Pants for bedtime or naps (assuming your child is not usually dry when sleeping), however for daytime use, they’re an ideal bridge between diapers and undies. Your child will definitely feel wet, and you certainly will have to change them after one pee (which your child ideally tells you about), but the PUL in the wetzone gives you time to get to the bathroom before pants or upholstery suffer the consequences. 

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Some of my favourite retailers carry AppleCheeks Learning pants! Check out Renee at Lil’ Monkey Cheeks, Melanie at Gentle Nest, Natalie at Lagoon Baby (affiliate link) and Maman Loup advertiser, Jennifer at Lollypop Kids. If you’re in the US, try Nicki’s Diapers (affiliate link). 

How’s potty learning going at your house?

3 responses to “AppleCheeks Learning Pants Review”

  1. Ikes potty training! It’s been going well the last few days, maybe even week, when we’re at home or out shopping. (Being at a grandparent’s home, however, is another story).This is our 6-7th month however, so I feel l your pain! Night times are definitely not a certain thing, and she won’t wear diapers so it’s under pads and lots of laundry for us. My only issue with good, semi waterproof training pants is their cost. If my kid’s going through 3-4 a day I just can’t afford $20+ each pair. How do people do it???

    1. Lindsay

      So you might want to consider a hybrid trainer option, where you have a shell and multiple inserts. Check out my review of the Flip system- you get three inserts per shell, and you can use other inserts you might have, too!

  2. […] 13 lbs and Big Brother Cub at 35 lbs, all three sizes of AppleCheeks Envelope Covers (and their Learning Pants) are in rotation at our house. I thought you might like to know just how we stuff each […]

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